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Hey there! I like to write stuff, sometimes... Don't take my work too seriously, just enjoy it. ^^; [I also write non-pony stories on Ao3~!]



What is the meaning of life?
For me it means getting a second chance.
You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right?
Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my forehead in a stupid ballerina costume and I may or may not have ticked off an all powerful love eating changeling queen...

"How dare you attack the Queen of the changelings! I'll turn you into a hat!"

Whoops... I guess this inter-dimensional message isn't as fool proof as I thought! I'll have to cut this short!
Seriously though, if anyone is reading this please send help!

[inspired to write this after seeing so many of these crossovers! Mainly inspired though by 'Land of Friendship and Magic' :D]

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One thing - Pearls are made by clams and stuff, not dug up. Opals can be dug up though :). Other than that, really interesting start.

4439943 Thank you for bringing that up. I had not mean't to write that. The changes have been made to fix this problem.

Sweet I thought Steven universe is a strange but cool show!
Any way this is really cool, and I don't see many errors.
Keep it up.....oh and for pearl there escaping....
VIVE LA FREEDOM!! :pinkiecrazy:

This is great, can't wait to see more!

awesome chapters you are doing a amazing job:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Pearl is a character from Cartoon Network's Steven Universe. Steven, the main protagonist,discovers three super powered heroines, Garnet, the leader of the group, Pearl, the graceful warrior, and Amethyst living among his neighborhood. Along the way, Steven gets a gem stuck in his navel, and the girls must help him understand the gem's powers.

So,wait.Is she a pony or still a human?

4455717 The Pearl on top her head lets her transform. If you want more info on her abilities please go here ==> http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/Pearl

Steven is the son(normally an impossibility among the race known as "Gems",) Of a Gem named Rose and a human. Rose was the leader of the group of Gems from the show, as can be seen throughout the story. Rose is no longer around because (its implied, never abjectly said) that Rose died giving life to her son, Steven. As such, he has her jem where his naval should be. Seeing as he's basically a crossbreed, he has very little control over his jem, and his powers seem to fluctuate very violently based on his own emotional state.

4507331 this one speaks the truth. The crystal gems are a magical race of sentient gems, not super powered heroes. They're more guardians of Beach City than anything. :twilightsmile:

4507331 I did not know what relation Steven has with his friends, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet, other than the connection with his mother's gem in his navel. I saw the episode where Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst show Steven how to harness his special gifts, and he and his father end up helping Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst with various world-threatening issues in Beach City.

Is her personality going to get like the real Pearl?

5151824 Well it was supposed to be 'new' on the 14th, but something glitched and I just checked to see that it wasn't up. :facehoof:
Now it is though! Enjoy! :pinkiehappy: :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

Why does this story only have 20 comments, cmon people, comment!


You should put that in the authors notes for this page.

huh. I kind of like this. Can't wait to see more.

Also, I hope we have a crossover at some point in the future.

I see this going bad soon

Lets watch:pinkiecrazy:

Okay so I might have been wrong:fluttershysad: but it could still hit the fan:scootangel:

Yay sequal time soon.

there food is so good probably because they have magic and can tell pest to go away and the bug will listen.

It was just a routine stop to the local gas station to top off my SUV for the road...

SUV? Those large cars? Is it yellow?! :rainbowkiss: It has to be yellow! Just don't say black or another boring color! :flutterrage:

Also, nice short prologue. I prefer those, since I lose interest in things pretty fast, if they don't get to the interesting part fast. :pinkiesmile:

I no longer wore my scuffed up jeans and loose fitted yellow t-shirt.

A yellow t-shirt? This story gets a like! It is not often that the protagonist has such a good taste in clothes! :yay:

"What the heck were ya doin' out there with that munster roaming about huh?!"

Wow. So he didn’t notice her transformation, even though she screamed? He is an inattentive one! :rainbowwild:

Also, shoving her out of the building a minute later, even if a 'monster' roams the street? These ponies seem quite odd. :rainbowhuh:

Hey, this wasn't as hard as I thought!

Perhaps over time using my magic wouldn't be as tough as it was currently...

Uh... Contradictory. Is it hard now to use her magic, or not? Or is it only hard to summon her weapon and not to change? :rainbowhuh:

I had no clue where I needed to go. Perhaps I could find a hotel or something, or maybe someone would let me stay with them seeing that everyone I had ran into previously was really friendly.

Objection! The changelings weren’t friendly towards her! The same goes for most of the ponies in Appleloosa, as she was in her human form! If anything she should be apprehensive of them! :rainbowwild:

My hooves slid the bits on the bench as I counted that I had exactly twenty left, enough for lunch and maybe a cheap hotel room.

She is new to Equestria and its currency. How does she know that it is enough for lunch and a hotel room? :rainbowhuh:

"Crystal Gem." I proclaimed, since everyone else here had a first and a last name. It would be silly just to have a first.

The first name she got in Equestria was Braeburn’s, if I remember it right. So where did she get that whole first name, last name schtick? Only from Pinkie Pie’s name? :rainbowhuh:

That was pretty neat, glad I found this Displaced story.

So many Blues, so little time~

I don't know what to say about this chapter. Something about it just feels...off. On another note, there was an episode of Steven Universe where Pearl explains her disgust for food, and that Gems don't have digestive sytems or a need to eat, but they can create digestive sytems for themelves, as explained by Amethyst.

Alright, starting to see the problem. It's rushed. You're putting in plenty of detail, which hides it well, but it's still rushed. Not in any major, "EMERGERGENCY EMERGENCY!" kinda way, but enough to be noticed if one looks. PM me if you want more in depth details.

5150377 I was thinking the same thing! :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: I just realized how long ago you posted that, so don't even worry about it.

Comment posted by Headlock1_0 deleted Apr 18th, 2016

Pfff. Who needs a smartphone? Since Crystal is Pearl she should be able to project memories like holograms. At least... once she figures out she can do that...

7055084 True, the fact that Crystal is eating and sleeping when Gems are incapable of doing the first without shape-shifting, and don't actually need to do the second makes this feel less like Crystal is a Gem, and more like she is a hybrid like Steven. She is also taking this little adventure WAY too well.

Still a good story overall, but things like that add up and make it seem off.

Is there a reason that the paragraphs end in ellipses?

Twilight can try and stop us shoppers but It will not work because we shop EVERYTHING!

I cracked open an eye when she left and pondered what she had just said. Friends? Pinkie had said the same thing too. Did these ponies really see everyone as friends so easily?

Are you blind? No. No they do not.

I grunted and rolled about to make my nest again. It was rather odd how kind and generous these ponies were,

So far I'm logging two instances of ponies being racists and violent, and one instance of Ponies being actually nice.....(When they THOUGHT, you were a pony.) And one instance of a pony being nice regardless to your race. Hint its the pony universally considered to be gay.

Appleloosa does not count as nice because if you read that part carefully, they knew she was the "Creature" when they pulled her into the building. They then payed her to get out of town and "Shoved" her right out the door and into the street. Thats not kindness. Thats the equivalent of what the Sheriff did in Rambo. When The Sheriff saw the homeless guy walking into his town, he put him in the cop car and drove him to the other town limits.

Thats what Appleloosa basically did. "Heres money, get out of our town." When ponies are worried they huddle together in herds. Like with Zecora and like seen in the Appleloosa chapter. If they thought thats she was a pony, they would have NEVER shoved a member of their herd/kind into the street not knowing where the monster was. They knew.....

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