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I never wanted this, I never wanted any of this, but I got it anyway. Allow me to explain: I'm currently trapped in the land of humanoid Equestria and, somehow, Devil Fruits from the One Piece anime series seem to incarnating themselves into this world. And apparently, I'm the only one with knowledge on them, so I'm constantly harassed and hunted by the Royal Sisters and their Element Bearers!

I had a nice life, I had no reason to go Equestria, and especially not like this!

Ahem, sorry, lost my composure there for a moment.

Anyway, the only way for me to find enough peace to figure out a way home is to find all of the Devil Fruits and defeat and/or capture the Devil Fruit users who were brave or stupid enough to devour one. It's a conundrum, isn't it? Oh well, at least I'll have enough time to figure out what to do with this Devil Fruit that was mysteriously given to me.

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Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

Name: jacob
Race: human
Physical Description: white male in his 20s with a Black coat some sweatpants and blond hair.
Personality: a guy with a sense of humor But kind guy over all.
Moral Affiliation: will put his friends needs over his own
Devil Fruit (Optional): flame flame fruit (not eaten yet).
Backstory: he was a man who tried to get his life back together after his dad died when let’s just say he got a weird package
on his door step.

Ps I’m loving the story so far keep it up.

10677168 Thanks for the OC, I’ll see what I can do :twilightsmile:

For our mystery pony, my guess is Sunset Shimmer.

Name: Nathan
Race: Human
Physical Description: Tanned, non-binary, blue eyes, 20s, looks like a young man, wears a plaid shirt, blue jeans, short, red hair, and blue sneakers.
Personality: Friendly and helpful. Scary when angry.
Moral Affiliation: Helps those who needs help.
Devil Fruit: Operate-Operate Fruit (eaten)
Backstory: They're a doctor at a hospital in Italy. Nathan had woke up one morning and found themself in Equestria. They found a package with the Devil Fruit right in front of them. They are currently traveling around with two other Devil Fruit users, a man and a woman.

10677525 Thank you for your OC, I need a little more to go on with the physical description, like hair color and length, but good job :twilightsmile:

Also, now you got me curious on who this man and woman are...just this once, I’ll allow a freebie: if you can provide the character sheets of the man and woman, I’ll allow them into the story as well, and if they’re human, I need a Devil Fruit for each of them and whether or not they’ve eaten them.

Name: Nerxco (the R. Is silent.)
Race: Human
Physical Description: average height with a scar by the his lips like the forced smile.
Black long coat with a homemade three piece suits stitched from other clothes. Shout black hire cut with a with red hire die. Left eye blue that blood shot with a tattoo of a raven right eye hazel. Wearing a red big rimed Fedora. Body shape slender.
Personality: Damaged and completely insane.
Moral Affiliation: unknown for now.
Devil Fruit (Optional): Tremor-Tremor Fruit, or String-String fruit, Quick-Quick fruit, or last one, Change-Change fruit.
Backstory: locked away in a mental asylum sense childhood until he woken in Equestria having no idea how he got there. Holding a present saying fresh start enjoy.

What do you think?

Name: Sasha
Race: Human
Physical Description: Slim, Goth, 19-years-old, light skin, blue eyes, wears a black shirt with a skull on the front, jean jacket on top, black pants, long, black hair, and black shoes.
Personality: Dark and brooding.
Moral Affiliation: She helps others who are in trouble even if she might end up involved in the trouble too since she does help her little siblings out most of the times.
Devil Fruit: Soul-Soul Fruit (eaten)
Backstory: She was listening to some music on her phone while filling an application online for a job, when suddenly, she fell unconscious. When she woke up, she was found by Nathan. Also, there was a package for her with a Devil Fruit inside. Sasha is currently traveling around with Nathan and some guy.

Name: Akamai
Race: Human
Physical Description: Male, in his 30s, big, strong, has muscles, tanned skin, brown eyes, blonde, spiky hair, small beard, red shirt with Hawaiian flowers, blue shorts, yellow sandals,
Personality: Positive, hard-working, and loyal. Gets angry when he sees people getting bullied.
Moral Affiliation: Fights for those who can't fight back. He beats up the strong who pick on the weak.
Devil Fruit: Cook-Cook Fruit (eaten)
Backstory: Akamai was working at his parent's restaurant, when suddenly, some mysterious guy grab him by the front of his shirt and threw him over the counter. When he rolled over on the floor and about to fight the guy, he then somehow found himself on some grass in the forest. Akamai then had met Nathan and Sasha who came across him after they had smelled something delicious. He was cooking food after using his Devil Fruit powers, which he had gotten after a Devil Fruit fell onto his head and he ate it. They decided to travel together since Akamai needed the company, and Nathan and Sasha needed food. Also, they felt bad for Akamai since he looked lonely.

Will the fact that seawater paralyzes anyone who eats Devil Fruit play a big role in this story?




How come none of you actually told the author what your fan-made Devil Fruits actually give the eater the ability to do?

Name: Khaine (Alias Real name Montgomery)
Race: Human
Physical Description: White male in his mid 20s,with a buzz cut and mild facial hair.
Personality: Laid back and easy going, protective over this he considers friends.
Moral Affiliation: Good guy and loyal friend but isn't above petty acts of vengeance on enemies.
Devil Fruit (Optional): Gol-Gol Fruit (Eaten)
Backstory: A smith working out of his home, he found a package and opened it up as he thought it had been the new items he had bought before waking up in the Everfree.

10677774 We’ll see where it goes, I’ve been working on this story for a while, believe it or not, and just never had the chance to finish some of the chapters yet. Also, I like to look up the Devil Fruits because I don’t know all of them yet and I think it’s better if I get as much info as I can, so I know the full capabilities of the specific fruits and not burden the readers so much

10677775 Thanks, maybe he’ll bump into Finn and Cozma next chapter :twilightsmile:

Damn starting with a Logia type. Well that's gonna be OP when only Haki users or other Logia users can damage them

10677607 Not bad, but do I choose which of the Devil Fruits you suggested?

Name: Collin
Race: Human
Physical Description: White male, early 20s, missing is left eye, no shirt, wears a pair of jeans
Personality: Carefree around those that he trust but due to his trust issues that's hard to get
Moral Affiliation: He fights for his friends
Devil Fruit (Optional): Flame Flame Fruit
Backstory: Not a good life back on earth has he got into fights regularly which caused him to lose his eye and trust in people

10677818 Thanks, but the Flame-Flame Fruit has been taken :ajsleepy:

Damn guess I missed a few comments. Could I change it? Or is there no point?

10677882 Change it if you could please, is there another Devil Fruit that catches your interest?

Yeah Bird Bird fruit model Phoenix

I want to suggest the Human-Human Fruit ending up with either the elements or the Princesses and one of their pets eating it. Mainly the idea of Twilight's owl, Philomena, or Rarity's cat being able to be understood by their owners is hilarious to me. Also maybe having tank end up eating some variant of the Tweet-Tweet Fruit (like a hummingbird model) to become a tortoise-bird once Rainbow adopts him.

"Wait...why does this fruit have weird swirls on it...?" I mumble, confused...then shrugged, "Eh, what's the worst that could happen?"

Itd make alot of sense if sunset got the light one.

Physical Description:Tall, average build, black hair, brown eyes, black tanktop with baggy black sweatpants.
Personality: Monotone but funny, calm guy and is fairly nice to anyone.
Moral Affiliation:Strict to his moral code of staunch justice *Lawful Good*
Devil Fruit (Optional):Yuki Yuki no Mi(No idea what the english translation is but its the snow one)
Backstory:Previous soldier that lost his will to go on after combat and losing his comrades, until he recieves a package.

Ok if you haven’t got plans for there two.the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, or String-String fruit.
If you have anyone else in mind I’ll choose a different one.

10678300 All the fruits you suggested are still up for grabs, I just didn’t know which one to give your OC

Ok in that String-String fruit mostly based on his out fit. Plus with the Tremor-Tremor fruit he’ll be OP. Sorry for not making up my mind.

10678045 Thanks, and yes, I believe it's called the Snow-Snow Fruit, I looked it up once to see what it was

Comment posted by Awesomepro55 deleted Feb 14th, 2021

Can I enter even if I don’t know absolutely anything about one piece and I’m just looking at the wiki?

10679121 Sure, the character sheet is on the third chapter

Little hollow.
Earth pony.
Tan fur. Red mane. (I think I said that right.)
Oblivious and slightly rude, but at least tries to be nice. Very prideful of red mane for some reason.... Can be a coward at times he knows he’s screwed. I’m terrible at describing personalities.
True neutral. Just trying to make money.
Ito ito no mi.(I think I said that right...)
Earth pony wanting more in life, after motivated by witnessing Traveling shows man went out and tried to get into the showbiz but was terrible at everything. After finding the ito ito fruit is currently trying puppetry out just to see if it works.
I’m rly bad at this. Despite how often I do it.

10679186 Okay, but I just looked up Ito Ito no Mi, AKA the String-String Fruit, I’m sorry, but it’s taken, try looking up a different one

Turns out I can’t find anything. Any ideas related to either puppetry or acting? I looked up shapehfting demon fruit and all I got was the one from the one piece fanfic wiki.

Screw it is horo horo available? Is the one that produces ghost.

10679259 Sorry, was busy at home, let me check

Name: Walker
Race: Human
Physical Description: White Male in their mid 20's dressed in desert camo.
Personality: Generally introverted reading fantasy(and history if interesting enough) and being out in nature.
Moral Compass: Prefers to be alone but can be very caring once someone manages to befriend them.
Devil Fruit: Suna-Suna No Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit)
Backstory: Nature photographer who was brought outside of Klugetown after finding the Sand-Sand Fruit while out taking pictures on a safari. Upon figuring out what he has due to reading many manga he would consume it and train to use it in a combination of Crocodile and Gaara's skills. Examples being Crocodiles super reflex to transform subconsciously and to sense anything that is moving through sand (he uses his power to sense underground rivers that are flowing through the sand) and learns to manipulate sand to the degree shown by Gaara.

10679334 Thanks, and nice choice of Devil Fruit, I was actually thinking up ideas for the Sand-Sand Fruit, but didn’t think they’d work, so Sand-Sand Fruit for your OC it is :twilightsmile:

Name: Cassiope
Race: Crystal Pegasus Mare
Physical Description: Mid to Late Teens with a transparent Fuchsia Grey Coat and a Snow White mane and tail. Cutie mark of a Snowflake.
Personality. Make one. Though my suggestion would be a slightly introverted Pegasus Guard who prefers to spend time flying through the snow outside of the Empire.
Moral Compass: Generally nice if not very vocal pony.
Devil Fruit: Snow-Snow Fruit.
Backstory: Crystal Guard who serves upon the Empires return who accidentally eats the Snow-Snow fruit upon which she is forced to go on the run due to the hostility of Cadence and Shining Armor.

10679431 Thanks, but someone has already taken the Snow-Snow Fruit

I don't know if anybody has already asked this, but are filler Devil Fruits available for use?

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