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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


In the aftermath of a Canterlot Wedding Invasion, Twilight decides to leave on her own. Far away from feeling abandon of betrayal, trust, and friendship. Until she heard some kind of whispers or voices calling to her from the Crystal Cave she recently escaped with Cadence. Finally arriving at the cave entrance, Twilight walks inside it and sees a glowing tainted light. Not knowing the danger, Twilight tries walking closer to it until something inside the tainted light grabs a hold of her and drags her in. Twilight later wakes up upon seeing a burned town and felt strange that her whole body transformed into a human. Then something told her to look behind her and sees a lone tall figure on the back of his horse looking down at her. What'll happen when Twilight faces the King of Darkness and will Equestria ever be safe without her?

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hmmmmmm this sound like story idea,

I remember this when it was just an idea on the Accusation Fic Collection forum.

This is interesting think ill stick around to see where this goes

I remember this on the Accusation Fic Collection forum.

Well... you've certainly caught my interest with this.

"Now then, who wants to die foolishly first?"

Dont add a descriptive in there it ruins the hero line. The line who wants to go first or who wants to die would work better

Did real life get in the way of writing the next chapter? Or do ya have writer's block?

I had to take some time off and work on other stories. Don't worry, I'll come back to writing the next chapter after I updated a few of my chapters on the others.

I'd say possibly before the middle of December.

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I'm doing my best to update soon for another chapter.

10 years later next chapter. ;)
good chapter hop you are getting batter and hop you don't lose the mottervason for the story.

Ook, World 1 and world 2 what happened next

Good start i'm interested. One question: Is this OoT (Ocarina of Time) or the Twilight Princess Hyrule or a fusion of both?

Great plot twist here. Though i got to ask is this story dead? i'm reading it from June 2020 and there hasn't been a new chapter. If the story is dead which will be sad but understandable. Plz change the tag from "incomplete" to "canceled".

The Ocarina of Time, but I'm making it with some slight changes from the original game.
It's not dead yet, I was having trouble of which directions for the next chapters to take in. Thankfully, I didn't go into a wrong turn and I don't plan on having it cancelled since everyone seems to enjoy my story and wonders on what'll happen. Not going to disappoint them.

And if you can? Please either keep on the story or stop because most people are probably starting to lose hope about this story. Especially the short chapters.

So is Twilight going to join Ganondorf and become evil?

If so then I can confidently say she failed to live up to her future role as the guardian of friendship.

Magic ,magic, union ,unity ,fusion ,energy all

I'm doing my best here to get it update soon.

I'm glad to hear that there is progress, even if it's slow progress.

I like the Canterlot wedding scene and wish Twi go to the dark side

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