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I love to create stories.


Inspired by When The Bass Drops.

[Displaced Story]

I don't know what happened, all I know is that I wound up dead somehow and ended up as ProtoMan.EXE with my ProtoMan Advanced PET in a strange, new world called Equestria, and despite the cheery name, it was anything but. The "ponies" as they were called were at war with a tyrant king named Sombra, who was the self-proclaimed ruler of the Crystal Empire, and made all the "crystal ponies" his slaves and part of his army. I knew I couldn't stand around and let this happen, so I chose to enter the fray to fight the good fight.

Takes place during the Crystal War timeline of the Season 5 finale.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

I could point out everything you messed up on in a writing sense along with possible fixes, but let's be honest.
This is wish fulfillment for you.

Edit: Never mind. I see with those...kingdom heart "fics" that this is your thing. I'll just try and forget I was here.

A new fic
I'll see if i can read it but Algebra and Calculus has me pinned down

8481438 why even bother anymore

no displaced fic ever improves

it's literally recycled shit

Mathematically speaking, there as to be a good one.
Not a parody either.

Hmm... let's see where this goes...

Liking it so far. Now, let us sit back, relax and watch as this, no doubt, legendary tale unfolds in its own due course.

Not that I don't like this but shouldn't you focus on your other stories a bit. I mean most that you put up don't really last more than one or two chapters before you submit another one.

Me likey. Even if I didn't, automatic fav and follow because Displaced. And don't listen to what Hamster Dance and Sucks over there have to say. They're just jealous because they can't write with the best of us, and they have inferiority complexes. Or is that superiority complexes? Anyways, they just want to be a buncha party poopers and buzzkills. Viva la Displaced!

interesting I would love to see where this is goign

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