• Published 6th Jun 2019
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Equestria Girls: Zi-O - GundamBrony

The Heisei Riders inspired many people throughout the ages, and now a new legend begins that will shake many worlds beyond Time and Space!! Rejoice, The King of Time and the Maiden Knights of Harmony arrive to forge the Nexus Future!!!

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Prologue - ????

Unknown POV

A crunch of steps was heard in a nearby desert landscape. Sands continue blowing my direction as I kept walking further into the wasteland.

How long I continue? Months, Years, Eternity, who knows? I just don't have the time to think about it. Especially, the wasteland, the dunes of emptiness continue to be lifeless.

As I continued to walk further, a figure came to the mirage. Clinks of metal were heard as I squinted my eyes due to the sun's rays.

As the shadow continue walking towards me, my squinted eyes turned to glare.

Standing there was an armored figure, decorated as a watch but in gold colored. Pocket watches were strap everywhere around the figure. The face was also a watch too but with red signs around the eyes.

"So you still stand, boy." the figure said with a growl and menace tone.

"Well, humans can be stubborn about falling down." I joked.

"True, but that will change.....with a snap," he stated "Take a look around. There's nothing left. No home, no friends, and no family. You lost everything, boy. Everything!!"

"So why is that you still stand when you have nothing to protect?!" he shouted.

I sighed then glared at the golden figure "Because, I don't know the meaning of the word 'give up' and 'fall'. Even though I lost everything, I can still at least put an end to you and make sure they'll come back."

"Fool, don't you know that you will destroy yourself?!"

"That's another about being a human: we do stupid things for the greater good."

With a growl, the golden figure got into a battle stance and pull out a sword.

I grabbed a pocket watch and turn the dial, revealing the same face as my opponents only donned in white color and black and grey on the side with the symbols are pinkish.

Pressing the top of the watch, the voice echoed: "ZI-O!"

Slotting in an unknown device that straps to my waist, I slide it in, connecting it. A loud noise was heard from the belt as energies begin to gather around it. I press the top button and the device was curved to the diagonal left. A screen shows four zeros as a ticking was heard. I struck a pose and shouted loud to the heavens:


With a spin, the device shouted "RIDER TIME!! KAMEN RIDER ZI-O!!"

Chrono energies spinning around me as I was engulfed into an armor similar to the golden figure only more on the white with silver stripes around me and pinkish color.

"With our powers, I'll carve the true future!!"

With that, I pulled out my sword and charging at the golden figure who also charging at me as we swing our swords and a huge amount of Chrono energies spiked crazy around the battlefield engulfing in white of nothingness.

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