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So you all can hear me right?
Of course they can. They always can.
I know I just wanted to make sure the connection is working properly.
Well, it is now get on with it. We haven't got all day you know.
Alright, fine.

It was supposed to be a fun time at Comic Con with my sister and a few friends. Naturally going as the Lutece twins something bad was bound to happen. Now in a magical land of ponies we discover that a silver coin has given us the power to open tears and learn from other universes. What could go wrong.

I must say, that isn't the greatest summary, I've ever read
I know, but It's the best I can come up with at the moment.
Shame, now let's get going. Things to do-
-and people to see.

Somewhat based off F*** it I'm Having Fun, Screw the rules we're on a road trip,Malideus, and The Rise of Darth Vulcan

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Magnificent. Now lets make sure that the two dont get so caught up in their roles as to forget that they are actually individual people (and yes I know that the people they were dressed as are....simaler on many levels.)


Just some friendly advice for when writing the for the faux Lutece "Twins' " speaking lines...

For example...

Finishing the one another's sentences...

...after a tactful and meaningful period of speaking.

This gives a more cohesive feel of things being said...

...as much as things NOT being said.

There are exceptions, of course. After all...

The existence of exceptions...

...is an absolute certainty.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

On the other hand...

...finishing one another's...

...sentences after too short...

...a speaking period...

...becomes fragmentary.

Don't you agree...?

(I should hope so.)

This seems great so far! I'll fav now and give my link in a chapter or two.

Thanks for the advice. They're hard to write properly and that should help.

I will try to make their differences more apparent in the next few chapters. Hopefully it'll be distinct.


Oh, nice! A really strong start.

I did notice this tiny thing, though:

The last time we saw them, they were digging their own graveses

Should be "graves."

It appears I read this fic. It starts well.
_Really? It could start badly.
_No it starts well and can become even better.
_Can or will?
_Can AND will.

Great start can't wait to see where this goes.

Dont stop you magnificent bastard. This is beyond awesome :moustache:

I may like this story.:moustache:
but I won't enjoy the twins and there cryptic bull-honkey :coolphoto:


I have no idea why I found this funny. The video I mean.

Hope to see more soon, but not too soon because I need to study tonight.


Reminds me of my cousin and I

Holy shit this is gonna be good...
Update soon please.


In all seriousness, this is a damned good start. I can't wait to see whats in store.:twilightsmile:

Or the Cage?
Or perhaps the Bird?
Nothing beats the cage
How did... ugh, nevermind

Do they have to be human? If they exist across all probability, surely in some chain of events, they could be ponies?

3969477 yes. cos they were human when they went cosplaying as the characters. now they are them to an extent.


Here is another bit that may (hopefully) help you with writing the faux Luctece "Twins" speaking lines:

Also, remember that the Lutece "Twins" do not constantly finish each others' sentences, just consistently.


...versus Consistent.

Knowing the difference in the use between the two, portrays the character pair as compliments of one another.

Where-as failure in the knowing and the using, means the pair are not two wholes, but rather two halves.

And that is just sloppy writing for the characters.

(Don't forget for the fan-writer as well.)


I saw that video while researching how they talk. Thanks for the advice (again) and hopefully I can write them better.

Now. Lets see what you can do.

Something new is taking over the feature box, I see. "Not-crossovers" with super powered self inserts visiting Equestria instead of their own self insert fanfic universes. At least this one isn't anthro or instant pony beatdown. Still would prefer a real crossover.

I'm on my phone most of the time I'm on this site so I can't see the feature box.

i find this new story fad refreshing and entertaining.

Just gonna throw a like and favorite to this.

Yeap, don't even need to read it I KNOW it's good.

I'm loving all the HiE/cosplay-to-villian stories that are on Fimfiction recently. This one looks especially promising.

Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed this story, though I have one problem with some grammar. In Luna's POV, she ends up talking with Celestia, and, as we all should know, she never calls Celestia by her name or "Princess Celestia," but rather "sister."

“Good morning sister. Did you sleep well?”

Wouldn't this, and any time Luna's speaking with Celestia, be:

“Good morning, sister. Did you sleep well?”

Haven't read this story, but you might want to fix the typo on the first line of the summary (!!!). It's the sort of thing that might encourage someone to skip your story over, feature box or not (congrats by the way).

How did I miss that. Thanks for pointing it out.

i always wondered what the lutence twin would do in equestria (their my fav bioshock charicters after jack) this is close enough

Someone is going to be stabbed in the ass, I sense it.

I've learned to trust such nonsensical senses so I shall heed your warning

Everything is a matter of perspective, sucked, sucks, will suck, was good, is good, will be good. If only you could affect an entire universe with a mere combination of letters.

Ah, but who's to say that you can't? Will have an effect, won't have an effect... nothing in life is a certainty.

3990334 can you think of one set of twins in TV games or anything thats better than these two

Normally when a story such as this comes around I say 'I am intrigued, go on.' with this story, however, I am far beyond simply intrigued. You, my dear author, have started something, and you must finish it. Oh, and one final question: Head, or tails?

Oh my god it's like every day there's five more of these stories; they're like weeds.

3993131 So learn to ignore them instead of whining about it?

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