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(AU equestria)

Ok, so here I am in Equestria, AWESOME! Living the dream my fellow bronies! The minor problem? Instead of the ponies in the show the inhabitants are all anthro versions of themselves. Good news? Twilight and her friends are willing to give me a benefit of a doubt. Bad news? Celestia and Luna despise me, the reason for that? I was brought to Equestria as one of the awesome ones in video game villain history, complete with triforce of power and immense dark magic, the powerhouse, ganondorf! As a result of our first meeting, I wound up petrified for 1500 years, thankfully I figured out a way to keep myself from going insane. But now that I am awake, I have one goal.... "Twilight? What does this symbol here say?"

(T for now but depending on how this goes it may go up, EDIT: added sex tag for upcoming refernces.)

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The first part of this chapter seems like one large wall of text so you may wanna see bout breaking it up a bit.
You also seem to be 'double spacing' between words a lot.

I will need you to show me the way the ponyville,

^to Ponyville (the p should be cap as it a name of a place)

, andd I think anyone who'd upset her is a huge jerk,

, his last attempt at destruction involved trying to to bring a few hundred years of scorching heat to Equestria right?

First to give the story a green thumb :rainbowkiss:
Awesome chapter btw tho could use a bit of work :twilightsmile:

thanks for catching my errors, I tend to lose track :twilightsheepish: anyways, the double spaces I can explain, my computer, which is awesome with gaming, is completely sucky in typing because it likes to every so often add two letters or spaces as the case is, instead of one. Add to that I am using the site for typing the stories and it is shrunk down while typing, makes it hard to keep track :facehoof: but anyways, I am glad you enjoyed the first chapter, I'll admit, I picture this going down in an inferno :twilightblush: hopefully it will live up to the hype :eeyup:

(Btw, for your video? Viva la Ganon mode :rainbowwild: )

That ending was awesome :rainbowlaugh:
Also didn't his cosplay include the triforce :rainbowhuh:

it did indeed, but as someone trying be a civilian, you try to ignore the power, plus well, you'll see in the next chapter

Great chapter. Interesting twist putting both the Doctor and Kisuke in the story. Can't wait to see what happens next. I also look forward to finding out the story behind Link, Zelda, and Lana being there.

Great Chapter.
Ganon in Equestria, this will be fun XD.
What Ganondorf do you use? Sorry i don't know them all so i'm not so sure ^^.

OK, the Doctor, Urahara, Benny Hill and the forbidden line..... this Chapter has all the thinks that are needed to make it great XD.
Oh this wont end well XD.

using the hyrule warriors version (the one in the pic for the story) becuase that one is more badass, plus it makes it funnier for the scenes I have planned

...I lolled so hard. just the mental image of Ganondorf, the king of evil, playing a freaking violin!

Can we please have blaze and Link team up against Sombra?

I love how this story is progressing :D

Found one error and have one suggestion but other then that awesome chapter :pinkiehappy:

I am just aan average guy stuck in someone else's body

Here, just take the thing, I don't want the thing!

^Wouldn't 'Here,just take the (damn) thing,I don't even want it!' sound a bit better?
I would love to see some big bad trying to wreck the town and he just power smash it in one punch cause he doesn't wanna be late for work :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I like his personality. Who wants to be a king? This job just sucks, and being hero or villain is the same. And most of the time i just don't understand this so called super Villains, why would they want this job? why would anyone want this job? World domination? Heck way to much work.
And not good for you health.
Again a nice Chapter ^^.

5792574 I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said.

Heck this is well worth tracking.

Will Bitchlestia ever stop being.......well a bitch?

we shall never know my friend... at least till I make that chapter lol xD

I don't know how to feel about the phone, but beside this it was again a great Chapter.
And the Doctor and Urahara make a great comical duo XD

the phone is going be a minor thing, only popping up every so often. But when it does it will either be for something funny or just a song that Blaze either doesn't know or can't play, so no worries on that part, and they do indeed don't they? xD

I laughed and patted him on the back, "Well, at least it wasn't bad as in your next form back on earth."

Uh which one, Doctor custard fingers or Doctor Tucker [youtube=www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Blf073f2Lc]

I meant for Matt smith doctor during the episode 'a town called mercy'. when he was actually threatening a former scientist who performed cruel experiments to face either one of his former subjects, or be shot by the doctor.

:facehoof: if it isn't one thing that I forget it is another. and that picture is a precisely good reason for bringing epona into the story!

Ignoring Twilight and the alicorn who had stared apologizing,

she blinked, "Yes, in fact there are a few.

^s need to be capped

May I ask, in that one scene, why were those people burning those burns?


And I repeat what I said to twilight earlier,

^ 1st t need to be capped

Suppose to be refined but with the voice of of a screech owl at times.

He just rolled her eyes until he heard the next comment,

There also seem to be a bit of double spacing here and there
Overall awesome chapter and love how he drop kicked Celestia off her high horse :rainbowlaugh:
(no pun intended XD)

thanks again, and it needed to be done, after all, as kind and benevolent as Celestia acts, she can be a selfish piece of work, especially with Twilight being force into the role of an alicorn and royalty.

That was a... fun chapter...:pinkiesad2:
more please.

Comment posted by Cipherthefightingwriter deleted Apr 3rd, 2015
Comment posted by Cipherthefightingwriter deleted Apr 3rd, 2015

there will be more my friend, though I admit, for the next chapter, what I have plan will be depressing, the last depressing one for now but still

Ha!!! you are genius finally someone calls Celestia on her bs.

just calling the bs like i see it, and Celestia is full of it lol

5819139 True enough and she did basically take her from her family when she became her teacher

I actually forgot about that myself, but that too, though, and I am not certain since in the past Luna and Celestia were the only confirmed Alicorns and it isn't said about without cadence, but if Twilight really was rendered immortal then that tops it on atrocities in my eyes

5822597 I can agree with that. Celestia has basically been digging a hole for her self thinking no one would be smart enough to find out, how wrong she was

amen man, all lies come back to bite us at some point, and the worse most hidden ones bite back hard

The only thing that would've made this chapter better was if Celestia got bitch slapped through a wall.........or 10.

Nice Chapter.
Backstory is good, sad but it doesn't seem to be to much, just the right amount.
Yea i never liked Celestia, most of the reasons are the same. She is more of an manipulator then Ganondorf ^^.
Next thing, is it really ok to punish some on in job for cheating in his private life? I think this goes a bit over the edge, but not much. Just looks a bit like power abuse on the side of the princesses.
Yea people/ponys can be assholes.
I can't wait for the next chapter ^^.

well, you have to consider it like this on the punishment, not only is Shining Armor inn a high class family not only with a sister who was the student of Celestia turned royalty, married to the princess of Love and of the Empire, as well as a former or current captain of the guard (which ever the case is), he is living in a land where, I highly doubt the sort of thing would be common. Whats more, if he isn't dealt with, think of the trouble that could be caused. Ponies angry and fearful over a dark being is one thing, nobles butting their heads into royal family business is a whole different can of worms, and him cheating would be something that could not only affect him and Cadence, it could just as easily be used against Twilight and the rest of their family simply by being related to him. In all, it is a process that can cause ungodly amounts of trouble, just look at the stories of the Trojan war and how an entire city was destroyed simply because one man took another's lover. So yeah, it is harsh, but ultimately, it goes hand in hand with the saying 'Life isn't fair' combined with politics.
and indeed ponies can be xD

well i don't se anything wrong with the way they treat him, just the thing that it is Law. After all he did some thing wrong, but making such a great difference between normal and royal in the eye of the law just seems not right, dealing with this more covered up would also serve the affair of bringing problems for the family. Just saying the marriage is of and then sending him to a far away job would cover the story better then putting him in the mids of all nobles.

so... will the Ganon transformation be showing up, and if it is, which version?

thats the world of politics for you, nothing ever makes sense, ultimately though, I will put in why the punishment was so harsh in a later chapter

I'm actaully still on the fence about it, I do have something big planned later, but as for if I am going to use Ganon or not, well, I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

It would be awesome for Ganon to show up.

Probably the Hyrule warriors versión since Zelda and company come from that time line.

evil joke at the end..... I LIKE IT! XD
Well, what has he too think about? Beside leaving Pony land? I mean he should be more welcome in the land of Dragons or even in Everfree as there is the right of the strongest. Still most of the ponys are idiots, but i miss the crazy ones that wants to meet him for a kick XD like the guys that go to dangerous animals just for the kick XD. Or that like to do extreme sports.
And well, if he does this job i hope he don't end up hitting his head all the time, after all it is all pony sized XD

technically anthro ponies, so about typical human size, but then again, being in Ganondorf's body who beats Shaq by a couple inches height wise, he will still be hitting his head xD as for thinking, well, wouldn't you need to stop and think after a major foul up like with what happened in the crystal empire, and even living in the forest, he would have to interact with others eventually, even the most independent person has to eventually (unless they have anthropophobia lol) and I couldn't resist messing with people, its always funny to see the reactions people have when they get into something only for it to stop abruptly.

5828316 I prefer OOT gannon but that's just the nostaligia talking

5828651 But staying with the ponys will hurt him, and someone can only take so much before he breaks, and he had his first "Explosion" already. will he start to attack ponys when they make him mad?

can't say what will happen, but I will say this, there will be trouble later and he will be connected in a way, all I have to say is be patient and you'll see

, the only other things I can thing of I can't

while she tries to wrap her hear aroun' this.

, I pretty have no job

^Forgot 'much' here
Other then a bit of double spacing these all I could find, thanks for the awesome chapter as always :pinkiehappy:

thanks for pointing out the errors as usual, you're a big help with that :pinkiesmile:
and as usual, glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

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