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I love to create stories.


I never wanted this, I never wanted any of this, but I got it anyway. Allow me to explain: I'm currently trapped in the land of humanoid Equestria and, somehow, Devil Fruits from the One Piece anime series seem to incarnating themselves into this world. And apparently, I'm the only one with knowledge on them, so I'm constantly harassed and hunted by the Royal Sisters and their Element Bearers!

I had a nice life, I had no reason to go Equestria, and especially not like this!

Ahem, sorry, lost my composure there for a moment.

Anyway, the only way for me to find enough peace to figure out a way home is to find all of the Devil Fruits and defeat and/or capture the Devil Fruit users who were brave or stupid enough to devour one. It's a conundrum, isn't it? Oh well, at least I'll have enough time to figure out what to do with this Devil Fruit that was mysteriously given to me.

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Within the lore of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, it was said that Don Thousand and Vector created one million Barian Numbers, or Fake Numbers to some, and scattered them across the Earth, but only four were shown (five if you count "Number 10: Dark Illumiknight"), so that begs the question: "Where did these other Numbers go?"

Well, look no further.

Even after it was all said and done with the interdimensional war that took place within Heartland City, the Barian Numbers were still out there somewhere, waiting to awaken the darkness within even innocent people...and unfortunately, some of them were found.

As the people of Canterlot City continued their daily lives, these Barian Numbers will disrupt the balance and quite a few people will HAVE to step up, even if it's not the Rainbooms.

The Barian Numbers from 5-100 will be custom cards made by me, the existence of Barian "Number 10: Dark Illumiknight" will be up for debate until further notice. If you have any custom Barian Number card ideas and/or OC's and actual EG characters you'd like to use or see in this story, please PM me with the details.

Co-written by ShootingStar25.

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[A different type of Displaced Story]

Samuel Southwest, age 16, high school student, and his parents have mysteriously went missing recently. Before his next of kin could be reached for temporary custody, a "Merchant" as he calls himself left him a box with a "D-Watch" inside it as Sam's only clue to find his parents. But once he put it on, he was warped to another world that seems to have dangers and adventures around every corner, all having potential leads to the whereabouts of his disappeared family.

Not only that, but he has to do it all under the noses of the entire populace of this new world AND go back to school as well.

Cyber Sam's odyssey of mystery begins.

Will he find his parents? And what is the reason for all of this?

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This is a side story to Kingdom Hearts: Masters of Tomorrow

Your name is Plentiful Happiness, or Plen to your friends...well, if you had any.

Thanks to Sunset Shimmer, everyone in Canterlot High School, including your childhood friends, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity, completely hates you. You've been battered, bruised, and beaten in more ways than one, until one day, you finally had enough. That was also the day you became one of the Keyblade's chosen...and changed your name to Empty Abyss.

With your mind clouded with vengeance, you abandoned everything and everyone, especially your own family, to pursue your own path to become stronger, strong enough to get back at the people who ruined your life.

After all, darkness always finds its way into a wounded heart...

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The story follows Jinn Hubert, a kid who had a special gift within him, and the government wishes to abuse that gift "for the good of their country". Luckily, the parents of Jinn caught on to their plans and escaped to Canterlot City to start over with Jinn making some new friends. Eventually, he was pulled into a citywide Card Wars card game with two sides warring with each other for complete control over all; The Crusading Wondercolts and The Servants of the Tiara, they fought for a relic that could ensure that special control: The Goddess Card.

But when magic that has leaked out of the portal to Equestria enters the fray, everything changes; the creatures, spells, landscapes, everything in Card Wars becomes real, not only that, it also earns the attention of the government, the same one that was hunting Jinn. The fate of Canterlot City and maybe even the world rests solely on the shoulders of Jinn and his special gift. Let us see where Jinn's road to greatness takes him.

A crossover of Equestria Girls and Adventure Time's Card Wars card game and a parody of South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox 360.

The story and gameplay is based off of the Card Wars Kingdom phone app.

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Not long after the events of Forgotten Friendship, Sunset Shimmer decides to go back to the beach that she and the girls met up at when they lost their memories of her, but this time at night, where no one could see her. She wanted to go by herself to do a little something to unwind: skinny dipping.

WARNING: Contains spoilers to the Forgotten Friendship special, Skinny Dipping, Stripping, and Nudity.

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Written in the spirit of my birthday.

Hit Point, high school student, video game enthusiast, and all-around normal guy...until, of course, he became «The Gamer». Somehow, his life had become too much like an RPG video game; everyday tasks becoming quests, normal capabilities turning into skills with levels, and grinding said skills to make them stronger. Not only that, but his life is on the line almost every day now, from fighting monsters in Instant Dungeons to facing powerful foes, all while trying to maintain his normal, teenage life.

Never a dull moment in this town of Canterlot...

Takes place just before the first Equestria Girls movie.

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Inspired by When The Bass Drops.

[Displaced Story]

I don't know what happened, all I know is that I wound up dead somehow and ended up as ProtoMan.EXE with my ProtoMan Advanced PET in a strange, new world called Equestria, and despite the cheery name, it was anything but. The "ponies" as they were called were at war with a tyrant king named Sombra, who was the self-proclaimed ruler of the Crystal Empire, and made all the "crystal ponies" his slaves and part of his army. I knew I couldn't stand around and let this happen, so I chose to enter the fray to fight the good fight.

Takes place during the Crystal War timeline of the Season 5 finale.

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After a long day of work, I pass out on my bed, hoping to get a lazy day, which I know hardly ever happens. The minute I wake up, I find myself in a dungeon that looks like it was created with dark colored crystals and an anthro Unicorn named Twilight who was wearing nothing but rags and looked like she was tortured. After discovering that I had the Keyblade, Master's Defender, to be exact, she and I made our escape and I vowed to fight against the tyrant of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra.

But here's where it gets complicated; apparently, Princess Celestia can sense a great magical potential within me and rests the hopes and dreams for everypony's future upon my shoulders.

Yeah, no pressure there.

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Idea by Haseo55.

After trying to stop a man forcing himself on a woman, the police arrived at the worst possible time and arrested you instead of the real crook. Now you have a criminal record and got expelled from your school because of it, your parents shipped you off to Canterlot to live with a family friend and attend the only school that will accept you: Crystal Prep Academy. Once you arrived, you learned the only reason their principal, Abacus Cinch, accepted you was to reform you and reintegrate you as a member of society, something that Canterlot High didn't do.

But as your first day began, strange things started occurring; psychotic breakdowns, mental shutdowns, and a disturbing new world that has a link to it all. Soon you and your new friends at CPA will discover that you all have the power to stop this madness and solve the mystery of who's behind it all.

The power of Persona.

Author's Notes:
Tags will be updated as the story continues.

The original idea is from Haseo55 after reading a forum post on Persona: The Group.

EDIT: New cover art provided by TheLannistersBanjoBard.

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