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King Sombra and Queen Crysalis invaded Canterlot, when all hope was nearly lost the bearers of the elements fought desperately but one by one they were entrapped in a crystal resin, Twilight was about to have the same fate but Princess Celestia threw herself in front of her student becoming entrapped herself, with no one left to help her she was overpowered by the evil duo.

She was dragged down to the crystal caverns beneath the castle, Tied to a crystal pillar and left to die a slow death, will insanity seep in before her death and take her or will something else arise from the darkness within, only time will tell.

Is not canon plus there will be gore.
Picture: Just a quick knock up design, if anyone thinks they can design an even better Astral by all means go for it, if you want to copy the looks for your own storys I also don't mind

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Awesome cant wait for next chapter

This reads a little like Todd McFarlane's "Spawn".

I'l have to look it up, does that mean this is a bad fic or good fic in you're eyes as I am new to Fic making just for future references, also thanks for the comment

Oh wait you mean 'SPAWN', I know what you're talking about now I just realized it haha, I think I had too many muffins today sorry, :heart:

That to good keep on the good work :pinkiehappy:

No need to worry .the chapter is finished and its awesome keep on going :rainbowdetermined2:


"you're" is a contraction of 'you are'. You might want to do a find and replace with 'your':moustache:

I seem to be struggling quite a lot with my grammer, this is twice I've had the you're, your problem, I'm not that great with that stuff, most of my stories are like this at the moment but thanks for the comment, I'll probably nit through my chapters again and re-edit them so that they have the correct punctuation, thank you, SERA:heart::heart:

A really interesting concept, but you might think about getting a pre-reader ;)

3739542 its an Idea I started a while ago and I am re-reading through these last four chapter, laughing at all the obvious mistakes, I really need to get these edited and spaced out a bit. I think I rushed it a bit too fast.

3739551 It all has to start with a good idea - and that we have! Just take your time, can't wait to read it all once you edited it *g* I'd offer helping, but with my first language being german I don't think I should mess with any story just yet :P

3739574 No worries my friend, I will be trying to edit and bring some new chapters out soon, I will be back at uni so it might be slow but I will do it :pinkiehappy:

You, have no character tags... I didn't even know you could get a story approved without character tags.:applejackconfused:

3744680 Oh crap your right, this was my second fic I added I am now about to add them haha

3744680 Done, thanks for the tip hehe, sorry for the confusion, even I dont know how I passed without the tags :pinkiehappy:

while this could definitely be improved, i really did enjoy the story. can't wait for the sequel!

4562803 for now I have to work on my current stories but this will have a sequal eventually so don't worry, when I do release it I will post a blog about it

you have a lot of run-on sentences. you should fix that.

oooooooh fuck night made moon is back:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

I can't do it, the concept is interesting, but this story NEEDS some serious TLC, it is painful to read.

Long live Astral (until Discord escapes).

Hello everyone. I did a riffing for this story for Doctor and Ditzy's Science Theater. If you don't know what riffing is, it's MST3K, but with fanfics! So far only the first three chapters are done, but I should have the rest finished soon. Thank you FLUTTERxxDASH for letting me do this story.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Huh, it seems like your first image is dead.

Hey everyone! I finally finished riffing this story. Thanks to FLUTTERxxDASH for letting me riff this story! I had a lot of fun doing it.

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Nightlight strode forward, apparently his daughter could tell his magic signature easily obviously and asked the question most do when they find the family secret, "I never got to hand you this armor, at the end f tonight I will pass it down to you. Our family have been waiting for our ruler, we were the night guard, this armor was enchanted for battle. When one wears it they gain either wings or a horn, if they were an earth pony they would gain both sometimes, this was our family secret. The sister of Celestia was our ruler but she was banished over a thousand years ago and we don't know where, she went crazy and attempted to kill many but our clan belive she will be back one day and she will come back reformed. One day you could be the right hoof of her, I hope you will be any way" he said looking down at the armor, apart from the slight changes to his teeth and wings he looked the same.

Luna came back b4 all this stop dropping random ass plot devices in places that dont make sense

"No but's Twilina Bella Sparkle, don't drop your guard, don't ever be distracted from what we are doing. No matter what happens know I am here," he placed a hoof above Astrals chest, "your mother and the rest are also there, they will never leave you, I will never leave you, I love you darling. Lets go, its time Sombra fell, this day we reclaim equestria," he bellowed as he began to move, he moved to the kitchen and then shifted the table off the carpet it lay on. He then moved the carpet with magic to reveal a hidden door, "the hidden door that Celestia had us put here for you, hopefully he never discovered it." the door swung open as a wall of cold dusty air flew out of the pitch black walk way. Nightlight went first and lit his magic to lead the way.

When tha fuck was this her name ?

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