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I love to create stories.


After a long day of work, I pass out on my bed, hoping to get a lazy day, which I know hardly ever happens. The minute I wake up, I find myself in a dungeon that looks like it was created with dark colored crystals and an anthro Unicorn named Twilight who was wearing nothing but rags and looked like she was tortured. After discovering that I had the Keyblade, Master's Defender, to be exact, she and I made our escape and I vowed to fight against the tyrant of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra.

But here's where it gets complicated; apparently, Princess Celestia can sense a great magical potential within me and rests the hopes and dreams for everypony's future upon my shoulders.

Yeah, no pressure there.

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Only the first chapter and I like it. Hope for more soon.

KO nice story, wonder if there's gonna be a sex scene in future chapters?

the music fits the mood

I see what you did there with Fragmentary Passage's name.:ajsmug:

Interesting, now I'm left with questions. Hopefully more chapters come soon.

8373551 I take it you're not a fan of the series then?

yo! this is good will you continue?

It's a shame this wasn't further update considering that in KH, there are doors that can be opened into other worlds, this concept could of been used for future cross-overs

Are you ever going to continue the story?

10263882 I will, just have some things to take care of IRL

I do look forward to the next chapters. This is an excellent story so far, and I plan to possibly make a fanfic on Kingdom Hearts as well.

10637398 Thank you and best of luck to you :twilightsmile:

Is you steal dealing with IRL problems or are you just massively under writer's block Because I'm interested in whatever this story brings.

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