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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: Our Town

Flash Sentry has come along way from his days as a street rat. He's trained with the best, learned from the wisest and fought against the most wicked. He's met many amazing friends in his adventures, both pony and non-pony, and has helped save Equestria from disaster many times. So why is he so nervous about finally getting the chance to become a Royal Knight, his dream?

Could it be that Flash doesn't feel he's ready yet, or is it something else.

And what of the mysterious ability that Flash has unleashed several times? Will he ever learn where it came from and why he was given it? Will he ever be capable of properly controlling it?

Only time can answer all these questions.

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A great way to start a new chapter in the Flash Sentry Saga. Man...Flash must've picked up a bit on Twilight in terms of freak outs. But given that this is a big thing for him, makes sense.

And Cold Steel finally makes his true debut to the others. I'll admit that I liked his entrance. Super cool. Now I'm excited for the Trial to commence.

And yes! We're finally getting some answers to Flash's strange Light Powers!

What it also revealed was a metal collar with a light blue crystal on the front.

:rainbowhuh: what is it?

Love the interaction of the Knights, Cold lives up to his name, but with reason.
So what secrets have Flash's parents uncovered about Flash?

It seems a bit simple to me for a Royal Knight in this story to be tested merely in combat. I presume then there's going to be a test within the test.

And Cold Steel, I can't help but think to my character in The EK with the exact same name. As for his voice, due to my personal use of the name, I either hear Clive Dunn (Corporal Jones from Dad's Army), with the line "There his is. " which I initially mistook for "He is here" I'm also imagining Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. And again with Tolkien, due the word Wanderer in his title, I can hear Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf, what with his Elven nickname of Mithrandir meaning the "Grey Wanderer".

Hopefully, we'll get some explanation of Flash's powers. Whether they'll be satisfying or make some sense is another matter.

We are here at least for flash's big moment and I think him and Twi are going to get together.
PS and here's some more suggestions for your fanfic Mr banshee
Season 6
1.The Crystalling Flash takes Sunbrust as his Apprentice Knight
2.Gauntlet of Fire Flash and Spinter. Go with spike for the gaunlet of fire.
3.No Second Prances Flash needed Starlight Trixie and Lightning help on something important.
4.Newbie Dash Sorain helps RD with being called rainbow crash
5.A Hearth's Warming Tail Flash also tells the classic tale.
6.Flutter Brutter Iron had to put with with fluttershy's brother.
7.Stranger Than Fan Fiction Sorain get jealous of another stallion who likes Daring Do that's hang out with Rainbow Dash named quibble pants.
8.The Times They Are a Changeling Flash speaks on behalf on the changing in thorax.
9.Every Little Thing She Does Sunburst and Starlight are trying to find a short cut out of there lessions.
10.Top Bolt Flash and Sorain accompany their girlfriends on a friendship mission.
11.To Where and Back Again Sunbrust is now facing off against a new scorpent.
Season 7
1.Celestial Advice Flash asked of what should he should do not only to make his Sunbrust. Then Flash proposed to Twilight as what she said yes.
2.A Flurry of Emotions Flash and Twilight foal set Flurry.
3.Hard to Say Anything Flash gives big mac advice.
4.The Perfect Pear Carmel hears AJ's parents a story and was falling for Applejack.
5.Fame and Misfortune Flash and the rest of the Royal Knights of Ponyville.
6.Triple Threat Flash and Sprinter talk to spike about the mess he made.
7.Campfire Tales Scootaloo learns more about her ancestor
8.To Change a Changeling Sunbrust and Flash help out thorax's brother pharynx.
9.Daring Done? Sorain joins Daring do to save Rainbow dash from dr. Caballeron
10.Once Upon a Zeppelin Twilight and Flash go on a zeppelin cruise with a families.
11. Uncommon Bond Starlight and Sunburst confess our feelings for each other.
12. Shadow Play Flash meets his ancestor Flash Magnus the after the defeated the pony of Shadows Star Swirl the bearded becomes the one to marry Twilight and Flash.
The movie Flash and the rest of the royal knights go in their own quest to assemble an army to fight the storm king and at the end Twilight tells flashes she's pregnant and Tempest Shadow becomes a Royal Knight.
Season 8
1.School Daze Flash opens a camp for an new army that involves many different creatures come together against common threats you know have a be man from Mulan type of situation. One of those creatures could be Garble and pharynx
2.Horse Play Flash talks twilight out of lying to Celestia.
3.The Parent Map after solving the Friendship problem and Sire's Hollow. They tell their parents about the relationship.
4.Marks for Effort Flash convinced Twilight to have the CMC be the tutors of the school.
5.The Mean 6 Flash faces off with his evil duplicate.
6.A Matter of Principals Starlight and sunburst was able to stop disco from ruining the school.
7.Friendship University Flash and Twilight stop flim and flam from scamming me so many ponies.
8.The End in Friend Flash calls out rarity and rainbow dash for ended their friendship for such a really stupid reason.
9.Yakity-Sax Wild was the one who told pinkie about how bad she is at playing that sax.
10.The Washouts Flash talks scootaloo out of young the washouts.
11.Father Knows Beas Sprinter knows that the dragon Slug was lying to spike and help the purple drake out.
12.School Raze Flash's Army in training lead by scootaloo was able to stop cozy glow.
My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever On hearth warming day Flash and Twilight's was born and He was a baby alicorn like Flurry and The baby was Frist ever male alicorn and they names him Courageous heart.

Oh and the guy who should by Cold should be Peter Stormare

I want to agree with most of the ideas, but with a few addendums.

11. To Where and Back Again Sunburst is now facing off against a new scorpent

I think Sunburst would be part of the rescue party with Starlight, Thorax, Discord, and Trixie... just saying...

4. Marks for Effort Flash convinced Twilight to have the CMC be the tutors of the school

During this it is shown that one of the reasons Cozy is able to attend The School of Friendship because being sperate the EEA there is no cross-reference to other schools in Equestria (set up that maybe Neighsay is not entirely wrong, but not for the reasons he thinks)

7. Friendship University Flash and Twilight stop flim and flam from scamming me so many ponies.

The two (Flash and Twilight) show Star Swirl, Star Swirl then by himself shows the evidence to Neighsay, Neighsay revokes the school's accreditation, citing clear misappropriation of funds and blatant price gouging. (Set up that Neighsay is reformable)

Not sure how to feel about the pregnancy sub-arc, but I do like the idea of a FlashLight marriage, I don't think Star Swirl should be the one to officiate, but not much else.

Oh boy, this is it! I can't wait for the test to begin. If this version of Cold Steel is just as good a fighter as your Yugioh version is a Duelist then Flash might have a hard time. Hopefully it doesn't take Flash three tries to beat him this time.

I am curious about the circumstances of Flash's birth and his mysterious powers. If he can master them quickly, or at least understand what they are, they could give him the edge he needs to beat Cold. He probably could have beaten Tirek with his powers if they hadn't failed on him at the last moment.


I am pretty sure Banshee once said that Cold would be voiced by Daegan Manns.

Hey, I see this in the featured right now.

You know, Cold Steel reminds me of the admiral from One Piece who possesses strong ice powers.

Thank you for your opinions and tell what you think of these ideas about the episode fan fics not associated with the show but for this fanfic only.
1.Flash and maybe one or two of the royal knights are being body guards for prince trueblood for one day.
2.In Flash hamonry army we get a proper Garble Reformation
3. An Applecarmel story
4. An Lightning Raity story
5.Discord and Iron get a story ending their rivalry
6.More Zebras do something the show never did
7. Have a double 00 7 like story with Flash being a bond parody. But who do you think should be the one to officiate them? And maybe in flutter brother Sorain tell Zephyr to back off his mare.

I like the ideas of most of them... expect the AppleJackXCaramel story. Yeah there's not much given from the source material to buy the premise of that ship...

I was thinking Celestia would officiate the marriage
... just saying she did officiated Cadance's...

Oh about Newbie Dash, as long as Soarin doesn't coddle Rainbow, maybe explain that everyone gets a nick name based on something stupid they did at the start of their offical time as a Wonderbolt and that the best thing she can do is just own her nickname... of course she won't take the advice, but Soarin can't give her special treatment.


Oh about Newbie Dash, as long as Soarin doesn't coddle Rainbow, maybe explain that everyone gets a nick name based on something stupid they did at the start of their offical time as a Wonderbolt and that the best thing she can do is just own her nickname

He kinda already did that way back in season 2, on Hearts and Hooves Day. He even said she would probably get her old nickname Rainbow Crash if and when she crashed in front of the others.

Fair, but to be just, RD needs frequent reminders of certain things

This announcement made both gasp, their faces quickly retracting and heads turning in different directions. "We uh...we should get our things." Twilight said while twiddling her hooves.


Oh my gosh! At long last, we finally get some answers. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: How did I miss that the first time, and I saw that movie a month ago? :facehoof:

it happens. I almost didn't even notice it

I am a bit embarrassed to admit I have not seen that movie yet. What was the reference?


"Hold it!" Twilight interrupted as she put both hooves on his shoulders, "Listen muscle for brains, you are the bravest, most stubborn, most determined...knucklehead I've ever met. Being an apprentice, having this sword, didn't give you that. They just made it-"
"Easier?" Flash finished.

Well, that was both cryptic and informative.

"Hold on there." Twilight Velvet interrupted as she tapped the table, "So...you didn't question this at all? You forgot everything but the visions, and you still decided to leave your foal?" Everypony turned to her now, all-seeing the flat stare on her face as she continued, "I mean, I know you trust your visions and all...but you decided that so easily?!"

... Mrs. Velvet, time and place, now's not the time to make accusations ...

"Its fine Mrs. Velvet." Celestia chimed in, "There are some things that somepony has to say."

I have to disagree, your grace, Velvet started it, Misty was defending herself.

"Don't say it." Solid hissed as he glared at the knight, "Don't you dare say it."

Solid, buddy, sooner or later you're gonna have to face the divide between you and Grand, the longer you make it the more volatile it will be

9757455 So what did you think of what you learned in this chapter? I'm itching to see what the readers think of the Sacred Light.

I'm gonna hold off and see.

This is nice and how many chapters is in this fic because I'm looking forward on how this ends.
Please say that Flash and Twilight get together at the end?

Also I hope you can develop a rivalry with Flash and King Sombra you know make be the
Luther to his Superman
His joker to his batman
The green goblin to his spiderman
The Shredder to his TMNT
The red skull to his captain america
Mandarin to his iron man
Megatron to his Optimus
and him trying to steal Twilight from him.

I'm getting a Green Lantern vibe from that prophecy that Flash read... so does that make him a Blue Lantern or White Lantern?

For some reason the background of Flash and Scootaloo's parents reminds me of those of Arnold's parents from The Jungle Movie.

I think you got the roles of Optimus and Megatron reversed for the comparison you are trying to make

Okay oh and maybe make DBZ abridged references like when Flash face off against Starlight again.
Starlight "Oh you think your beginning cute!"
Flash "Witch I'm adorable."

I find of hope Flash and Starlight don't clash and Flash like the Cutie Map, is a constant in Twilight's confrontation with Starlight, Starlight on the season 5 finale is Twilight's fight

9757619 Don't worry, Flash won't be facing off against Starlight. He'll have his own problems to deal with.

Still make a DBZ abridged references please

I get the feeling that if Velvet ever cracks open a Bible, she wouldn't like the story of Samuel very much. For those with access to a Bible, you can find the story in I Samuel 1-3. Spoiler alert, Samuel's parents, specifically his mother, gave him up also.

Oh my god, it all makes sense now! I guess I should have guessed something like this would be behind Flash's powers here since that's more or less how it happened in your Yugioh story too.

So, this strange power is called The Sacred Light. That sounds awesome. Learning about it and its polar opposite, Corrupted Shadow, was interesting. So everything Flash was immune to in the past was because it originated from it. It's interesting that this even includes Poison Joke, Chrysalis, and Tirek. What Flash read about the Sacred Light kinda sounds like an oath or a pledge.

Though, even if this was all interesting it doesn't really help Flash learn how to control his powers, or stop it from failing on him like the times he fought the pirates and Tirek. Hopefully he can figure that out in time for his battle with Cold.

I am most relieved

There's also Moses...

Flash tapped the table, making everypony look back at him. "Should I continue reading?" The others all nodded, making him stare at another sheet of paper, "Purest souls whose heart's ignite, channel the power of the Sacred Light. Only those to wield its might, shall have spirits shining bright. Who uses its power to do what's right, to face against evils that they smite. But those with darkness blinding sight, shall not be gifted Sacred Light. So go forth and have no fright, let your courage shine so bright. Protector of all things right, wielder of the Sacred Light."

This al most reads like the green lantern othe , so is Flash going to be some form of magical lantern.

Oh I'd would also like to see a flashlight and Soraindash double date.

That sounds like a recipe for disaster. I'm totally down for it.

I think I know what's going on. Velvet feels cheated. She raised and loved Flash along side her own children for over a decade, and then Flash's birth mother enters the picture, and Flash (more or less) welcomes her back with open arms. It's like all the work she did didn't mean a thing. Well, lady, that's love for you. You can't earn or deserve it, only give or receive it. Besides, to paraphrase Mr. Ping, having his birth parents in his life doesn't mean less for you; it means more for Flash, and right now, Flash needs both his moms.

I disagree. I don't think Velvet feels cheated, she feels insulted that Flash's parents would just...you know, give up their kid. Velvet doesn't have future vision, so she doesn't know the dangers Flash's parents were able to see, so she's being a normal good parent and saying she can't approve of such a thing. Even if you're told why someone does something and they have a reason to do it, that doesn't mean you have to agree with the decision. Its very natural.

His mother gave him up TWICE, and the second time, she had to personally hand him over to the daughter of her people's oppressor. Can you imagine?

I think you're missing my point

I was talking about Moses. :applejackunsure: Your point wouldn't have anything to do with mothers giving up their children because a greater purpose demanded it, would it?

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