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"How many more Gems are trapped here?"

That was the question Steven asked Ruby, but was it true? Little did The Crystal Gems know was that there was another Gem held prisoner in the ship by Homeworld, Black Crystal. Just before the ship fell out of space, Black Crystal escaped from his cell and tried to find his way to the bridge and set a course back to Earth so he could make a break for it. But when the ship began shaking after some kind of explosion, he tripped and fell, accidentally activating one of the escape pods and being flung, not to Earth, but across the galaxy.

3 years later, he is now residing in an alternate version of Earth, where everybody had technicolored skin, so he fit in just fine, he is working a stable job to maintain his new home, and he's getting an education at Canterlot High School, luckily, he was able to work on some citizenship papers and other important paperwork to make him appear to be a legit human being. Everything was going great for him.

...Or was it?

Not only does he have to deal with Sunset Shimmer and her cronies, Snips and Snails, but now other Gems are coming out of the woodwork; The Crystal Gems, Homeworlders, and corrupted Gems. With his past quickly catching up with him, can he keep who and what he truly is a secret? And more importantly, what does Sunset want with him anyway?

Author's Notes:
A Steven Universe/My Little Pony: Equestria Girls crossover.

Black Crystal is my Gemsona.

If you wish to add your own Gemsona into the story, please PM me with details on your Gemsona, and I'll see what I can do. Not all Gemsonas will be in the story, only a selected few.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 76 )

Nice to see a fellow MLP/SU crossover here. And I'm liking the premise. Well written.:twilightsmile:

Also, I've got a few Homeworld, Crystal, and corrupted Gems, if you're interested.:twilightsmile:

Weird. . . this is on the update list, by there's only one chapter.

7145508 Seriously? That IS weird :rainbowhuh:

7145478 I'll do that. Note: It may be quite long.:twilightsheepish:

Any Chance any normal people can be in the story? I don't have a Gemsona, just a ponysona/EQGsona and a Tranier OC.

not sure how to judge this.. I mean by self insertion fic I guess it's good? It has all the standard self insertion cliches of course, so I think harping on them seems pointless, the time skip does kind of dislodge the story from the Steven Universe cannon badly. I guess seeing Black Crystal (hello naming cliche ) first days hiding and trying to find a place among the humans would have been more interesting. The writing is competent though so that's a plus. 6.5 outta 10

7145669 "I think that this story is pretty decent enough. Keep at it, Golden!" :twilightsmile:

"Alright, great chapter! Keep at it, Golden!" :pinkiehappy::yay:

Great chapter. Does Sunset have a thing for Black Crystal?

Great chapter and story all around so far.

Wait... Did Moonstone shaped shifted into Sunset or was it just Sunset?

Nice. Glad to see you used Tiger Eye and the Feldspars.:pinkiehappy: Interesting personalities you hinted to.:twilightsmile:

7223214 love it! Keep it up, this is getting really good.

Very nice. Loving these cryptic ending.:pinkiehappy:

Great chapter. Love the interactions between Sunset and Black.

Look's like the party is about to get started. It also sadly looks like the homeworld gems will soon be learning about Equestria and the portal to it.

The plot thickens. Great chapter as always.

uh ill just say this gems are only female steven is the only exception do to being a hybrid

and dont bring up that genderless crap they clearly identify as female and female pronouns are used for all gems

7228383 They're Gemsonas, they can be any gender the creator makes them to be

Nice story love the OC, top tear for sure, also hope to see the dark stuff of Steven Universe pushed more, but Sunset is a fool, Black Crystal, as he told lived a life far harsher then what the Equestria girls or Ponies have seen, he has killed his own kind, seen those that fail get shattered I bet, he could ripe of her head, no problem if she pushed, as he is a warrior Gem, with great power,

That is his cast in Gem society, that is another thing Equestria humans and Ponies have no cast system, Gems do, Pearls are servants, rubies are grunt soldiers, Jaspers look like warriors and leaders, Lapis types not sure. lack Crystal may have over come his cast, but the instinct is still there, look at Pearl she loves to clean, and to what she is made to do, almost to OCD levels,

The rebellion was not just to save Earth but to end the cast system too, and though Earth is saved, the cast system is still around,

as I said before I hope to see the dark stuff of Steven Universe pushed, as it has some dark parts, the forced fusion for one, that is a fate worse then death,

7251024 1. Thanks and you hit the nail on the head :twilightsmile:

2. Precisely, although I had a full backstory for Black Crystal and his cast for his kind was to be skillful assassins

3. Eeyup :eeyup:

4. I'll be working on that soon enough, I just want to get the events of the first movie out of the way

7251348 thanks for the replay, I would love to see the back story, I hope you do it, even if it is shown in dreams,

I forgot the Crystal Gems going to show up?

Nice update, and Black Crystal is right Homeworld is coming, and Equestria Girls have no chance, yes they have the power of friendship but these Gems that are coming are warriors of the highest caliber, they are also not like the bad guys seen before, Discord did not, Sunset was just a brat looking to rule, not kill hell none have, but Gems do, like Stevens dad said in Return a lot of Gems were destroyed humans too. Destroyed is killed.

His has also learned well from Rose too,

is black Crystal one of a kind?

7254661 1. Thanks

2. No joke :twilightsmile:

3. Eeyup :eeyup: He was tasked to assassinate Rose, but she reached him with her words instead of fighting him, Homeworld thought that if Black Crystals could be swayed by words, then they're failures to Homeworld and stopped creating them

Very nice intro for the Feldspars. I can't wait to see future Black Crystal vs Amazonite.:pinkiehappy:

Just a note, if it wasn't clear, Moonstone has a female form, but you can leave him as is if you prefer.

7254775 No prob.:twilightsmile: Also, your story still says "Hiatus".

It's no problem.

7254696 thanks for the replay, so how many black crystals are left? he the last one? that is what it sounds like,

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