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Favorite Series - Kingdom Hearts, My Little Pony, Bionicle, Gundam, Kamen Riders. Love to Make Crossovers and hoping to make it the best.


Kamen Riders. Legendary heroes that ride motorcycles to fight evil with various and awesome powers. From the Showa era to the Heisei Era, many riders have their own stories to tell the tale. And the final one is the one who shall become 'The King of Time', Zi-O.

A 23-year-old boy name Roland Cabral was very invested in the series, mostly 'Kamen Rider Zi-O' the latest series and the final Heisei Rider. While living his normal life, he received the package he ordered, a toy replica of the Ziku Driver and the Zikan Girade Gun Sword. But upon got them, a mysterious person said in an ominous tone: 'My Demon King, the time has come to begin your journey'.

Soon, he was transported to a familiar world, the Equestria Girls Universe, revert to a 19-year-old teenager, and met the Rainbooms. However, all that changed when a group of time traveling terrorist, the Time Erasers appeared and begin wreaking havoc across the world, corrupting people into feral and vicious monsters in the form of the Heisei Riders, the Void Riders.

Now with the Kamen Riders' histories extinct, Roland and the Rainbooms will have to fight to restore the histories of the Kamen Riders and stop the ‘Time Erasers’ before their world will be destroyed.

"Cross Beyond Time and Space! Forge the Nexus Future!!"

This is my first Kamen Rider crossover with EG but this time it's a different story while taking some of the familiar element from the Kamen Rider ZI-O but will be like a new story with a displaced element to it.

Characters from other Kamen Riders series(Heisei Series) will be appearing.

Updated: New cover art - From SapphireGamgee

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Wait, why is this on the approved list? Did you leave it unpublished for a whole year?

As for why it's unpublished for a whole year, I was having writer's block so hence why I didn't publish as soon as possible because of life at work and class and writer's block.

No, its not bad, I'm just surprised it was just recently approved despite it has four chapters.

This is a awesome displaced story worthy of the king of time himself

Hey is everything okay you haven't done a chapter here in a while

Yeah just busy with work but also dealing with writer idea block.

Well ok I get it but l hope you continue soon when you can it's a great story

I know also check my blog. My laptop is acting up so until then, it’s going to be a while for it.

realñly? prologue is Fighting Tokiwa Sougo as Ohma Zi-O?...

color me interested

Will the other kamen riders be in this story too?

Yes and no, they will appear but it will not be the originals, but their inheritances.

Sorry for the long wait, things have been busy but I'm back now.

I life can get in the way of thinks like this, but i just wish this story would update. I wouldnt mind atleast seeing how the girls would react to geiz attacking zi-o.

Decided to start reading this(and technically half-way through).
Don't know much about Kamen Rider at the moment but I'll still read it.

Wonder how things might go for Spike though in this?

Managed to read this huge long chapter, pretty interested in this more.
Though it stinks that Spike missed out on seeing all of this and essentially left out.
Then again Forgotten Friendship essentially "forgot" about him, like he just disappeared despite he was freaking seen in school. Its hard to tell if his memories were taken or not(honestly it makes no sense if his memories did get taken. Wallflower only aimed to take the memories from all the students/staff, Spike is neither of those nor I don't think she was even aware about him. And also we didn't see Spike's memories being taken nor we even saw him apparently in that flashback). The special just wasted him badly sadly..

Sorry about that rant-ish thing there..

I wonder how if this story might continue soon? I am pretty hooked at the moment after reading the 4 chapters.

I wonder if you got anything planned for Spike in this?

I wonder if enemies from the Kamen Rider franchises such as the Bugsters will appear too?

Oh they will appeared but at the same time they’ll be new enemies to face


What do you think about my other comment on the fic too?

Oh god please may there be more chapters

Hey guys I'm back. I've truly apologized for the long wait. I lost my creative skills and been working for so long. Anyway, now I'm back I'm going to get another chapter done.

I was wondering what's going on since i noticed lately its been a year since an update and such.

Looking forward to see what happens next.
I hope there's something for Spike here, I just really hope he doesn't get left out.(if its impossible for anything for him due to he's a dog, why not make him a human? I mean.. there's time manipulation and dimension stuff, it shouldn't be impossible to change a dog who now has a sapience of a human into a human there. Is it?)
Sorry if I am being too bothersome there..

We’ll see

As for right now I’m busy with a new responsibility: taking care of my puppies

I just hope Spike gets to be a Kamen Rider too and well.. be up there with the girls and Zi-O.

You are raising some puppies? :0
How many are there and how cute are they? \ovo/
I remember holding one many years ago I think.

If the girls will be among the inheritors of the Kamen Riders there since you mentioned that in your topic there, will Spike be one too?

Is this fic still going to continue? I am really curious on what happens next there.
Whats going on right now?

Why did you stop writing. It was starting to get good

As of right now, I lost my motivation to write and I’m trying to see if I can get my groove back in Wattpad on a story.

Ah OK. I hope you get your groove back.

Or in this case your writing mojo.

Have you gotten your inspiration back yet? I really miss your story.

I hope you get your mojo back to finish that story of yours.

If this got to continue, what is in store for Spike?

"If I have to guess, I think it's because you came after the events of my bad girl times, you never have any bad memories of it." Sunset theorized it. That makes sense considering that I now apply for the school.

But it would still erase his good memories, ie make him forget her period. Update: Ok his powers made him immune. A better reason though Sunset's reasoning here is still nonsense so my point on that still stands.

"What did I do to you?! I don't even know you!!" Sunset yelled in anger on the video "And you even hurt him in the process!!"

I don't know Sunny you read her mind and learned she did so. Did you somehow not get her motive for doing so straight from the source?

She sighed "You're right, guys. Not that matters now. We're still trapped here unless you can use your magic to get us out?"

Wallflower: Goes out of her way to ruin Sunset's progress and hard work to make up for her bad behavior, someone who actually took the time to learn and embrace friendship for a petty reason and her dooming herself since she uses the stone to ruin any progress at friendship, despite complaining about being forgotten and lonely. Instead of learning to stop doing so and take an active part to do the same as Sunset, just again ruin her progress like a petty bitch.

Him and Trixie the two dumbasses: Yeah, you should be nice and reach out. You didn't do anything wrong but not like she did anything to justify your behavior. You should reach out and be nice despite all the shit she has done.

Sunset being rational: Fuck that!

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