• Published 26th Feb 2015
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One is All, and All is One - Midnight Tales

[A Displaced Fic] A man dressed as Edward Elric "The Fullmetal Alchemist" gets thrown through the void into Equestria along with the power of transmutation.

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Chapter 4 - Family

"I welcome friends and foes"

Over the week I had gotten pretty close to Millstone's family, when I had explained how I got here I fell apart when I realised that I couldn't go home or see my family again. Night-time goes by quickly when you spend most of it crying, anyway the next day went by as a blur. That night they brought me into the lounge room and all but forced me to be a part of their family, no need to say but I cried differently that night.

Each night I would sneak out of the homestead and head out to the nearby creek to practice alchemy ever since Millstone made me swear not to use it near anyone or tell anyone since some might think it is dark magic or something. I practised transmuting stone into metal and vice versa as well as making some transmutation circles on items as a quick way to use alchemy in case I ever needed to use it.

Another few things happened as well, with me helping out around the farm doing repairs, helping the bring in the harvest and strange gold nuggets that Melrose found in the creek, they could afford a lot more luxuries, including an actual bed for me.

Sadly not all good things last...

I had been clearing out the barn when a hole opened above me, I mean seriously there is no other way to describe what it is, It's a hole about 2 feet across and pure black, well more like... the colour of space, like no light can escape it at all and has wisps of energy flowing around the outside of it like smoke.

After two minutes of nothing happening I decided to experiment with it.

Note to self. Don't touch hole with anything. Ever. Unless you want to lose it, then by all means go for it and poke it to your heart's content.

I was staring at the end of a rake I used to poke the hole, well what was left of it. In a matter of seconds the metal bent and grew rust and the wood aged and exploded.

Shit! Millstone will kill me if I don't fix this!

Before I could do anything else something fell from the hole into a stack of hay. Digging around I found fist sized diamond perfectly cut just sitting there, after staring for a moment I moved my finger towards it slowly with my eyes closed while chanting a mantra in my head over and over again hastily.

Don't explode. Don't explode. Don't explode. Don't explode. Do anything but explode...

I could feel a thrum of energy flow from it into my head as it surged through the tips of my finger.

"I am the protector of the innocent, warrior of the weak, call upon me for assistance and I shall come. Call for the Gravity Shifter and I will make those who harm others beg for mercy as they are crushed at my feet. Hold this gem close to thine heart and I shall be at your side as a fellow warrior!"

I Stared blankly at the diamond as the call echoed in my mind as the energy drained back into the gem before I spoke "What the fuck was that? You know what? Nothing could surprise me anymore".

Thinking back on that now, I probably should have said nothing at all.

A light flashed above me as items began falling from the hole, each popping out at random intervals.

After a minute the hole closed up leaving a small assortment of items on the floor of the barn "Well... I guess I was wrong...".

I walked over and went through each of the items one by one listening to the messages, some where downright scary, anyway the most impressive of them has to be Nemesis, I mean this guy was a one man army that could take any hit you give him in Resident Evil.

This Gilgamesh guy also sounded pretty badass too, but I didn't exactly need anyone to help me in any fights at the moment.

"Where the hell am I going to put this stuff?" I said as I placed them my pockets.

"I know where~"



I groaned as I lifted myself up off my face, why the face?

"Hello Edward~".

Blinking a few things as I looked up I saw Truth sitting down with what had to be the biggest shit eating grin plastered on his face.

I slowly got to my feet taking a few breaths before talking "I going to take a wild guess and say that was you, wasn't it" I coughed still winded from the fall with as sarcasm as I could.

"Correct young Alchemist".

"Right... Anyway, you said you knew some where I could put these?" I said fishing out a glowing blue cube.

Truth was suddenly in front of me holding the item in his grasp tightly "Don't even want to know what these are first?" he questioned.

Looking at him as he inspected the cube by prodding at the sides "Not really I just want some place to put them for now okay?".

Truth looked almost outright offended by what I said as he clutched the cube a little closer "These items as you call them are massive amounts of energy condensed into metaphysical objects like this! I don't even know what these are!" he responded holding the cube in my face.

"As interesting as that is I don't think I'm going to need those any time soon okay?" I said pushing his hand out of my view "How about you hold on to them for me for know and you can experiment as much as you like and find out all about them hmm?" As I asked a smile slowly replaced his distraught look.

"I am not blind Alchemist, tell what is it you want to know in return I won't be indebted to you anymore than I already am".

Damn... I thought I got him...

"You thought wrong~" he smiled widely at my terrified look "That's right Edward, I can hear every little thing you think when you are in my realm, unlike last time we stood in your mind, but now we are in my realm and I make the rules".

"Fine just take the damn things and stay out of my head okay?" I said grabbing the rest of the items and holding them out Truth before pulling them out of reach as soon as he moved towards them "...But I want to know what you learn from them too..." I smiled.

"Very well Alchemist, you shall have your knowledge~" he smiled back.

"Yeah whatever... wait how did I get here anyway?" I asked looking at Truth.

"I can summon you just as you can summon me Edward~"



"Fuck... you... Truth..." I mumbled into the ground grinding my teeth back and forth as I did.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF CELESTIA WAS THAT!" a voice yelled behind me.

Standing up quickly I faced three unicorns in ornate golden armor pointing their spears straight at me standing in the entrance of the barn with Millstone behind them with a look of fear on his face.

"Shit..." I muttered thinking back to what Millstone had said about others see shit like this.

One of the unicorns stepped forward with a look of rashness and fear "Creature! In the name of the Princesses I command you to come with us" he stuttered as his horn glistened in a aura of yellow as his spear floated from his side.

The look on Millstone's face said it all, fear, sadness and indignation.

I was motionless as I tried to think of something that could end this and not cause Millstone or his family... my family any trouble.

"Come with us and you will be treated fairly..." the unicorn said uneasily as he inched closer.

"Run!" Truth howled in the back of my mind.

I slowly placed one of my hands out of their sight and into my pocket grabbing what I needed to escape.

I noticed the other guards had begun to surround me slowly preparing their magic for a spell.

Faster than they could move I flicked a stone from my pocket at he first unicorn glowing as it flew from its alchemical reaction before exploding in a think haze of smoke and ran towards the back of the barn.


As I burst through the wall a bolt of magic hit me back, as I continued I began to fatigue strangely quick.

The guards climbed out of the wreckage of the barn wall and began chase.

Running through the orchard with the guards behind me firing potshots at my back, one out of seven actually hitting me.

"DODGE RIGHT!" Truth yelled, I evaded a spear from the left which dug itself into a tree nearby.

That was way too close!

I turned on a stop and ran towards the edge of the farm losing the guards for a moment, looking back I saw two of the guards far behind me as they failed to keep up.

Wait.. Where's the other guard!

I quickly looked around me and found the last guard barely standing in the middle of the orchard a giant missile erupted from his horn straight at me moving faster than I could blink.

I'm sorry Millstone... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to do this.

The last thing I saw before the magic slammed me into darkness was Russet and Melrose standing by the fence only a small distance away crying as I fell.

Author's Note:

Story update and info found here, please read if you have the time :pinkiehappy:

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