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[Displaced Story]

Today was the day, today I was going to finally go to a real convention after all these years, and I have the perfect cosplay outfit in mind: Riku Replica! I thought today would be the most perfect day of my life...but then I met someone calling himself "The Merchant". I've heard the rumors; about people going to conventions, buying some rare and nearly unobtainable item, and then they just...disappeared.

I laughed it off, thinking it to be just rumors, but HE proved me wrong.

Now, I'm trapped in that TV show that my little sister keeps making me watch, what was the name again? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Yeah, that's it. When I find myself there, I'm in the middle of what appears to be an invasion of quadrupedal bugs with wings and horns in a beautiful city.

...I should probably stop narrating and help these ponies fight off the bugs.

Author's Notes:
I brought this concept up in a forum on the Displaced group and decided since nobody else is writing it, then I will.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 31 )

Yay riku replica I'm very excited to see what happens next keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile: and question will there be a paring in this story :rainbowderp:

Mom and Dad told me not to spend it all in one place... but I didn't listen!:pinkiecrazy:

"Knock, knock, motherfucker!!" I yelled.

I am officially invested!:rainbowlaugh:

Should've ran away when he had the chance

Nice start. When you are ready do you want to do a cross. (Zidane from FF9)

Well, I can safely say that I'm invested. If you'd like, once it gets a little further down the road, we can do a crossover with my new Sinestro Corps Hal Jordan story.

7860578 Sure, just one question: do you have a Gdocs?

7860615 We'll see

7860754 Okay, when the time comes, send me the link to your Gdocs via PM and we'll work together on it

You got me hooked at " Knock Knock Mother Fuckers"

Parental guidance? Screw that noise!

Yo I can haz crossover?

7861802 Depends, what story do you want to crossover with mine?

7861808 I only have one. (That's public) The Equestrian Omni Knight

7861828 I haven't read it yet, so if I get confused on something, you might have to fill in the blanks for me, but yeah, down the road we can crossover

7861841 SWEET. And I'll definitely fill in any blanks. When you read throu it, pick an item, it might just make things interesting

7862377 I'll take your word for it

7862387 Hey, i see, the truth over the master xehanort's keyblade:

Ok that was funny, I'm invested

as a friend of mine says...YOU REALY ARE AN IDEOT...

Die die we al... oh right I already did this on a nother story.

"What are you talking about? The Royal Guard never kills another pony, or anything else for that matter!"

Ah, yes. 'Thou Shalt Not Kill', the code of the weak.

Your video is not working.

Any chance you'll update this or is it dead for good?

8980140 I will update this, I just haven't had the time or inspiration to do so yet

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