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Long ago, lost to the mists of time, there was once an alicorn named Star Dust. He ruled alongside Celestia for many years after Luna's banishment, having domain over Science. Three hundred years ago, after the devastating failure of an experiment, he was cast out of Equestria, never to be heard from again...at least that's what Celestia thought. Armed with the knowledge of their sisterhood, Twilight, Trixie Lulamoon, Moon Dancer, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer and Tempest Shadow must brave the wilderness to find their father, and bring him home.

Now being rewritten

A collab with Thunderclap. Edited by m2pt5. Inspired by "Hello, sister".

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This is unique at the same time cought my attention. It has potenial to become great btw amazing start and hope this story will continue good luck friend. And interesting keep it up :pinkiehappy::coolphoto:

hopefully we see more of this

Interesting beginning. Can't wait to see how the unicorns will fit in.

So, the place Star Dust burned out is now known as The Badlands? Plus had five fillies, with more than likely five different mares, just for some type of experiment? What is this guy's problem?

7182683 I don't see how giving children to families/single mares is a bad thing.

Aww... poor Sunset. She's too cute!!

The five fillies were the results of his donation at a sperm bank he created.

Edit: More clarification than spoiler, but still.

You'd think child abandonment would be a crime in Equestria... :trixieshiftright:

Oh man, based on the story's description I's say Twilight is one of the 4, but I wonder who the other 3 are? By the way, personal opinion, Starlight and Trixie.

I should show you where I keep those talismans based on the Chineighse zodiac.

One more thing!

7185855 One more thing!

I was right! Didn't expect Moon Dancer though, nice addition.

So, 'Dust Star' didn't sex up five mares? He only made a donation to the cause?

7187732 No Star Dust didn't have sex with anyone.

7187727 i saw this in another story i'm reading. Uncle is most definitly awesome.

Slash x Celestia? About time. I hope to see it. If Chrysalis was June Bug, it would explain why she wanted to get even with Celestia.

I ship celestia and slash.

Is that a Fallout New Vegas reference I see?

Poor Slash, getting picked on when he's squishy. :rainbowlaugh:

I spy with my little eye, a Ghostbusters reference.

He was deadly serious about ‘not crossing the streams’, whatever that actually meant.”

I think I ended up laughing for a good solid minute.

I'm glad those two FINALLY confessed how they feel about each other. How come I have the feeling that either a) the Cakes paid a visit to that clinic or b) Star Dust and Chrysalis are an item and have children?

LOVING this story! And the little subplot with Celestia and Slash is so cute! *Is a big fan of ponyxchangeling relationships...*

When is the next chapter coming out?

7202386 Whenever we get around to writing it.

Ok. When do you think that you're going to get around to it? (Try to hurry. Please.)

This was a cute and funny chapter. I look forward to more.

Question was this

“I was once in a relationship with a minotaur that was quite the gentlebull. I still remember the awful poetry he used to make,"

based on this?

WOW, so much references. Fallout NV, Metroid Prime 2, Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls 2. The only one I didn't know was the last one, since I haven't played that game. Will there be more in the future? Seriously, so many different things on one planet is crazy.

7214614 I didn't notice any references.
Anyway, slick move Star. It also looks like the waifu stealer Flash Sentry is going as well. I know they are going to bump into the changelings along the way. I wonder what kind of greeting will await them?

7214722 Seriously, you didn't? They're right there: Big MT is from Fallout NV; Torvus Bog is an area on Aether, where Metroid Prime 2 plays and the moth like race is the Luminoth; Gerudo desert is an area from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time; lastly Shulva is apparently an area in Dark Souls 2.

7214783 Really? I thought Shuva was based on Moria.

7214783 Well, the only one of those mentioned I know about is Ocarina of Time, and even then I wasn't sure. I never even heard of the others.

“It’ll be a chance either way....” Twilight sighed, “It could be a trap.”

I couldn't resist, I am such a nerd sometimes.

Anyway, good chapter.

Was wondering on some stories shared Sunset shares the ones from earth or the human world?

I spy metroid and zelda

This really is like something out of a movie or a video game.

Heh you have no idea.

this chapter is shoo cute :scootangel: btw amazing fic :twilightblush:

I m enjoying this so much cute and funny i like it amazing

Pls more its really amazing seeing all of the student in a group im really enjoying this:twilightblush:

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