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After a slipspace accident, Ale, a Spartan II, is the last survivor of the UNSC Enduring Ember. Lost, injured, and confused, the displaced soldier must come to terms with his new reality or risk falling into a terrifying isolation. All is not as it seems however, the super soldier having gained the attention of a threat that can rival even his strength and tactical wisdom. Will Ale choose a war that is not his to fight, or will he turn a blind eye as he struggles to find his peace?

For the most part this story takes place before season four, but it's been so long since I actually wrote this that things may slip through the cracks during the rewrite. I apologize in advance for this.

Book one of three.
Proofread by The dragon hunter

This is my first story so constructive criticism is appreciated. Enjoy!

(This story is undergoing a rewrite. Chapters marked with a * are new and vastly improved! The old version will still be kept however, so beware!)

Halo elements belong to Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Industries. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

Warning! Spoilers in comments!

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I will be able to post another chapter tonight! Keep an eye out for it!

You make the Changelings the enemy and i will sic Nigel on you.
Also, if possible, you should have him destroy the main ship or something, deny those pesky primitive horses the joys of human tech.

I love the fic with Nigel in it! And the ponies won't get any tech that i know of. So don't worry about that. Also Nigel would scare the shit out of me if I was in Celestias position. Thx for commenting :)

Hey guys! I just wanted to say I hope I'm not moving the story along to fast. This is my first fictional story and I'm to impatient for long explanations or ponderings unless it's absolutely necessary. If you've ever read White Fang or Call of the Wild you know what I mean. So let me know what you think. I'm always online through my phone so I'm able to respond fairly quickly to questions and such. Alrighty. Later!

You're doing great aside from a bit of minor stuff however a little more length would be great but it's up to you maybe you could add bits about what ale is feeling.

3595095 I'll keep that in mind. I know I've neglected character development but certain events that will soon happen should delve into that. I don't think I'm going to emphasize too much on the mane 6 reason being everybody already knows their personalities and such. Thanks for commenting :)

3599865 Thanks! If you have any questions or advice please do tell. That goes for everyone! Later!

3601212 There will be another chapter today. I think it will be more lengthy. We will be delving more into Ales character. I really hope I don't mess it up XD I write essay's, not used to writing fiction. Thanks for he comment and I'm glad this story has sated you. If you haven't go check out a story called Saviour or Destroyer. It makes me drop on my ass I laugh so hard! Alrighty. See you guys in a few hours with the next chapter. I do have school. Later!

I don't like it when soldiers In this case Spartans willingly give up there weapons. But it's not my fic.

Just you wait good sir. Just you wait...

3603355 Exactly I don't really see Spartans doing anything like that especially not the chief

3604630 Guys! Pateince! All will be revealed next chapter. Maybe you remember his inventory? Chapter 2? A spartan would never give up their weapons! Later!

Hey guys! I'll try to get a chapter out tonight after church. No promises though. Later!

Cool he has smg's. THANK YOU!

3614257 NP :) I was bummed when they tossed them out along with duel wield after 3


Ah duel weild thou shall be missed.

It's DUAL wield! xD But yes, dual wield will be missed. And... AWWWW! No Princess Luna relationship?! Damn, oh well. ;) Story still seems to be coming along great, man. Keep at it! :twilightsmile:

I got to admit, i've gotten some requests for shipping in my fics, but i'm very, very apprehensive about doing it. I can't write emotional scenes at all. Back on topic, i never like it when the humans/spartans/whatever give up their weapons(One of the onlythings i hate more is when it's a tank crew and they surrender their tank) but at least you kept his SMGs. Pretty irrelevent anyway when it comes to Spartans, he could probably just crush anything that gets in his way. Good job so far, i'm enjoying it.

Yeah the relationship thing has potential and I've read amazing stories with awesome shipping and such but I don't want to wreck it. It would destroy the story if I messed up. There will be a special connection though. Yeah Spartans don't give up their weaponry but I wanted to make the princesses actually smart military wise so that means they would demand weapons revoked. But don't worry Equestria is not about to steal or borrow ect. any human tech. And yes duel wield is freakin amazing. Thanks guys! Later!

I must have missed something with Luna's lore, as I'm quite confused by the uh, 'banana,' issue. Whatever though, it was still a good laugh. Also, in the very last sentence, there is a space in 'his.' Just figured I'd let ya know. And, YAY! I think I'm seeing a little something between Ale and Luna! xD

Again, the story seems to be unfolding great, as always. I hope to see more soon! Good luck and such! :twilightsmile:

3619892 K fixed the space issue. Thanks! Good luck to you to with your future writing. And I'm sorry to say there won't be any shipping with Ale and Luna. I'm not very good at that and I feel like if I mess it up it will destroy the story. So I've decided to keep it to a... special friendship I guess. Maybe after the story is finished things can work out know what I mean XD Thanks again! Glad you're enjoying it!

3621295 In past stories Luna lore has created a hatred for bananas.

3621332 I don't know. I was just rolling with the lore. She loves pancakes I know that's from the lore as well. I just needed Luna to get enraged enough to attack Ale for information. It worked that's all that matters XD I thought it was funny as well. Later!

OMFG YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME WHEN LUNA WASN"T MOVING!!! That is SOOO not cool man. Not cool. Other than that, I'm guessing the changelings are planning something... Damn changelings.

I think I noticed a few simple wording errors (ie. His instead of him (not an actual error, just a example)) here and there, but I can't remember where... Oh well. Again, the story is great so far, though after reading the author's note, and not being sure I quite understand what you mean, I fear the story may feel a bit rushed. Good luck with the new story you're starting! Hoping it's atleast half as good as this one is (which, of course it will be. :twilightblush:). :twilightsmile:

I'm disappointed. I could understand if he wanted to help but he should Not have kneeled or become part of the equestrian guard. If the U.N.S.C. Find it he will be killed for treason.

3625556 Yeah I wrote it at 1:00 in the morning so word errors are to be expected. I still go through my past chapters correcting so I'll browse through this one as well. So to explain, I am a brand spanken new writer. I fear writing mushy stuff because I'm a new writer. I WANT a relationship to occur but wasn't sure if I could pull it off. So I originally intended to just skate around the outskirts of their relationship. Now I've decided to go deeper into it but I'm not charging headlong. Does this make sense? Yeah the story is a bit quick but I find it hard to fill things. I just hope that for my first story it's still good. My next story I will work on much longer to really make it awesome. And yes.... changlings.... DUH DUH DUH! Thanks again!
3625701 I understand completely. I figured that Equestrian guards would go through a knighting process if you will. (Plus Ales 7 feet tall! I don't think her horn can reach him XD) Regarding the UNSC he already spilled the beans so that would probably get him executed. Ale figures he can't return home as well. Next chapter we'll take a visit to the ship and Ales fate will be sealed. So all I'm really asking is to please, humor me. I willingly admit that I'm breaking spartan rules for this story. I did this to allow the princesses to gain his trust and to turn him into a guard. (Which from this chapter I would assume it's safe to say he's fired.) I hope this is okay. Thanks for your input! It does help! Later!

3625701 Agreed Spartans are protectors of humanity, he is defiantly being to dismissive toward them.

3626366 I'm sorry if I've dissapointed you guys. I figured that if Ale can't return home he'd make the best of what he's got. Don't get me wrong Ale would still give his life for the UNSC. I should have written more into the knighting process as to what was going through Ales mind. I'm sorry I've dropped the ball a bit guys. I hope the next few chapters will make up for it. Later!

3626713 Well tomorrow in the afternoon, unless I die or something XD I'm going to try and make the chapter bigger and slower. I need to slow down the plot, it's moving too fast! So yeah tomorrow. Thanks! Later!

AHH! Yes! Another chapter! Must commence reading immediately. :pinkiehappy:

Finished reading! And yea, most of the time, thoughts are italicized. Happy and sad. Ale couldn't get home, but he is staying. Which means more time for him to get to know the ponies. Can't wait for Rarity to try and do something to his armor. It's gunna be hilarious! Just let the thoughts flow onto the screen, man. If someone doesn't like what you did, you're doing something RIGHT! That or they're just really jealous. In which case you're still doing something right. :twilightblush:

Anyways, yay! Can't wait for more chapters! But you should take a break and enjoy the holidays (unless this is how you plan on enjoying them, that is perfectly okay with me! :fluttershyouch: ). Have fun man!

The slip space drive must not of been at 27%, but lower than 10%.

3646924 You'll find out next chapter why it didn't work. I'm fully aware that it needs to be below 10% to not work. I need it to be at operating capacity for a later event but something else needed to be wrong so that he couldn't return home. Hint hint MAC Thanks for the comments guys! Later!

3647053 XD I'll get right on it XD

3673293 XD New Years. Maybe before or after. I'll blog about it later. Glad you're enjoying yourself! Later!

Make slightly longer chapters. That is if it isn't any trouble for you.

3674445 Yeah I want to add even more detail into my chapters causing them to swell slightly. Issue is that if I make bigger chapters it might speed up. We'll see. Thanks for commenting!

Isn't a Longsword generally... big? I don't think Ale can carry a fighter jet about the size (if not bigger) than a Pelican. xD

Also, noticed a few typos. Not sure how to quote them, but when Rainbow Dash says proof it, I think you meant prove it. Also, telaport is spelled teleport. :pinkiehappy:

YAY! NEW CHAPTER! Loving the way this is progressing. Can't wait for more. Have a good Christmas and New Year!

3679094 Thanks! I'll fix those errors tomorrow as I'm to tired right now. Also the Longsword has wheels so I just pictured him rolling it out. You know how they pull planes around with that little vehicle? I assumed the armor is stronger than that XD Merry Christmas! Later!

i like it can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Ale walked swiftly towards the large metal building that was the warehouse. He had denied eating because that required his helmet to be taken off. There was still only one pony who had seen his true identity. He shook these strange thoughts and feelings from his head as he approached the building. Behind it he could see the massive lumbar yard. He entered the doors and walked over to the receptions desk. The mare behind it was reading a magazine, obviously bored. Ale tapped the table gently yo get her attention. She set her magazine down and gasped at Ale. The next second all that remained of her was a dust cloud shaped like her.

lumbar refers to the back of a person i think you meant 'Lumber':twilightsheepish:

3691446 XD Oh gosh I just died XD Thanks I'll fix it right away!

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