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You know all those stories about cos-players disappearing? Well this is kinda like those. Jason Hughes was just a normal guy attending a con for the first time. Of course he had to buy that omnitrix replica right? Well now he's stuck in a world of talking ponies and has to learn what it means to be a pony.

**This somehow got on the popular stories list on 8/16/14, which is only a day after I published it. Thats a new one*

**So this got featured on 8/17/14 I have no idea how that happened but thanks everyone!**

Big thanks to m2pt5 for taking on the role of proofreader/editor. Also want to thank DuskShadowBrony for being my other editor.

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Comment posted by The Hood deleted Aug 16th, 2014

Also, he has the crappy old model, wtf.

4857957 I prefer the original omnitrix as opposed to the later looks. Don't worry, it has all the functions as the newest Omnitrix, plus the evolving feature from the Ultimatrix.

So heres my new fic! My Uncle and I have been going through the Ben 10 series and I decided to do a fic on it, inspired by the LOHAV stories that have been floating around. Leave your criticisms in the comments and feel free to ask any questions you like.

Does that mean you'll do crossovers???
Also, I'm guessing you just decided to give him access to all the aliens on the show? It's clearly the inferior model as well, so that means no omniverse aliens or ultimate forms.

“Get off get off!” He shouted, tugging on the thing, though it refused to budge off his arm.

Well at least you got on how Ben did.

4857986 As I stated, it just looks like the prototype omnitrix, but it has all the features of Ben's current omnitrix, plus the evolving feature from the ultimatrix. As for crossovers, I'm open to them.


4857996 woohoo! Then I need to get my new LoHAV set up! I'll keep an eye on this.

4858004 Whats it going to be about?

4858005 tactician from Fire Emblem: Awakening, plus one unaffiliated party. So, two humans in Equestria, but it'll focus on the former of the two.

4858010 I've never played Fire Emblem but I'm more than willing to do a crossover with you.

4858026 just a warning, the other authors may or may not crossover. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure a few are elitists. No offense to you guys if you aren't.
As for me, you'll have to find a way to summon me, and I quite doubt alienX will be very compliant on that matter. Does Ben have any aliens capable of inter dimensional travel?

4858041 I honestly have no idea. I don't plan on Jason being a villain, this fix is going to focus on the idea behind the omnitrix, that it lets beings understand others by walking in their shoes...er hooves.

4858059 If you can manage to take a DNA sample from an alicorn, accidentally cast a spell, badda bing badda boom, I'm in. Till then, that's all for now folks.

4858119 That brings up a good point, I need to come up with names for all his pony forms, plus the other ones he's going to acquire.

4858127 ... Hmm... I'll try And help I suppose.

Quick question, is this going to be LoHAV or LOHAH?

Edit: Nevermind, read one of the other comments.

Comment posted by The Hood deleted Aug 16th, 2014

Something funny. In the LoHAV I'm writing, my mention of the merchants stand actually described an omnidirectional being one of the items he was selling. Oh, tis the unintentional irony.

MOAR plz!!!!!!!!¡!!!!

hmm. you got my curiosity:rainbowhuh: and now you have my attention:applejackunsure: . please continue i want to see more of this please :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Is his name Jason or Jacob? Because you made an error or two

You have my attention. Now mustasche

hm... this is just me, but this feels... rushed. perhaps it's all the character switching?

4859937 This is the first time I've done character switching like that so that's probably it.

A good beginning, can't wait to see where this story goes. :moustache:

THANK YOU! I was waiting for someone to write on of these!

If he gets a Draconequus scan then I suggest Hodge-Podge

4862217 I was going to go with Pandemonium but that works better.

Hmm, interesting idea. I think I'll follow!

I would only choose that if he found a panda. Almost everything is sentient in Equestria, yes? He could totally be a sumo-wrestler panda. A++ if you get that to work out in the story!

Loving the story by the way, Although, is this the Omnitrix v1, or v2? Because at the point of 1, he DID have a lot of transformations, but Big Chill was not one of them, yet you have a picture of v1 as the profile. Don't let this bother you if you have plans set in stone already, I just have CDO :pinkiecrazy:

4862347 His omnitrix just looks like the original, it has all the features of Ben's current one, plus the evolving feature from the Ultimatrix. I will keep his aliens up to date with Ben's though.

Jason let out a sigh of relief, a smile forming on his face as he watched Twilight dance around. “Something tells me, this is going to be a lot of fun.”

by fun, do you mean twilight strapping you to a table and analyzing you? if thats a yes, then you're gonna have a blast!:pinkiehappy:
if not, run like hell tot the nearest gamma reactor (aka: the hulk)

Ur in capable HANDS???? What? how do they know what hands even r?

“Well then, we shall leave you in Twilight’s capable hands, Mr. Hughes. I’m giving you a big opportunity, please don’t disappoint me.” She said before she and Luna vanished in a flash.


4862393 Well, seeing as how they have minotaurs, I'd imagine at least Celestia knows what they are, but yeah that was a typo/error.

Hey, where does the 67 aliens come from, according to the wiki, Ben has 62 unlocked forms and 68 named ones (A few mentioned by Ben 10,000) so what other aliens are you including?

4862570 It's a miss count on my part to be fair.

god dammit another fucking lohav

jesus h q puf'n'stuf christ, they're everywhere

4862682 Actual he's not a villain, nor do I plan on him becoming one.

man he should have shaken Celestia's hoof! or discords! oh I can only see what would happen then :)

4862781 Don't worry, all will be scanned at some point! :pinkiecrazy:

Not bad. But sooooo many proofreading errors. I'm guessing you used spellcheck, but didn't bother to check to see the the changes it made, since spellcheck tends to have multiple options when fixing words and it doesn't check the grammar used in the sentences it fixes. Common mistake online.

4862849 I actually use Google docs, which is normally pretty reliable.

4862881 Apparently not as reliable as expected, eh? XD Still, decent start. And no doubt, Twilight is gonna enjoy studying the various aliens, eh?

Also, does his alien list include all those from Omniverse too?^_^

4862900 Yup, all of them, plus the ultimate evolutions and whatever forms he picks up in equestria.

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