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Your name is Naxon. You have been living in "The World That Never Was" with Organization XIII for an entire year now, after a man named Vexen has implanted all the data of every Organization member inside of you, giving you all of their weapons and powers, but you have yet to awaken them. You have been told that you would serve as a replacement if the thirteenth member didn't appear in time, your future will be set in stone, your destiny will be what they made it to be.
But the thirteenth member has finally appeared, and your leader has ordered Vexen to lock you up, he refused, of course, saying that you are his "greatest creation", but your leader insisted, saying that they'll release you when needed.

After a little over seven days, Vexen came into your room and told you it was time for a "tune up". You were brought back into his lab and he implanted the data of the thirteenth and fourteenth members, he told you that he'll be back to get you very soon, you don't remember much after that, something about, "taking over the Organization".

You counted at least 130 days since Vexen said that, and you haven't seen him since. Then you met some boy who found your room by accident and you two ended up being "friends" as he called it. You remember his name was Roxas. For the next three weeks, he came to your room regularly, bringing seashells and sea salt ice cream. But one day, he stopped coming...

207 days later, you discovered that Roxas had left the Organization and for you, it was a lot to take in. Your only friend was gone. Maybe forever. You began to realize that Roxas was the only person who cared about you. You wanted to leave this place, you wanted to leave and never come back. Who knows? Maybe you might find Roxas.

Then you felt the room shake and thought that castle was under attack. You took this chance to escape; you packed your belongings, your diary, the first seashell Roxas gave you, and the popsicle stick from your first ice cream, and left your room. You saw a giant dragon circling the castle and raised your hand forward, opening the Corridor of Darkness, as they called it, and escaped into an unknown world.

All that you remember after that is running from a group of fledging Nobodies in a severe thunderstorm.

You are trapped in a doomed future and the only person who ever showed you the light inside you was Roxas. But maybe some new friends can take his place? Show you that, "Friendship is Magic".

KH Universe: Takes place after Kingdom Heart 2 and the events after that.

MLP Universe: Takes place after Rainbow Rocks.

Cover art from vadenwrench via DeviantArt.

Rated Teen for mild language.

Tags will be updated as the story goes.

This is currently a side project; this story is not canon to my KH:MLP Crossover series.

EDIT: Featured on 3/10/2017, thank you all for your support!

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I see what you did with that name there. Pretty good. Cant wait for more.

Naxon's is Anon with a X in it



Not only that, but it follows the pattern of Vexen's name; [second letter of the whole person's name], [first letter], X, [third letter], [fourth letter]. Vexen probably did that on purpose, vain sonofagun that he is.

Moving a little fast there, Celie?

Axon....I see what you did there.

Alright, you got my interest. This is starting to get really good and I can't wait for more.

This story seems interesting. Have a fav and a like.

Like and fave you definitely got my attention

I liked this. :heart:

Naxon, No. 0: The Silent Unknown.

I like this very much, maybe i fave it too.

At first i didn´t really wanted to start, but after i had read everything, i can say this is really interessting.

If Sunset should be the romance, i would like if the romance is going to be in a slowly pace.

If this would be another fanfiction, i would say Celestia want to spy at him, but i like that she wants to adopt him. I am glad that he is mute, this way he is a little longer the misterious guy, it happens often enough that the main Char can already talk after the second chapter, or because of an amulet. I have nothing against it, but i always hope that it would lasts a while longer till they can speak.

Well....good work

Thanks for your support, everyone :twilightsmile:

5655544 I did that so Naxon (the reader) would know what it's like to have a family as well as friends

5657070 That's a pretty good title, but Naxon won't be silent for long. I had a different title for him, but I'm not sure if it's good enough

5657103 1 & 2. Thanks :twilightsmile:

3. Spoiler Alert: Sunset is the love interest of Naxon, but they start off as friends

4. The mute part, I figured I'd do something like when Xion arrived in 358/2 Days

5. Thanks...again :scootangel:

5657155 Alright, let me hear it from you.

5657310 No. 0, Naxon: The Boy Who Has Power Over Everything

It's not much, but I couldn't think of anything else

5657188 Well i hope he doesn´t change from "mute" to "Pinkie Pie" after one second, like you said if he should start like Xion it would be quite nice i guess:twilightsmile:

edit: i saw that your other storys are a bit short, i mean if they are about Kindom Heats it seems to be a bit rushed that it is already over after 10 chapters, but i still have to read them to be sure.

5657581 1. He won't be like Pinkie

2. I'm in the middle of having them edited by my Editor, so they may be a little longer

5657699 okay don´t mind me to much, i read really long storys at the moment, so everything seems a bit short i guess.

great story so far :pinkiehappy: but I expect you to eventually explain how naxon got from the world that never was to canterlot high.

5659041 Thanks :twilightsmile:

5659116 Thanks, and I explained it in the description

Last I checked, Vexen rarely worked on anything in the Castle that never was.
Almost all his project originated from Castle Oblivion.

Normally I don't like the E.G. crossover fics here, but this has the perfect set-up with it's crossover that I can honestly say it looks good.

Is this after of Kingdom Hearts Rainbow Rocks?, and is this in memory of the game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days?

5659247 1. This is a little something behind the scenes, Naxon was reborn as a Nobody, but to imbed the data within him, they used him as a guinea pig for the Replica Program in its beta-testing stage

2. Um...thanks?

5659369 1. In the description, it says that this story isn't canon to my KH:MLP Crossover series

2. Well, sort of, the chapters will be marked as days like in the game

5659587 Oh, I see. Naxon's the template, so to speak, that gave Vexen the idea for the replicas. Kinda like how in RvB the original Tex A.I. was a by-product of the Alpha's creation, but gave the Director the idea of splitting Alpha.

You've gotten my attention. Most fics don't do so unless they've hit the 20,000 word mark. I hope you update soon.

5660949 Thanks :twilightsmile: And the next chapter is currently in the works

5661668 Sorry about that, my parents needed me, if you seen my replies, again, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

5661738 I'll keep that in mind :pinkiesmile:

I am looking forwerd to this

Hmmm very few incomplete fim story's have caught my attention so good job :pinkiehappy:

will he learn his powers in order like frome 1 to 14 or at random?

ps:love the story.

5683360 I'm glad you asked, there's a certain method for him to learn how to use his powers, it'll be explained in the next chapter, but I'll tell you it has to do with friendship; the friends he'll make each share a certain attribute with the Organization's elements, and as his friendship with others grow stronger, so will the elements and his control over the darkness in his heart

5685144 like learning saix's powers frome luna?

5685239 the problem is that there's only twelve characters so where is he gonna learn the other two?

5685307 Well, I was only allowed to fit 5 characters tags as per the rules on this site, but a few extras will also be the main characters

SPOILER ALERT: The Crusaders are all one element: No. XIV

5685355 will he be able to mix his powers like for example: shield/gun,shield/lance,shield/keyblade and use xemnas and xion's keyblade armor forms it would make him more unique.

5685463 I won't lie, I have thought of it, but I'm not sure how it would work

5685478 he would use it only on extreme ocations and when he only needs it to get an advantage all he needs to do is focus all of his power like limit break.

5685503 Well, something like that

5685554 will naxon have control over xehanort's keyblade since xemnas can use it and use the anti-form?

5734858 Honestly, I didn't know Xemnas could use Xehanort's Keyblade, and I don't know about the Anti-Form

5734983 interesting question, is he able to lock and unlock the mirror portal with the keyblade?

5735033 No, at the beginning, he doesn't know of the portal's existence, until eventually, Sunset Shimmer or someone else shows and explains it to him

5735556 im pretty sure they will read his diary when they get the chance.

5737263 Oh yeah, you can count on it :raritywink:

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