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My name's John. I guess my last name doesn't really matter any more. Life is ironic, isn't it? Life nurtures all kinds of species that can get along, but it also creates the species that kills others. In fact, there are some species, who's sole purpose is the death of everything but itself. I'm talking about diseases, of course. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites. All my life, I found these things interesting. I loved studying them, so naturally I grew up to be an epidemiologist. When I wasn't studying diseases or doing other basic functions, I was playing one of my favorite games, Plague Inc. It's a game where you try to wipe out humanity using diseases. Over the years, I've become a master of the game, to the point where it isn't really a challenge anymore.

But, that all changed when the game sucked me into itself, and I wind up in a strange land, with even stranger creatures. But that isn't all. I've somehow gained the ability to create and control every single disease I can think of. Now, I have to survive in this harsh world, knowing that I'm one step away from wiping out the entire planet.

Like I said, life is ironic, right?

[Displaced fic]

To any newcomers reading this fic, I want to point this out. The story may seem confusing in the first five chapters, as I was trying to figure out how I want to write the story. I won't be getting rid of any chapters, but some small points might contradict each other across both of them. These points hopefully won't affect much of the future.

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you have peaked my interest..... continue

I've been looking for a crossover like this for sometime now! Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

6472567 you're welcome! It might seem confusing at first on how someone could make a crossover with Plague Inc, but when you think about what the game's really about. You make diseases (plagues) and control them, to kill everyone (or control them) and then you win. Plus you can't control a disease in the game, without knowing the name of it first. (Get it? Because you have to name a disease before you play as it.)

Thanks for taking my suggestion:pinkiehappy:

Great story! This peaked my interest and has my attention!

Interesting concept, at least considering displaced fics. You have earned yourself a track, thumbs up and moustache. :moustache:

Would be hilarious if Johns token was a worm parasite that the other displaced had to infect themselves with in order to summon him.

Hmmm. I've always wondered how to do a crossover with Plague Inc. I definitely didn't think of controlling the viruses, much less having it turn into a Displaced fic! :raritystarry:

Hmm, quite the interesting idea you've taken on. My only issue is that it feels a bit rushed in some spots. Seeing as how he simply explains what happened when he first arrived, maybe you could have explained it. Something along the lines of he felt like a twinge or some little feeling in his brain about the manticore. But other than that I have no real issues. Favorited to see where this goes.

with powerful abilities of life and death is bound to make a princess worry if found out I hope he keep a few trick and fact hidden or there going to be fear unfounded irrational fear.

I'm liking this. And I'd be up for a crossover at some point if ya want Ninja.

The concept is most certainly interesting, but the execution so far is lacking.

The entire chapter feels rushed, way too little details. Also don't tell us, but show us.

You give us an entire description of the main character:

I suppose I could take this time to introduce myself. My name's John. I'm a epidemiologist. That means I'm a scientist who studies the patterns, causes, and effects of diseases. It's kinda ironic, isn't it? I'm playing a game where I'm trying to kill all of humanity with a disease, even though my job is to do the opposite. I try to cure or at least contain diseases.

I was currently wearing a dark grey hooded sweater, as I was cold, and I had some black sweat pants on as well.

Try giving us this information by using your story, rather than making it look like I am reading somebody' personal file.

Above that set boundaries for your MC's powers because micro-organism are everywhere. If your MC can control every virus, bacteria, fungi then he's almost unstoppable as Multicellular organism like humans, ponies, etc need unicellullar organism for survival. We need bacteria for example with our digestive system or another example women have bacteria in their vaginas that create an acid to prevent pathogenic organism from infiltrating their bodies through their vaginas. Hence why women get bladder infections more often when taking antibiotics, because the antibiotics also kill the good bacteria that aid them in protecting their bodies.

This means that nobody can effectively become immune to his powers unless they go completely on some kind of magical or scientific life support. Also if he can completely control every micro organism he could use such a 'friendly' bacteria and change it into the Yersinia pestis (the bacteria responsible for the three main forms of plague; Pneumonic plague, Bubonic plague or Black Death and the Septicemic plague) for example or make women and men alike become pregnant from worms by evolving bacteria into 'neurax' worms for example.

So yeah your character is extremely powerful even if he just stays with the stuff from Plague.inc. Not impossible to create a good story with, but certainly difficult as your character will be OP (a turn off for a lot of people) as I doubt anyone less than Celestia, Luna, Discord, Sombra and perhaps Chrysalis (she's half bug and bugs are known to have a very good immune system) could go face to face with him.

Also the way he and the forest animals got along reminds me of Disney.

Seriously all that scene lacked was a song about peace, love and being in unity with nature.

I eventually found a tree with some fresh fruit on it, and reached up, picking them off, before removing the stem on the strange fruit, and taking a big bite out of it. After finishing that one, I drop it to the ground, hoping it would become a big tree someday,

Yeah sorry mate, but you choose an interesting personality for your MC; nature loving, people friend, enjoying studying diseases, capable of surviving into an alien forest without prior mention of survival training in our world's forests, swamps and jungles.

Every Equestria is different in the Displaced verse, but from what we have seen canon wise Timberwolves and Manticores are nothing more than animals. I don't see Timberwolves geting waterbowls for or even asking help from your MC. The manticore is semi-believable as it is known animals are capable of showing gratitude.

I advise a rewrite of this chapter and your character's personality or at the very least give us some good reasons for example as to why he is capable of surviving into an alien forest for a month or show us some close calls. I once read a book about a boy being lost in the canadian wilderness eating berries that gave him severe diarrhea if he ate too many. Throughout the serie (trilogy) those berries appear as food source (Although he did consume them in smaller quantities from that point onwards). Show us the struggle he needed to wage that month to stay alive.

You can survive in the wild with enough luck for a while or long enough to learn what's safe and unsafe to foresee in your body's need in for example protein and vitamines. (not every berry kills you instantly, those berries obviously weren't too healthy to eat, but they did give the kid something to keep on going).

Sorry to say it, but currently your MC is good on his way to become a dreaded Gary Stu (extremely powerful, perfect personality) all in all annoying to read about. Yet the idea does possess a unique take on Displaced stuff.

6474227 I thank you for your advice, and will see what I can do when I have time. Also, the reason I'm going with on how he can survive good in the forest is that he would sometimes do field work in his carrier. He also is immuned to disease, so he could eat a poisonous berry without getting sick. Also, in regards to the overpowered bit, yes he does seem a bit like that, but think about how unstable his powers are. He could infect someone accidentally, and start a huge pandemic if he's not careful. I'll try to put some scenes of him surviving in the forest the past month in the next chapter.

Again, thanks for your input.

My name's John. I guess my last name doesn't really matter any more.

I haven't even read this yet and now i'm thinking his last name is Cena... *Sigh*

I'm interested in finding out where this story might lead.

...fox buddy?
I think ill track this, seems like an interesting and original idea!

6474730 Ill just leave this here.

I hoped someone would make a plague inc crossover.

Oh I wonder what his token will be. Maybe a Caduceus or a Biohazerd symbol?

I want to see where this story goes. This crossover is an interesting thought. I enjoyed it so far and cant wait for the next chapter.

I am greatly intrigued thus far, you have my full attention.

The power to control diseases?
Does that mean he can also cause a disease to stop itself?
Can he modify the nature of diseases to have more "magical" effects?
I think people are forgetting all the theoretical good an ability like that could do if one took the time to experiment properly.

6475845 well, basically he can control a disease, as long as he can name it. He can also alter diseases to make them more or less severe, and sometimes uses them to help him. He can create any 'plague' he wants. He can also do something much more interesting later in the story.

6475887 umm... actually, it was mega brutal. Plus the game he was playing was Plague Inc Evolved for the computer. You don't need to buy the expansion packs for neurax worm or zombie, you just play normally, and unlock them over time. I've actually played the neurax worm several times, and love it to pieces. But honestly, I couldn't beat Mega brutal even if I tried to. I was just trying to make a point that he was already an expert at the game.


They should have called it the religion expansion pack rather than neurax worm.

Sometimes one need to get really ill to discover religion.

6475903 well, the worm actually has a few upgrades that make people start to worship it (literally, one was called devotion, and it can get to the point where they beat up non-infected.)

Well, you get a like, favorite and a follow. Well done my friend!

"Maybe we could go by Twilight's check to see if she knows anything about a creature the fillies described. If she doesn't, then we know they were lying." Rarity asked, and both mares agreed on it, before heading to their friend's house castle.

Yeah... Sure...

Very interesting idea, looking forward to how you will develop this. :twilightsmile:

Just finished the first chapter. So far it is awesome keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

It's great. Glad someone decided to do a crossover of this game its amazing. Hopefully the multiplayer will be added to the game soon as well.

So timeline wise Twilight already got her wings and defeated Tirek.
Nice work.

Comment posted by Szalhi deleted Sep 30th, 2015

6474299 Don't mean to nitpick but I don't think poison is a disease...

Other than that I'll give this a read later.

Being immune to everything really takes a loud off your shoulders while surviving.

Yes honestly, I do prefer it to be quiet.:moustache:

This seems interesting. I wanna see where it goes. Tracking.

I figured out the plot, in this new game mode he is in, he is fighting against his own game, he is literally fighting himself from his previous games. Am I right or am I right?

Ah, I love stories like this. Stories that push the boundaries of what the community writes about. Anyone who looks at the norm and says: 'That's great and all, but howabout THIS!' Or, something along those lines.

You have peaked the interest of an avid reader, one with a critical eye, good sir.

I wish you the best of luck,

because this has peaked my interest.

Aw man this is one really great fanfic. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work.:heart::pinkiehappy:

so is he against a player vs computer player style enemy ai?


But I don't think am unsure if this would fall into Displaced.

Control over the spread and intensity of infections?
I don't usually read displaced, but that is just too damn impressive to pass up, I'm hooked.

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