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Equestria Girls: Zi-O - GundamBrony

The Heisei Riders inspired many people throughout the ages, and now a new legend begins that will shake many worlds beyond Time and Space!! Rejoice, The King of Time and the Maiden Knights of Harmony arrive to forge the Nexus Future!!!

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Chapter 2 - Equestria Girls Universe

"Uhhhhhh.........." I groaned and I felt a knack of pain my body. Despite that, I slowly got up a bit and my visions was a blur.

"Oh, my aching head......what happened?"

Soon I heard the noise of people walking around and I begin to walk out of what to appear to be an alley. From it, my visions cleared 50/50 and I was in a small town.

Looking around, I saw the people and to my eyes widened in a dinner plate, they have colored skin like in Equestria Girls!! Starting I looking around for a mirror, and to my luck (or in case, my bad luck) I look at myself and I was turned into one too. Instead of my usual light tan, it was now light brown and my black hair have now become dark brown. My face has changed to that of my 19-year-old and no sign of my mustache. My clothes change to a light tan pant, a white shirt with long sleeves, and a grey jacket with a hoodie, but looking at myself, I was turned into a teenager, a 19-year-old teenager. The only thing came into my mind was the one Kirito from SAO would say:

"HOLY CRAPPPP!!!!!!!!!"

A lot of people glance at me, thinking I'm weird but that's not the point for me. Somehow, that guy just transports me to the Equestria Girls Universe and I was reverted back as a 19-year-old teenager!!

"This can't be happening......" I mumbled, trying to keep my voice down to make another scene "This is gotta be a dream..... yeah.... a dream...I knew I should lay off the fried chicken......" As I pinched my cheek, I felt a ting of pain sensation towards me and glance back at my reflection.

"Okay......definitely not a dream....." I said while rubbing my cheek.

After taking a deep breath a bit, I glance around and see the streets and the people. While moving a bit, a faint kink was heard and I look down and saw my Ziku Driver wrapped on my waist.

I sighed a bit, glad it's there, but at the same time, the only thing I have with me.

"Okay, then. There's no time to waste time." I said to myself and I walk around the town.

Upon learning a bit on the town, from streets name, I quickly go to a shop for a notebook, pencils, pens, and a backpack. If there's one thing I learned from tv shows and movies, it is that the main characters or side characters have a knack for recording on unfamiliar places. My problem is the currency that this universe differ from mine but upon checking my wallet, my currency was changed for theirs over around $150 dollars. I better make sure to find a job here in this universe and a place to stay.

"Okay, that should be everything I need," I said

After drawing a map and recording the streets and cross streets, I felt a large rumble on my stomach. Okay, I need to find a place to eat. Upon walking around for a place to eat, I stumble upon a coffee shop. I enter inside and there were a few rows of line.

Waiting in line, I glance at my Ziku Driver. Still in mint condition but I wonder what happens to my Zikan Girade Gun Sword? Did it got lost too? If so, then......can't think about it. Right now, you need something to eat. Digging to my wallet, I felt something within my left pocket and pull out my Zi-O Riderwatch.

Thank goodness, it's still there. I would be lost without it. But some reason, I felt a ting surge of power from it. Seeing that's my turn to order, I place back into my pocket and got in the front with Ms. Cake in the register

"Hello there." I politely said

"Hello there, dear. See anything you like?" she asked me.

"Just a sausage, eggs, and cheese sandwich and water."

"All right, would that be it?" she asked and I nodded. Paying the amount of it, I waited in the side and she handles me my sandwich and my water. Satisfied, I grabbed both of them and head out -

"WHOA!!" a girl screamed upon we both bump into each other and knock into the floor.

I got up and trying to see my meal is safe.

"I'm so sorry for bumping into you."

"No, it's fine. Sorry if I bump into you."

As my eyes glance at the mysterious assailant, my eyes widened the same as the girl's moderate cyan: standing next to me was Sunset Shimmer, one of my favorite Equestria Girls character! What's one thing to love about her? Everything! She's smart, brave, kind, caring, and compassionate. Sure she was once a 'bad girl' in the past, but she grew from her old self to become a better person. Her qualities are what I striving to be.

As if time was slow, our eyes couldn't take off of each other with the same expressions we're having: confusion, awestruck, and surprised.

"Uh.....hi..." I meekly said.

"Uh...hi...there...um.." Sunset's face grown a bit red as I got up. I reach my hand for her which she shyly grabs mine and I pull her up.

"Again, sorry for bumping into you," I said.

"No, it's all right. Sorry about your drink," she said.

"That's fine. I can ask them for another cup. Besides, it's water, nothing harm." I said and I was about to head to into the line, I asked her "You want something? I can buy for you."

"Oh no, it's fine. I uh...got my own...." she shyly responds and I nodded back. After that I ask for another cup of water but seeing her in line, I look at a blueberry muffin and I asked: "Can I also have that muffin too?"

With a nod from Ms. Cake, I paid for them and I came to her and gave her a muffin.

"Here, just a little treat from me."

"Uh, you don't have to....."

"I know." I said and I turned to her with a smile "But I want to."

With that, I exited out, leaving her blushing in surprised.

Finding a place in the park, I sat down and ate my sandwich. Pulling out my notebook, I record the coffee shop and now the park. So far I'm learning how to navigate around the town. Plus, I bump into one of the main characters in the EG series! That's so awesome!

As it was a brony dream come true, I knew that this isn't the time to go fan crazed. First off, I need to find this guy. Maybe he can at least tell me what this 'journey' is so I can at least figure out. Second, finding a place to stay. Since my money is on a budget tight, I need to find a place to sleep. As much as I don't want to do what the hobos did, there's no other option. Third, get a job. I need to make a resume so I can find at least a place to work. I need to make money so I can finally buy a house and food for myself. That is, I need to find a way to get a credit card for myself cause if I remember correctly in the money book, it's that you need a record of good credit scores to get an apartment or house.

I sighed at this. Now I know how my family struggle on bills and even though I paid a measly one, this is going to be the hardest thing I need to do in this universe.

"Excuse me?" a gruff voice was heard and I turned and saw an officer coming towards me.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Yes, I want to know why aren't you in school?" he asked.

School? Why do I need to go to school? I'm a 23-year-old - oh right, I forgot. I was reverted back to 19-year-old.

"Well, I got lost. I just moved here and just don't know which school is closest." I lied. As much as I don't want to lie, especially an officer, I don't know what else to say. That I'm actually a 23-year-old guy from another version of Earth that pulled by a mysterious person and got lost in this dimension?!

"Oh, I see. Well, the closest one is Canterlot High. I can take you there so you can apply for it." the officer replied.

Canterlot High? The place where Sunset and the Rainbooms go to?! That would be sweet but at the same time, making my objectives much difficult. Still, I can’t get around this so I got no choices.

"Sure, that would be great," I said.

"All right kid, c'mon," he said and I follow him to his car and I took a seat in the back. Once that, he starts up the car and drove to the school I will attend.

It's been a bit 10-minute drive, but we finally here at Canterlot High. My eyes were amazed at this. Sure I saw this in every Equestria Girls series, but actually seeing it in live person is another. Students were gathering at the front door, entering inside for class as the officer park at the front.

"All right, here it is." the officer said, "You better make sure you get yourself apply, kid."

I nodded "Okay, thank you, officer."

"No problem, just doing my job," he said as I exit out the car with my bags on, I begin walking towards the entrance of the school. Upon that, I notice the Canterlot High's statue. The horse statue that was there was still not, then again, it was destroyed by um...Midnight Sparkle in Friendship Games. Then my left pocket glows a bit as I pull out my Zi-O watch and strangely, it was glowing in white as if something is resonating with it. Taking a quick glance at the statue, if I remember correctly, the mirror is the portal to Equestria. As much as I want to investigate, it's not worth it since I'm an alien in this dimension and also I don't know why my Zi-O watch was resonating with the portal. Plus I need to apply here for various reasons.

As I enter inside, I felt a wide wave of positive aura around me. Students were in lockers, packing or gathering their school materials, heading to class, or walking with their friends, chatting. I sighed a bit, feeling a bit nostalgia from my time in High School: being new around and a bit wallflower. Shaking those thoughts, I had to focus on my objectives for now. There's no time to drown in my memories. As I look around, I tried to see if I can find the principal office but unfortunately, I have no luck. Decide to find someone who can at least point to the principal office, I stop and saw a familiar blue hair boy gathering his stuff, Flash Sentry.

"Excuse me?" I called him and he turned and notice me.

"Oh, can I help you?" he asked politely.

I nodded "I'm new around here and I was wondering if you know where's the principal's office is? I'm trying to apply here."

"Oh, for orientation? It should be on the right, third door on the right." he points to the direction.

"Okay, thank you," I said and headed to the direction to the principal's office.

All right, thanks to Flash, I found the Principal's Office. I gave a knock on the door, hoping for entry.

"Come in." a voice said from the other side.

I opened it and walk in and gave a smile, a sign of greeting. There it was, sitting on the principal's desk was Principal Celestia herself. It was crazy that I'm meeting with characters from the show, but I did my best to control my fan vibe. Principal Celestia monitor me to the chair and I sat down with my bag on the floor.

"So are you a new student, yes?" she asked and I nodded.

"Yes, I am. I just moved here, my name is Roland Cabral." I said.

"Roland Cabral, interesting name." Principal Celestia said, writing down some documents.

"My grandfather name after himself," I stated.

Principal Celestia nodded "Well, Roland, we better get started on the orientation. Where did you live?"

I thinking about carefully about this. Since this is like an alternate version of my Earth, locations, school, everything I know won't be the same.

"I live in Las Pegasus." I said, remembering the details I know in my brony time.

"'Las Pegasus'....." Principal Celestia writing down some details on it.

Through half of the time pass, with each question Principal Celestia asked me, I carefully putting out every of my own information I can while covering my own, such as 'Haywaii', 'Las Pegasus Middle School', learning math, science, reading, etc. Principal Celestia gathers much information I said and with a nod, she gave a reassuring smile.

"Looks like your orientation is set, Roland."

"Thank you, Principal Celestia."

"However, since the school already started, it would be best if you can start tomorrow," she said.

"That's fine."

"In the meantime, now it's after school, I can ask someone to give you a tour around the campus building." With that, she got her microphone speaker.

Sunset's POV

It's been quiet at the moment without any magical problems happening (save for the supercharge incident Rainbow Dash did at one point). My friends and I just relaxed a bit after going through the finals which we have to thanks Twilight for helping us studied. So far, after we performed at Golden Delicious' party, things have been smooth so far, and now the student council asked me and my friends to take photos of the students here in CHS for the yearbook tomorrow. However, on my trip for a quick snack, the appearance of a boy came to my mind and my heart was beating crazy along with my mouth starting to dry a bit. Who is he? And where did he come from?

Shaking those thoughts, I decide to meet up with my friends after a quick lecture from Professor Discord's Chao Science lessons at the music room. Even though I was a bit startled upon a human version of the Spirit of Chaos, at least Princess Twilight wrote to me about the Discord in Equestria being reformed by Fluttershy's pony counterpart and become their friends.....which some whimsical twist.

Upon entering, I greet my friends and we discuss upon the upcoming yearbook project that the student council asked me. All of them cheered at that.

"Well, it makes sense that school is halfway being over." Applejack said. "At least, we can have some a bit of rest from all the lessons we have to cram into for the finals."

"But at least we can put it to rest, for now, darling." Rarity said. "I do want to get some new ideas for my fashion internship at Prim Hermline's Boutique."

The girls nodded at the fashionista's statement and I turned to Rainbow "You got plans for the summer vacation?"

"Well, besides spending time in the beach, catch some R and Rs, and work, Forest Thunder asked me to practice with him and the other Beehive Blitzers now that Comet Chaser having boys and girls on the Blitzers."

"Well, that's good. He wasn't nice of what he did to you, Rainbow, but at least he realizes his mistake." Fluttershy said and we nodded in agreement.

"So you still don't believe that Forest Thunder might be asking you out on a date, Rainbow?" Applejack teased which Rainbow's face lit up red like her apples.

"W-what?! No way?! It's just practice!"

We all laughed at Rainbow's flustered tone a bit while she crossed her arms and looked away.

"Anyway, what about you Twilight? You got plans?"

We turned to her and she was in deep thought. "Well, consider we're heading to our senior year soon next year, I was thinking of finding a university to apply."

"Well, don't get to worked upon finding it, Twilight," Rainbow said. "Besides, we should also continue playing on other concerts."

"Yeah, with the Rainbooms now being the #1 band in the Canterlot Chronicles Choices, why wouldn't we?" Pinkie said.

"True, but remember we need to focus on our goals since we're now heading to senior years." I pointed out on the importance and the girls nodded. Then the speaker turns on and I heard Principal Celestia's on the speaker:

"Sunset Shimmer, please head to the Principal Office."

"Huh, why would Principal Celestia call you?" Rainbow asked and I shrugged.

"I don't know, but it's got to be important." With that, I headed out of the music room and headed to the Principal's Office. I gave a soft knock and her voice called out on the other side.

"Come in."

As I open the door, my eyes widened in shocked: standing next to Principal Celestia was the same boy back in the coffee shop!!

"Uh, hey, glad to see you again." he gave an awkward grin.

Once again, my heart was beating like crazy and my mouth is drying up again. I gave a bit of sighed and regained my composure.

"You know her, Roland?" Principal Celestia asked him. Roland......that's a unique name, my thoughts echoed.

"Sort of. We just well.....bump into each other at the coffee shop," he said.

"Oh, well then, that would be great." Principal Celestia turned to me. "Sunset, this is Roland Cabral, he'll be attending here tomorrow as a senior since he was transferred from Las Pegasus High School."

I nodded slowly as she continues " You don't mind give him around the tour of the campus?"

"S-sure," I said while he came to me.

"How's the muffin I bought for you?" he asked me.

"Well...uh....it was....good....uh....." I tried to speak correctly but seeing him up close, I couldn't bring up any sentences.

"I know what you're going to ask me, but as I said, I just want to. There's no reason for that," he said which my mouth was agape at his word. Just want to without a reason? It's very illogical and yet....very sweet and make sense.

"So are you going to give me the tour around the school?" he asked as I nodded.

"Of course, follow me," I said and I begin the tour around the campus with him following him.

Roland's POV

I look around the classes that Sunset pointed out and nodded. I'm getting a sense of deja vu, but again, I have no choice but to register myself into CHS since I was reverted back to a 19-year-old. A part of myself was excited about this tour mainly because of what to see actual places look like in real life. And Sunset is giving me the tour just like she did with the Dazzlings in Rainbow Rocks.

So far, I can see the room numbers and write down on my notebook for recording. And now we came to the final stop, the music room which is likely a hangout for the Rainbooms.

"And here is the Music Room. Not much around, but Principal Celestia is considering adding more instruments for the class," she said.

"So what instruments this class has so far?" I asked.

"Well, just guitars, piano, and drums, but mostly we bring ours often bring it for class."

I nodded as we turned back, we headed to the entrance.

"So what do you think of the tour?" Sunset asked me.

"It was good. It's gonna take a while to navigate around the campus."

"I'm certain you will, Roland," Sunset said and we notice a posterboard on the wall.

"Oh right, we about to have a Canterlot Musical Showcase coming next month. Do you want to join?"

I shook my head "Sorry, but I never played any instruments before."

"Oh....um...if you like......my friends and I.....can help you find an instrument....." Sunset said while rubbing her left hand, looking away. I can tell she was blushing. Wait, does she have a-


We heard a raspy tomboy voice and we turned and saw Rainbow Dash walking towards us.

"Oh Rainbow Dash, what's going on?" Sunset asked.

"We're about to go to Applejack's place for a sleepover. Thought I need to find you about it."

"Oh right, shoot." Sunset groaned "Don't worry, I just finished up the tour for him."

Rainbow notice me and came to me "So you must be a new student?"

"Yeah, my name is Roland. Roland Cabral." I introduce myself.

"'Roland Cabral'? That's a weird name." Rainbow commented.

"Rainbow!" Sunset hissed.

"It's okay. I was named after my grandfather." I said which she gave an 'ohh' and nodded.

"So what's with the strange belt?" she pointed my Ziku Driver.

"Yeah, what is that?" Sunset wondered about it.

"Oh, this? It's just a cosplay." I said, "It's a replica of the belt from a tv show I like."

"But why do you have around your waist?" Rainbow asked me. I was about to answer......but Rainbow raise a good point.

"Yeah, that's what I wonder to know," I said sheepish and Sunset just chuckled a bit while Rainbow rolled her eyes with an amusing smile.

"Still, it's a cool replica belt. I like the design of it." Rainbow examined my Ziku Driver "It looks like one of those watches everyone has."

True, the Ziku Driver and Zi-O himself are based around clocks and watches so it's not far-fetched.

"We better get going," Sunset said and Rainbow nodded and the athletic girl just rushed out of the door, leaving me and Sunset.

"So....uh......see you, tomorrow?" she shyly said and I nodded.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow, Sunset."

With a warm smile, she headed towards the entrance and I was fixed on her that my cheeks felt red a bit.

I sighed, seeing a glimpse of the outside window, setting sun from the front doors. Well, I better find a place to sleep and I know where to find it.

Walking towards the rarely used section of the library, I found the makeshift bed made of books. Good thing my knowledge of the Equestria Girls movie was still on the date. And to find the place that Princess Twilight and Dragon Spike sleep there was a bit difficult but nevertheless, it's better than nothing. However, as I open the draft, I notice out of the blue: 2 straps of watch compartments that were shaped to fit into my RiderWatches, a toothbrush with toothpaste, 6 sets of clothes, a bar of soap and a shampoo, and my iPhone 6 (with a charging port and wires) along with another backpack. As I about to wonder about it, there was a note there. I picked it up, open it, and read it:

My Demon King,

You'll need this if you need to start your journey.

And that's it. No signature or anything. If I had to guess, that mysterious guy must be the one who sends those items. I gave a bit small smile. At least, I won't go down stinky. Setting the stuff to the side, I laid my head on the bed. It was a bit hard thanks to the hardcovers but I shrugged it down. Besides, this is nothing to compare to my time in my first camping trip......now if I can rest without pain in my back.

As I glance upon the night sky, I begin to wonder about this. How am I going to complete the journey? What is the journey that I was forced to take? And........would I be able to go back home to my home dimension? Even though time was stopped in my universe, it's still bugging me that my family and friends are worried sick. I just wish I can let them know that I'm fine and I'm trying to survive.

I pulled out my Zi-O Watch and mumbled to it "I don't what's going on, but......I need to ask you, Zi-O, please, guide me so I can be back home."

I placed it on my chest, praying for an answer that will come. Take a breather, I set it down and closed my eyes for the night, unknowing, my Zi-O watches sparks a bit.

???'s POV

I glance on top of the top window dome and saw him sleeping without making any noise.

"At long last, he has arrived. Now on the next day, the Demon King's journey begins."

Author's Note:

Chapter Preview: Forgotten Friendship: The Birth of Zi-O

Roland: All right, my first day of school is starting. Now I just need to blend with the students and study. If I'm going to figure out my journey, I need to find it here.

Sunset: Roland, we got a problem! My friends' memories of me was erased!

Roland: What?! What cause it?

Sunset: I don't know, but unless we can find who's the culprit then the memories of me will be gone forever!

Roland: Right, we better- what? Who are you?

Roland: Next time, Forgotten Friendship: The Birth of Zi-O! I don't know what's going on, but I know what I need to do! HENSHIN!!