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Midnight Tales

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Heard any of the stories of people disappearing from the middle of convention inside a crowded room with hundreds of eyes watching them fall through a portal or in a flash of light. Well guess who joined the club!

Well now I'm stuck as a statue of the garden of two technicolor pony princesses because they don't like strange being landing in the middle of their magical pony gala and giving them a middle-finger-salute before running away.

I'm not sure if they know what that was anyway...

Rated teen for strong language and other future things like violence or very crude humor. Early chapters rated terrible for bad writing and poor grammar I can't find


A Displaced Story
[Fullmetal Alchemist]

PM if interested

Gravity of the Situation by DJSkywalker


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really good schapter

This seems like a nice chapter.

I knew someone was going to make a fma one! Also, he can't use circleless transmutation! Oh no, now he's going to have to give up something he needs to gain enough understanding to use it without circles. Or you know interact with the hundreds of tokens flying around the multiverse. Seriously, understanding is supposed to be this big thing, yet these guys pass it along like chain letter.

great chapter:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

looking forward for more:pinkiehappy:

im intrigued...looking forward to the next chapter

Not bad at all. Could use more meat on it though.

Now you maybe wondering what could possibly be worst than feeling every bird shit and the pain from annoying kids knocking off my pedestal.

I think there should be a me between those two

Do they even train these guys? I mean seriously, Is this the reason the Princesses found me? Because their guards are too incompetent to?


Nice one. You sir, have gotten my attention

i want to see this happen

5673986 5674004 5674074 5674100 5674112 5674133 5674193 5674392 5674775 5675195

Thank you everyone and to anyone else who have favourited, rated or just viewed this story. Because of this I will be releasing the next chapter as soon as possible.

~Midnight Tales

I live this concept and I loved how you tied it into the seson two premier

Holy shit he has committed one of the most evilest crimes there is... HELPING PONYS I MEAN WTF LUNA!?!

5676954 Yes, but he used Alchemy Evil Witchcraft to do it. He must be evil. Don't you know anything?

5677080 I'm afraid I don't get the joke... Please explain it!

5677080 Jesus! :rainbowlaugh: My sides! Bring them back plz!

No, by the laws of equivalent exchange I gave you funny and you gave me your sides.
They're on my sides now. If you want them back it will cost an arm and a leg.

5678473 No~ I need my ar- wait... which arm and which leg?

5677768 your right how could i have missed that!

Will this be FMA:Brotherhood based?

I like it... ANOTHER.

no seriously I've been wanting to see someones take at FMA from the displaced angle so keep up the great work.

An Edward Elric Displaced?

I approve! I do hope you are taking crossovers soon enough, this one seems like fun.

5678890 You guys need a visit from Darth Subtlety. [youtube=x6KG8-XLE0s]

why didn't the site notify me there was a new chapter o_O

5697574 same thing I've been wondering.

Congrats on the feature, too.

the workings of all alchemy
that is what to ask for

A thousand views? But... it only says 837...

5711636 Yeah it was there for a bit. Sorry for not taking a picture.

5711641 It's okay, getting feature even for a little bit is still cool since I didn't really expect much from this fic anyway.

Ohhhh, you gotta hold your mouse over it. Alright then, sorry for tha disturbance.

5711686 It's okay I don't really understand why they have it like that anyway since views and total views should be one single thing.

Oh God! It's got that light hearted feel that the show has. The same one that stabs you in the heart every time something may have happened and twists it further when it does. I went through it once with Hughes I can't do it again! *Tries to jump out of first story window, finds out not add easy as it looks*

Just read the part where he was doing the alchemy with the Phantom of the Opera Overtune music playing and it just clicked and made the scene more badass. try it out for yourselfs

I have not started reading, but I can feel the ponies making a lot of short jokes about him.

Anyone who wishes to do a crossover please PM me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Tia trains her guards well, they're at LEAST as xeno as she is. Give me Sombra, at least he's open on who he really is

And Kat's is the first one he hears? Oh dude, please let me know if you want to do a crossover with Kat, I would be so up for it. Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite show of all time.

All I did was use alchemy to fix an earth ponies wagon for him, Why is that a crime?

"Oh my Faust, he used magic! Quick! Burn him at the stake" said the immortal magical talking pony


Aw, looks like he has a short temper. Oh, was I a little mean?

"And say to me: "Son, not everyone can be a champion..." "
Well, you're saying the guards are good, a nice change, most say they have become weak over the centuries :derpytongue2:

So basically he was under arrest for doing fuck all. And here I though ponies were supposed to be like "be kind to every sapient being" and all that.

5739389 I'm open to do crossovers now but It won't appear until I finished these flashback chapters, which should be over soon.

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