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Game On - Golden Flare

Hit Point, a new student at CHS, has his life turned upside down when he becomes «The Gamer» and has to "level up" to survive the trials ahead of him.

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Chapter 4

As the night raged on, the Fall Formal was in full swing, everybody was enjoying themselves, especially Twilight and her friends, who were conversing with one another as they danced.

"Anybody seen Sunset Shimmer?" Twilight asked.

"Probably too embarrassed to show!" Rainbow called over the loud music, "She's gotta know that you won by a landslide!"


Hit was sitting by the punch table, enjoying a cool drink as he watched everybody on the dance floor, "They don't even look worried anymore. Still...that bad feeling...it's still there."

Suddenly, the music stopped and Principal Celestia was onstage, congratulating everyone on fixing up the gym and announcing the winner of Princess of the Fall Formal.

Then a screen appeared.

You have detected multiple hidden presences.

It was then that the bad feeling that Hit felt went into overdrive as he frantically searched for the people in hiding.

"...Twilight Sparkle!"

Everyone in the gym, except Hit and with good reason, cheered as Twilight went onstage to claim her crown, then waving to the student body.

And then...

"Twilight, heeeelp!!" a voice called out.

"Spike!?" Twilight said, surprised.

Twilight and Hit turned to see Snips and Snails holding Twilight's dog as they escaped from the gym.

"They've got Spike!!" Twilight hopped off the stage and gave chase.

Hit and the rest of the girls followed as they passed Trixie, CHS's resident braggart, and made it outside over to the statue where Sunset Shimmer waited for them with a sledgehammer in hand.

"That's close enough!" she ordered, raising the hammer over her head.

Everyone stopped in their tracks as they all stared each other down.

Sunset turned to Hit, "Gotta say, I'm a little hurt, Hit Point, I thought I told you to behave yourself."

Hit glared at her, "You did...or did you forget? We fought in the gym and you were more wore out than I was. I'm not at all impressed with your strength."

Sunset simply smirked, "...You'll see."

Meanwhile, Spike struggled in Snips and Snails' grasp, "Twilight!"

"Don't hurt him!" Twilight demanded.

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of it! I'm not a monster, Twilight." Sunset said.

"That's debatable." Hit commented.

Sunset just ignored him and motioned to the two idiots, "Let him go."

Snips and Snails were confused, but let him down and he ran into Twilight's arms.

"You don't belong here." Sunset held out her hand, "Give me the crown, and you can go back to Equestria, tonight...or keep it, and never go home!" she raised the hammer up, ready to smash the mirror on the statue's pedestal, making Twilight gasp, "Tick-tock, Twilight, we haven't got all night, the portal will be closing on its own in less than an hour. So...what's your answer?"

Portal? Equestria? What's going on here? Hit thought.

Twilight took off the crown and stared at it, deep in thought, then she finally made her decision, "No."

But Sunset didn't like that answer, "What!? Equestria, your friends, lost to you forever! Don't you see what I'm about to do to the portal!?"

"Yes, but I've also seen what you've been able to do here without magic," Twilight began, "Equestria will be able to find a way to survive without my Element of Harmony, this place might NOT, if I allow it to fall into YOUR hands. So go ahead, destroy the portal, you are NOT getting this crown!" Twilight placed the crown back on her head as she finished her speech.

"Fine. You win." Sunset dropped the hammer behind her, nearly hitting Snips and Snails in the process.

Twilight breathed a sigh of relief when she saw this as her friends came up to her.

"You, are, so awesome!" Rainbow gushed.

Applejack gave Twilight a friendly pat on the back, "Can't believe you were gunna do that fer us."

"It's no wonder you're a real, live princess." Rarity added.

A screen appeared.

You have sensed murderous intent: LV 9

When Hit saw this, he turned to see Sunset Shimmer getting frustrated with every word of praise Twilight's friends give her, "Uh-oh."

"Oh, yes, she so VERY special!" Sunset commented, then charged at Twilight and knocked her over, with the crown falling off her head.

Twilight tried to go after it, but Sunset pulled her away and tried to go at it herself, she was then held by the foot by Twilight, Sunset tried reaching for it, but Hit, noticing that everybody was just standing there, pulled his bat out of his Inventory and whacked Sunset dead square in the face, throwing her backwards as Hit picked up the crown and made a run for it.

"Ow..." Sunset groaned, then turned to her lackeys, "Grab him, you fools!"

Snips and Snails jumped and started going after Hit, who simply knocked them away easily with his bat since they were just LV 1. Sunset, on the other hand, was persistent enough to charge at Hit herself, who was ready to fight her again, then Rainbow showed up behind her, waving her hands in the air. Hit knew what she meant and sidestepped Sunset, making her crash on the ground and Hit threw the crown to her as she caught it, but then Snips and Snails tried to snatch it out of her hands, so she threw it to Fluttershy, who flinched and made it bounce off her side as she caught it with everyone charging at her, making her freeze in fear.

Applejack saw this and pulled out a lasso she had and snatched Fluttershy away from the troublesome trio, but not the crown as Snips caught it. Pinkie somehow appeared from behind him and took it back, then threw it to Rarity, who threw it to Twilight, and when the dunderheads got too close to her, she tossed it behind her, hoping one of her friends would catch it, sadly that wasn't the case as the witch herself finally got what she wanted.

"I'll take that!" Sunset said as she giggled evilly, "At last!"

Spike growled at her as Twilight picked him up, Hit came up next to her, focused on the crown, and said, "Observe!"

Element of Magic [Equip Item] [CORRUPTED]
The main key to activating the other Elements of Harmony: Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Honesty, and Loyalty.

Strength +????
Dexterity +????
Intelligence +????
Vitality +????
Wisdom +????
Luck +????

"More power than I could even imagine!" Sunset proceeded to wear the crown upon her head.

Hit was in shock at what the screen said, "Oh no. Wait! Sunset! You fool!"

But it was too late; rings of dark magic surrounded her as she clutched her head, then a pillar of dark magic shot up into the sky as Sunset floated up. All anyone could do was watch in horror as Sunset began to change while the students came out saw what was happening: Sunset was crying within the magic pillar, but the tears burned away as her eyes glowed, her skin became red with claws instead of hands, and a tail matching her hair color. As the transformation completed itself, Sunset eyes had black sclera instead of white, elfish ears, her hair raised up to look like a flame, combat boots, demonic wings, and fiery dress to complete the ensemble, Sunset Shimmer was no more, she was now Sunset She-demon.

The newly-transformed monster laughed manically as she admired her new look with the girls and Hit gasping in shock and fear.

"Observe!" Hit said.

Sunset She-demon
«Fallen Student of Princess Celestia»
Title: Demon Princess of CHS

LV 62
HP: 4590/4590
MP: 3000/3000

STR: 60
DEX: 52
INT: 362
VIT: 284
WIS: 90
LUK: 134

Sunset Shimmer is not of this world; she is from an parallel universe where magic is commonplace and quite well used, good and bad. She was once a student of a powerful ruler known as Princess Celestia, but something between them made her cruel and dishonest, which made her eventually abandoning her tutelage of her to pursue a different path and somehow ended up in the world seen now. Arriving in this world has divided her overall stats by 3. Wearing the corrupted crown has doubled her current stats.

The skill level of [Observe] has increased by 1.

"Oh, fuck me..." Hit uttered.

Sunset grinned devilishly as she lit up her claws with dark magic and blasted Snips and Snails, turned them demonic as well.

"This is gonna be so cool!" Demon Snips said as he and Demon Snails advanced on the girls and Hit, who used [Observe] on the two to see how bad their situation was.

Demon Snips
«Dunderhead 1»
Title: N/A

LV 5
HP: 300/300
MP: 200/200

STR: 20
DEX: 21
INT: 9
VIT: 14
WIS: 12
LUK: 25

Snips was once a normal idiot like Snails, but after being hit by Sunset She-demon's transformation ray, he became her demonic minion.

Demon Snails
«Dunderhead 2»
Title: N/A

LV 5
HP: 300/300
MP: 200/200

STR: 19
DEX: 20
INT: 9
VIT: 14
WIS: 12
LUK: 26

Snails was once a normal idiot like Snips, but after being hit by Sunset She-demon's transformation ray, he became her demonic minion.

Twilight growled at Sunset as the student body began panicking, Sunset noticed this flew over to them as they retreated into the building.


She gathered dark magic in claw and closed it into a fist, instantly crushing the front entrance to the school and tossing the rubble aside. The students ran away as Sunset flew inside, she closed her eyes as put both claws to her head, and when she opened them, green and black hypnotic swirls had formed, creating dark rings around the heads of the students that latched onto them, making them hypnotized, mindless zombies. Sunset admired her handiwork as Snips and Snails walked up to her.

"ROUND THEM UP AND BRING THEM TO THE PORTAL!" she ordered her underlings.

They saluted and got to work as Sunset walked outside, only to see Twilight, Hit, and all their friends standing in her way, but she just smirked.


When Twilight saw that Flash was under her hypnosis spell like everyone else, she looked despaired, but it only strengthened her resolve, "No. You're not."

Sunset cackled as she hovered over her, "OH, PLEASE! WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO DO TO STOP ME? I HAVE MAGIC, AND YOU, HAVE, NOTHING!!!" her hair flared up like a flame for a brief moment as said that.

"She has us!" Rainbow said defiantly with Hit and the rest of the girls standing beside her.

Twilight smiled at her friends as Sunset's eye twitched again, then cackled as they all stood between her and the portal to Equestria.

"GEE, THE GANG REALLY IS ALL BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!" Sunset brushed a tear from her eye and conjured a fireball, "NOW STEP ASIDE! TWILIGHT SPARKLE HAS TRIED TO INTERFERE WITH MY PLANS ONE TOO MANY TIMES ALREADY!" the fireball grew in size as she raised it over her head, "SHE NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH!!"

Sunset threw the massive ball of fire at the group as they all embraced themselves for attack, all but one who readied his bat in an attempt to knock it back.

"Home run!" Hit said as he swung, referencing Junpei Iori from Persona 3.

Luck was on his side as the fireball was returned to the receiver, but at a cost; the amount of magic that went into that attack diminished whatever remained of the bat's durability, causing it to break in half. Sunset could only watch as her attack came back to her and exploded on contact, damaging her greatly.


Sunset She-demon
«Fallen Student of Princess Celestia»
Title: Demon Princess of CHS

LV 62
HP: 2014/4590
MP: 1500/3000

STR: 60
DEX: 52
INT: 362
VIT: 284
WIS: 90
LUK: 134

Sunset Shimmer is not of this world; she is from an parallel universe where magic is commonplace and quite well used, good and bad. She was once a student of a powerful ruler known as Princess Celestia, but something between them made her cruel and dishonest, which made her eventually abandoning her tutelage of her to pursue a different path and somehow ended up in the world seen now. Arriving in this world has divided her overall stats by 3. Wearing the corrupted crown has doubled her current stats.

The skill level of [Observe] has increased by 1.


Unfortunately, she was right, Hit used [Observe] on his bat, and this was what came up:

Broken Wooden Bat [Material Item]
A wooden bat broken beyond repair, it cannot be fixed, but it can be used to repair or build other items.

Material(s): 1 Wood

He stuffed the now Material Item in his Inventory, ready to fight with his bare hands.


"No..." Hit, despite his answer, wasn't backing down, "But dammit, I have to try!"

Sunset cackled in sheer amusement, "FINE THEN! YOU'LL MEET YOUR END SOON ENOU--" she stopped herself when she saw Twilight and the girls glowing, "WHAT!?"

Hit couldn't help himself as he imagined a piece of music that would fit this moment.

They all smiled as Twilight pointed at Sunset, "The magic contained in my Element was able to unite with those that helped create it!"

Suddenly, all the girls began to transform; they all had tall pony ears and their hair grew long enough to look like ponytails, but only Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had wings. Twilight began chanting the names of her friends' Elements of Harmony: Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and lastly...

"Magic!" Twilight had her own transformation with ears, tail, and bigger wings than Fluttershy and Rainbow, "Together with the crown, they create a power far beyond anything you can imagine," Sunset began to screech as she felt pain, "but it is a power you don't have the ability to control! The crown may be upon your head, Sunset Shimmer, but you cannot wield it, because you do not possess the most powerful magic of all--The Magic of Friendship!"

The girls held hands together and two halves of a rainbow appeared, combining before rushing down, not at Sunset, but at Hit Point's hand, creating something.

Just then, another screen appeared.

A skill has been learned through a special action.

Through manipulation of the Elements of Harmony, [Sword of Harmony] has been learned.

[Sword of Harmony (Passive) LV 26 EXP 9.76%]
A sword crafted from harmony itself. This skill can only be used when all 6 Elements of Harmony are present and activated, you can only use this skill without the Elements of Harmony when this skill's level reaches its maximum.

Abilities: Cures all negative status effects and purifies Corruption, Light Elemental

Hit then scowled in absolution as he knew what he had to do, he charged forward with a battle cry and slashed Sunset, creating a rainbow tornado around her as she screamed in pain.

"WHAT...IS...HAPPENING!?" Sunset managed to screech out.

Though Twilight was surprised by this, she continued, "Here, and in Equestria, it is the only magic that can truly unite us all!"

A beam of light shot out from below the girls and hit all the heads of the student body, turning them back to normal, and even hitting Demon Snips and Demon Snails, creating rainbow tornados around them too as the light the girls are giving off grew brighter until it was blinding. Soon, the light died down and the students and Hit saw the girls just waking up from passing out, especially the gigantic crater formed from where Sunset She-demon was. Hit noticed and closed out his new screens before anyone saw them.

You have earned 10000 EXP and $200.00.

Your level has increased by 1.

Your level has increased by 1.

You have earned the title, "Demon Slayer"! Equip it to your Status Window!

Hit Point
«The Gamer»
Title: N/A

LV 9
HP: 690/690
MP: 350/350 (MP Regen: 1%)

STR: 13
DEX: 14
INT: 13
VIT: 13
WIS: 13
LUK: 13
EXP: 19000
NEXT LV: 1000

CASH: $300.00

Hit decided that he'll deal with that later as everyone approached the crater and saw Sunset, who was changed back to normal, try to pick herself up off the ground.

(stop music)

"You will never rule in Equestria!" Twilight said, "Any power you may've had in this world is gone! Tonight, you've shown everyone who you truly are...you have shown them what is in your heart!"

Sunset looked up at everybody and Hit was surprised at what he saw.

Sunset was crying. Genuinely crying.

Even though this was supposed to be a victory, Hit Point couldn't help but feel bad for her.

"I...I'm sorry." Sunset said, full of remorse, "I'm so sorry! I didn't know there was another way!"

"The Magic of Friendship doesn't just exist in Equestria...it's everywhere." Twilight turned to see her friends smiling, "You can seek it out...or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours."

Sunset proceeded to climb halfway out of the crater, "But...But all I've ever done since being here is drive everyone apart. I don't know the first thing about friendship."

Twilight took her hand and pulled her out the rest of the way, gesturing to her friends, "I bet they can teach you."

"Those are my girls! Whoo-hoo!" Spike cheered, surprising the students.

"Did that dog just talk? Whoa, weird." a guy said.

Spike looked surprised himself by his words, "Seriously? A talking dog is the weird thing about all this?"

Rarity then picked him up and pet him, "I, for one, think you're adorable."

"Oh, yeah." Spike uttered.

Twilight smiled at him before being addressed by Principal Celestia, who held out her crown, "I think this...belongs to you." Twilight kneels as Celestia continued, "A true princess in any world leads, not by forcing others to bow before her, but by inspiring others to stand with her." she places the crown upon Twilight's head, "We have all seen you are capable of doing just that, and I hope you see it too...Princess Twilight."

Twilight smiles, "...I do."

As she stood back up, the crowd cheered for her and Flash walked up to her, "Would now be a completely awkward time to ask for that dance?" he asked as he smiled nervously.

Twilight blushed and looked at the moon, seeing that she still had some time left, she reached out for his hand...

"Why are you simpletons wrapping this up like everything's all hunky-dory?"

Everybody turned to the statue to see a man wearing mismatched patches of clothing made to look like a weird dress suit, Hit knew him as drocsiD, the "Devious Tactician".

"Professor Sid? What do you mean?" Celestia asked.

He simply chuckled, "Silly Tia, that isn't my real name, nor do I work here, it was all just a front to investigate Miss Shimmer."


"I'll get back to you on that." he walked closer until he was ten feet away from everyone, "Sunset Shimmer. For violation of the laws of Gaia, and creating a magical mishap without the use of an illusion barrier..."

"Illusion barrier?" Twilight asked.

"...I, Discord, Lord of Disharmony, sentence you...to death." Discord pulled out a revolver pistol, making everyone gasp in panic as he was leveling it at Sunset's head.

Hit stood in between him and her with his arm held out to shield Sunset and the tip of his sword pointed at Discord, making him chuckle.

Rainbow stepped forward along with the other girls and spoke, "What makes you think you're gonna hurt her?"

"Well..." suddenly, a long, black limo pulled up in front of the school as Discord smirked, "...I've set some wheels in motion."

The rear side door opened on the limo and out stepped another man; he had blood red eyes, ash grey skin, and ink black hair, wearing a business suit the same color as his eyes. His appearance shocked Celestia and Luna to their very core since they know very well who he is.

"S-Sombra!" Luna stuttered, "This is impossible! You're supposed to be serving a life sentence in prison!"

Sombra chuckled darkly, "Oh, there's so much that you don't know, Luna." he then turned to Hit, "Mr. Hit Point. A pleasure to finally meet you."

"How do you know my name?" Hit asked.

"I know many things about you...Hit Point The Gamer."

Hit's blood ran cold as he stared at him with wide eyes, "H-How did you...?"

Sombra chuckled, "You weren't exactly subtle. That, and we've been given orders not to harm you for now..." he scowled, "Straight from the top, no less...tch, what do they see in this boy that I don't?"

"They? So it's not just you two then."

"Clever boy." Sombra praised, "Sadly, I owe you no more explanations." he snapped his fingers and three dark, formless constructs appeared out of nowhere, "Now is the time for combat. Show us your strength."

Hit Point adopted Riku's battle stance from the Kingdom Hearts game series and waited for the constructs to make the first move as he imagined another piece of music that would work for a battle against lesser beings.

The first construct charged forward and Hit retaliated with a horizontal swing, immediately destroying it. The other constructs didn't like this and they both charged and fired a dark magic attack at him, but once it made contact as Hit shielded himself, the magic blasts disappeared, making a screen pop up.

A skill has been learned through a special action.

Through making contact with an ability of the enemy, [Enemy Skill] has been learned.

[Enemy Skill (Active) LV 1 EXP 10.12%]
The Gamer can copy and use any skill the enemy uses against him.

Skills learned: Dark Blast

The constructs didn't like that their attacks weren't doing anything, so they combined themselves and transformed into a slightly bigger and even more formless construct, Hit's mind went on autopilot and pictured yet another music theme subconsciously.

The combined construct rushed forward to topple Hit, but he dodge rolled out of the way, and used one of his new skills.

"Dark Blast!" he shouted as he hit the beast, doing nothing but healing it, "Grr! Observe!"

Combined Dark Construct

LV 15
HP: 1000/1000
MP: 250/250

STR: 21
DEX: 6
INT: 17
VIT: 16
WIS: 8
LUK: 9

A combination of two or more Dark Constructs, its level and stats varies between how strong the original Constructs were before their fusion. These formless creatures act on pure instinct, devouring any hatred and fear they find, but they can be controlled through a dark power strong enough to surpass them.

Absorbs: Darkness Elemental
Weak against: Fire Elemental, Light Elemental

"Damn!" Hit cursed as he had to dodge another bum-rush attack from the beast.

He decided to just go for broke and attack with his new sword, dealing quite a lot of damage as the creature roared in pain. Hit used [Observe] again to see its current HP.

Combined Dark Construct

LV 15
HP: 468/1000
MP: 250/250

STR: 21
DEX: 6
INT: 17
VIT: 16
WIS: 8
LUK: 9

A combination of two or more Dark Constructs, its level and stats varies between how strong the original Constructs were before their fusion. These formless creatures act on pure instinct, devouring any hatred and fear they find, but they can be controlled through a dark power strong enough to surpass them.

Absorbs: Darkness Elemental
Weak against: Fire Elemental, Light Elemental

"Whoa...wait, I forgot! The [Sword of Harmony] has the Light element!"

With his mind clear and made up, Hit charged forward and slashed at the beast endlessly until it was no more.

You have earned 1500 EXP and $0.00.

You have acquired the item: [Dark Core].

Your level has increased by 1.

Sombra clapped slowly with a smirk, making Hit glare at him.

"Clever, very clever." Sombra praised, "I can see why our superiors are so interested in you." Sombra scowled at the look Hit was giving him, "Don't make that face." he raised his hand in front of his face, "After all, we have big plans for you...and your shadow."

He slammed the palm of his hand on the ground, creating a shadow of his hand going towards Hit's shadow, which he grabbed and firmly yanked from him, making Hit scream in pain as Sombra pulled out his shadow from the ground and used his magic to give it a physical form.

Twilight rushed over to him, "Hit! Are you okay!?"

"Yeah...but I feel like...a piece of me was just...ripped away." he answered.

"That's because it was." Sombra began as he was completing his spell, "I took the liberty of tearing your shadow away from you and bring it into the physical plane to do our bidding. Oh, and it feels like he's ready."


As the spell finished, the shadow began to take the shape of an impossible being, another Hit Point, but he was different; he had short dark purple hair with a white streak on the left side of his head, sickly pale skin, and blood red eyes, wearing a black shirt with a dark purple, upside-down power button symbol on it, dark purple denim shorts, and dark grey shoes. He also held a sinister-looking sword in his right hand.

"And now," Sombra declared, "Hit Point's shadow, I am your master, Sombra, and I call the shots! This boy stands in the way of executing the witch that has broken the laws of Gaia, but we are under orders not to kill him! Incapacitate him and destroy Sunset Shimmer!!" he then proceeded to laugh like a madman.

The other Hit shifted his eyes to Sombra, tightly gripped his sword, and rushed to him, swiftly beheading Sombra as he had a surprised look on his face. But as his head flew through the air, no gore came out, just a shadowy aura emanated from the open wounds, showing that Sombra wasn't even mortal.

"Oh my..." was all Discord could say at that moment.

The shadow Hit charged at the real Hit and karate kicked him in the gut, knocking him to the ground as the girls went to see if he was alright.

"That's for ripping off my look." the other Hit said with a deeper voice than the true Hit before running.

"Hey! I'm the original here!" Hit coughed out, but then saw his other self dismiss his sword in a plume of darkness and raised his hands in front of him, absorbing the dark substance Sombra's corpse leaked out, "Wait! What are you doing!?"

"Making sure Sombra's dark magic doesn't go to waste!" after absorbing all of what remained of Sombra's powers, the shell of Sombra's body disintegrated as the other Hit turned to the group, "And for the record, don't think of me as your shadow. I'm my own person. I'm Dark Point. Get it memorized."

Hit knew what a dark point was, it was a stat boost from leveling up Riku in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Re:Chain of Memories, so the name fit the shadow like a glove. Suddenly, Dark Point conjured dark magic in his back and created two black feathered wings and began to fly away with mighty flaps.

"No way...he can fly!?" Hit asked in surprise.

Discord sighed, "Well, the higher-ups will NOT be pleased when they hear about this." he snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light.

"Get back here!" Hit tried to stand up, but the girls wouldn't allow it.

"Stop, you're hurt!" Twilight pleaded.

Hit wanted to protest, but he knew she was right, he relented and lied back down to regain his lost strength and reflect on everything that just happened; not only has his life been turned into a video game in reality for him, but now there was more to it than he originally knew, and now his dark side is running rampant because of the now deceased Sombra and drocsiD, truly named Discord, is on the loose. Eventually, he passed out from the overexertion his body went through, earning a well-deserved rest.

But when he awoke, he knew he was going to have A LOT of explaining to do.

Author's Note:

There! It! Is! Done! :yay:

Sorry I took so long, also I may need to edit some of my earlier chapters later on.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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