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Equus has been overrun by a combination of changelings and hoards of parasprites. Equestria remains the only remaining bright spot left on the planet. Princess Celestia is confronted with a terrible choice. In order to save her little ponies along with many refugees from across Equus, she must sacrifice the population of a world which has done nothing against her.

However the planet that the equestrians find themselves on is not as doomed as they first believed.

a MLP:FIM/ DCU crossover

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I'm assuming it's Thor at the end ?

nope. what he says as the barrier shatters is a big clue

Congrats on writing the first DC crossover fic :twilightsmile: (or, at least the first I've seen) however, you really need to break up those walls of text. There should be a new paragraph every time a character speaks and after.


thanks for the advice I'll keep it in mind


Thor is the property of Marvel Comics, this is a DC Comics crossover; guess again or search through the DC Comics wiki.

Be sure to capitalize the names of every character, no matter how small (unless that's how their name's supposed to be spelled).

God YES. But i was hoping for an evil equestria so the DC hero's could kill them all. But still amazing liking and favorating:pinkiehappy:

1823451 no its Shazzam he is a DC hero.

It's not quite that kind of fic. It's more of a take that to fics that have Celestia and the mane 6 acting so out of character. however do not fret there will be blood.

1823806 yes!!!! hope this gets into the anti conversion bureau group.

Well, there goes the "no magic" thing. I should think that their best course of action would be to assimilate and leave their old world behind. Hey. Maybe they can rebuild New Krypton and call it New Equis.

The thing is, the DC-verse doesn't just boast Superman and Batman, it also has John Constantine, Swamp Thing, the Endless and Lucifer Morningstar himself.

Not to mention their supporting cast...including God Himself.

I'm calling it now. First time Rainbow Dash performs a sonic rainboom, she connects with the speed force, and all hell breaks loose!

1825430 Captain Marvel, actually; Shazam was his mentor.

It seems a bit confusing and a little rushed. :derpyderp1: I am sure I am not the only one that is unfamiliar with the DC Universe, so maybe describing and introducing the characters a bit clearer would help remedy that. That is, if you want to. :unsuresweetie:

I think you mean to say in the beginning part "OFF" kilter not of kilter

Princess Luna vs Batman. Please, make this :rainbowwild:

thanks for the help guys. i did a bit of editing on it along the suggested lines.:pinkiesmile:

1824167Hey. Maybe they can rebuild New Krypton and call it New Equis.

xenophobic violent magic space ponies verses xenophobic violent kryptonians. brilliant, good sir.:pinkiecrazy:


give this brony a No-Prize (tm):moustache:


........ no comment at this time,:scootangel:


Its actually Captain Marvel.

I think i found another mistake are you saying thieving city or thriving city?

It's a good start. My only complaint is the wall of text. And as another user said, indent when a new character speaks. Other than that, this is an interesting fic, and I can't wait to see more. :twilightsmile:

Methinks this story has a lot of promise, but you need an editor to fix up the story.
Is English not your primary language? It can be quite tough to transition to writing English,
with all of it's rules.

The story does seem a little rushed; the dialogue seemed to sudden and abrupt to me.

Regardless, I will watch this story.

Sooo... when's the next chapter coming? Just asking. :eeyup:

I'm working on it, so the next few days. Computer problems and the flu have conspired against me:twilightangry2:

More like superman's clapping has the equivalent amount of force as an explosion:pinkiecrazy:

Well, this should be interesting. I wonder if TT has his usual assistant. (Note to self: assume that Unnamed Grey Pegasus is the greatest hero Equis will NEVER know.)

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::pinkiehappy::heart:

Wow. A TCB where the humans aren't immediately evil. And DC characters, to boot.

The pacing is a little quick, you could use some description. Maybe how someone's feeling, or thinking? I had a difficult time determining what happened to Twilight.

Also, the lack of good spelling and proper grammar are hurting my eyes. I wouldn't have finished this, except for the fact that it has DC characters in it. Trust me, the only thing keeping me from clicking away was the mental image of Superman beating down Queen Chrysalis.

Other than that, it's a good story, thus far. Keep it up.

Well shit son, looks like your gonna need some MOAR

Are we going to see other groups of hero's when they go to secure there respected area's? Because I would love to see trixie trying to out do a magical dc hero and realize how weak she is. Also it would be hilaroius if after she lost she begged the hero to make her the heros apprentice/sidekick.

Well, it seems that is more of a crossover than a TCB story, as no conversion seems to be happening. Then again, with all the geniuses and magical beings the humans have on their side (heroes and villains), I doubt the ponies would stand a chance.

The TCB setting is actually very important to the fic. Since this is cannon celestia the toxic necessity of even attempting this brings up some of celly's psychological issues.she pulled a gun and fired it, just because a cape grabbed the bullet doesn't mean that she didn't fire it or that it has no effect. She has demons that need to be addressed. Also the PER and HLF will show up in all there amoral xenophobic glory. And there will be a subtle conversion in both humanity and equinity but in a far more positive, useful way. people make ponies better and ponies make people better.

You are definitely in need of an editor and proof-reader. Narrative is jumbled and a bit out place. Pacing is too quick. I like the concept, but... execution needs work.

I'm kind of hoping that Celestia and Luna meet the old wizard, Shazam himself, and: "Celly? Luna? Is that you?"

"Shazam? You're still alive?!?"

Update? Soon!!! please!!!

1838354 Its actuactly jackie chan :P


I know that this story hasn't updated in forever, but the concept is too good to pass up. Grammar, spelling, and execution could definitely use work, but the story has been ensnaring since the start. I await any continuation, even if it does not come, ever. :twilightsmile:

Oh, please make more! Is Silver Bolt going to become, um….. Captain…Marvel?….Pony? ……Eh, I got nothin'. But write more!:flutter rage:And include Hulk.:pinkiehappy:

By the power of how long the comments have been here I declare this story to be DEAD

Good story, shame its been dead for a decade. Would like to see an update at some point.

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