• Published 25th Jan 2018
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Game On - Golden Flare

Hit Point, a new student at CHS, has his life turned upside down when he becomes «The Gamer» and has to "level up" to survive the trials ahead of him.

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As a lone car stopped in front of a public school, a boy stepped out of it; he had short green hair with a red streak on the left side of his head, pale-ish, tan-ish skin, and crystal blue eyes, wearing a red shirt with a green power button symbol on it, blue denim shorts, and grey-ish shoes.

"Alright, Hit," the woman in the car spoke to him, "I'm going to be gone all day helping your father, so you'll have to take the bus home, I already informed the principals of these situations and they gave the bus drivers your route home. Be good, okay, sweetie?"

"I will, mom, no worries," the boy named Hit said.

"Oh, and sweetie?" his mom spoke again, "...Please try and make some friends."

"...Okay, mom. I'll try."

Hit Point, average teenage high school student, avid gamer, and all around antisocial normal guy, had just transferred to Canterlot High School after moving away from his hometown due to bullies and troubles at school, his parents finally decided "enough is enough!" and moved to the Canterlot suburbs and filed the paperwork to get him into CHS to resume his education. His mother just nodded at his acknowledgement of her advice and drove off as he began his trek into the school building, taking the many sights of a much bigger school than his old one.

Hopefully there won't be any bullies...or, at least, fewer of them. Hit Point thought to himself.

He walked around for a while until he came up to the principal's office, almost getting hit by the door when it swung open and out stepped a beautiful, yet intimidating girl; her hair was red with yellow streaks all done up in a bunch, tan skin, and bright green eyes, wearing a black jacket over a purple shirt emblazoned with a Yin-Yang sun mark, orange skirt, and black boots with dark purple flames on the front looking like some sort of regalia.

When she finally laid eyes on Hit, he took a cautious step back at the intensity of her stare, "New kid, right?" Hit hesitantly nodded at her question, "Name. Now."

"...Hit Point." he answered carefully as to not provoke this girl.

"Hmm...gamer nerd, right?"

"Well, if you want to put it bluntly..."

"The name is a dead giveaway, kid."

Hit sighs, "Look, I gotta be in principal's office right now, so if you don't mind..."

"Hmph. Fine. But I'm watching you, newbie." she turns and walks away, but then stops, "By the way, since you never asked...the name's Sunset Shimmer. Keep that in mind. We may see each other more than you think."

With that, she finally left, leaving Hit in a state of confusion, until he shook himself out of it, "Huh, somebody's got a pretty high opinion of herself. Better watch out for that one."

Hit Point then entered the principal's office to go over his schedule and school requirements...

The final bell rang and everybody was now leaving school, but Hit didn't have classes today since he just got transferred, so he hung around the library the whole time and played RPG's on his Nintendo 3DS until the final bell. When he made it to a save point, he saved his game, turned off the system, and made a mad dash for the buses, to which he barely made it in time and sat in the back, next to a couple of dumber looking kids that have scissors and a snail on the fronts of their shirts. Hit began staring out the window with his elbow propped on the window sill, watching the scenery go by as he thought about what he wanted to do with his life; he wanted to be a beta tester for video games and even looked up that the job pays well, but his parents didn't think it would be a good career choice to continue immersing himself into his games. I'm just a Sophomore right now, I don't wanna look into careers THAT early. What am I, a stick in the mud? No way.

When the bus finally stopped at his home, he got up and proceeded to leave the vehicle, all the while having this strange feeling that he was being watched. Once outside, he walked up to his new front door and entered, not noticing the flash of a camera phone going off within the bus...

Sunset Shimmer had just snapped a photo of the new student's place of residence with a malicious smile on her face, Hit Point's arrival couldn't have been any more perfect for her, she had never dealt with a complete gamer nerd in CHS and this would be a challenge for her to dig up some new dirt on him, since she had been getting bored with lording her supremacy over the other students she wanted to do what she hadn't done in a long time: gather some embarrassing intel on a new student and exploit them for her own benefit. As the bus drove by, she even took a picture of the street his house was on so she would always know where he is. Can't let him slip through my fingers, now can I? She giggled evilly to herself as the bus made its way to her home...

One Month Later...

Hit Point's mother, Mana Boost, had just dropped off her son for another day at school, and Hit was dreading it. Not long after arriving at CHS, he noticed something weird, everybody had their name, an occupation, and an LV number above their heads, When Hit looked at himself in the mirror in the school bathroom, he saw his name, occupation, and LV, or level.

«The Gamer»
LV 5 Hit Point

As he continued his school life, he noticed that majority of the student body all have a level ratio from 2 to 3, with very few exceptions.

Sunset Shimmer.

Her level was 31.

And her occupation was...strange, and that's being generous.

«Fallen Student of Princess Celestia»
LV 31 Sunset Shimmer

PRINCESS Celestia? Geez, c'mon lady, the principal isn't royalty in the slightest. Hit thought.

Even after his arrival, Sunset had been stalking him along with those two idiots that he noticed on the bus ride from the first day, when he saw their levels, he...wasn't surprised at all.

«Dunderhead 1»
LV 1 Snips

«Dunderhead 2»
LV 1 Snails

Either way, he knows that they've been stalking him because of a window that popped up at school one day:

A skill has been learned through a special action.

Through sensing a presence other than your own in hiding, [Detection] has been learned.

[Detection (Passive) LV 4 EXP 46.13%]
Allows The Gamer to sense other presences in hiding.

Number of presences to sense: 4

His skill's current level allows him to sense more than just Sunset and her goons, as the level goes up, Hit is able to detect a mild ambush if he needed to. There are other skills he had learned as well:

[Gamer's Mind (Passive) LV MAX]
Recognizes life as a game and is able to remain calm even in the most dire of situations.

Immune to: Psychological status effects

[Gamer's Body (Passive) LV MAX]
The body becomes similar to a game avatar, preventing internal damage (broken bones, ruptured organs, etc).

[Observe (Passive) LV 1 EXP 1.25]
Reveals the target's information by focusing on them. More information will be added as this skill grows.

At first he thought he was finally going crazy from all of the games he played, but he tested them out on several occasions, seeing all of what they do, and all he can deduce is that something isn't right, for multiple reasons.

How and why do I have this power? Why am I slightly higher leveled than everyone else? And more importantly, why is Sunset Shimmer's level WAAAY higher than anyone at all? That's not something you get from being a bully and strong-arming other students. Something isn't right about her.

As the first bell rung, you decided to ponder on this later, maybe when you can catch Sunset unawares and "Observe" her true nature. With a sigh, you leave the restroom and head for your homeroom class.

Author's Note:

Decided to try this out, hope you guys like it!

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