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I am but a nobody that likes ponys. Sunset is best human/pony. Profile Picture was drawn by a Streamer StephOfanime


Moonestone, a Homeworld gem turned Crystal Gem was fighting to save the earth when a strange light shined in the sky blinding him, when he woke up he found him self in an alternate version of earth where everybody had technicolored skin.

15 years later, He is going to school to learn more about human's and this world.

A side story of A Gem in Canterlot High

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 4 )

Are you going to have this story crossover with your other one?

I generally like your story. Nice characters and their dialogs are mostly great, but sometimes it feels a bit rushed. Like they went from 0 to 100 in a secound.

This scene for example. I don’t understand why Twilight is so upset.

“I thought we are there for me thought and thought..” She said with a sob. “Get out.” She pointed to the door.
“Look am-”
“I said get out!” She yelled at me with tears running down her cheek.

There’s also one in the last Chapter at the dance where Twilight walked away, but Moonstone rushed after her. And was convinced a few seconds later to stay at the dance.

Maybe it’s me and I’m just a bad critic, but I feel like these scenes could be a lot more.

Overall it’s a great story and I’m looking forward for more!

Just Asking. But when are you going to update?

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