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Slade Wilson, a.k.a Deathstroke, is mistakenly sent to Equestria during one of his many battles against Nightwing and the Titans. Now he's stuck in what he calls a child's imagination, and more importantly, Equestria is stuck with him. But what they don't expect is that they have common interests, and they'll have to trust this bad guy to play as the good guy.

This is my my first fic, so feel free to criticize on any mistakes I made.
I own nothing, not MLP, Deathstroke or any other DC characters in this story. They belong to Hasbro and DC .

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Deathstroke favorite bad guy of all time.

before i start reading i have to say this........Deathstroke this is


-The Good Doctor

Put The Joker and Harley Quinn!

-The Good Doctor

2978137 Nah with Zod, Bane, and Black Adam, Equestria's got enough troubles

Equestria's fucked, they got the A squad of powerhouse vilian's walking around

Who is deathstroke? Dead pools evil brother?

You should not ask your viewers what to write. It's YOUR story ! Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

A little fast pacing but I like it :pinkiehappy:

Deathstroke Is Captain America's Physical Build And is a Merc like Deadpool but both have completely different thinking and Deathstroke is from DC And not insane like deadpool

Death stroke one of the best mercs of fictional history ...... But couldn't beat ...... BATMAN !!!!!

2982597:unsuresweetie: Just browsing and stumbled upon this story. Deathstroke has whooped Batman on more than one occasion, including the first time that they met. www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpExNYbg8xM I'm not sure if your comment was referencing something in this particular fic though. If so, sorry! :twilightsheepish: Lol, I'm just a fan of Deathstroke. If you read Infinite Crisis, you'll see that Batman requires the help of Nightwing and Robin to defeat Deathstroke. (Now someone will probably post a scan of Batman barely besting Deathstroke on his own that I was previously unaware of.) To the best of my knowledge, on each occurrence of Batman Vs. Slade Wilson one on one, Slade has come out on top.

that guard is smart. just answer the questions.

Hey looks guys :D Its Deathstroke, Penstrokes second personality :D

Deathstroke took down Shining Armor and his men like they were minimum wage mall cops, OH this is gonna be GREAT for Shining's pride and rep:rainbowlaugh:

I love his sense of humor.

Death stroke skilled in the woods and makes threats

Imagine if it was batman !!!!!!!! Holy shit scary

Great series! Slade has always been a personal favorite of mine!

All hail Slade! :pinkiehappy: love that cover pic:)

The first time I've even heard of the brain was in the teen titans cartoon, so I have NO idea what his character is supposed to be?

3016995 He will do what all great comic book characters do...improvise.

Well all you need to know about the Brain is he's French :D

yes, also in the Young Justice series they have him speaking with a french accent, while in the Teen Titans they digitized his voice to the point you can't tell he has an accent.

Applebloom now would be a good idea to learn to kneel before Zod.

Hey, not bad. A great story idea, and it's pretty well written. The only thing that turns me off is all of the constant perspective changes. Keep it up.

Deathstroke the eternal badass.

Deathstroke. Owning your royal guards like a boss since he arrived in Equestria.

Death stroke can kill anyone ........... Apart from Batman

Wow really make you see how useless the royal guards are, sure they can handle rioting citizens and common criminals, but that's it. Their just overconfident mall cops in suits of armor.:ajbemused:

it finally made it.:flutterrage: TO THE FAVORITES:raritywink:

Deathstroke just kicked major ass......and I'm not even suprised.

*Deathstroke gets spotted*
... oh boy, here we go again.
I'm thoroughly enjoying this story.
I was sceptical at first but this really is good, and now I wonder how many good stories I missed because of being so picky...

Deathstroke, stares at the royal guards and says, "I'll be back."


Who the fuck is katins? Or did you mean Cadence?:unsuresweetie:

Celestia what a itch trying to hide her dirty little secrets

"Princess Katins!"
Uh I think you mean Cadence:facehoof:

3088386 everyone has secrets just because someone is important dosent make secrets any worse

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