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I am the leader of the Titan Defenders. The shield of those who cannot fight.


This story is a sequel to Lost in Her Time of Need

With Core gone and Zeke split into two. Ōkami takes his Mark of Mastery to find himself and his new role in this chaotic multiverse.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 8 )

I thought Ōkami was female. ...You're talking about the wolf from the video game Okami, right?

No. That is just the name I chose for him. The reason will be explained in time.

Ōkami get your butt moving luna is going to the dark

I am trying. I have a few things planned but I things have gotten busy. We, me and my girlfriend, just had a baby and I got a new job, so things are a bit hectic with me finding time to write, but I have been making progress. So hopefully I will have the next chapter out in a month or so

Wow. Great chapter

Finally getting caught up on this, this X blade looks badass. Now I want to see a Way to Dawn X blade.

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