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All hail best human Sunset Shimmer! Now welcome all to The Destiny of the Ancients


Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

60 years ago Sunset Shimmer went through the mirror connecting Equestria with the Human world, but instead of arriving at Canterlot the mirror had other ideas. Sunset found herself stranded in a little place called Beach City, a place that is being protected by a quartet of space rocks that can take human form.

Meeting Rose Quartz and the rest changed her life, turning Sunset from a moody and angry teenager to a caring, witty and a-little-too-much-ego kind of girl, but those idyllic days couldn't extend forever, because when a corrupted gem attacked the city and she was heavily injured saving human beings, Sunset turned into something no gem had seen before.

That was so long ago.

Now Sunset is Spinel, a hybrid that has a gem instead of a heart and whose powers are still a mystery to the surviving Crystal Gems.

This is her story.

Of how she became a Crystal Gem.

Of how she helped raise little Steven.

Of how she continues saving the Earth while making friends in Canterlot.

Art by GPizano:

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Interesting, but it seems to be going a little face paced. And is this gonna go through all the seasons or a few important episodes like the one where Jasper first came in?

It depends when Sunset is on town. She lives in Canterlot because she is studying there so sometimes she will help them.

Sun- I mean Spinel's gotta be ridiculously lucky to survive that. I've also realized that she's pretty much a pony-gem hybrid. Something tells me they're radically different from crystal ponies.

gg Sunset, made Twilight blush. :twilightblush:

And three chapters in a day? Wow.

7528682 They were already written since these chapters are from The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer

And the sunset's gem? It isn't in the picture.

interesting story
like it
faved it

7528817 Is right where her heart used to be. Sunset is a little bit smarter than other gems in that she HIDES IT so it won't get cracked easily. Other attires of her would show the gem.

someone beat me to it.

7528904 The story has been on the site since April, just not on its own. It is part of the Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer. Besides, if you also have a SU/MLP story I would love to read it.

For some reason this pops into my head when Sunset transformed:

i have question are you going to continue the story?

Huh, I would've expected Fluttershy to think pervy thoughts.

7529041 I think I answered without trying

7529033 Well, considering Sugar made Steven Universe based on Shoujo manga and magical girls, why not?

7529058 There was a top ten magical girl list and Black Rock Shooter was on it. Personally, I'm not sure she would even qualify as a magical girl.

7529070 Is more like a deconstruction, like Madoka.

7529077 True, and to be honest the series was too short and confusing with the continual shifting between reality and the Other World.

Sunset forgot to change her outfit didn't she. :rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow and the other girls reactions. :pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp: then :rainbowwild:

My same reaction Raindow, My same reaction.

This.... this is AWESOME, I need more

Please tell me Jasper will appear in this story.

7529152 Yes she did. And you will the rest of their reactions next chapter.

7530096 I think we would all react that way considering Sunset's body.

7530792 The cheeto and the dorito will appear! Also Lapis but her act will be completely different this time.

I'm torn between Sunlight and Sunshy, but I really hate Sundash.

7531602 heh, honestly, kinda wish ya. I was hopin' for sunshy, but hey, i wanna see where the gem related stuff goes. i don't know if ive caught all the elements of the alt designs ongoing here.

7531602 Why not a harem? That would solve a lot of problems.

Exio #27 · Sep 2nd, 2016 · · 2 · Friends ·

7531679 Oh god please no.

Eeehh I love to see a Sunset Harem not that many of them really heh.
Love this chapter...thou wonder if Princess Celestia going to be jealus of Rose....See how she changed Sunset from angry young girl to the gifted and loved girl she is now.

7531679 Not sure how a lesbian harem would work, but it wouldn't end well and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, gender be damned.


aww jeeze...

Why is Lapis inside a bubble? :fluttercry:

Lapis is with Sunset?! What the heck???

I was already into this story from chapter 1, but NOW you've really have me hooked.

sunset is a fan of camp pining hearts interesting also we all know rainbow is a closet fan of it


Ladies and Gentlemen, the story has been derailed beyond canon, this is going to go places the original has never gone before and that means a lot of changes for Lapis and why she is right now in Sunset's apartment in a bubble. Oh, I love doing things like this. Also, rainbow is not a fan of Camp Pining Hearts.

Why is Lapis in a bubble and no in the mirror.

God damn you throw in that ending song. Sure way to punch us in the feels, have a Rebecca Sugar song go along with those feels.

Yay! More Crystal Sunset!

Do you plan on showing Sunset's return to Equestria and explaining everything to Celestia?

Will sunset be able to fuse with the other gems?

7543300 well Steven can
sunset should be able to

great chapter! this fic is getting me tempted to try SU.... also the descreption does not make sense or will it be Explained later?... and what im talking about is the 50 years thing... it's confusing me

7543531 gems do not grow up since their bodies are simply hard light, they are not organic. The Crystal Gems (Minus Steven) are over 5000 years old. Sunset, having a gem for a heart, has some of their abilities. they still don't know if Sunset is basically immortal (in the 'I won't die of old age) or simply ages really slow.

Loving this mashup.

good chapter thoe 2 flash back chapters in a row is bit much

You know if Sunset does return to Equestria wouldn't her physical appearance change due to her being a Gem?

7543727 ahh thanks for clearing that up for me rate..

im liking the story so far. cant wait to see what comes next for Sunset

Sunset used to be a singer even before the Rainbooms? Heh wonder if any of the girls have her songs or so?
Do they even know?

I be willing to bet Rainbow has some of sunlight songs but doesn't know. Pinkie will know both.

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