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Author of The Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing. Hoping to write more when time presents itself.


A crossover in the same vein as The Conversion Bureau: Wrong Universe, set in the universe of Magic: the Gathering.


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Magic: The Gathering had a universe? Huh.

Wait, Magic is owned by Wizards of the Coast. WotC is owned by Habsro. So, that means that... that... I don't know what it means!

Good start. I'm always up for a good M:tG crossover. :twilightsmile:
Looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

...huh. Interesting, certainly. Doesn't quite work, though. To whit:

*Celestia's reaction to Jace is wholly out of character. The only time we've seen her that openly hostile that is when faced with Discord. Jace may be powerful (especially when mind sculpting,) but he's not "spirit of chaos and disharmony" powerful.
*Immortality is no longer part of the planeswalker package deal. Not since the Mending. Oh sure, a few 'walkers are still long-lived, but not by virtue of the Spark (See: Liliana selling her soul for power and eternal youth, Bolas eating the Maelstrom to rejuvenate himself, Sorin being an Innistrader vampire, etc.)
*By extension, the Princesses probably aren't planeswalkers, but powerful avatars or incarnations. It's possible to be both powerful and confined to a single universe. (See: Oona [insert pun here], Avacyn, Liliana's creditors, and most especially Yawgmoth [who required portals to enter and leave Old Phyrexia].)
*Teferi wasn't trying to merge two disparate planes, he was trying to ease bits of the same plane back into place after phasing them out. A better comparison would be the planar overlay of Rath atop Dominaria during the Phyrexian invasion thereof, though Jace probably wouldn't know about that. Come to think of it, how does he know about Teferi in the first place?

So, yeah. Interesting concept, but the execution kind of falls apart. Conversion Bureau and card games don't seem to mix well in any case.
That said, Bolas corrupting Luna kind of works, because Bolas is an ass like that.

Fanofmosteverything beat me to it.

-Celestia is pretty badly out of character. She lashes out when she has no reason to even think he's with the HLF.

-This Jace character is already well on the way to being a god-mode sue. Nothing says that more than accosting a known powerful entity and waving their efforts aside with no effort on their own. Not too mention not everyone knows who this is so instead of diving right in and having him act like a tool, try introducing him as a character first instead of going right to confronting Celestia. Also his tone is condescending as hell.

791422 Well TCB!Celestia is another beast, aggressive and tyrannical. Only a few fics try to redeem her.

I have now read the chapter. Sadly, I didn't find it too engaging, because I have no idea what any of this stuff is. It seems to me that you have a premise, but you're combing it with the TCB genre in such a way that now the TCB themes seemed... "cheapened" isn't quite the right word. Flippant? I think it would be better if it were played straight as a crossover fic that started as a very mysterious human in Equestria story.

Ninjawords has informed me that, quite specifically, mana is "A form of supernatural energy in Polynesian religion that inheres in things or people." I'm deeply ashamed that I didn't know the technical definition. I mean, come on, it's right up my alley! It's at a conflux of folklore, world religion, AND cultures of the Pacific. How could I have not known this? (SIGH) Okay, I guess Magic: The Gathering uses the term with its own conceits. I find it weird that Equestria wouldn't have any of, uh, that. If anything, it seems like the place has buckets of it. I'm sure you know what you're doing, Windchaser, but make sure we know what's going on, too.

I'll admit I groaned when I realized that you were going to have this guy interact with the Royal Pony Sisters in such a way to show his dominance and power. That's sort of an MLP:FiM fan trope that's usually best avoided.

Furthermore, Celestia's character is a bit off to me. Her motivations here, "Humans kill each other so we're gonna stuck hooves on 'em" is hard to buy on its own. Most authors who have written a TCB universe usually leave the details intentionally cloudy there, to make it about the people caught in it, or who make the obvious dramatic choice. Blaze had the Equestrian island just sitting there for a long period of time before the purple juice was even an option, so it was more like making an emigration decision; the borders were being opened, although in a particular way. Purple Prose (come back to us Purple / ♫ come uncrush my hooves♫) had an interesting conceit: Equestria is walled on all sides by dangerous, inhospitable lands, and so the RPS anticipate that there will one day be problems. They decide to re-contact an ancient friend of sorts, humanity, with the hope that Earth will be able to help... but find a planet sliding into total, horrible destruction — and we know the rest. In Chatoyance's foray into the genre, the RPS are benevolent but flawed deities, and Celestia is motivated by the events detailed in the 800 Year Promise, namely (REDACTED), which of course presumes (SPOILER). There's others, but aside from one-shots that are dismissive of the whole genre, usually there's some presumed depth to the motivations of the RPS... unless it's a multiversal collision or something, in which case they're just acting out of altruism.

Diamond dogs come to mind. They seem rather single-minded, brutish, ill-mannered, violent or at least physically unkind, and they don't seem too happy. What is this Princess Celestia doing for them? It seems to me that the high royals would start close to home for philanthropy (ah ha I'm so funny), as in literally, home. You have her say,
“They mercilessly kill each other for the sake of killing, and at times for the sake of joy. Their world is at the brink of collapse and I only wish to provide them with a better alternative.”
To which her audience pretty much goes, "Oh, blah blah world collapse, who cares? There's like, universes full of zombie robots and evil tentacles and stuff." If I were in her situation, I would have skipped right to, "Their world is at the brink of collapse and I only wish to provide them with a better alternative." The murder thing is, without any other details on the matter, not the biggest issue. I don't know why she would bother to bring it up.

Also, you have this guy teleport everyone else away, and then close the doors. That puts this guy into solid arsehole territory, and I don't think you meant that. What if a stranger appeared in your home while you are with family, coerced everyone else but you away, and then closed all the open doors? This guy just did that with a ruler of a nation. Furthermore, I don't think it would occur to him to do so, unless he was an idiot or has a god complex. Perhaps it has something to do with this Planeswalker bit: I sense that you're communicating that they're powerful, but is this standard behaviour for them? Google isn't helping here: it's telling me that the players of the game represent planeswalkers (you mean this guy is like somebody that plays... OH F--) and that the characters of the game are also planeswalkers, and both of these are true at the same time? I also notice some of them are cards, as a part of the game?

I'm sorry, Windchaser, but I may have to sit this one out. I don't think I'm the target audience: I just spent thirty or so minutes reading all this stuff just to get to where I can understand any of this. Although now I understand the mana thing better: it's like the basic energy you get from a card type (land cards; I wondered why WotC ended up producing so much landscape in its art libraries!) to power the other spell cards. Gotcha. Equestria has forests, mountains, swamps, and plains, or at least it seems that way from the show. Is it because it doesn't have islands? Is that why it doesnnnnnn't I'm just going to have to stop here. I'm so out of the loop I'm rambling.

The Princess may or may not be out of character. Remember that this is the Conversion Bureau version of the Princess,
a.k.a. Princess Would be rude to say "Genocide" (Warning TVTropes link). I'm not sure how she would feel having one of those filthy creatures suddenly invading her throne room. Your right that the REAL Princess Celestia would not be nearly that hostile but she's not as racist or genocide happy as the Conversion Bureau Princess either.

One also has to take into account that he may not be writing from the perspective of the most recent editions of Magic, so he may be using an earlier incarnation.

And yes, TCB!Celestia is largely a tyrant who plays at benevolence, so her reaction at first is justified.

791666 791693
Not from what I've read. "Conversion Bureau" is a pretty wide swath of fanwork. A connection has been established between Earth and Equestria. Hooves are available in the form of artificially grape flavored magical nanomachines. Beyond that, the details are up to the author, and sometimes even these assumptions are adjusted. Celestia's nature is not set in stone in this subgenre. Sure, misanthropic, "never say 'genocide'" tyranny is a possibility, but so is the genuine desire to save as many thinking beings as possible before an unavoidable, irrevocable interdimensional catastrophe kills them all and everything in between.

...and I'm getting dragged into the kind of argument I try to avoid on this site. Sorry, Windchaser. :twilightsheepish:

I'm sorry if this story flew over the heads of most of the readers. I wrote this with the idea of Celestia being the ruler who wants to convert humanity into ponies because she truly believes that her kind are better than humans.

If you don't know about planeswkers and the MtG universe, very little of this will make sense to you. I don't mean for this to be a masterpiece or an amazing piece of work, only a little idea I decided a few people would enjoy reading. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

You're right of course. A number of Conversion Bureau stories do indeed go that route, portraying the ponies in a much more sympathetic light (Windchaser's own Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing is such a story). I was just saying that a lot of the Conversion Bureau universe go with the EVIL! Celestia interpretation, rather than a misunderstood Celestia. I just felt she might not be out of character because she doesn't have a character, only interpretations.

Holy gigantic titty fuck a planeswalker in TCB plus (kinda) tyrantlestia!? :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


ALL OF MY WANT!! :rainbowkiss:

re-read it, and a question appeared

How the hell Jace use that much mana (two(?) counterspell and two small teleportation) when the story stated that he could barely recharge any mana on the magic-less earth? Did he personally walk to Equestria to leech some from there or what?

Other than many weird stuff going on, a phyrexian golem visiting Equestria would be totally awesome

Hm... you know... I do not care for Jace. I don't.

I don't know enough about him, and while he's relatively "human", I can't help but feel that the point would have been driven home more if the Planeswalker chosen was a nonhuman, perhaps, in my bias, Ajani Goldmane/Vengeant/Caller of the Pride. I mean... Ajani doesn't have the spell-cancelation abilities of Blue Mana, but he can use both the purifying powers of White and the destructive powers of Red. Maybe it's my own delusions, since apparently in the universe Ajani turned Nicol Bolas's own soul literally against him, from what I've looked up, but Ajani could magically drive the point home by shoving those 'humans don't have souls' delusion out of the window and summon a ponified human's soul, or, to be in theme with Vengeant, lay waste to the landscape of Equestria itself.

I mean, all Jace did in this was appear and comment on things, which from what little I know is in character. My silly self wants to see action! :rainbowlaugh: Or better yet, just as Celestia chooses to see the worst in humanity in this, she could be confronted by the one whom sees everything as business and plans ahead about the worst possible outcomes, such as making sure humanity lives so his own people don't start commiting cannibalism, Sorin Markov, whom also accels in some dark arts and lighter arts, Black and White.

so when the horrors of the Multiverse gonna start happening to them? bet it be long after the humans of that plane are changed and there culture and knowledge wipe out and the true memory of what humanity possible potential gone to a small whisper and ponies would mock the species regardless of the improvement they made by themselves with no help all trial and error so respect to that kind of hard work cause it not easy.
it funny ponies are pretty defenseless if there magic fails them doom cause there cuddled and the world is given on a silver platter take that away lots of death will happen.
hope we can read a sequel about it sounds like the guy was visiting for a reason just giving a friendly warning but celestia and guards try to murder him first? that a good way to catch the wrong kind of attention if they try that to ever visitor it almost like he warning them of things to come one day.
hey i got a question.. um i hope you don't hate me if i ask you.... but
do you think ponies could really survive if there princesses falls thank to an error of judgement and actions on there part? and if possible if there magic starts to fails them would they still really be the saint they say and claim to be they really are? could they if the world change's? when the fight and struggle for survival the right to exists and live life and death presents it self? could they adapt to what humans had to face time and time again in the past and survive would really stay the same?

Oh, Hell no. This is NOT over.

I did some research, and guess what? No life can survive without at least a little mana. Not even humans.

791692 im pretty sure the manaless plane that was referenced was the plane that we live on

i would like to see if luna does remember nicol

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