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Equestria Girls: Zi-O - GundamBrony

The Heisei Riders inspired many people throughout the ages, and now a new legend begins that will shake many worlds beyond Time and Space!! Rejoice, The King of Time and the Maiden Knights of Harmony arrive to forge the Nexus Future!!!

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Chapter 1 - Earth 2018

Earth 2018

Arf! Arf!!

Ugh........not now, please.......

Arf! Arf!! Arf!!

C'mon, poboy, you ruining my sleep.......

Arf! Arf!! Arf!! Arf!!!!

"Ugh......." I moaned and I lifted up a bit from my bed. Sheesh, Jabba's barking is like an alarm clock or something. Would Auntie and Uncle try to at least calm him down?

Then again, his barking meaning one thing: he's hungry at 5 am.

I gave an annoyed sigh and got my slippers and walk slowly a bit to the door and open it. Waiting there is my auntie's adorable and cutest (not to mention a spoiled boy - sorry, senior) pug dog, Jabba with his belly band on his belly.

He notices me and sniffs at me whine a bit.

"I know, I know, Poboy, I'll get your meal ready.......just.....let me using the restroom." I yawned and enter the bathroom to brush teeth and clean my face.

After finish those, I lift him up and carried him downstairs to the kitchen. A brown dog was waiting for me in her dog bed and came to me.

“Morning Mochi.” I yawned and opened the fridge. Grabbing two dog foods and set to the mini oven to warm up on the sordid time, I then grab the insulin and the needle and set his medicine for Poboy.

A ding was heard as I finish up scooping up the kibbles then using the tongs to grab the dog food. I scoop out the amount of it and set it down which in a second, they start hogging their meal instant. While Jabba is distracted, I gave him his insulin and watch them eating. Once they finished, I took them outside to let them do their 'business' and after 7 minutes, I got them back upstairs and went back down so I can eat my breakfast.

Take a bite of a cinnamon roll drenched in cream cheese and a glass of milk, I sighed a bit and gaze at the window now starting become dark bluish, signaling the dawn.

Putting the plates and cups away, I head to my room, pack my work clothes on my bag, and got myself dressed up.

After that, I grabbed my iPhone and press the Youtube app. Typing what to watch, I press the video and it shows an armored person in clock theme fighting against monsters. At one point, with a roundhouse kick, the clock armored person jump up high and send a dive kick towards the monster chest, causing it to explode.

I gave a small smile at the action. Boy, I never thought I would be very 'invested' in the Kamen Rider series, especially Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Zi-O, the name of a new and final Kamen Rider of the Heisei Era. With powers from previous Kamen Rider predecessors and power of time, he's the one who got me into it, especially when I was listening to Over 'Quartzer' music. From the story, I can see the main hero, Sougo Tokiwa, trying to stop the Time Jackers from messing up the timeline of the Kamen Riders especially the conflict of the cursed future he was meant to be a tyrant king, Oma Zi-O, and Geiz Myoukouin who came from the future and travel to the past to kill Sougo Tokiwa. But despite that, Sougo Tokiwa will become Zi-O and will change the future to become the King he was trying to accomplish, a benevolent demon king.

I was fascinated by the story, the conflict, and the characters that I want to see what happened. While I want to know the Another Riders, monster based on the previous Heisei Riders, I take the time to watch the previous Heisei Riders so at least I have a huge knowledge of the Heisei Era. But now, I'm starting to have dreams of me as Kamen Rider Zi-O fighting Oma-Zi-O in a barren wasteland and this keeps happening ever since I was invested in the series.

Upon helping my aunt getting the dogs down and saying goodbye to her before she went to work, I pack a lot of snacks and drinks to take to work.

Turning small lights for the dogs and the radio and gave them treats, I went up and grab my bags, then my helmet, open the front door, and put my bike outside. Once I locked the door (and checked twice), I pedal to Albertson's to begin my usual day job.


Well, my lunch break is here and got my lunch, I came to the break room and start eating my soup.

"Oh hey, Roland." One of my co-workers came in with a bottle of water and Hostess Cup Cakes.

"Hey, Marcus, what's up?"

"Nothing much, just taking my break."

I glanced at his snack "You should be careful eating those, Marcus. Those things are crazy sweet to the core."

"I know, just one is enough."

I nodded and finished up my soup. With a silent satisfied sigh, I threw the bowl away and the spoon too and have some of my snacks.

"So excited for your package to come?" he asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe how much I spent to get those. It's a good thing I finish paying the bills and saving a lot."

"Are you going to cosplay as the hero you watch so much?"

I nodded "That's the purpose of it. Getting the Ziku Driver and the Zikan Girade Gun Sword replicas are the way for me to make my Zi-O costume for Anime Expo."

With a nod, Marcus headed back to work and I watch some of the Equestria Girls Digital Series. Even though I'm a Toku fan, I'm still a brony no matter what. As I watch one of the adventures that Sunset and her friends did, I can't help but smile too.

Checking the time, I got my stuff and headed back to clock back in.

Looking at my duty chart, I headed outside and see the carts being empty again, causing me to limp my head down with an exasperated sigh.

"Not again......"

With that, I headed outside and begin my crazy cart hunt. Upon that, I notice out of the blue: a mysterious person glance at me.

"Can I help you, sir?" I asked politely but as more people moving, he just vanished.

Widened my eyes, I rubbed my eyes a bit to see if I'm not hallucinating and look around.

"Okay, that's weird......" I mumbled and continue my work.


Okay, I finished up with doing a carryout for a customer, now it's time for me to head back home. Telling my supervisor that I'm done for the day, I clock out and grab my iPhone and charger and my jacket. After texting my aunt and uncle that I'm done, I got a message from Amazon saying that my package came at last. Sweet!

After a few minutes, my aunt picked me up and once everything is loaded in, we went back home in time for Uncle's cooking. After getting my bike inside and close the garage, I came to the front and saw two packages came.

My inner child was burst out with so much anticipation that I got them in and open them up and upon that, my Ziku Driver and my Zkian Girade Gun Sword are here.

"So this is what you're saving up, honey?" my aunt asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, those the one I need so I can start making my costume," I said.

"Cool, honey!"

As I wrapped the belt onto my waist, I grabbed the ZI-O watch. With it, I turn the dial and press the top button: 'ZI-O'

Once I placed it on the side of the Ziku Driver, the screen lights up and dials begin to turn on the screen. I press the button and the driver is set on the diagonal left. Remember the pose that Sougo Tokiwa did, I follow it and with it, I said "HENSHIN!"

With that, I spin the watch and lights and sounds are heard: 'RIDER TIME! KAMEN RIDER ZI-O!!'

After that, I feel happy about doing it. I never thought to do a henshin was awesome. Now for the testing of my Zikan Girade Gun Sword. I switch it on and a few sounds were heard. Pressing the trigger I imagine myself shooting at enemies. When I switch the sword mode, a loud noise shouted "KEN (Sword)!!"

Playing around with it, I then insert the RiderWatch of Zi-O into it and create the 'Gir Gir Slash' attack.

Satisfied with it, I knew my money was worth it to get those two. I'm so excited to make my first costume.

Setting them down, I fed the dogs, give Jabba his medicine and insulin, and took him outside for his business. After he finishes it, I got him back inside and wash my hand to eat with Auntie and Uncle. My uncle made some chili which he uses Hormel Chili cans. I sighed, knowing that I'm the only one who cooks well, becoming their chef in the house and they don't like to cook so I had to a lot of it.

After finish my meals, I clean the dishes and getting my stuff inside my room.

Upon entering it, I turned on the lights as I turned back, my heart jump in shocked: the same guy in the robe is here in my room!!

"What the-?! How did you get-?!" Just as I about to shout, a rush of energy burst out from him as I cover myself to protect it. When I look, I realize everything stood still like.......

"Did you stop time?" I asked and he nodded.

"I did," he said in a mysterious eerie tone. He then snaps his finger and with it, my Ziku Driver and my Zikan Girade Gun Sword appeared in my hand and waist.

"I've been looking for you."

"Me? For what?" I asked.

"For you to start. My Demon King, the time has come to begin your journey," he said.

"Journey? What journey? I can't leave yet not until I let my family and my co-workers know-"

"They will be frozen in time, for you carried the same traits as him," he said.

"'Him?'" I asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"You'll find out soon. But now, it's time to go."

With that, a bright light flashes my eyes as everything was white.

Author's Note:

Chapter Preview: Equestria Girls Universe

Roland: HOLY CRAP!! What the-?! Where am I? Wait, this is the Equestria Girls Universe! What did that guy do to me?

Roland: Okay, if I have to find a way back home, I'm going on a recon to learn the place. I just hope I can find the answer I need.

Roland: Next time, Equestria Girls Universe! Time to explore!! HENSHIN!!

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