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I got a little Issue that needs help.. · 4:57pm June 5th

.....Well, Nightmare and Dragon is soon to end, and I got a massive brawl planned to the ending battle...

which key part includes temporarily empowering the friends helping me banish the Nightmmare... FOREVER!!! with power sets outside their universe...

but my issue is: I honesty am not sure what powers give to the friends in this case but save some few... what I have now is...

  1. Rainbow “Daring” Dash - Pegasus Cloth (Saint Seiya, Knights of the Zodiac...)

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And now it looks like I'm back to thank you for the fave on The Iron Horse. Thanks a bunch for the kind words. I'll drink some Ponybeerses to that. 🍻

2439390 you're one of the best writers in this pony forsaken site... it's fun to read your ponyverses (considering I'm in my beer phase that should be Ponybeerses)

Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for the follow. I appreciate it. :pinkiesmile:

2421015 Moe problemo.... Great story, deserving p.raise

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