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I was once an Organisation XIII member known as Xuku. One day I had a fight with a fellow Organisation member, when something went astray. I had gotten a memory of my past life. Specifically how I was turned into a nobody.

Now I'm planning on leaving the organisation. From here on, I have no idea what will happen. I just hope I can live a peaceful life in another world FAR from here...

Yeah right...

Authors Note: I don't own ANYTHING related to Kingdom Hearts or MLP, exept for my own oc and story plot. Also my oc:s name is pronounced like this (Zu-ku).

Also some of the red tags aren't going to show up until later in so don't worry. I'll try not to disappoint... much.

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It's okay. Need more to see where this goes.

A common thread between all of the members is the "X" that appears within each of their names. As revealed byTetsuya Nomura, the director of the game, by removing the "X", the remaining letters form an anagram of the members' original names from when they were humans.

This is a quote from the kingdom hearts wiki. This would mean your characters remaining letters are two u's and a k. What is his real name supposed to be?

His real name will be revealed in due time my friend. No spoilers... 😜

So what you're saying is that it doesn't follow canon conventions? Alright I guess.

Not entirely. I do have a name in mind, It's just... It will be an odd one.

I don't...is this a parody?

Not a parody. An alternet universe. Takes place after Camp Everfree.

Alright, I quickly wanted to leave some feedback in hopes of helping this story develop. Before I do, keep in mind I don't normally review stories, but I am for this one because I love Kingdom Hearts. Not to mention I feel like some people on this site can be to overly critical. Anyways, first impression is it has potential, I like the idea, but there are a-few things I'd change. First is the fight between Sora and Xuku, it was really unexpected, and not in a good way. At first you make it feel like Xuku is against fighting, but a second later he's charging Sora, sure he felt threatened, but perhaps you could have added more dialogue between the two before leading into a fight. I also wanted to mention it's spelt organization, not organisation.

Anyways, I mean no harm, all-in-all it was good, keep up the good work!

Thanks. It should be said that my English spelling can be a little off since it's not my primary language, so mistakes are bound to happen. And thanks for the feed back. I'll make sure that the other fights are not as badly written or encountered as the Sora fight.

I understand, for the most part your spelling was good, I've seen a-lot worse lol.

Thanks. It might be because I grew up with games that were in English rather than my native. I learned English quite easily in fact.

That's good, it can really be annoying when a story has bad grammar, but like I said this one wasn't that bad. If you feel scared about it, maybe hiring an editor could help your story, but it doesn't bother me to much.

Also I got to give you credit for posting the story here lol. For the longest time I've wanted to write a KH story for this site, but due to the amount of overly critical people in the comments, it's made me hesitant.

It's easy when you don't really care if they hate it or love it. It's what you want to do, not what they want you to do. It's just as simple as that.

I get what you're saying, and I give you props for it. Anyways, can't wait to read more :)

Warning. Bad grammar can be seen if you look hard enough.

Also If anyone wants I could accept a proofreader and/or an editor. Should you and I want it. PM me if you want to be a proofreader and send me something to do with this fic if you want to be an editor. Like how you would have done the chapter. If I like the style, then you could be the next editor. If not, then don't feel to bad.

Ah, ah, ah. Why spoil it. Come on... Why you no fun. 😅

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