• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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Off Track

With my mind set on finding a hotel I walked into the town part of Ponyville and examined the buildings.

There were many ponies out today. I was especially surprised by some pegasi flying nearby, and a unicorn using a form of magical levitation to eat a sandwich. Everything in Ponyville was extraordinary! I found myself dazed for a bit before I walked over to a cart with a yellow mare with an orange mane who was selling carrots.

"Hi there! Whatcha need?" The mare asked me with a smile as I looked at her carrots. Each was ripe and looked wonderful.

"I'd like a couple of carrots please." I asked as the mare nodded and took my bits as she put the carrots in my saddlebag.

"Thanks! Come back again!" She said, but I stayed a bit longer to ask something from her.

"Excuse me, I was also wondering if you knew of any good places to spend the night here in Ponyville." I asked as the mare stopped restocking the carrots and looked up at me with a knowing grin.

"Ah, an out of towner! Eh?" She winked at me as she rested her front hoof on the counter. To this day it still puzzles me how human these equestrians are. "I thought I didn't recognize yer face. Don't tell me, Pinkie's throwing a party?" She asked.

I blinked in surprise, "How did you-"

"-know?" She finished my question and laughed, "It's what she always does." She giggled. "Listen, I wouldn't worry about finding a place to stay. Knowing Pinkie, and believe me you'll get to know her pretty quick, she's inviting all of Ponyville to the party over at SugarCube Corner." She directed me towards a house make of freaking gingerbread.

I gawked in awe at the amount of sugar the house had, and wondered how the heck it didn't melt in the rain, before snapping back to what the mare was saying.

"Anyways, if you go there, you'll bump into the hotel manager who'll hook ya up with a room if you need one. However there's lots of other ponies who'll split rent if ya want. Anyways I need to go run some errands so I'll see ya later at the party." She smiled as she got off the cart and rummaged around inside one of the doors of the cart for her saddlebags.

I nodded, "Thanks. I'll see you then-"

"-Carrot Top" she once again finished my sentence as she put on her saddlebags and waved goodbye.

Well that was interesting,.. And somewhat helpful at the most.

I decided to change tactics after that and go sightseeing of the town instead.

It was getting late now. I had finished my carrots at lunch, and by now my stomach wanted more food.

I looked at the setting sun and decided now was probably a good a time as any to start heading over to SugarCube Corner.

Carrot Top was right, because just as I started heading over business closed and ponies started pouring onto the streets by the dozen.

So the golden colored mare hadn't been lying. It really did seem like the entire town of Ponyville was coming to the party.

My party...

This was too bizarre to be real, yet here I was amongst talking neon ponies who could do magic!

A magenta pony with a ruffled up mane saw me walking towards the building and nodded politely as she opened the door for me.

I had to take a step back to process all the ponies crammed into the tiny facility, but once the shock wore off I excitedly walked in and joined everypony in dancing to the Dj's music.

Games, balloons, streamers, ice cream, and cupcakes surrounded me and I gleefully picked up a yellow frosted cupcake and experienced for the first time what equestrian sugar tasted like. Holy father of the universe! No matter how much sugar a person could cram into a cupcake I'll tell you right now it does not compare to the burst of flavor going through my mouth right now! There was sugar yes, but I could also detect freshly squeezed lemons in the frosting along with a burst of flavor coming from the center of the cupcake that had been filled with a lime flavored cream.

But that was just the tip of the icing, ah see what I did there? Anyways, I practically threw myself in the conga line to the limbo stick. I must say that something about this place made me feel like a child again!

Two hours into the party and it was still going strong! The Dj had switched tracks to hard dubstep and now there was a breakdancing competition going on in the center area. I took this time to wipe off the sweat accumulating on my forehead and headed over to the juice station to get something to drink. I ordered a cherry punch and-

"So, how are you enjoying the party?! It's pretty epic right?!" Pinkie Pie appeared out of nowhere, almost making me spill my drink in the process.

"We've got to stop doing this." I gasped as I recomposed myself and sat down my drink wisely.

Pinkie just laughed, "sorry! I'll have to make a mental note not to startle you! Anyways, I'm sooo glad you came! This is awesome!" She cheered.

I chuckled and looked at the happy ponies dancing, "Heh, it is awesome." I mused, still not letting my guard down around the pink mare.

She smiled and started hopping up and down, "Yes! I knew you'd love it! That makes it even more super duper awesome to be your friend!" She cheered.

I nearly choked on what Pinkie had just said, "We're friends?" I asked confused.

Pinkie looked at me funny, "Well duh!" She rolled her eyes like it was obvious, "Everypony is my friend!" She cheered.

I didn't quite know if I should correct her logic or just go along, but my mouth had other plans as I let out an "Uh, yea. Friends." Like a genius.

"Yay!" She cheered as I blinked and then stared in confusion as Pinkie was now on a table, "Hey everypony! Sorry to interrupt the festivities!" She called, and just like that the Dj cut the music and everpony stared at her in confusion. This didn't seem to phase Pinkie though as she held a smile like nothing had happened, "So anyways, this party is for my new friend Crystal Gem!" She cheered waving a hoof at me as millions of heads turned my way. Uh, this was starting to get- "She's new in town, so go say hi to her before you start boogie-oogie-oogying to the wicked beats of my good friend Dj Pon-3 alright?!" And with that she hopped off the table and the music started up again.

Now it was my turn to be the life of the party. I whipped around to find hundreds of ponies walking of to me with eager smiles as they lined up and stuck out their hooves in greeting.

"Name's Filthy Rich, if you're ever in need of anything stop by." The first pony greeted, an older stallion with greased black hair and a money sign logo on his hips. I thanked him as the line moved on and the other ponies repeated the same greeting.

There were a few that stuck with me by far. A pony named Lyra Heartstrings who had an unusual obsession with humans, which was something I planned to discuss with her in full later on before a cream colored mare dragged her away after I started complementing her foam finger she had brought to the party. Then there was Ditzy and Dinky Doo, a mother Pegasus and daughter unicorn, who were very polite and kind to me as Ditzy offered me a honey glazed muffin. I didn't bother questioning how much her job as a mailmare was handicapped by her crossed eyes, seeing as I might offend her, but nevertheless seemed to walk and behave normally even as they walked away to make room for other ponies waiting. Then there were a few others who ran some businesses throughout town that invited me over to their shops for services and such, but none could compare to the group of five ponies, and Pinkie, that met me next.

They were an odd bunch, the Pegasus in the back had a rainbow mane and the white unicorn in the group had physically impossible curled hair, but they wore friendly smiles and the orange one with a cowboy hat came up to me first.

"Howdy there Crystal! Mah names AppleJack and I help supply the town with its local apple produce! Come see me sometime if yer ever needing a job!" She smiled at me as she tipped her cowboy upwards with her hoof and walked back for the others to enter.

"Hello there! I'm Rarity, and I own the Carosel Botique in the center of town!" The white unicorn with the funny purple mane smiled at me as she eyed my mane and look, "Um, don't worry I'm really good with fashion!" She forced a grin, as I mentally guessed it had something to do with how I looked. I just smiled back politely, "Erm, thanks Rarity! I'll definetly give you a call!" I replied. She looked at me confused, "A call?" She asked confused, but then shook it off like she knew what I was talking about, "Well there's that, but you can also just stop by!" She smiled. I just nodded as the rainbow maned Pegasus flew into my view.

"Names Rainbow Dash!" She grinned shaking my hoof vigorously, "I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equstria!" She grinned cocky, before leaning in closer to my ear. "If you need an early schedule of what the weather's supposed to be, just come find me." She winked and then flew back and started whistling suspiciously.

The next pony that came up to me was a purple unicorn. I must say that the way she had cut her mane was interesting because it gave off the impression of bangs, sort of, as her horn stuck out from the top of the mane and moved with her pace. Instead of greeting me like the other ponies did, she narrowed her eyes and appeared to be studying me before she finally eased up and a smile formed on her face. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, the town's librarian and local historian. If you ever need anything, don't feel troubled to come get me. I get-" she paused for a moment, choosing her words as she stuck out her tongue in thought, "I get into all kinds of research, so anything you can bring by that looks interesting let me know." She nodded before she moved out of the way to reveal a yellow Pegasus looking like she'd rather be anywhere than here.

I smiled warmly and looked at the mare with interest, "Hello there, who might you be?" I asked kindly. The Pegasus just kinda stood frozen and Twilight looked over to her in what appeard to either be concern or sheer embarrassment, "Oh, this is-" she never got a chance to finish that line as Pinkie burst out of nowhere and pushed the Pegasus towards me. "This is Fluttershy!" She exclaimed as she leaned closer to me and whispered not so quietly, "She gets a little shy, but she really likes animals and is the resident veterinarian, but you wouldn't know it because she likes to stay inside her house a lot.." She grinned as she went back to partying and left me with the others. "Hello Fluttershy." I smiled as I extended my hoof. Fluttershy seized up suddenly and let out a small 'eep' as she slowly crouched down in a ball but slowly raised a single hoof out and touched mine. Once the contact had been made she zipped to the other side of the room and locked herself in a broom closet.

Rainbow just rolled her eyes as I blinked in confusion, "Ugh, I'll go get her." Rainbow said as she flew off in the general direction and fiddled with the lock to get it open.

Twilight just grinned, knowing something, and I got up from my chair. "Right. It was nice meeting you all. I hope to visit each and everyone of your fine establishments and-" I tripped on the rug beneath my hooves.

Everything went spinning as I yelled in surprise and caught myself; but with my hands instead of hooves.

The music stopped playing after that. Everypony gasped in horror at something I wasn't aware of yet, while Lyra just hooted in the background yelling, "Hah! I knew they existed! I kneeeeeewwwwww itttt!"

"Well that was a close call." I said as I stumbled back into my standing position and looked in confusion at everypony's faces. "What?" I asked, as I folded my arms, but then froze in horror when I saw what they were looking that.

I was back in my human form, no doubt caused by the surprise trip, and I was so very, very screwed.

Author's Note:

For future reference, whenever you see this line: '------------------', that means some time occurred between two events so not to confuse the reader. Thank you.