• Published 25th Jan 2018
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Game On - Golden Flare

Hit Point, a new student at CHS, has his life turned upside down when he becomes «The Gamer» and has to "level up" to survive the trials ahead of him.

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Chapter 6

After arriving at the cafeteria, the students, thankfully, were too hungry to antagonize Sunset and just ate their food as she and Hit received their own lunch and sat with the rest of the girls.

"So how was the tour?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know." Sunset began, "Those girls...there was something off about them..."

"Off like this?" Pinkie used her hair to looked bearded, "Or off like this?" then she made herself look like the devil of sorts with carrots for fangs, "Or, or--"

Rainbow stopped her, "I think we should let them tell us."

It was at that moment that one of the carrots fell out of her mouth and reminded Hit Point too much of Discord, making him shudder.

I swear, if I ever see that horse's ass again...! Hit began to think until Sunset pulled him out of his thoughts.

"That's just it, I can't put my finger on it! They just acted sort of...strange around me...but I don't think they've heard about what I've done before."

"Whatever makes you say that, darling?" Rarity ask her.

Sunset simply pointed at Hit and he took the reins of the conversation, "Remember what I told you about my ability?"

Realization flashed in their eyes as Rainbow got serious and leaned forward, "Did you use that [Observe] skill thingy?"

"Not yet, their eyes were on both of us, but I will the second they walk through that door."

Hit glared at the double doors, patiently waiting for the suspicious girls as he subconsciously ate his lunch...


The aforementioned girls of interest were in fact standing right outside the cafeteria doors, plotting their next move.

"This is it, girls, the moment we've all been waiting for!" Adagio declared.

"Lunch?!" Sonata guessed in excitement.

Adagio groaned in annoyance at the wrong answer, "No, the chance to get our true Equestrian magic back."

"Oh. Right."

"We just have to make them want something SO badly, that they'll fight to get it."

"So we're just gonna do what we always do? Stir up some trouble and soak up the negative emotions like before? Some plan, Adagio." Aria remarked.

"It won't be the same as the times before!" Adagio insisted, "There is Equestrian magic here, and if we get our hands on it, we will gain enough power to this entire world do our bidding."

She smiled maliciously, but stopped when Sonata spoke up again, "But we can get lunch AFTER though, right? It's Taco Tuesday!"

Adagio waltzed up to Sonata, "Just follow my lead."

"Or my lead." Aria said out loud with a smirk.

Adagio gripped the front of her shirt and growled out, "MY. LEAD."

She walked back to the double doors as Aria scowled and Sonata giggled to herself.

"Just remember." Dark Point morphed himself out of Adagio's shadow, "The boy who looks like me. Steer clear of him. Not only is he mine to deal with, you just simply can't win against him."

"And why's that? We'll just put him under our spell and--"

"That's just it; you can't. He's completely immune." Dark cut Adagio off.

"What...do you mean?"

Dark sighed, "He has an ability called, [Gamer's Mind], it allows him to be completely in control of himself and his emotions. Simple spells like your mind control magic won't work. That one ability makes him immune to any negative psychological status effects."

The three were shocked, but then Adagio started to chuckle, "So...there's one person in this world that can actually resist our magic...I think I like him already."

Dark scowled, "REMEMBER. He. Is. MINE."

She waved him off, "Fine, fine."

Dark glared at her for a few seconds longer before dissolving back into her shadow, completely unaware of her thoughts.

I may just have to speak with him at some point. He would make quite an ally...or, if he's as handsome as his shadow self, a lover...

Just as Hit finally finished his lunch the doors burst open and lo and behold there they were, and they were...vocalizing? Regardless, just as they started to sing actual lyrics, Hit did a triple [Observe] on them.

Adagio Dazzle
«Self-proclaimed Leader of the Sirens»
Title: N/A

LV 32
HP: 1900/1900
MP: 1300/1300

STR: 20
DEX: 23
INT: 123
VIT: 94
WIS: 30
LUK: 29

Adagio Dazzle is not of this world; she is from an parallel universe where magic is commonplace and quite well used, good and bad. She was once a siren: a half-fish, half pony creature who used her magic along with her "sisters" to spread negativity all over the land and somehow ended up in the world seen now. Arriving in this world has divided her overall stats by 3.

Aria Blaze
«Selfish Brute»
Title: N/A

LV 29
HP: 1850/1850
MP: 1200/1200

STR: 53
DEX: 46
INT: 99
VIT: 90
WIS: 12
LUK: 9

Aria Blaze is not of this world; she is from an parallel universe where magic is commonplace and quite well used, good and bad. She was once a siren: a half-fish, half pony creature who used her magic along with her "sisters" to spread negativity all over the land and somehow ended up in the world seen now. Arriving in this world has divided her overall stats by 3.

Sonata Dusk
«Almost Harmless Ditz»
Title: N/A

LV 25
HP: 1325/1325
MP: 1100/1100

STR: 10
DEX: 19
INT: 78
VIT: 89
WIS: 29
LUK: 56

Sonata Dusk is not of this world; she is from an parallel universe where magic is commonplace and quite well used, good and bad. She was once a siren: a half-fish, half pony creature who used her magic along with her "sisters" to spread negativity all over the land and somehow ended up in the world seen now. Arriving in this world has divided her overall stats by 3. (Unrelated note: her Class clearly states that she's almost harmless, maybe there's a way to turn her good...?)

Just then, a quest window appeared.

Optional Quest: Reforming A Siren
Information: Help Sonata Dusk turn away from this dark path and show her the Magic of Friendship!
Time Limit: N/A
Clear Reward(s): +5000 EXP, Sonata Dusk added to Ally List
Fail Penalty: -1000 reputation with Sonata Dusk

[Accept] [Decline]

"Huh. Well I'll be damned. Definitely didn't see that coming." Hit said.

The girls all looked at the windows as the trio of trouble continued their song, with them distracted, Hit pressed [Accept].

Curse my bleeding heart...

"Hey!" Rainbow harshly whispered, "Why'd you accept the quest?! You don't NEED it!"

Hit glared at her unnervingly, making her bravado crumble, "You know damn well why."

They looked back the crowd as they began to sing along, then after the music ended, everyone began arguing with one another, which was completely abnormal to the once usual friendly atmosphere. Just as they were leaving to tell the principals, Dark Point had heard the whole conversation as he hopped from shadow to shadow back to Adagio's.

Your heart will be your undoing.

As the girls began conversing with one another, Hit was scrolling through his skill list and saw nothing about "Illusion Barriers" that Discord spoke of that night.

Maybe I should talk to Sweetie Drops again...well, after I break her out of this weird spell those girls have got everyone in.

"Dark magic? I find that very hard to believe." Celestia said.

Before Hit knew it, he found himself in the principal's office just as the Rainbooms were trying to plead their case to the principal and vice-principal about the weird trio of girls. Soon they discovered that both of the principals were currently under the evil girls' spell and chose to retreat for now, knowing they weren't going to get anywhere with them as they are now. As they conversed about the situation at the Wondercolt statue, Hit began to think for a little bit, Everybody's acting completely different from how they were before, and it DEFINITELY has something to do with those girls and that singing of theirs, thankfully, thanks to [Gamer's Mind], I'm completely immune to their weird-ass brainwashing spell, but what about the other girls? They don't have my ability, so how come they were spared of the "Dazzlings" mind control?

Hit sighed at his answerless questions, "Skill List."

A window with a list of his current skillset had appeared in front of him and as he went over them all, he realized that he doesn't have much when it comes to combat, and grinding them all would take time that he didn't have right now, he knew the Dazzlings had to stopped ASAP, so he thought of the somewhat next best thing.

I need a new weapon and I need it REAL soon. Otherwise, who knows what'll happen if those freaky girls are left alone for too long? Also, before this "Battle of the Bands" is over...I need to get that Sonata character on our side.

"Hey! You coming, Game Boy?!"

Hit was roused from his thoughts by Rainbow Dash, who, as well as the rest of the group, was headed back into the school, but stopped to wait for him to catch up.

I'll think about this later, right now my friends need me...heh, my "friends", never thought I'd have any besides a group of nerds...

Hit ceased his internal monologue and ran to catch up with the girls.

Soon enough, they made it to Sunset's locker as she dug out a dusty, old book with her symbol on the cover.

"Maybe it still works..." she uttered.

Rarity was about to interject, but Hit stopped her, "Observe."

Sunset Shimmer's Journal [Key Item]
An enchanted journal that can send messages to another enchanted journal of the same type. A memento of Sunset's from Princess Celestia.

"An enchanted journal that can send messages?" Hit asked.

"Well, yeah," Sunset began, "I guess deep down I knew I was making a big mistake and wanted to find a way to stay in contact with my former mentor."

Hit felt concerned, he remembered from his [Observe] skill that she and this princess had a falling out of sorts, and wished that there was something he could've done to help her back then.

That was then, this is now, and I'm here for her now. Hit thought to himself, he then had a stray thought about whether or not he would do the same for anyone else, family or friend.

"Well whataya waiting for? Get to writing!" Rainbow broke his focus as she held out a pen to Sunset.

She took the pen and mentally prepared herself, "Never thought I'd be writing these words again. Dear Princess Celestia…"

God, I hope this works. Hit thought.

30 Minutes Later...

During the time they waited at the statue, where the girls told Hit the portal was, he was practicing his new [Fire Magic Mastery] skill by using the only spell he knew: Fire Orb. Hit kept summoning and dispelling it to grind the skill's level instead of flat out blasting random things, without the use of those illusion barriers, Hit didn't even want to think about what would happen if Discord found out that he was destroying stuff at complete random. So far, the skill's level only went up five times before he finally got bored and looked at his skill.

[Fire Magic Mastery (Active) LV 5 EXP 6.27%]
Allows The Gamer to use fire magic through certain spells. The power of the spell depends on this skill's level and The Gamer's INT.

Spells learned: Fire Orb

"Hmm...not much of an improvement, but it could be useful down the line." Hit mused.

Rainbow sighed, "I'm starting to think she's not coming..."

But fate begged to differ as the portal shimmered to life and Twilight and her canine companion Spike flew out of it, briefly surprising the group.

"Twilight!" they all cheered.

"I'm back." Twilight said as she awkwardly took Sunset's offered hand to help her up and the others crowded her, "And I've got some bad news about those new girls."

Hit put his hand on her shoulder, "Not here. Let's go somewhere more private."

The group arrived at the Sweet Shoppe and ordered some drinks to discuss the issue of the new girls and anything new with Twilight and Spike, which Hit immediately noticed something new with the former, despite tuning out majority of the conversation.

«Princess of Friendship»
LV 35 Twilight Sparkle


Twilight Sparkle
«Princess of Friendship»
Title: Bearer of the Element of Magic

LV 35
HP: 2350/2350
MP: ?/?

STR: 34
DEX: 52
INT: 197 (+5)
VIT: 131
WIS: 123 (+10)
LUK: 99

Twilight Sparkle had just arrived from a parallel universe called "Equestria" in order to aid her friends in freeing the school from the Sirens' spell. She had just become a princess that spreads friendship everywhere by finishing an impossible spell by the famous Unicorn, Starswirl the Bearded, and in doing that, she had ascended from a Unicorn to an Alicorn, which is a being that possesses all traits of Unicorn, Pegasus, and Earth Pony, thus making her royalty. Her title gives her a slight boost in INT and WIS. Arriving in this world has divided her overall status by 3. Her Occupation has also changed.

Hit closed the window when he noticed the group staring at him, "What?"

Twilight sighed, "I still don't know how you do that."

"Well, it's kinda like magic, just that it was given to me by the planet itself. A friend of mine explained as much as she could to me."

"What about those 'illusion barriers'?" Sunset asked, "Discord almost executed me for not using one."

"I'm still sketchy on that detail myself, but if I can break my friend out of this spell she's in, hopefully she can tell me more."

"Regardless, we've got a party to crash." Twilight interjected.

The group finished their beverages and made their way back to the school with Hit trailing behind them, lost in his thoughts.

After arriving inside the gym, Hit immediately felt the tension in the air within the room and it was almost suffocating him mentally.

Thank Gaia for [Gamer's Mind]. he thought.

Soon, after a few failed attempts at mingling to pass time, the Sirens finally made their appearance and started talking amongst themselves that Hit couldn't hear much of. While he waited for the girls to make their move, Hit occupied himself with his thoughts once again.

Hopefully they can pull this off, otherwise I may have to step in, just in case this gets hairy. And besides, just about everybody here is only around Level 2 to 3, it's not like they'll be able to put up much of a fight against me.

"FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!!" Twilight declared.





Hit's mind and heart rate went into overdrive, despite [Gamer's Mind] trying to keep him calm, "I was afraid of this. Fight or flight time!" he charged towards the Sirens, readying a Fire Orb spell, when he felt something punched him in the gut, he looked down and saw his dark half Dark Point glaring at him and his fist crammed into Hit's abdomen.

-800 HP

"You will go. No further." Dark Point said, shoving Hit to the ground and knocking him out.

His vision faded in and out, and could faintly recall somebody with fiery locks swiftly carrying his unconscious body out of the gym.


Darkness soon took him once more.

Hit woke with a stabbing pain in his body which started from his belly, making him groan as he clutched his throbbing gut.

Good afternoon! Your HP and MP have been fully recovered!

"Oh, piss off!" Hit cursed, then regretted it as yelling only made his pain worse, "D-Dammit...Status Window..."

Hit Point
«The Gamer»
Title: N/A

LV 10
HP: 900/900 (Status - Internal Pain: -20 HP per minute, 0:32:56 remaining)
MP: 500/500 (MP Regen: 1%)

STR: 20
DEX: 14
INT: 18
VIT: 20
WIS: 14
LUK: 18
EXP: 20500
NEXT LV: 7500

CASH: $300.00

"...I will kill that bastard slowly..." Hit growled before falling back asleep.

Hit didn't know where he found himself, but right now he didn't care.

He needed to sleep this pain off.

Author's Note:

Yup! Another chapter done after a long time! Also, in case no one noticed, I just introduced negative status effects to the story, so watch out for those.

Have a good one! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 10 )

That was Amazing, Though I still think Dark Point is a bit......Iffy as a BBA, No Offence.

9801943 Thanks, but what's a BBA?


BBA: Big Bad Antagonist the more Minor version of the BBEG: Big Bad Evil Guy.

9801994 Oh, sorry, I had no clue, thanks for explaining it to me though


Nah it's fine. BBEG is a term used in D&D XD

Happy that you decided to continue your Gamer story. Also I see a future ship

9806142 Thanks, and that future ship is...?

Sonata Dusk and your OC

I have problems with the main character mainly the fact he is only alive because of plot armor
for example with monster hunter bon bon or what ever so have you ever heard of secret government organizations in real life No cause they either imprison or kill you to keep it secret... like i cant stand main characters that don't have any form of basic self preservation and then right after he taunts and fights like the final boss of the arc... she literally double has more than double his STR & DEX let alone VIT & INT in what world is he alive and not in juvie for assault(cause she could have claimed it for hitting her with a bat) only this one because of plot armor( oh and shadow organization weeeeee(sarcasm))...... Not only that in like 99% of games having your stats be so spread out is a trash teir build cause at that point your not good at anything your awful at everything. My main gripe is that none of his actions have consequences.......RANT OVER

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