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I love to create stories.


Written in the spirit of my birthday.

Hit Point, high school student, video game enthusiast, and all-around normal guy...until, of course, he became «The Gamer». Somehow, his life had become too much like an RPG video game; everyday tasks becoming quests, normal capabilities turning into skills with levels, and grinding said skills to make them stronger. Not only that, but his life is on the line almost every day now, from fighting monsters in Instant Dungeons to facing powerful foes, all while trying to maintain his normal, teenage life.

Never a dull moment in this town of Canterlot...

Takes place just before the first Equestria Girls movie.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 55 )

not bad.

Comment posted by Dexstar deleted Jan 25th, 2018

I have a feeling i know where the inspiration for this fic came from.

8692104 Thanks :twilightsmile:

8692157 Where do you think it came from?

I like the Concept of the Story!
Cant wait for another Chapter!:pinkiehappy:

my major weakness: The Gamer stories

Comment posted by Shadow Night232 deleted Feb 1st, 2018

Here I was wondering when fanfiction.net would transmit this cancer. What's next, fanmakes? Wait a second...

Nice. I like The Gamer and I like this. You just got a fave.

8752539 I know you from a Writer I follow here. Take your negativity somewhere else, please.

"Someone's gotta, with all the disrespect you throw around, and it's no wonder why Flash ditched your fat ass."

Your badass level shot up from level 3 to level 7. You showed that bacon haired bitch who's boss

Loved this Chapter. It's so cool!

>One of my nternet friends don't like you, so you gotta leave
Mature. Did you type that out during recess?

8752741 Nope. I'm in High School, thanks very much. Also, you have no sense of sentence structure. Furthermore, there is no need to bash other people's fics, just because you can.

*high school
*thank you very much
Glass houses, Timmy. Remember that.

8752962 I'll take that as a compliment.

Okay, I understand that this is probably the first time you wrote a fanfic about The Gamer. However, you did made a few errors.

First off, The observe skill is off in the story. The observe skill give the Gamer info based on the target's level compared to the Gamer's natural level and Observe's skill level.

When I read Hit Point observed Sunset, I was a bit confused. Since Sunset's level is much higher then Hit Point and the Obeserve skill level isn't that high, he shouldn't have gotten that much information. He probably would have gotten her name and class at best. If the observe skill was higher, It would make sense he saw that much info.

I am sorry for the long comment, but I want to make sure you know these things. If you want some extra info, let me know.

8852928 Thanks for your input, I only read so much of The Gamer Manga, so I need as much information as I can to make this authentic

No problem. Also there is something you got to know about the stats. Wisdom doesn't increase your MP, that would be intelligent. Every point of INT is 10 MP. Wisdom only has any effect when it reach every 10 points and it adds a 1% to MP regen and magic resistance. Do you want me to explain the other stats or do you want to learn on your own?

Alright I will try my best giving my best description on what each stat does.

STR: This is self explanatory. This determine how much physical damage you can deal.

INT: No don't get this confused with actually intelligent because it doesn't effect that at all. It only effects cognitive abilities, memory and magical attacks. It also increases MP by 10 points. For example, if you have 10 INT your Mp will be 100.

AGI: This is basically the Gamer's dexterity, speed and flexibility.

VIT: This is the Gamer's overall health and physical toughness. This also increase your health by 10 points for every point that is placed in this stat.

WIS: I am pretty sure you can figure out what wisdom is when used in reality, but you must know for every 10 points - EX: 10, 20, 30... - It increases MP regen by 1% and magic resistance by 1%.

LUCK: I don't think I need to explain this stat really.

That is my brief explanation about the main stats, but here are some things you need to know about.

Levels: This is your overall power, but don't let it make you think if the Gamer has a low level, doesn't mean he doesn't stand a chance against a high level opponent. When Hit Point fought against Sunset, they were on even ground. It is actually fighting experience that wins out in the end. Now that we are through with that tangent of mine, time to actually explain what levels do. For every level you get your HP and MP increases by 50 points and you get 5 stat points. Also, every time the level reach a multiple of 5, your HP and MP regen increase by 1%. It also assists the Observe skill.

Now I bet you are wondering what I mean by HP/MP regen. Don't worry for I will explain. They are basically the ability to recover HP and MP naturally without items or skills.

HP regen: The Gamer regains 1% of their maximum HP every minute. This is influenced by increasing your Level.

MP regen: The Gamer regains 1% of their maximum MP every minute. This is influenced by increasing your wisdom and level.

I am sorry for the very long explanation, but I hope this will help your writing in the future.

P.S. the [BGM create] sounds like an ability that doesn't require levels in my opinion. You could mark it as max level because Hit Point just has to imagine any kind of BGM.

I reary hope you stop this story i like this story and your other story keep your hopes up and stay determined

love the story and the chapter keep up the great work

So is this story dead or what?

Yeah! I agree with Knives!

Okay, by slightly boosting my WIS, or Wisdom, my Max MP, or Mana Points, went up a little, all the while, I kept my status balanced and held onto half of my stat points until I really need them; stat points are hard to come by, so I should hold on to at least some of them. Now, onto another state of business...


"I wonder..." Hit pulled out his smartphone and placed it into one of the inventory slots, and lo and behold, there it was, displayed in his Inventory Screen, "No way..." he pulled it back out and closed the screen, "Though it's useful and my smartphone would probably be safer in there from pickpockets, I can't just pull it out of nowhere whenever I need it and draw attention to myself."


«Devious Tactician» LV ?? drocsiD

Discord ?

The window popped up and he ate up whatever muffins remained inside his Inventory, not out of need to replenish his HP, but to forget about what happened earlier. Hit didn't think of himself as a guy with an eating disorder, but he just couldn't help himself. As he finished his food, he passed out watching TV.

PLEASE UODATE , Hit point is lasing without finding anything to train t manually , please update , hopefully

Sunset Shimmer had just snapped a photo of the new student's place of residence with a malicious smile on her face, Hit Point's arrival couldn't have been any more perfect for her, she had never dealt with a complete gamer nerd in CHS and this would be a challenge for her to dig up some new dirt on him, since she had been getting bored with lording her supremacy over the other students she wanted to do what she hadn't done in a long time: gather some embarrassing intel on a new student and exploit them for her own benefit. As the bus drove by, she even took a picture of the street his house was on so she would always know where he is. Can't let him slip through my fingers, now can I? She giggled evilly to herself as the bus made its way to her home...

I hate her already

More pwease :3

This was pretty good. I love the Gamer manga. I'll continue to watch out for this.

Dark point his just like dark pit from kid icarus uprising

9295104 Ding, ding, ding! You figured it out! :pinkiehappy:

great chapter and glad to have the story back

Ooooo. Nice shit.

must make more chapters

must know more need more

Hit point was a idiot spending points instead busting his ass to train because it is easy

the sword is as well nice but ... only mastered is there as holy weapon .... I got it ... the perfect weapon for Hit point





Glitter cast on an Evil Tail (EBF4).

Glitter is a Holy-elemental skill in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and 4, used primarily by foes or through special effects of equipment. It is one of the few skills whose type varies between games.


When cast, a group of white flares circle around a single white halo, before converging with the halo and dealing light Holy damage, with a chance of inflicting Syphon (EBF2) or debuffing Accuracy (EBF4).

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

In EBF2, the spell is only used by Spirit. It targets both players.

[Collapse] Statistics
Name TargetPowerTypeElement Status EffectAccCritRdF
Glitter All 22 -- 100% vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/epicbattlefantasy/images/d/da/Element_Holy.png/revision/latest?cb=20140920143119 30% 3x vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/epicbattlefantasy/images/d/dc/Status_Syphon.png/revision/latest?cb=20180513081115 120% -- 10%
Notes: Damage is increased by user's Magic Attack, but reduced by targets' Defence.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In EBF4, the spell can now be cast by Matt by using the Rune Blade sword. Angel Eye and Diamond Bit can now cast the spell along with Spirit. Glitter now only targets one entity.

Ithink it is pretty good , drains mana and replenish mana depending on the hit

the only weakness is that it hits phisical Holy damage not magic damage
So only enemy which has resistance to phisical holy damage would not be hurt by the weapon

Dis gun be gud:pinkiehappy:

I think (hope) that this will be good. Thank you!

This is a good story so far! Thank you, I hope there will be more soon!

I'm getting Darkiplier vibes from Hit Point and Dark Point... I love it! :pinkiehappy:

I do like that Pinkie's level is unknown to even the almighty 'Gamer' ability. I'm curious to see how far you'll go with this as the 'Gamer' ability becomes even more broken in the manhwa as of the latest few chapters.

That was Amazing, Though I still think Dark Point is a bit......Iffy as a BBA, No Offence.

9801943 Thanks, but what's a BBA?


BBA: Big Bad Antagonist the more Minor version of the BBEG: Big Bad Evil Guy.

9801994 Oh, sorry, I had no clue, thanks for explaining it to me though


Nah it's fine. BBEG is a term used in D&D XD

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