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He was an alien raised by humans, torn between two worlds and belonging to neither. His efforts thwarted, he found himself descending into madness, destined to be consumed by the nightmare he was becoming.

She was a loner, withdrawn and anti-social. When one whose regard she valued above all others turned away, she sank into darkness and despair. The madness waited.

The madness drove him to decide that if the world could not accept his enlightenment, it would suffer his madness.

The madness drove her to decide that if the world had no place for her, then it could do without her.

Sometimes, it takes another broken soul to help put your pieces back together.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Cover art by Sanyo21, commissioned by Level Dasher
Edit 2: Since everyone keeps asking, this is a crossover with the 'Mother' game series. Look it up.

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God the accursed Feelios!

This is gonna be awesome!!

... Eh? I got Moondancer. Who's the other?

Giegue, also known as Giygas.

8020557 Huh... okay, I guess I'm reading something I've never heard of for once. Should be interesting.

since the summary does not say it:

this is an EARTHBOUND series x MLP crossover.

Yes, this is a PWNY crossover with the same series that produced the game Mother 3 and the characters Ness, Lucas, Gigyas(Giegue), and others.

Oh, this could be really interesting. The Earthbound series is on my favorite series of all time! Love Earthbound and Mother 3 and I'm a fan of Moondancer. I'm definitely following this.

Comment posted by Super Soldier deleted Mar 14th, 2017

8020566 You cannot comprehend the True form of Giygas.

8020633 You know, being an Undertale fan... I should have known that's what this was. I really should have.

8020635 lol. I'm just hoping my Main Man Lucas makes an Appearance at some point.

8020635 Also, listen to about a minute of this. It kinda explains alot without saying much of anything.

Ooh! Finally! My waifu gets her spot!



*Hiirome takes 999 damages*

I... I can't say anything. Just... i know about the guy since i play Mother 1, and the Giygas battle in Mother 2/Earthbound is one of the most disturbing notorious boss battles in the history of video games, but since my Mother 1 run isn't finished, and i didn't play Earthbound yet, i don't really know all of the backstory behind Giegue...

...But you know what ? I don't care, it's a Tats story !
All aboard the Madness Train ! :pinkiecrazy:

8020637 Sorry but Tatsurou has made it clear that he will only be covering Mother: Cognitive Dissonance and EarthBound/Mother 2.

I never played Mother and only know it through Chuggaaconroy but I like the story.

Moondancer didn't wear glasses when she was a filly.

Part of the foal-ification process. Whatever anatomy and/or accoutrements are present, when warped through space/time, are carried over and resized.
...I think?

Will this cause Giegue be a good guy for Moon Dancer?

8020794 I meant through a Cameo or something.



8020572 What's Earthbound series about?

8021447 Story where a kid with psychic powers goes out to save the world. And the main kid is in Smash Bros!

Does this fic require prior knowledge of the Earthbound games to be able to enjoy it? I have never played them.

It shouldn't require it.
The only game you might want to play (or watch a Let's Play of) is the fanmade interquel "Mother-Cognitive Dissonance". (Takes place between Mother and Earthbound.)

8020637 Aw yeah! Lucas and Kumatora FTW!!!

8021591 Cool.

Ness and Lucas are hard, but fun to play!

even though i had to dive into the comments to find out what series this was tied to. you have piqued my interest once again with a story. I think i shall watch this one quite closely. as it might give me a reason to go out and find a new game

Well... this will be interesting. I can't wait to see how Giegue reacts if he ever gets exposed to naughty tentacle anime.

This is an interesting start so far.

I look forward to seeing how it'll go from here.

Take a Melody,
Simple as can be.
Give it a voice and
Sweet harmony!

Raise your voices
All day long now.
Love is strong now.
Sing a Melody of
Love, oh Love!

(Oh, I've been waiting for this. I got into the Mother series through Super Smash Bros and Undertale, was gut punched in the feels by Mother 3, and am hyped for this story.
This and the upcoming Sombra-raised-in-FF4 are the two stories I've been looking forward to the most.)

Ahem. Because this needs to be said...

You cannot grasp the true form of Moon Dancer's attack!

How interesting, this makes me wish I had the time to spare to play it and the other Mother games that were not translated to English.

Comment posted by Super Soldier deleted Mar 17th, 2017

8028592 I've been looking foreward to both these stories the most as well.

My greatest hope for this fic, is that Porky gets his due. At all. Little blighter kept getting a happy ending for his vile self for far too long!

Please put me down for Moondancer becoming an alicorn. It is just a hunch but I just see it happening for some reason.

8029422 that would be lovely

Comment posted by Super Soldier deleted Mar 17th, 2017

8029281 Actually the only one not translated officially right now is the 3rd one. Mother one is on the Eshop as Earthbound Beginnings now.

I really should play the games, shouldn't I?

Agreed. Even getting trapped in an inescapable hamster ball was more of a permanent inconvenience than a punishment.

You mean, aside from her being a palette swap physical manifestation of the road not traveled? :derpytongue2::facehoof:

I'm not an Earthbound fan, but I have to admit, this story's piqued my interest. I look forward to seeing where this goes. ^_^

He stared at her, doing his best to examine the creature...and reached the conclusion she was an infant. He knew of a way to calm a crying infant...though it would tear at his mind. Still, he would be alive. He couldn't guarantee that if he didn't stop her. Taking a deep breath, he began to sing, his voice echoing in the small canopy.

Take a melody

Simple as can be

Give it some words and

Sweet harmony

Raise your voices

All day long now

Love grows strong now

Sing a melody of

Love, oh love

Love is the power

Love is the glory

Love is the beauty

And the joy of spring

Love is the magic

Love is the story

Love is the melody

We all can sing

Ooh! Nice reference!

Reference nothing.
In Mother canon, the origin of that song - and the reason it has such a strong effect on Giegue - is that it's the lullaby Maria (the one Giegue saw as mother) sang to him as a baby.

Soon, Giegue will be h...a...p...p...y

Moondancer Moondancer Moondancer Moondancer
Moondancer Moondancer Moondancer Moondancer
Moondancer Moondancer Moondancer Moondancer...

A very interesting and original approach to your PWNY stories. I look forward to reading more.

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