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I am the oracle. I seek to tell you a story. Will you come sit and listen?


After she escaped from a world where nightmare moon ruled equestria, she thought it was over. But nightmare had fallen in love with everyone's favorite purple alicorn, and nightmare is two things when it comes to her lovers, obsessive, and persistent. Lets see what happens when she follows her back, shall we?

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I was right. This deserves to be in my library. Though some grammar errors such as the top sentence having 'behind it' in a place it shouldn't be but other than the errors I'm into the story. Hope you get the next chapter soon.

Thanks:twilightsmile:. Glad to see you like it.

too fast. Should have started earlier.

7430321 I will admit, I am bad at pacing, but I do have a reason for starting where I did. Just wait.

I like your choice of cover art... :twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

Straight into the action huh? I'll admit that it's not exactly the wisest choice, but this could blossom into something unexpected.

Ok, yes this is hilarious! I can't wait to see more :twilightsmile:

ok this is going to be good, it be funny I think if twilight and luna were togeather before this stated.....

I shall be watch

I like the idea. But like Admiral Q. Said its pacing is going to fast and should have started when she landed in the Alternate Equestria in my opinion. Also think it would have been more fun if Nightmare came her self. And hoping that the guards aren't to OP. But that is my opinion on it. And hope this story isn't just left to rot. Could be a really good story

7669791 I know it starts a little too fast, but that seems to be one of my flaws, I either do it a little to fast or a little too slow. Also, I promised you all nightmare, didn't I? Believe me, you will get nightmare. Just haven't been messing with it a whole lot lately because of school, and the fact that I'm just lazy.

Twilight your buck moonie won't ever let you go I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update soon :twilightsmile: question was there another story to this one if so can you send a link please :fluttercry:

This is going to be a very interesting story I can't wait to get the time to read this. Oh, I love the cover art too such a cool detail. :twilightsmile:

7738627 I haven't been able to find the person who made it, but will let them know you like it when I find them:twilightsmile:

7738666 I plan on reading it when i get home from work.

yeay new chapter, and I'm just glad the story continues.

good chapter, and now twilight going to have to tell everyone how she somehow gain the heart of nightmare moon

Twilight rushed to find Rainbow partially stuck in the ground. She tried using her magic to pull her out, pull wasn't able to. She simply opted to pull the chunk of floor she was in out.

After a couple seconds of shaking her, Rainbow fell out, landing in a heap on the floor. Twilight helped her to her hooves, looked at her friends, and said " Ok. We need to have a talk."

It delights me that you have cartoon physics in full effect for the story. :rainbowlaugh:

7781449 Not quite... backstory is a yes, but not from Twilight.

7781623 I am glad you are delighted.

Well, well, Well! I wasn't expecting this update to be here when i got on today but I am very glad that it is :pinkiehappy:

That was quite the fight. Good job! Let's see what the next chapter brings.

Not bad so far, kinda disappointed Flash didn't do much...

7849498 Oh no, He serve exact
Yeah what's he is supposed to do...:pinkiecrazy:.

...... this is going either end well or very very badly

Amigo tu historia esta interesante continua, no se puede quedar asi, tengo tanta curiosidad de como se desarrollara la historia.

7917290 I'm sorry, I don't quite understand Spanish yet.

7917290 never mknd, I used the Interwebs. I am glad you want to see how it unfolds:twilightsmile:

I hope Nightmare Moon is bringing a lot of reinforcements, 'cause four-on-one isn't good odds for her. :rainbowlaugh:

7849526 so, did it fold out as you thought it would?

Ha! Rd went the way of Doc.

Well nighty's got it wrong lets see if she can figure it out or if she just goes nuts.

7939837 What you mean, " the way of doc?"

........I really hate April fools

8067310 be honest, I only made this an April fools chapter cause I had forgotten to write the actual chapter.:twilightsheepish:

8067337 hopefully the real one come soon

8067362 Yes, as soon as my computer stops deleting every eighth word I write for it..

Lol! I didn't know you updated yesterday.

April Fools': When author's torment their unamused readers. Then drink the tears of anguish spilled upon the realization that everything was a lie. Enjoy your drink.

8092014 Yes, it fuels my powers.

Damn it Nightmare all you had to do was Git Gud!

Wait will? From hail the queen?

Yep. I do have a planew for him appearing, don't worry.

Hmmmm, let's see where you go with this.

Can’t you post more often this story it’s great

The chapters are a bit shorter then I'm used to, but this has piqued my interest, so I'll be following it.

when can we expect the next chapter?

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