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Equestria Girls: Zi-O - GundamBrony

The Heisei Riders inspired many people throughout the ages, and now a new legend begins that will shake many worlds beyond Time and Space!! Rejoice, The King of Time and the Maiden Knights of Harmony arrive to forge the Nexus Future!!!

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Chapter 3 - Forgotten Friendship: The Birth Of Zi-O

My alarm phone rang and I groaned on my bed before stir up and turn it off before waking up. I gave a bit of yawn and scratching myself on my neck. I sighed, knowing wish for this to be a dream and Jabba's 'alarm clock' barking can help, but sadly no, I'm still at the Canterlot High Library. Gotta face fact that I'm trapped in another dimension with no home or anywhere to go. Seeing the dawn coming in, I decide to get up and headed to the P.E. room for a quick shower and brush teeth before school starts. Grabbing my supplies and also choosing the clothes I want, I carefully navigate around the hallways and headed to the P.E. room. After a quick shower and brushing my teeth, I wore my new clothes: black pants with a pink strip going diagonal left side. I wore a new black shirt and a new grey jacket with the only difference is the white strip lines on my hoddie to my zippers and another white going right diagonal with the Zi-O symbol.

Headed back to the library, I gathered my stuff and hide them underneath the bottom shelves. I sighed and taken a glance at the now morning skies, I know I better get ready to go to school now. But first, I need to head to the Principal's Office to pick up my schedule.

With a breather, I open the door and begin my school day.

Twilight Sparkle's POV

At the classroom, I sat down on my desk, setting my stuff down, notebooks, notes, pencils, and highlights. I sighed and gave a warm smile upon seeing other students came in, having different expressions. I saw Rarity coming in and we both gave a wave at each other. Once the bell rang, Ms. Cheerliee came in with stacks of paper on her hands.

"Good morning, students. Glad you got some rest because today, we got ourselves a new student here in CHS."

A large murmur was heard from the students. If I remember correctly, Sunset told me that last time they have new students, three evil sirens use magic to make the students go against each other in the Canterlot High Musical Show, but was stopped thanks to her and her friends and a certain pony princess from another dimension. So I guess, it makes sense why they're a bit tense about it.

"He just came from Las Pegasus to finish up his education upon his moved to here in Canterlot City. So, I want you to give our new student feel welcome, Roland Cabral."

At the moment, the door open and a boy came inside. He has dark brown wavy hair with some spike up a bit, an aura of innocence, young yet serious and gentle look with a neutral tone on his light brown colored skin, a grey jacket with white strips line around the hoddie and strange symbol that almost resemble a clock hands, a pink strip going diagonally on the left side of his left leg of his black pants, black shoes with laces and more of the pinkish stripes, and the strange thing is he's wearing a strange look belt on him. Judging from the description, he must be the one that Sunset and Rainbow told us about.


"A new student?" I asked, pulling out of my reading, upon hearing what Sunset and Rainbow told us in Applejack's house.

"Yeah, apparently, he was transferred from Las Pegasus so he can continue his studies," Sunset explained.

"Oohhh!! So that was my Pinkie Sense telling me! I should get ready to plan out a Welcome to Canterlot High Party!" Pinkie said.

"You sure that this new student won't be the same as what happened with the Dazzlings?" Applejack worried.

Sunset shook her head "No, I don't think so. When I look into him, I can't help but sense an aura of........"

"Of what?" I asked.

"His innocence and gentleness. But also that belt......I can't help but felt off about it......" she replied.

"What's so strange about that belt, Sunset? He said it was a cosplay." Rainbow said.

"I know, but I felt a huge amount of power from it," Sunset said.

"You think it could be Equestria Magic?" I asked, worried about that assumption. If there's Equestria Magic, then we have a big problem considering how Equestria Magic did to me, Sunset, and Gloriosa.

"No, it's not. I just can't figure out what." Sunset pounder of it. All of us was silent at this point until Rarity decides to break the ice.

"Come now, he is a new student. We shouldn't make any assumption about him until we can get to know him more."

All of us nodded at the fashionista. We can't make any rash assumption until we can get more clues or what on the new student.

"So Sunset, do you know the name of the new student?" Fluttershy asked.

"'Roland Cabral'" Sunset answered.

"'Roland Cabral?'" Applejack dawned. "That's uh....an interesting name."

"Well, he was named after his grandfather." Rainbow pointed out.

"Plus, the name 'Roland' means famed land or one of the legendary heroes in Prances histories." I pointed out, research a bit on my laptop.

All of my friends gave an 'ooohh' and Rainbow asked Sunset "You know, I was wondering Sunset?"

"About what?"

"On the way to Applejack's house, you were acting a bit strange when I brought up Roland, why?"

Sunset's eyes widened as she darted her attention away from us "Oh....uh......it's......uh.......nothing to wonder about.......uh....."

"Oooohhh, someone got a crush on the new guy!" Applejack teased, causing her face to become beet red.

"N-no, I don't!" Sunset pouted.

"C'mon, Sunset, that face doesn't lie!" Rainbow joined in.

"I don't have a crush on him!!" Sunset yelled but we just laugh a bit. At least, I'm not the only one who gets teased with me and Timber.

End Flashback

"Roland, why you take a seat next to Twilight Sparkle? I'll gather the textbook you need for the class." Ms. Cheerliee said and he nodded. He walks towards the side next to me and pulls out his notebook and pencils. As Ms. Cheerliee begins her lecture, even though I'm focused on the lessons, I was focused on Roland as he scribbled a lot of notes on it. Talk about catching up!

A paper airplane landed in front of me and I turned and saw Rarity wave her hand at me. I unfolded and it read:

'He's a handsome guy, is he, Twilight?

Although, the clothes are unorthodox.'

Rolled my eyes, I wrote it down and passed back to her without being seeing. Upon that, I notice a strange looking watch on his belt. It was white and have strange designs, but like Rainbow said, it's got to be a part of his cosplay. I continue working on the notes and follow what I can understand.

Roland's POV

The school bell rang as I begin packing my stuff, Ms. Cheerliee came to me with a textbook.

"Here you go, Roland. This is the textbook you need for the class. I wish there's some way you can keep up for the entire lessons."

"Don't worry, Ms. Cheerliee." I said and place the textbook in my bag "I just had to cram as much as I can."

"Just don't cram too much, Roland." Ms. Cheerliee said and I exited out of the classroom.

Upon walking towards my next class, I seeing students just doing their daily things around and brought up memories of my time in high school. I remember that every school, I was an outsider, just going to a new place. I don't know about friendship and being different, I closed my heart in the form of studies and just want to get home away from people in high school. But as I grown up, I begin to feel lonely without any friends to talk to. And because of my 'Asperger's Syndrome', making a connection is hard. But I have a lot of support in the form of my teachers and those who are willing to be friends with me. Also, it was My Little Pony who open my heart to Friendship ever since I watched Equestria Girls and begin my journey of being a Brony.

Now, I'm just felt like I'm back in my past, but different. Perhaps that's a good thing in my part upon applying for Canterlot High.

Another lecture of lesson from Mr. Cranky Doodle Pants' Math class. Lucky, he gave me a spare textbook for me to catch up and gave me some homework. At least I know what I can do in my spare time. As I exited out, I headed to my next class on my schedule.

Throughout the hours, I able to get lots of homework and textbooks for me to catch up. Well, I know where I need to head so I can study for it.

As I about to head to the library, a voice was heard on the speaker:

'Roland Cabral, please come to the Principal's Office.'

Notice it, I wonder what Principal Celestia wants with me? Rerouting my walk, I head to the Principal's Office and open the door. There, she was there with her sincere smile and along with her is a light bluish person with her hair flowing down like Principal Celestia's only having a different set of colors like the night skies. If I had to guess, that must be Vice Principal Luna, Principal Celestia's sister.

"Oh, Roland, good to see you." Principal Celestia said, "Please, take a seat."

I nodded and took a seat and seeing Principal Celestia finishing up her papers.

"So how was your class?"

"It was fine. Just learning some new and old lessons, having a lot of textbooks for me to catch up and such." I replied.

"Ah, yes, although you did your studies in Las Pegasus High School, you got a lot of lessons to keep up," she replied and I nodded.

"Have you have any friends back in school?" Vice Principal Luna asked. "Maybe they can help you out keeping you on track."

I was about to speak, but then I stopped a bit. To be honest, back in High School, studying is all that matter. I can't make any friends because I was different nor because of how to interact with people. I shut myself away through book, lessons, and entertainments to keep me safe, but that all change when I was growing up and also invested myself into MLP series. Sure I can be strange, but I'm doing my best to interact with people and such.

After a moment, I sighed "No, I'm always being a lone wolf at High School a lot."

"Well then, perhaps you can attend a club for you to make friends and learn some new skills. But so far, we know the one you might like." Vice Principal Luna said and I tilt my head in confusion.

"What club is that?" I asked her.

Sunset Shimmer's POV

I open the door and my friends and I enter inside the classroom that's for the Yearbook Committee. We begin working on the photos of the students I took for the yearbook and so far, we're making excellent progress around. As I bring my book to my chest, I gave a warm smile at the times in CHS. Sure there was the time I was a 'rotten apple' but I discard my bad self and work hard on becoming what I am now. I begin heading to help my friends when I bump into someone.

I land on the floor and the assailant was a light green skin girl with dark green hair and having freckles. She's wearing a brown sweater with white stripes on a light brown pattern. She also wearing blue jeans which were a bit covered in scratches and such.

We both glance each other and she said in a low tone while rubbing her head "Excuse me."

"I'm sorry." I apologized "I didn't see you come in."

"I've been here for a while." the girl pointed out while I was grabbing the papers.

I was surprised and rubbed my head in embarrassment "I didn't realize."

"I've been trying to get your attention for, like, half the song." the girl said.

Oh, I didn't know either.....

I can hear Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy talking to each other about this girl, but I felt like I met her before when.....

I was putting my stuff on the board while introducing to the girl "I'm Sunset Shimmer. President of the Yearbook Committee and editor-in-chief. Do you want to join? We could always use extra help."

"I'm Wallflower Blush." the girl replied.

"Nice to meet you," I said

"I've been on the Yearbook Committee all year," she replies dryly which my eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh.....um....." my cheek blush in embarrassment. Now I remember Wallflower Blush.......

"We met in ninth-grade English."

"And.....I was......saying it was nice to you then. You didn't let me finish." I said. I can't believe I forgot about her. Then again, she's always been a quiet student ever since she attends before.....well, you know......the Fall Formal.

"Anyway, I counted up all the votes for the yearbook Superlatives." Wallflower gave the paper to me which all of us excited to see. Upon reading it to a specific page, my eyes widened with glimmering surprised.

"Ooh! We won 'Best Friends!' Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and me!"

"I always knew I liked you all but now it's official!" Pinkie Pie got all of us in a deep group hug. "In yearbook form! The people have spoken!"

Twilight took the paper and look at the topic "Oh, good for Micro Chips. 'Most Likely to Invent Cold Fusion'. Not a reason to be jealous. Pfff!" she tried to hide it but failed misery "I'm not!"

"Don't worry, Twilight." Fluttershy took the paper from her hand and place her left one on her shoulder "We know you're a genius."

"Besides, it's just a yearbook," Rainbow commented earning gasp from my friends and me-

Do my eyes twitch at the sentence along with an angry vein on my head: Just a yearbook? JUST A YEARBOOK?! How dare Rainbow Dash comment at that forbidden sentence!

"Just the yearbook?!"

Applejack groaned and said to Rainbow Dash "Now ya gone and done it!"

"The student body has entrusted me with the responsibility of gathering their memories into the pages of this book. In thirty years, we might not remember everything, but we will remember what's in the yearbook!"

Rainbow sighed "Well, I'm entrusting you not to put us next to 'Best Muscle'." She grabbed a yearbook and begin opening and closing repeatedly "Every time you close the book, it'll be like we're kissing Bulk Biceps!"

Rarity took it out of her hand in shuddered "Why don't we take our picture at the beach tomorrow. Everyone's bound to look adorable."

"Beach day!!" Pinkie said, leaping from the table next to Fluttershy and Twilight "I'll make my world famous fun-in-the-sun cupcake!" I can hear a bit Pinkie whispering to Fluttershy's ear and Fluttershy replies with disgust.

'Knock! Knock!'

I heard the door knocked and replied: "Come in!"

Open the door was Vice Principal Luna and just like before, my heart pounding like crazy, dry mouth, and my brain got crosswire, Roland enter inside too!!

"Hey, good to see you again. We kept meeting up like this, huh?" he replied while shyly look away while rubbing my arm the same way I'm doing.

"Uh......." I tried to speak with my face getting beet red, but my brain continues to get scramble a bit and giving me images of me and him going on dates, walking together, having our- I shook my head out of those thoughts and replied, trying to keep my cool. Sadly, I'm failing at it.

"Yeah......uh......we.....always......kept meeting......each other...... heh....." I said. I can hear my friends snickering from the background and I glared at them, giving them the 'don't go there' look.

Vice Principal Luna coughed a bit, getting my attention "Sunset, you already know this is Roland's first day of school and my sister and I thought it would be a good idea for him to join this club and at the same time, hang out with you and your friends."

My eyes widened as dinner plate upon this: Roland is going to join the Yearbook Committee?! And going to hang out with each other?!!

"But why?" Rainbow asked.

"Let's just say, he's a Lone Wolf all the time back in his school and knowing that he's very different, it would be wise for him to have him being with people who have knowledge of friendship more than we know."

Vice Principal Luna turned to him "I hope you can enjoy being here with the girls."

"I'll give it a go, then," he replied and she nodded then headed out, leaving him with us.

Silence filled the air as I sighed and raise my hand "Well, I'm glad that you decided to join the Yearbook Committee, Roland. We can always use extra help around."

"The pleasure is mine, Sunset." he grasps my hand we shake on it before letting it go.

"Hey, there, new kid. Glad to see you again." Rainbow acting all casually which I rolled my eyes. "I forgot to introduce myself-"

"It's Rainbow, right?" he replied which she was surprised, "Sunset told me when we first met."

"Oh right," she rubbed her head "Anyway, it's Rainbow Dash. The Canterlot High's best athletic and most awesome guitarist of the Rainbooms!"

Of course, her ego still retains as usual.

"So are you like the Queen of Sports?" he asked.

"Well, duh! Are you doubting me?" Rainbow got to his face with a frown.

"No, no! Just wondering."

I gave a hearty chuckle and I decide to break them apart before Rainbow do something drastic to him.

"Anyway, let me introduce to my other friends. This is Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, and-"

And when I about to introduce to Pinkie, she came to him and gave a rougher handshake "HiMynameisPinkiePie!It'sahonortomeetyou,Roland!Idohaveaquestion,whydoyoudecidetotransfertoCHS?AndwheredidyougetthatbeltcauseIwanttoknowwhereIcangetone!Oooh,MaybeIshouldgetthepartyforyourightnowafterfinishtheyearbookand-"

"Pinkie!" Applejack and I let go of her grip which Roland shook a bit from the rough handshake.

"Pinkie Pie, darling, you need to be careful about meeting people like that." Rarity scolded at the party girl's antics before turned to him.

"I'm truly sorry, dear. Pinkie Pie is herself, just want to make every CHS new and old, happy."

"It's fine. I never thought I was greeted like this." he was shaking his sore arm a bit.

"In any way, dear, it's nice to meet you, although......" Rarity glanced at him as she was studied his clothes with an appalled on her face that changes into disgust. "I do wonder why would you wear such unorthodox colors and the belt?"

"Oh boy......" I placed my hand on my face.

"Huh?" he tilting his head in confusion "What do you mean?"

"The jacket, grey with a white stripe and a strange magenta symbol, it doesn't go well! The black and pink I can understand, but the belt, why would you wear it? It really clashes the colors of this and it's goofy looking." Rarity pointed out, which I shook my head. Oh, Rarity.......

"But I like this style. It's new to me. I don't give much to style and fashion, I just go with it." Roland replied which Rarity gasped in horror.

"No, no, no, no, no!!! I will not allow you to keep wearing those weird clothes! We will go back to my home to get you a new style!!"

"I appreciate for your offer Ms. Rarity, but there's no need. I like this style a lot more." Roland said.

"Darling, people from Canterlot High will look at you as if you went to a circus place!" Rarity argued.

"So? I don't give what people think of my style." Roland bluntly replied.

"Dear, that's not how things go around!!" Rarity said.

Okay, I better stop this before it would become a fight. I came to both of them and separate them.

"Okay, enough you two! Rarity, I can understand wanting to give him a better style, remember that he's new around and you said to treat him with respect, right?"

Rarity realized this and cough a bit with a hint of regret "I'm sorry for my action, Roland dear."

"No, I'm sorry. You were trying to help and I decline. Mainly because I don't want you to work hard just for me." Roland replied. That makes sense considering what happened when Rarity made outfits for us for the Dance Music Video. Guess he cares for people, even if we just met.

Rarity sighed "I understand, but I don't want to people to see you differently. It would be shameful if that were to happen to you."

"I see," Roland sighed then nodded "All right if you truly want to make a new outfit for me, I'll accept it."

Rarity gleed in happiness and we all sighed at this. At least, he's very aware of his actions.

Applejack came to him "Well at least you two able to quiet down the squabbles. It's nice to meet you, sugarcube."

She raises her hand and Roland just nodded and grasp it with a shake.

"Likewise, Ms. Applejack."

"Just Applejack is fine. Calling Ms made me feel like an old gal."

"All right." The rest of us introduced themselves to him as Roland noticed Wallflower and properly introduced himself. She only replied with a nodded.

Just as we about to teach him about the club, a door swung open and to my annoyance, Trixie came inside.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie demands to speak with the Yearbook editor immediately!"

"And unfortunately for me, that's me. What do you want, Trixie?" I asked but she took the pages of the Superlatives and skim through.

She gave a huffed in disappointment "Just as I suspected! I was not voted for 'Greatest and Most Powerfulist!' Explain yourself!"

"How can I explain it? You didn't win 'Greatest and Most Powerfulist' because it's not one of the Superlatives." I already told Trixie about this again, but as usual, she can be very stubborn about her ego.

Trixie noticed the stacks of yearbooks and flipping one of the pages of the book "Neither was 'Biggest Meanie', but that doesn't stop you from winning our freshman year."

She handles it to me and all of us (except Wallflower) look at the picture and to a kick in my face, it was me as 'the bad girl' about to give a photographer a knuckle sandwich. It took me a while to apologize to the photographer after the Fall Formal event.

"That was different. The whole school voted for her." Applejack said, unaware that she inadvertently remember some of my bad memories.

"She was sooooo mean." Pinkie Pie added.

"Of course, we all know you've earned not to remember that way," Twilight said, throwing the book away.

"And what about the new kid?" Trixie added.

We all turned to him and he gave a small smile. "I know we just met, but I trust her as a friend. If she worked hard to fix the mistakes, then I believe her."

I was surprised by his choices of words, but he gave a nod, stated that he trusts me. I gave a small smile and I turned to Trixie.

"Look, Trixie, as I said before, we're not going to do a 'Greatest and most Powerfulist', sorry," I said.

"Oh, you'll be the one who will be sorry, Sunset Shimmer!" Trixie pointed at me "When you at least expected, I'll have my revenge and then-"

"Seriously?" Roland blunted retorted.

"Excuse me?!" Trixie said in an offensive tone.

"I hate to break the news, Pixie, but getting revenge won't do any good for you," he said.

"It's TRIXIE, you dimwit! How dare you call me by other names?!" Trixie hissed.

"I don't know, the only reason is being Greatest and Powerfulist is a waste of your time and it's stupid."

"Ohhhhh, you-!!!" Trixie's face begins to erupt in a deep red. "Okay new kid, looks like I had to get my revenge on you first! But first, a disappear like this! The Magician's exit!!"

She threw a smoke bomb and we all coughed at this, trying to blow away the smoke, only I see Roland go into the smoke and just grabbed Trixie by the collar.

"Hey, put me down, you idiot!" Trixie screeched as I saw her being pulled up on her collar as she struggles to move.

"Looks like you have a bad case of escape routine," Roland said as Trixie growled at him. "Plus the door is locked. You should think twice before doing it, Ricky."

"It's TRIXIE!!!!"

With a sigh, I got my keys and unlock the door which Trixie huffed at me and Roland before leaving. The rest of us headed out of the room, but not I turn off the lights of the room.

Roland's POV

We all headed to the Sweet Shop for a little get together. To be honest, I'm still learning how to go out a lot more and hang out with friends considering how I'm always at home a lot more. Then again, in my universe, my teacher suggests me to hang out with people more than heading home and giving me a chance to do so at a pizza place with laser tag and arcade, I was a little nervous about it.

I glanced at the Rainbooms, talking about something with the band, Canterlot's soccer team's winning streak, Rarity's new design for my new clothes, etc. I took a glance at the window, just feeling a bit homesick yet I don't want the girls to know because it'll complicate things. There are things I have to do on my own that I don't know if the girls will understand my situation.

"Roland? Are you okay? You haven't drink your smoothie." Fluttershy asked, snapping out of my thoughts.

"Oh, sorry. Just got a lot of things in my mind." I said.

"Like what?" Applejack asked.

I thought of something, but that's difficult when Applejack knows when I'm lying. After a given thought, I spoke "Well, being in a Yearbook Committee. I never been in any club nor hang out with friends a lot because I always go back home a lot and just stay there."

"Why didn't you make any friends back in your old school?" Rainbow asked.

"I don't know how to. I never have done it so the only thing I can do is study on what I learn and that's it." I replied.

"Guess you and I have somewhat in common." Twilight said, getting my attention "Well, even though I transfer to this school, I'm still learning Friendship. Back at my old school, I was picked by other students because I was the smartest in the school yet no one ever wants to be friends with me."

Sunset place her hand on her shoulder and I can only give a solemn glance at her. No one should go through a life being bullied and being exclusive to others because of talents.

"Sorry you have to go through such harsh times," I said.

'It's fine, Roland. I'm trying to moving on from it, slowly, but sure." Twilight said.

I nodded then got up "I gotta go back home. Thanks for the treat, girls."

With that, I headed back to Canterlot High as, through my stealth skills, I manage to get inside and headed to the library. Going to the books, I found the makeshift bed and I rested there.

I see the setting sun now become nighttime and I sighed. I rested on the side, my face glance at my iPhone 6. I turned it on and scroll to a picture of my family. I wonder how they're doing, even though time in my dimension is frozen.

I miss them.......I miss them so much........it's awesome to go into the EG universe, but being forced into and letting your world freeze in time, that's the worst thing happening to me. And why? Why I was chosen? I'm not special or anything, just a normal guy trying to live.

I gave a deep breath and set my phone down, turn off. I hope I can get some answers to this. But right now, I better rest for the night.

The next morning, I begin studying in a library table on some math problems and a bit of homework for the classes. After a few hours, I yawn and felt I need to get some fresh air. Packing my stuff into my bag, I headed out to the front of the courtyard. Seeing the statue, the gateway to Equestria, always pipe my interest, but as I said before, I can't meddle things without understanding it. Yet, I felt just a bit of shade and a glance of the sky could help my thoughts so I laid on the back of the mirror. I stare at the sky hearing nothing but the students chatting with each other and what.

However, I began to notice strange about the conversation the students they were speaking:

"We should be careful around Sunset Shimmer."

"I know, she's pretending to be nice but it's nothing but a ruse."

"I just don't get why she's still there."

"What's going on?" I wondered. Why the students are talking bad to Sunset? Something's not right. As I about to find out, I notice a ripple on the mirror and Sunset was shot out towards me!



We both laid on the ground hard, on my butt while she's on top of me. I groaned in pain as I about to get up, my face became beet red upon seeing her face closer to mine and we both have the same reaction as each other in addition of having Sunset's face blushing red as a tomato.

"Roland?! I'm so sorry!! Please forgive me!!" Sunset squeaked in embarrassment and we both got up.

"Uh....." my mind has gone crosswire upon this event and I coughed a bit, trying to get a hold of myself "It's fine."

After dusting off, Sunset gave a nervous glance and I took notice of it "What's wrong?"

"Uh, Roland, do you remember me?" I nodded

"You know, the good me, showing you around the school, joining the Yearbook Committee, and hanging out in Sweet Shope? Not the bad girl everyone knows in school?"

"Of course I would remember you. You're a good person in my eyes."

She gave a surprised look then a deep sighed, feeling relieved.

"Thank goodness."

"Sunset, what's going on? Why are you asking those questions?" I asked and she turned side to side then to me.

"Meet at the Music Room and I'll explain everything."

Nodded at this, I followed her to the music room and she closes the door. Once that, she explains to me the situation and it shocked me.

"So let me see if I got this straight. You're saying that someone is erasing the good memories of you from the students and your friends in CHS and causing them to remember the bad girl you once were?"

She nodded sadly.

"How did this happen?" I asked and she pulled out a drawing of a stone with design engravings that might pull out from The Legend of Zelda games.

"I don't know how, but all I know is that I need to find this stone and destroy it."

"I see," then a thought came to me "Wait, how come I'm the only not being affect by it?"

"If I have to guess, I think it's because you came after the events of my bad girl times, you never have any bad memories of it." Sunset theorized it. That makes sense considering that I now apply for the school.

"In that case, I'll help you with it," I said which she glances at me.

"Look, we might just met two days ago, but all I know is that you're a good person in both heart and soul in my book considering I just transfer here and you show me around the school and also spending time with you and your friends. It might be short, but it's still important to me." I said in which she turned around and having a pink blush on her cheek.

"So, what are we going to do now?" I asked.

"All we need to do is find it and the one who's doing it," Sunset said.

"But how we know who has it?" I asked.

Sunset thought of it and said, "I don't know, but we just need to be wary for now."


With that, we exited out of the Music Room and begin walking around to the respective lockers. While we're getting our stuff, we heard more students gossiping towards not just Sunset but to me. I ignoring the gossiping while I notice that Sunset feeling pressure from this. I placed my left hand on her shoulder and gave a reassuring nod.

Just as we about to head out, she bumps into one of the students. The student was whimpering on the sight of her and held out his lunch money from his pocket.

"I don't want your lunch money! I'm not mean! Got it?! I'm not mean!" she yelled, causing him to run away in fear.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and she turned to me.

"Sunset, calm down. We can't make a scene around here otherwise it'll make our mission very hard." I said and she nodded sadly. "We'll find a way to get everyone's memories of you, the true you, back. I promise."

She nodded and gave a deep breath then a warm smile. Then she glances at Trixie, getting something from her locker, and gave a suspicious glare. Upon walking up to her, she slammed her locker in front her, surprised her.

"So......... here we are."

"Here we do are," Trixie said with a smug.

"You really want to do this in the hallway?" she asked.

"Up to you," Sunset said.

Before that, she pulled a poster of herself with magician designs.

"Behold! Canterlot High's Greatest and most Powerfullest Student! If seven scale mockup doesn't convince you, I don't know what will."

I wonder if Trixie......knowing this, I got in front of her with the equal frown as Sunset.

"Okay, Pixie, where's the memory stone?" I asked.

"What stone?" she asked

"Stop lying, Ricky! We know you're the one who erased everyone's memories of Sunset, leaving only the bad memories of her bad girl times, also turning her friends against her as an act of revenge for not getting yourself in the Yearbook as the Greatest and Powerfullest! Plus, Powerfullest isn't a word!" I said, having daggers on her.

"A stone that could make everyone forget all the bad tricks I've done....? Which is no trick." Trixie said, "Your puny rocks pales in no comparison to the Greatest and Powerful Trixie!"

I groaned, placing my hand on my head. Ah mou, she doesn't get it!

"Will you stop pretending, Ricky?" I retorted.

"IT'S TRIXIE, YOU DIMWITT!! Can't you get my name right?!" she screeched. "And I don't have that thing you two are looking for."

Just as I about to answer back, Sunset placed her hand on my shoulder and shook her head.

"She's telling the truth....." she sighed then lean to a locker and sat down, depressed. I came to her side and to her level, placing my hand on her shoulder.

Trixie notice this and asked, "Did somebody really erase everyone's memories of you two?"

I shook my head "Just Sunset only. I wasn't affected because I came to this school last week so I don't have any bad memories of her."

Trixie nodded and sat down next to us "And even though we all know you're the Biggest Meanie, you're saying you're not mean anymore."

"It's complicated," Sunset said.

"So you have this idea of who you're supposed to be, but no one in school, besides him, sees you that way," Trixie asked and Sunset nodded. "Trust me. I get it."

I see her rubbing her head in the opposite direction, feeling a bit saddened.

Now I think about, I was being harsh on her, especially on my first day of school. Then again, it happens to me on my earth, being harsh and selfish on students with egos, mainly because I hate people with egos always filled with an overconfident boast that really irritated me. I always filled with good intentions and yet, I'd been distrust at them, making them feel bad, even if I can't see it.

After a few minutes of thought, I turned to Trixie and asked: "Can you help us?"

"Huh?" Trixie turned to me, confusion.

"We need your help in finding the Memory Stone, Trixie." I said.

"Wait, you said my name?" she asked.

"Yeah, I did."

"And you were saying my name wrong on purpose the whole time?" She gave a glare at me.

"Yes, and I'm sorry for saying your name wrong. Back in my school, I have a dislike towards people with big egos so I can a bit harsh and selfish." I said. "But it was wrong to do so without giving a chance so I'm very sorry Trixie."

After a few minutes of silence, Trixie responds "I'll take that as a compliment. I'll help you two finding the stone."

As I rose up, Sunset asked: " Hold on Roland." She turned to Trixie "What's in it for you?"

Trixie glanced at her poster and getting the message, Sunset said "No way! Absolutely not!"

Trixie respond with a smug "Well if you'd rather go on being the Biggest Meanie -"

"Okay Trixie, you got yourself a deal," I said and Sunset turns to me.


"Sunset, we got no other choice, besides we're going need every help we can on finding the stone." I said then turned to Trixie "You better keep your word on helping to find the stone and we'll promise you to add you to the Student Yearbook as the Greatest and Most Powerfullest."

"Trixie always keep my word." I nodded then we saw the time.

"We better meet up at lunch break in the cafeteria," I said and we headed to our separate classroom. As I headed down the hall, familiar energy burst out as I glance around and saw some of the students were...

"What the? Did time stop?"

"Indeed, my Demon King." I glanced at the new voice and found the one I was been searching for, only now he was holding a book.

"You?!" I got into a fighting stance, prepare to face him.

"Do not be alarmed, my demon king. I must apologize for sending you to this dimension without notice, but you were chosen for this prophecy," he said.

"Prophecy?" I asked.

"Yes, it was written that one day, the Demon King and the Maiden Knights of Harmony will play a huge role in the battle for Time and Space for every worlds."

"Wait, Demon King?" I asked "Maidens Knights of Harmony?"

Why would that robe guy call me a Demon King.....unless......

"However, you need to unlock your powers. And the role you were destined to be. When the time comes, you will have your answer."

Just as I about to ask more question, he disappeared and time resume normally.

Demon King? Me? That's not possible. The one who will be a Demon King is Sougo or Ohma Zi-O, but that's in the show. There's no way I'll be a Demon King just because of my toys.....right?

Putting the thoughts away, I headed to my respective classroom for another lesson.

Sunset's POV

It's lunch break as I lined up to get my lunch, I sat down on an empty table. I glanced on the side with my friends hanging out with each other, talking to each other. Just seeing them having fun without me is bad but with the bad memories of me as a bad girl, plus I accidentally broke Twilight's camera drone at the beach, it's frustrating that I was forgotten that I pushed my lunch away from me.

I noticed Roland sat down next to me with his lunch and it does feel a bit of happiness that Roland still remember me. That leaves me to wonder, how can he be the only one who remembers me? Back in Equestria, Princess Twilight and I researched about the memory stone and it supposed to erase everyone's memories, yet Roland still remembers me. I thought it might be because he never has any bad memories of my time as a bad girl when he attended, but even then, it should affect him.

"You okay?" Roland asked me and I gave a deep sighed.

"Not really, no." I replied, placing my head on the table. I noticed a warm hand on my shoulder and glance at him, having gentle eyes.

"Sunset, I won't leave your side. We'll find the memory stone and restore everyone's good memories of you," he said and I gave a small smile. At least he's here with me.

Trixie sat down next to us with a bowl of salad "A cafeteria full of suspects. Three detectives and only one Memory Stone. Seems impossible, but so does pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and I do it all the time."

Roland asked, "So what's the first we need to do?"

Trixie replied "For starters, let's talk motive. Some who have grudge against Sunset and erasing everyone's good memories of her." she turned to me "Do you know who probably hates you enough to erase everyone's good memories of you?"

"If you go back enough.......everyone," I replied, seeing the glares from other students.

Once lunch break is about to be over, we decide to head to Nurse Redheart's Nurse office. We about to leave when I saw my friends walking towards Roland.

"Roland....." I was about to come to him, but he held his hand.

"Go on ahead you two. I'll catch up," he said and I hesitantly nodded and headed with Trixie. I just hope Roland will be all right. I don't want to lose another friend.

Roland's POV

Once my friends headed to investigate, I turned to Twilight and her friends with a furrowed expression.

"What you girls want?" I asked.

"Roland, we notice that you've been hanging out with Sunset and Trixie," Rainbow said.

"And that's a problem?" I retorted.

"Yeah, Sunset is the meanest girl in school!!" Applejack said. "You shouldn't hang out with them!!"

"Listen, darling, we came because we don't want her to hurt you and-"

"She has done nothing towards me, other than she's trying to get you and everyone in CHS to remember the good times you have with her," I said.

"Why do we have memories of her? She's a bad girl and-"

"SHE'S NOT THE PERSON YOU ONCE THINK!!!" I yelled, cutting off Pinkie's statement.

"She's my friend, a kind and benevolent friend. And she's also yours. If you girls along with other students are going to treat dirt on her just because of bad memories of her in the past, then I don't want to be friends with you girls! You girls should be ashamed of treating people like dirt like the others."

I said, causing them to have a shocked and hurtful expression. I glared at them and I walked away from them, leaving them in deep sadness.

After my heated argue with the girls, I walked around the hallway, trying to find Sunset and Trixie. Upon walking towards the Yearbook club, I found them and open the door.

"Hey, sorry I'm late," I said.

"So what does Twilight and her friends want?" Sunset asked and I gave them detail about them, even told them that I served the ties with them. From the look of her face, she was shocked that I would do something like that.

"I'm sorry, Sunset. But I had enough of people treating dirt towards you and I'm sorry I had to end my friendship with them."

"It's okay. I know you were just defending for me but it was a bit harsh you did. When we get the memory stone back and restoring everyone's memories, I need you to apologize to them, all right?" Sunset asked and I nodded.

“So how’s the investigation?” I asked.

“Not good, always at a dead end.” Sunset replied, looking at the photos of the students of CHS “We asked every student, from A-Z and no such luck.”

“Wait.” Trixie muttered looking on her right shoulder pointed to a blank photo“Not pictured: Wallflower Blush. Who’s Wallflower Blush?”

“I’m right here, you know.”

We all turned to her who had an annoying expression.

“Uh, who are you?” Trixie asked.

“I’m Wallflower Blush. I have known only you two since third grade.” She replied in a monotone expression.

“Ahh! I remember third grade. Not you specifically, but what a grade.”

As Trixie continues to ramble about her time in third grade, I felt something within my pocket. Turning to see Sunset looking at a familiar journal, I turned back and pull my Zi-O RideWatch glowing a bit brightly. Why would my watch glow brightly.......

I slowly glance at Wallflower who was listening to Trixie's ramblings. I look back at my RideWatch, glowing brightly, and then I realized something. If my RideWatch is glowing, acting as a beacon, could it point to Wallflower? And if so, is it possible she's responsible for erasing everyone's memories of Sunset?

Putting my RideWatch away, I glanced back at Sunset and whispered: "Sunset, I got an idea, but I need you to distract Wallflower."


"Call it a hunch, but it seems that all of the students in CHS, we forgot one more to interrogate," I said and she nodded.

As I whispered the plan, Sunset nodded at this and I gave a reaffirmed nod. I just hope my hunch is correct on this.

Sunset's POV

All right, Roland, let's hope you got an idea. If what he said is true, then Wallflower maybe the only one left since we interrogate all of the students in CHS.

"Can I asked you a silly question, Wallflower?" I asked, catching her attention "Where did you take that lovely photo?"

"Oh, that's my garden." Wallflower said "Well, the school's garden technically. I'm the president of the Gardening Club. I founded it, too. And also the only member of it. And the only one who's ever been to the garden. Or seen it. Or even asked for it."

While Trixie continues to talk with Wallflower about having her garden into the Yearbook, I notice Roland slowly walking a bit towards Wallflower. As she turned to him, I distract her at the moment.

"No! You should do that, Wallflower. Uh, so don't let us keep you from working it." I said, and Trixie gave an annoying glance at me.

"What?!" Trixie was losing her temper, coming from her red face and steam on her ears "The Great and Powerful Trixie is .......annoyed and insulted!!"

As Wallflower about to turn back, Roland slowly walking towards her, but she noticed him and gave an annoyed expression.

"And what do you want?" she asked, with a hint of suspicious.

"Ah, well, uh I was just.......wondering if.....you can.......show me some more of your garden photos?" he asked nervously.

"Oh, well, okay, I'll show you." Wallflower said and she begins clicking on the computer. As she scrolling around the photo files, I turned to him and gave a nod. As if he got the picture, he nodded back as I turned back, I placed my hand on her arm.

"H-hey, what are you.....?"

And just like that, my geodes activated, allowing me to see Wallflower's memories.

Wallflower's memories

Wallflower standing there alone with every student passing her like she wasn't there, during the Fall Formal.

Then she walks towards a forest, kicks a rock to the side and noticed a bright light in the forest. She notices an empty area and begins using it to make a garden. She was digging to plant a garden until she notices something and dug out a stone with strange symbols engravings around it and a parchment paper.

Wallflower was watching with Sunset and her friends chatting with Roland and Trixie and Twilight threw a Yearbook away in which she picked it up from the floor.

Wallflower gave a sigh "Why should you notice me? After all, you're Sunset Shimmer." she turned to a page of her 'bad girl' time. "Everybody loves you now, even that new kid too. Why can't they see that you haven't changed?"

As she turned, she walked back to a garden and take a glance at the Memory Stone.

"Beautiful stone, is it?" A voice was heard and she turned and saw a girl with a purple dress with black stripes on it.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Why there's not to be afraid. I'm just a wandering person," she said sweetly. "My name is Drei. What's yours?"

"I-I'm Wallflower Blush. Not that anyone will notice me."

"But I do." she said, caught her attention "I saw you being invisible to everyone in CHS. And you do know why?"

"Yeah, because of Sunset Shimmer. She was a bad girl, but now everybody loves her because she changed for the better. I know that she isn't." Wallflower looking away in sadness.

"How terrible for that person, Sunset Shimmer, to pretend she's all changed for the better," Drei replied.

"Yeah, I know."

"But now you have that stone, do you think you should use it?" Drei asked.

"I guess, I don't know how....." Wallflower mumbling as Drei places her hand on her shoulder, unknown to her, darkness begins to seep into her.

"All you got to do is focus on which memories you want to erase and it'll grant your desire," Drei said. "Erase the good memories of Sunset, so people can know the true person she's pretending underneath of the shell."

"And once you do, surely you can make her pay and all of the students in CHS."

"Why them?" Wallflower asked.

"If I had to guess, the reason you're invisible is because of all of the students. They want you to be invisible. Because they believe you're nothing but a forgotten person that you shouldn't exist." Drei explained in which Wallflower eyes widened in realization.

"You mean.....?" Wallflower was shocked and Drei nodded.

Then her eyes turned to anger as her eyes show a bit of darkness within her.

"Very well then, I will do it."

She then uses the power of the memory stone and the memory glows brightly in turquoise.

Another memory shows one by one, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy, all in their respective homes, sleeping, fragments of memories pulling out of them.

Another show Roland, sleeping in the library, his memories of Sunset is about to be pulled, but a white watch glows and surrounded him, putting his memories back into place.

All of the memories were absorbed into the Memory Stone and she smiled wickedly.

"Well done, Wallflower, you one step in taking your vengeance on CHS. However, to accomplished it, I will lend you the power for you."

She pulled out a dark watch and placed on the Memory Stone, causing the Memory Stone to absorbed the watch and gained a wicked design to that of a demon.

"Now, you have the power to destroy CHS and the students who make you invisible."

Memories End

Sunset's POV

I gasped in shocked at the realization and in an instant, my shocked turned to anger towards Wallflower.

"You erased everyone's memories?"

Everyone (except me and Wallflower) gasped in shocked as Wallflower begin to be more frustrated then glared at me.

"Yes, I did."

I gritted my teeth in anger at her answer.

Roland got up, having the same anger as mine at her "But why?! Why would you do something that awful to her?!"

She turned to a photo of me and my friends and begin to sing.

While she's singing, Roland got to her backpack and begin digging until he pulled out the one we're looking for.

Unforntatenly, Wallflower noticed him in the process.

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

She grabbed her backpack and she and him were pulling like a tug of war until she pulled it back, however, Roland still grip the Memory Stone and in her anger, she charged at him and both were in like a catfight until Wallflower stomps his hand, causing him to scream in pain and dropping the Memory Stone in which she grabbed it back.


We all got to his side and Trixie checked his bruising hand, a little bit red from the impact.

"A bit sore, but he'll be fine," Trixie said and I glared at Wallflower.

"What did I do to you?! I don't even know you!!" I yelled in anger "And you even hurt him in the process!!"

"Exactly!" Wallflower spat in anger "You have everyone fooled, but now they know you're still.....the Biggest Meanie!! And you people of CHS are the caused of my suffering!!"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Roland shouted, "What did we ever do to you?!"

"I was always been invisible because of CHS!! Because of everyone in CHS!! Now I'll make you all suffer the way I have!!" Wallflower screamed at them, in which Sunset anger starting to boil.

"Oh, you're going to see how mean I can be and I'll be glad to make you suffer too!!" I yelled in fury. Just as I about to unleash my fist onto her face, Roland and Trixie blocked them away.

"Sunset, no! That's going to work!!" he placed his hand on my shoulder, calming down in the process.

"Yeah, Roland is right! Let's not antagonize the person with the all-powerful mystery rock!" Trixie added.

"I don't like confrontation. Let's just......." she pointed the Memory Stone at us "Forget this ever happened!!"

"No don't-!" Roland yelled.

"Don't erase-!" I yelled before a memory wiping spell hit both of us, but I could swear, I heard another voice was heard.


Roland's POV

I groaned a bit and I got back up, I saw that Wallflower left with the Memory Stone. I checked with Sunset and Trixie as they rubbed their head in pain.

"You girls are all right?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine but....." she looked around in confusion "How did we get here?"


"What am I saying? I'm sure it was brilliant. Also," she gasped at the clock "how is it already three' o clock?"

"Girls, we got here to find the Memory Stone in the Yearbook club room. Wallflower is the culprit of everyone's memories being erased?" I tried to tell them but they shook their head. My eyes in realization. Wallflower must use the Memory Stone to erase this moment and fled!

Panicking, I rushed to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.

Growled, I smack my fist into the door in anger "Damnit! Wallflower must lock the door when she erased our memories!!"

Sunset gasped rushed to the door and tried to open it only to get the same result.

She banged on the door and yelled "Is anybody out there? Somebody open the door!!" she turned to us "If we don't get outta here and figure out who has the Stone, in a few hours, it'll be too late to restore everyone's memories!! I'll lose my friends forever!!"

She slumps down on the floor and begins to shed tears. I never have seen her crying that hard. The only time I see her crying is when she was repent of her actions in the first EG movie.

Seeing her in despair hurts me so I lower down to her level and wipe her tears with my hand.

"Don't give up, Sunset. We're going to find a way to get Wallflower and the Memory Stone back to restore them, okay? So please, wipe your tears."

She sniffed a bit and wiped her tears before gave a genuine smile at me and I nodded.

"Wait, hold on." Trixie said and we turned to her "How did you know this person has it?"

"Well, I know because I remember it," I said.

"But that can't be possible. The Memory Stone should wipe out memories of this event, so how come you're not affected by it?" Sunset asked and I starting to think about it. Strange, it happened again though I don't know how or why?

"Come to think of it, I hope if my ears aren't playing tricks, but I did hear another voice." Trixie pounder.

"Another voice? What did it say?" I asked.

"Z- uh Zee, was it Zee o?" Trixie mumbled.

My eyes widened in shock. Zi-O. How does Trixie know that name-

Wait a minute! I pulled out my RideWatch and my eyes widened at realization. My RideWatch protected me from my memories being stolen!! That's why I still remember Sunset Shimmer!!! But how?! And why?!

As my thoughts continue to race around the revelation, I noticed the sparks around it. What just happened to my RideWatch? Did it have power? My thoughts begin to realize another part. When I came to this dimension, did the magical properties of the Equestria Girls Universe cause my RideWatch to become.....real?

I wonder if I can restore some part of Sunset's and Trixie's memories. Decide to take the chance, I came to them.

"Girls, I believe I found a way to restore part of your memories." I showed them my RideWatch.

"A watch?" Trixie said.

"Listen, I need you to place your hand on my RideWatch. Trust me on this." I said and with both Sunset and Trixie glanced at each other, they nodded and each placed on top of my RideWatch. I clicked the button on top of it.


A surge of power course from their hands to their head making their eyes widened in realization as part of their memories restored.

"Whoa! What the?!" Trixie shook her head.

"Huh, what...I remember!! Wallflower!" Sunset said, holding her head.

"How did you -?" Trixie pointed.

"We'll talk about it later about it, but right now we need to find a way out and find Wallflower," I said.

"Right, but how?" Sunset asked.

"I wish I knew, but unless someone has the key, then we're stuck," I said, sadly as Trixie groaned.

"Wait, I record something in Twilight's camera," Sunset said and we walk towards. She presses the record button.

"I don't remember doing it until your 'watch' restores my memories, but just in case if our memories are erased, I recorded it on the camera," Sunset said and press a few buttons, rewind the events.

"Oh, that's my garden." Wallflower said on video "Well, the school's garden technically. I'm the president of the Gardening Club. I founded it, too. And also the only member of it. And the only one who's ever been to the garden. Or seen it. Or even asked for it."

"Who's that?" Trixie asked and I looked at her with a deadpanned expression.

"Seriously? That's Wallflower."

She only gave a sheepish grin at my response. "Just asking."

The next video shows her singing while seeing me sneaking towards her backpack.

"Ugh." Trixie groaned and fast-forward the song until she stops at the point of the video with me got the Memory Stone.

"Long-song?" I asked.

"Yep," she said and we see her attacking me, even stomp my hands to retrieve back the Memory Stone.

"What did I do to you?! I don't even know you!!" Sunset yelled in anger on the video "And you even hurt him in the process!!"

"Exactly!" Wallflower spat in anger "You have everyone fooled, but now they know you're still.....the Biggest Meanie!! And you people of CHS are the caused of my suffering!!"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" I shouted in the video, "What did we ever do to you?!"

"I was always been invisible because of CHS!! Because of everyone in CHS!! Now I'll make you all suffer the way I have!!" Wallflower screamed at them, in which Sunset's anger starting to boil.

"Oh, you're going to see how mean I can be and I'll be glad to make you suffer too!!" Sunset yelled in fury.

We cringed at those threating words Wallflower spat at us. Once the video stops, we sighed at this.

"I still can't believe she's now blaming all of us in CHS because of her invisibility......." I said, clenching my hands into a fist.

"You know, apart from blaming us for her suffering, she was kinda right about to you," Trixie said to Sunset.

"Yeah, right."

Come to think of it, despite the threats she lashed out, I can see something about her eyes. There were in pain. The pain of loneliness and isolation that making her invisible and now she's using the Memory Stone to take her vengeance, not just Sunset, but for the students in CHS. In a way, I'm kinda the same way, being alone and isolated like I'm an invisible being, but it's not until MLP changed my life for the better, showing me the lessons of Friendship.

And now, I am here with my friends, stuck in the Yearbook Club.

I turned to Sunset "Sunset, I believe that Trixie is making the point. Even though you didn't do anything wrong because you changed, the way you responded to her wasn't the right thing to do."

"He's right, maybe you need to be nice and reach out to her," Trixie added and Sunset looks at the video of her holding the Memory Stone.

She sighed "You're right, guys. Not that matters now. We're still trapped here unless you can use your magic to get us out?"

Trixie said "Oooh, what's the point in trying? You've seen enough of my tricks to know what would happen."

Sunset looked at the photo of her friends taking a group photo with only her seeing in the classroom.

I looked at it then to Trixie then got an idea.

"Are you saying you're giving up?" I playfully mocked "I thought you supposed to be The Great and Powerful Trixie."

"What?" she glared at me.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie that I know, wouldn't swoop down to give up when there are no magic tricks left. She's crafty, smart, and all Great and Powerfullest with unlimited magic within her and doesn't give up on her friends!"

As if my idea works, she thought of it and gave a playful smirk "You poor fools! You actually believed me when I give up?! Mere stage banter! The Greatest and Powerfullest Trixie will never give up on her friends!!" she realized what she said, "I mean her Pretty Decent Assistant-Detective- Helper People and her lovely boyfriend."

"Wait, what?!" my face blushed in beet red at that statement and Sunset faced lit up the same color as my cheeks.

"Whoa, whoa, we're not a couple!!" Sunset said.

"Surreeeeee......" Trixie smirked then cough to get the point "Anyway, The Great and Powerful Trixie presenting, The Magician's Exit!!!"

She pulled a smoke bomb and set it off the ground, creating smoke around until she was nowhere to been seen. I saw her out of the classroom, cheering at it.

"Uh, Trixie?" Sunset said. "Still in here!"

"Uh.....well.. part of the trick......" Trixie said and she set it another one only for Sunset to appear out with me and Trixie stuck in the classroom.

"This is going to be a while......" I groaned. Just as she about to set another, the same burst of energies engulfs her and Sunset, leaving them frozen in time.

"Again?!" I said and I turned around to find the door's lock being unlocked and opened up. I look around and saw the same cloak figure bowing down to me, before disappearing and time resume normally.

"Whoa! Roland?!" Sunset was shocked to see the door unlocked and Trixie widened her eyes at this. "How did you unlocked it?"

But only I gave them was a shocked expression as they turned to my direction, they were confused.

"What's wrong?" Trixie asked.

"I-I- I don't know, but we need to focus on finding Wallflower," I said we all rushed out of the classroom to find her.

Roland's POV

We all rushed out of the school and from my glance its early evening. We need to hurry to stop Wallflower before the sunset. Trixie pointed towards Wallflower headed to her garden, we rushed out towards her, but stop a bit and walk in front of Twilight and her friends having a suspicious glance at Sunset and Trixie with only concern look for me. It's not long until we catch up to her.

"Wallflower!! Wallflower, stop!!" Sunset shouted, catching her attention.

"You remember my name?" she was surprised.

"I remember everything! The Memory Stone, how I acted, all of it!" Sunset said, leaving her in surprise.

"What?! How?! I erased the whole afternoon!" Wallflower shouted, catching the attention of Twilight and her friends, leaving her in embarrassment now her secret is out of the bag.

"That's because I remember everything, Wallflower!! You can't erase my memories!!" I said, gaining her attention.

"B-but's not possible! You shouldn't remember it!" Wallflower shouted in anger.

"Listen, Wallflower," Sunset said "I used to be just like you. Sure I was popular, but I was lonely."

"You're nothing like me, and I'm not lonely because I have.....plants!" She places her hand on her head "That sounded less lonely than in my head."

"Ya think?" Trixie deadpanned at her statement.

"Look Wallflower, Sunset understood what you're going for. She's trying to help you so you won't be lonely." I tried to reason with her.

"He's right. I'm so sorry for the way I acted towards you." Sunset said.

"No, you're not. You're just trying to look good in front of your friends." Wallflower pointed towards Twilight and her friends "And it's working! Gah! How am I supposed to get back at you and the rest of CHS if nothing matters?! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOUR FRIENDS AND I HATE EVERYONE IN CHS!!!!"

She gave a threating glare that sparks dark energies around her eyes as all of us were shocked at that statement. Never we heard her saying that strong and threating tone from a lonely and isolated student.

"What good does revenge does to everyone, huh?!" I yelled getting her attention to her "I can understand the pain of loneliness and isolation you've gone to, but it's also sad that you allow it to wrap your thinking!! Taking revenge on others will only breed more sorrow and sadness, far worse than you have!!! And you'll end up of what Sunset once was that she's trying to repent from all the mistake she made, but a lot worst!!"

Wallflower growled at me with so much rage and anger at my statement.

"All I wanted was to teach you a lesson by erasing your friends' good memories, but obliviously that didn't work." She pulled out the Memory Stone "However, I can make up for it by erasing your friends' memories of high school!"

What?! Erasing Twilight and her friends' memories of high school?! That would mean-?!

"You can't do that!" Sunset pleaded to her, "You'll be stealing the memories of each other!!!"

"And you will also be taking the friendship away that they forged!!" I added.

"They'll be thinking of each other the way you think of me! WHICH IS NOT AT ALL!!!" Wallflower pointed at the stone and fires the magic at them.

As everything is in slow motion, I saw Sunset rushed towards her friends, taking the shot. If that happened, she'll lose her memories too. I don't want her to end up, waking up scared and lonely. No, I won't let my friends get hurt!!

As the magic about to hit her, I pushed her out of the way and take the hit. I yelled in pain as Sunset got up and widened her eyes in horror.


Twilight and her friends gasped at my sacrifice as I groaned down in pain, feeling my memories about to strip out of my head.

I got up in my knees "I won't let you take the memories my friends made. I rather have my memories taken then letting my friends lose more!!" I glanced at Sunset "But I know one thing, Sunset, and her friends will make new memories with me!! And I know she'll make new ones with them. That's something that I rather believe than remember!"

"Roland, please don't!" Sunset pleads with tears in her eyes for me.

"It's okay, I know you'll make new memories for me because I believe in you," I said.

At the moment, my memories begin to stripe out of my head and absorbed into the Memory Stone. I yelled in pain as I can only see Twilight and her friends watched in horror as Sunset tried to get up and rushed towards me.

"NO!" I saw wrapped my arms around me "Please, don't forget me, Roland! Please, I don't want to lose you!"

"You won't," I whispered before the last memory stripe out and it was Sunset Shimmer. Just as Sunset cried for me, the same spark of energy course through my pocket and into me.


Sunset's POV

I noticed his body glowing in white energy and I saw the same watch glowing in the same color.

"Wh-what's going on?!" Wallflower shouted and I noticed Roland's last memory of me was stopped. Then in a burst, the watch fires pink energy towards the Memory Stone and in the process, the Memory Stone begins to break.

"What the-?! Stop it!! No!!" she screeched and at the moment, the stone cracked and shattered into tiny pieces, a large bright energy dome consumes everything, pushing everyone on the ground, knock everything down. Then, all in silence.



".....set........Sun......." a familiar voice was heard. My eyes groaned in as I opened it, from my vision, I can see Twilight trying to wake me up.

"Sunset, please wake up!" Twilight pleading, shedding some tears. Once my vision is at 50/50, I got up and saw my friends, having the same concern look like her.

"Twilight, is that you?" I asked and she wiped her tears.

"Yeah, it's me. I remember you now," she said. My eyes watered in happiness. My friends. They got their memories back. Now they remember me. Not as a bad girl, but the changed person they truly know me.

In the instant, Twilight wrapped her arms into my shoulder. "We're so sorry, Sunset. We're truly are. Can you forgive us?"

"Of course, Twilight." I wiped some of my tears "I'm just glad you're all back."

All of us nodded, but as I looked, I saw Roland laid on the ground, motionless.

"Roland!" I rushed towards him and place him on my knee. Applejack came to his side and place her fingers on his arm.

"He's okay but unconscious in the process." Applejack said.

I sighed in relief that he's okay, but I felt saddened that he took the blast to save me and my friend. I rubbed my hands on his cheek and shed a bit of tears.

"Now, don't worry, darling. He'll be fine. We just need him to get to the School Nurse so they can check on him." Rarity said and I nodded.

As we about to get him to the School Nurse, Trixie yelled "Guys, something happening."

At the moment Trixie pointed, our eyes widened in shock. Wallflower begins to float like a puppet then open her eyes and instead of the usual brown eyes, they now became deep jet black.

"YOU! RUINED! EVERYTHING!! NOW!! I WILL!! ERASE!! EVERYTHING!!!!" she screamed in a demonic tone as the pieces of the Memory Stone begins to reform itself and changed into a black watch. She grasps it and clicks the top button. It begins sparking a lot of dark energies. Then she plunges it into her chest. At the moment, she groaned in pain and roared in a demonic scream. A swirl of dark energies begins to envelop her as we all close our eyes in the process. Once the dark vortex died down, our eyes widened in shocked and horror.

In place is herself, only now she has fangs protruding around her mouth, her eyes became black with only pupils glow in dark purple, her hair became wilder the same way as my she-demon and Midnight Sparkle. Her arms now covered in black and have claws with plant-like gauntlets. Her chest now has the same symbol as the Memory Stone only, it became demonic and growing around her like armor but having skin features. Her legs and feet now bare strips of empty memories around it her in black armor. It's as if she's also taking a form of Gaia Everfree, but more visage and deranged.

At the moment, all of us were shocked at this. From the waves of aura, it's not Equestria Magic at all. Just what's going on?

"W-Wallflower......is that.......is that.....even you?" I asked, frightened by her new form. The only answer she gives me is a roar across the heaven of the skies.

"Erase......." she growled, "Erase......."

All of us were frightened at her and she glared with feral eyes.


All of the students screamed in fear as they rushed out of the now demon Wallflower. Her eyes turned towards the scared crowds as her gauntlets fire plant roots. Many of the people rushed out of the way. However, those plant roots ensnared their heads around like a dome helmet. Then with a quick second, a turquoise hue appeared and begin siphoning something from the students' head, making them scream in pain. After a few minutes, the vines released them and the students limp down on the ground, with their eyes lifeless and dull and their skin now grey.

"Oh my goodness!!!" Rarity shrieked at this. Even I was horrified at this as more students begin to caught by Wallflower and being siphoned away, causing them to drop dead.

"What the hell is going on?!" Rainbow asked, frightened at Demon Wallflower's action.

"S-She's draining all of the people's memories!!" Twilight said.

"No, not just their memories, their lifeforce too!! She's sucking them away from everyone in CHS!!!!" I screamed at this.


"We got to stop her before she hurt everyone in CHS!!" Applejack said.

"We got at least get Roland to safety!" I said, still cradling him in my arms. All of us look around and we found a perfect spot in the forest.

"There. We can safely place him there so Wallflower doesn't attack him." Twilight said and Applejack carried him on her back and we rushed towards the forest, where it was a bit thick that Wallflower wouldn't target him. She set him down next to the tree.

"Okay, he'll be safe. Now we got to stop her!" Applejack said. All of us nodded and I turned to Trixie.

"Trixie, watch over him."

"R-Right," she said and we rushed out and just to see Demon Wallflower absorbing more memories of other students, dropping them dead.

"Wallflower, stop!" I shouted, catching her attention and she growled at us.

"Listen to me, this is insane at what you're doing!! You're hurting other students, taking their memories and their lives away!! Please, think about what are you doing!!"

"ALL I WANT IS TO ERASE EVERYTHING INCLUDING YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!!!" Demon Wallflower growled and fire multiple magic beams at us. In the instant, Rarity uses her geodes and conjured diamond shields, reflecting them.

"I don't think she willing to listen," Rainbow said.

"So how do we defeat her?" Fluttershy asked.

"Like we always do, Fluttershy. Kick butt and save the day!!" Rainbow responded.

"Then what are you waiting for! Let's light it up, ladies!!" Pinkie shouted and one by one, we grabbed each other's hand and begin to focus. Our geodes glow and we felt the Magic of Friendship course through us. But this is different, as we felt we unlocked something.

At the moment, instead of our power up forms from Camp Everfree, we glanced at each other in our new forms: Twilight's new form has a sparkling light blue dress with her starburst mark on it, a clear blue skirt overlapping her purple skirt, wearing dark purple leg warmers with star designed boots. Rainbow's new form has a dress in sporting design with only dark blue skirts on each side of her hip, she now sporting new sweatbands, longer than her old one, and wearing black sparkling pants with an orange sock with lighting design on her new sports boots. For Fluttershy's, she has a purple, sparking with her light green nature skirt around her sides and wearing a slipper. Pinkie Pie's form now sporting a baking theme with her blue puffy design and a decorated heart shaped with her ballon symbols on it. Applejack's form now in the form of her cowgirl design with blue collar dress and a red skirt attached to a brown belt with her apple symbol. Rarity's new form takes an elegant super design to it with her gold trims with sparkling diamonds around her head and legs. And for mine, having an elegant yet firey dress with a ruby clear skirts around it.

"Whoa!! Check us out!!!" Rainbow said, admiring her new look.

"I'll say, this is unexpected! And very beautiful if I added!!" Rarity said, having the same expression as her friend.

"Guys, save it for later! Right now, we got to stop Wallflower!!" I said.


We all turned to her who now float and cross her arms, drawing stick like swords with dark energies around it.


"Bring it, ugly!" Rainbow shouted.

With that, she charging at us and we prepare for the biggest battle that we ever have seen in our time in CHS.

Roland's POV




Wha- ugh........who's........


What's........going on........?

"Wake up, my Demon King" a voice was heard as I opened my eyes, I was in what to appear to be a bluish ripple. As I look around, I saw the years, 2017, 2019, 2050, 2100, and so forth.

"What's going on? Where am I?"

"The Realm of Time, my Demon King." I turned and saw the same cloak guy "It's where Time flows through events that were connected in each year pass."

"You again," I said.

"I never properly introduced myself when we met, so let me make it up to you." he bowed down to me "I go by many names, through Time and Space, but you may call me Relic. I am what you call a Time Walker, recording histories throughout Time and Space."

"Relic....." I muttered.

"It's an honor to see you finally awake, my Demon King, though in spirit," he said.

"Spirit?" I asked.

"You were unconscious the moment when you almost lost your memories from Wallflower Blush. Your Zi-O RideWatch responded by unleashing its great power and shattered the Memory Stone into pieces, restoring everyone's memories in the process including yours."

So my Zi-O RideWatch broke the Memory Stone? That's good.

"However, it's not over yet." the cloaked figure said and waving his hand, the ripples from the ground begin to form an image of my friends fighting a demon.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"This is the result of Wallflower corrupted by a Time Eraser."

"Time Eraser?" I looked at him.

"Tell me, my Demon King, what do you know about the Time Jackers?" he asked.

"They're a group of people from the year of 2068, hellbent on alternating Kamen Rider histories, using Another Riders, monsters in the form of the past Heisei Riders," I responded plainly.

"Yes, that's true. For the Time Erasers, they in a way similar, but unlike their twin, they're hellbent on erasing the Kamen Riders' histories from the faces of Time. To do so, they'll need a new power that they can manipulate it and use it to destroy the Kamen Riders' histories, no matter the cost."

My eyes widened in shock. A group of bad guys is bent on destroying the Kamen Riders' histories. That's something that Tid would do in Heisei Generations Forever.

"However, because of their actions, Time and Space begin to distort as a result, many worlds are dragged into the mess." the cloak replied.

"And there's a reason you chose me, right?" I asked and he nodded.

"In order to stop the Time Erasers, I decide that the only one who can defeat them is Zi-O."

"Okay, but can't you summon Sogou Tokiwa for that? He is the original Kamen Rider Zi-O." I asked.

"That's another reason." he closed his eyes before opening them "Sogou Tokiwa is erased from existence."

"WAIT, WHAT?!" I screamed. Sogou Tokiwa, the original Kamen Rider Zi-O is erased from existence?!

"Yes, I fought with them for millennia, trying to halt their plans, but they kept moving forward. By the time I learned what their plans are, it was too late. The Time Erasers discovered a new unknown power and begin using it to destroy the timelines of the Kamen Riders, erasing them from existence and the Legend Riders too, making their world a dead planet."

All of the Heisei Riders are erased from existence?! No, it can't be!!

"However, I managed to save the pieces of the timelines and hid in this world in the hope of finding a new power to heal the timelines and repair it. But the Time Erasers caught in my trail and now hellbent on destroying this world. Should this world fall the same fate as the Kamen Riders' world, then it'll cause more strain on Time and Space and eventually, cease all that exists."

He turned to me and continue "That is why I have chosen you, Roland Cabral. You have the same heart and soul to that of Sogou Tokiwa not to mention the power you have. I believe that Zi-O might be the key to restoring the Kamen Riders' world and putting the end of the Time Erasers."

So that's the reason. I was chosen to save this world from extinction from a group of time walker terrorist and restore the Kamen Riders' World and the timeline.

"What can I do?" I asked.

"For now, you must unlock your power. I will give you a choice whenever you want to return to your dimension or take the mantle as Kamen Rider Zi-O, my Demon King."

"However, should you choose to take responsibility as Zi-O, you will also bear the risks and chances of you being Oma-Zi-O in the future."

Me?! Becoming Oma-Zi-O in the future?! This is unbelievable!

"It is your choice." the cloaked figure said and I was in the thought of this.

I never thought in my life would wind up here. As a normal 23-year-old boy, I was struggling to learn new skills for a career that I don't know what I meant to do. Throughout my life, I live with my aunt and uncle, working as a courtesy clerk in Albertson's, and going to vocational classes. That all change when I was invested in Kamen Riders and My Little Pony. The shows always filled me up with excitement and joy that I have the deepest desire to one day live in their worlds. I never thought my deepest desire would come true, though not in a way. And here I am now, deciding on this. If I go home, I can just live a normal life as I was once. But with the information of Time Erasers, the extinction of the Kamen Riders' world, and the fate of the Equestria Girls World, I can't just leave them. But if I take the mantle, that would mean I would risk a chance of becoming Oma-Zi-O, the despicable tyrant and the future version of Sogou Tokiwa. I would endanger my friends as a result.

Looking at my friends fought the Demon Wallflower, I clench my fist at this. I know what I need to do. I had to save this world. I had to save the Kamen Riders' World. And I had to stop the Time Erasers.

I look at the cloaked figure with determination.

"I will accept my mantle as Kamen Rider Zi-O. However, I will not become an evil Demon King in the future. I will become a kind-hearted and benevolent Demon King that will restore Time and Space just like Sogou Tokiwa."

The cloaked figure widened his eyes in surprised but gave a small chuckled.

"If you truly believe in becoming a benevolent Demon King, my lord, then you are ready."

With that, a bright light engulfs the area.

Roland's POV

I groaned as my eyes opened up slowly, my vision was blurry but it was restored and I saw Trixie looking at me with concern.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked as I begin to sit up a bit.

"Yeah......ugh.......my head......what happened, Trixie?" I rubbed my head.

"Well, a funny story heh, but your watch destroys the stone, restore everyone's memories of Sunset including yours, then she has gone all hissy face and turned into a she-demon and beginning terrorizing all of the students in CHS," Trixie explained.

A loud explosion was heard and I saw smoking coming from the parking lot. As I about to get up, I notice my Ziku Driver was off, but I found it, only without the straps. Not that matters to me. I picked it up and begin walking towards the battlefield.

"H-Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Trixie asked me.

"I got to stop Wallflower. I had to." I said.

"Are your brains dead meat?! If you go, you're going to get hurt lot worst!!" Trixie shouted.

"I know, but that's why I had to go. I know why I am here." I said and I rushed to the battlefield, ignoring the pleading from Trixie.

Once I reached the battlefield, I saw many students emotionless on the ground and saw Demon Wallflower floating without a scratch on her. I also noticed Sunset and her friends grunted in pain, having scratches from either side of their bodies and arms, their clothes being shredded and torn.

It's time for me to take the mantle as the King of Time.

Sunset's POV

I grunted in pain as all of us struggle to get up. This is madness! Wallflower pinned us down despite our efforts with our magic. Every time we use it, she just shrugged it off as if it was nothing to her. Her gauntlet continues to changed shapes of swords, axes, and cannon and making a dent on us.

Just as she about to attack us, a familiar voice shouted "WALLFLOWER!!"

My eyes widened at it. No, don't tell me that's..........As Wallflower turned, my eyes widened in horror: Roland was walking towards the battlefield.

"Roland?!" Twilight shouted "What the heck are you doing here?! Get out of here!!"

"Please, Roland, you have to stay away from Wallflower!!" I shouted, trying to get him away from the battlefield, but he continues to walk with determination look.

"No." he replied, "I'm not leaving. I'm going to fight."

Wait, what?! Has he gone insane?!

"Are you out of your mind, dude?!" Rainbow shouted, "She's too powerful!!"

"I'll be fine, girls. I won't let you girls get hurt." he said and turned to Wallflower, crouching in position to attack "Wallflower, you've been invisible for far too long. It pains me to see you continue in this path. And that's why I will cut the chain of your fate!!"

To our eyes widened, he was holding his toy belt, only there are no straps. He then placed it on his waist and to our shocked, it forms around him the straps on his waist.

And it spoke.


"What the heck?!" Rainbow muttered at this.

Then we saw him holding the same watch that he used to restore part of mine and Trixie's memories and he turned the dial and click a button on the top.


An image of a face mask was seen briefly before we saw him slotted it into his belt, causing the belt to light up. We heard noises of clocks ticking and he presses the button on top of his belt. An image of clocks surrounding him with the bigger one on the center and he got into a pose.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked in wonder.

"I wish I knew, Twilight," I replied.

Then he got his hands into a clock position and shouted the word that would change everything in our daily magical life.


At the moment, he uses his left hand to spins the belt. We can hear mechanical noise from it as it was spin to the same position and a bell noise, was heard followed by the clocks spun its arrows to a position with strange pink symbols.


A large ripple came from the clock and in an instant, the clock burst out with the symbols jutting out and spinning. Large ring-like energies in the form of straps for watches circled around him and the belt glows in pink energies. From the middle, Roland was enveloped in ripples, forming something around him, an armor in sense. Then the ring-like energies shattered and the symbols return to him only now, it forms a visor around him.

Once the transformation is completed, our eyes widened in shocked that even Pinkie's jaw might fall on the ground and dislodge. In place of him was a black armored warrior with pink stripes on his leg, waist and on the arms and hands. Dials with the same symbol as Roland's was placed on the knee. He wore two gauntlets that would hold watches around his arms. A watch strap was on the middle and even on his upper armor, all the way to his neck. He also has shoulder armors with more of the dials on the sides on the metallic silver and bit pink on top. His face now sports a helmet in the shape of a watch with the pink symbols visor on the 'eyes' and the clock hands became v-shaped fins.

"Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-" Twilight flabbergasted upon Roland's transformation, her brain trying to process at this revelation.

"Great hay in a bean stock......." Applejack was astonished.

"No way.........." Even Rainbow was speechless at this, her mouth open and her eyes bulging.

Rarity and Fluttershy having the same expression as Applejack and Rainbow, each looked at him in wonder in his new form.

As for me, I was astonished, my mouth was opened, leaving my jaws hanging but not to the extreme like Pinkie's jaw fall on the ground. Literally.


Another voice was heard and we turned and saw a cloaked figure holding an open book.


After that, he closes the book and each of us looks back at Roland with utter confusion. Heir to the power of all Riders? The Lord of Time? Kamen Rider Zi-O? Just what the hay is going on here?

"I'LL ERASE YOU TOO!!" Demon Wallflower shouted and begins charging at him.

"Wallflower, with my power, I'll set you free from your fate!!" he yelled then charged back at her in which Roland dodge her thrust and punch at her chest. A powerful shockwave emitted from his fist and send her skidding to the ground.

"No way! With one punch?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Wallflower grunted in pain then got back up and charging back at him, throwing any punches and hooks at him, only for him to dodge and block the attacks until he lands another punch onto her chest, sending her to the ground. Then she roared and continue her assault at Roland. Both continue to block each other's attack and throwing punches, hooks, and kicks.

While we continue to see this, I saw Rainbow Dash glanced at the mysterious cloaked figure who close the book and begins to walk away.

"Hey, hold it, pal!!"

She dashed towards him with her speed, blocking him from escaping. That guy must done something to Roland so we all rushed to her side and surrounding him.

"Okay, pal, spill it!! What's going on?! What did you do to Roland?! And why did you celebrate on his transformation?!" Rainbow demanded.

"Fear not, Maiden Knight of Loyalty. I never did anything wrong to my Demon King. I just merely gave the motivation to keep him going forward."

Wait, Demon King? Why would that guy call Roland, a Demon King?

"As for the situation, all I can say is that my Demon King will play a huge role in every worlds and Time and Space. However, even with his power, he needs one more thing for his mission," he replied.

"Wait, what?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"He will explain everything. Farewell for now."

With that, his cloaked begin to swirl around him like a tornado and in an instant, he was gone.

"Where did he go?" Fluttershy asked.

"I don't know......." Applejack replied "But that guy is very suspicious on this. Just what in Sam's hill does he mean his role in Time and Space?"

"I wish I can answer, but this is something out of my league." I said, "Even for Equestria's standard."

We heard noise and we turned back to see Roland jump out of the way as Wallflower now have her gauntlet using a whip and begin swing around him. He continues to block the attack, but she continues to swing around until she snares him on his arm and begin swing around him and slam him on the ground.

"ROLAND!!" all of us screamed.

From the ground, Roland grunted in pain and he got back up. Then to our surprised, his belt glows and more pink symbols appeared along with clocks, forming a sword.

"ZIKAN GIRADE!! KEN (Sword)!!"

He grips both of his hands onto the handles and blocked the upcoming attack whips. Then he pressed a trigger on the handles and the blade glows in pink. He continues blocking the attacks from Wallflower, eventually, cut it in the process and swing towards her chest, sending sparks onto her.

"Whoa, looking at him go!" Pinkie Pie amazed.

Wallflower growled at Roland, gripping his sword. Then she charged him once more, throwing more attacks at him, but Roland thrust his sword and slash her, causing her to stumble on the ground. He clicks the button on his watch and it lights up.


Multiple symbols appeared and surrounding her, encircled and trapping her in the process. Even when she tried to go through, the symbols knock her back to the ground. Roland presses the button on his belt and jumps higher. Then using his free left hand, he spun the belt.


With that, one of the encircled symbols attaches to the others like a clock until all of them return to him as he got into a position with his right foot forward and his left behind his back. Then, he shot like a speeding bullet and pink energies surrounding him and in an instant, sending his kick into her chest. The impact caused her to knock on the ground but weakened and Roland pulled out his watch and attach to his sword.


With that, he charged straight to her as Wallflower got up and struggle to fight back. Roland pressed the trigger and his blade now enveloped in the same pink energies.


With that, Roland swung his sword and slash her chest in an arc direction. Sparks coming out of her body and she screamed in pain.

"NO! ERASE........I......ERASE.............AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!"

At the instant she fell down, she exploded, cover the area in smoke as lifeforce energies came out and returned to their respective students. All of them affected by Wallflower, begin to wake up and saw Roland still donned his armor suit. At the moment, we were worried for Wallflower’s destruction, but to our relief, we saw her unconscious on the ground, no longer a she-demon and the black watch that she used to transform herself, was destroyed.

I decide to speak, trying to break the silence "R-Roland? Is that you in there?"

He turned to us and walk towards us. We were prepared in case of him going out of control, but he stopped and nodded.

"Don't worry, Sunset. I'm here."

I gave a sigh, glad that he still himself. Twilight came to my side and asked "R-Roland? H-how...How did you do that?"

"I want to answer, but right now....." he turned to the unconscious Wallflower "I had to check on her."

He rushed to her side and lift her head up. We all rushed to their side and knee down.

“Hey, c’ mon, wake up Wallflower!” He shook her, trying to wake up. We can hear murmured a bit then starting open her eyes.

“W-what happened?” She grasps her head “Ooohhh.....my head........”

“You okay?” I asked.

“Just feeling my head being splitting apart........” she groaned in pain then look around at the battlefield “What happened here....." then her eyes in realization "Oh my god......”

“What have I done..........that girl, Drei.......she has done something to me..........” she exclaimed in shame

"Hang on for a minute," Applejack asked, "Are you telling me that someone causes you to turn into a she-demon?"

She silently nodded. Someone causes her to set up the event that made her into a she-demon? But who-

My eyes in realization. Back when I was looking at her memories in the Yearbook Club, that girl she mentioned, Drei, has done something to her, manipulated her emotions and isolation, wrapped into rage and hatred. If that's the case, then she screams bad news.

Wallflower turned to Roland and yelp in surprise. "Don't worry, Wallflower. It's me."

"Roland? Is that you?" he gave a nod to her.

"Yeah, as Kamen Rider Zi-O. I used my power to save you and free you from your darkness."

She turned to us and some of my friends have an annoyed and suspicious while they have a concern and sympathetic expression.

She turned back and crouch down "I'm so ashamed. When I first found the Memory Stone, I only erased little things - awkward hellos, saying the wrong thing, literally any public speaking......" she placed her head on her knees.

"I've had plenty of awkward moments I wish I can erase too," Twilight said.

"The same thing for me too. But, Wallflower, everyone has awkward moments in our lives." Roland said.

"Still, it's no excuse for me for what I've done. I let my emotions clouded me and that girl Drei manipulated me that I begin to get carried - no, I became a monster and hurt so many people in CHS. I'm truly, truly sorry for what I've done." Wallflower said.

"It's okay." I said "I'm sorry too. I may have stopped being mean, but a Great and Powerful friend and a superhero friend helped me realized I wasn't still very nice to you. Everyone matters, no matter how insignificant or invisible they feel."

I reached out my hand to her and she nodded and grasp it. Then we gave a warm hug, finally setting down the ordeal.

Roland's POV

I'm happy that it's over. Sunset got her friends back and Wallflower is no longer feeling invisible. Looks like things are finally starting to be back to normal.

After a long hug, Sunset turned to me "Roland, thank you for everything."

"It's no problem, Sunset. I'm just glad that it's over."

"Nah ah, not yet," Rainbow said and I turned to them having eyes on me.

"We may have got our memories back, but you got a lot of explaining to do," Rainbow said, crossing her arms.

I sighed at this. Looks like I'm going to have to tell them what's going on.

"Well you have every rights to know, but it's better if we go to a private place so we can explain more," I said.

"We can go to my apartment." Sunset said, "At least we can talk more of it."

We all nodded and headed to Sunset's Apartment. I hope the girls can understand the situation of what's going on in their world and what's at stake.


At a top of a tower, Drei was glance from a far distance, witness the battle.

"So it would seem that we have another Zi-O." she sighed, "How annoying. At least the toy I played with got something for me."

Then another person came in, dressed in dark red and leaned on the doorway.

"I see that she has failed to retrieve the power, but I also sense that we have another Zi-O here."

"Seems likely, but at least she left us a present."

A dark mist appeared and swirled around and the red and black person holds out his hand and smiled as it begins to form multiple watches.

"Indeed she did."

Author's Note:

Chapter Preview: Explanation and Working Together

Sunset: "Wait, you're saying a group of bad guys are bent on destroying our home?!"

Roland: "I'm the only one who can stop them since I have taken the mantle of the King of Time."

Applejack: "Now that's crazy talk! You can't go through this alone!"

Rarity: "Let us help you, darling!"

Roland: "No! I had to bear it alone!"

Twilight: "Roland, you don't have to bear it alone."

Sunset: "Next time on Equestria Girls Zi-O, Explanation and Working Together. Roland, whatever sin you carried, we'll bear it together. Henshin!!"

Commission: Roland Cabral EQG vector is owned by TheArtsyEmporium

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Wait, why is this on the approved list? Did you leave it unpublished for a whole year?

As for why it's unpublished for a whole year, I was having writer's block so hence why I didn't publish as soon as possible because of life at work and class and writer's block.

No, its not bad, I'm just surprised it was just recently approved despite it has four chapters.

This is a awesome displaced story worthy of the king of time himself

Hey is everything okay you haven't done a chapter here in a while

Yeah just busy with work but also dealing with writer idea block.

Well ok I get it but l hope you continue soon when you can it's a great story

I know also check my blog. My laptop is acting up so until then, it’s going to be a while for it.

Hey there how's the next chapter going

Will the other kamen riders be in this story too?

Yes and no, they will appear but it will not be the originals, but their inheritances.

Sorry for the long wait, things have been busy but I'm back now.

I life can get in the way of thinks like this, but i just wish this story would update. I wouldnt mind atleast seeing how the girls would react to geiz attacking zi-o.

Managed to read this huge long chapter, pretty interested in this more.
Though it stinks that Spike missed out on seeing all of this and essentially left out.
Then again Forgotten Friendship essentially "forgot" about him, like he just disappeared despite he was freaking seen in school. Its hard to tell if his memories were taken or not(honestly it makes no sense if his memories did get taken. Wallflower only aimed to take the memories from all the students/staff, Spike is neither of those nor I don't think she was even aware about him. And also we didn't see Spike's memories being taken nor we even saw him apparently in that flashback). The special just wasted him badly sadly..

Sorry about that rant-ish thing there..

I wonder if enemies from the Kamen Rider franchises such as the Bugsters will appear too?

Oh they will appeared but at the same time they’ll be new enemies to face


What do you think about my other comment on the fic too?

Oh god please may there be more chapters

Hey guys I'm back. I've truly apologized for the long wait. I lost my creative skills and been working for so long. Anyway, now I'm back I'm going to get another chapter done.

I was wondering what's going on since i noticed lately its been a year since an update and such.

Looking forward to see what happens next.
I hope there's something for Spike here, I just really hope he doesn't get left out.(if its impossible for anything for him due to he's a dog, why not make him a human? I mean.. there's time manipulation and dimension stuff, it shouldn't be impossible to change a dog who now has a sapience of a human into a human there. Is it?)
Sorry if I am being too bothersome there..

We’ll see

As for right now I’m busy with a new responsibility: taking care of my puppies

I just hope Spike gets to be a Kamen Rider too and well.. be up there with the girls and Zi-O.

You are raising some puppies? :0
How many are there and how cute are they? \ovo/
I remember holding one many years ago I think.

Hey how's it going with the next chapter

If the girls will be among the inheritors of the Kamen Riders there since you mentioned that in your topic there, will Spike be one too?

Is this fic still going to continue? I am really curious on what happens next there.
Whats going on right now?

Why did you stop writing. It was starting to get good

As of right now, I lost my motivation to write and I’m trying to see if I can get my groove back in Wattpad on a story.

Ah OK. I hope you get your groove back.

Or in this case your writing mojo.

Which story would it be?

Have you gotten your inspiration back yet? I really miss your story.

I really wished this fic got to continue.

I hope you get your mojo back to finish that story of yours.

If this got to continue, what is in store for Spike?

"If I have to guess, I think it's because you came after the events of my bad girl times, you never have any bad memories of it." Sunset theorized it. That makes sense considering that I now apply for the school.

But it would still erase his good memories, ie make him forget her period. Update: Ok his powers made him immune. A better reason though Sunset's reasoning here is still nonsense so my point on that still stands.

"What did I do to you?! I don't even know you!!" Sunset yelled in anger on the video "And you even hurt him in the process!!"

I don't know Sunny you read her mind and learned she did so. Did you somehow not get her motive for doing so straight from the source?

She sighed "You're right, guys. Not that matters now. We're still trapped here unless you can use your magic to get us out?"

Wallflower: Goes out of her way to ruin Sunset's progress and hard work to make up for her bad behavior, someone who actually took the time to learn and embrace friendship for a petty reason and her dooming herself since she uses the stone to ruin any progress at friendship, despite complaining about being forgotten and lonely. Instead of learning to stop doing so and take an active part to do the same as Sunset, just again ruin her progress like a petty bitch.

Him and Trixie the two dumbasses: Yeah, you should be nice and reach out. You didn't do anything wrong but not like she did anything to justify your behavior. You should reach out and be nice despite all the shit she has done.

Sunset being rational: Fuck that!

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