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Like most Displaced stories, Majin Buu was human once. Unlike most however, instead of getting on the wrong side of the princesses, Buu joined with them to protect the world from evil and to preserve Harmony, until a wicked sorcerer sealed him way. Now a thousand years later, Buu has returned but now he has the attention of a god, one that will not hesitate to destroy his home. Can Buu save his home, or will it wind up as stardust?

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Ha I was just watching DBZ. I enjoyed this.

5676450 Oh god I forgot about that.

Damn, I thought I caught them all. Point 'em out, please.

(It's not in the desc yet, but I'm editing on this one too.)

Buu? Oh, dis gun b gud...

Nice. So we have a Displaced Majin Buu, Lord Beerus the Destroyer and a whole bunch of crazy coming, Can't wait to see what happens when Jason and Gilgamesh show up knowing this Displaced thing will most likely have them visiting. As for Beerus, well nice to see he wants to fight Buu like he wanted to fight Goku, though if the movie is anything to note, Buu got pummeled by him like nothing. Lets hope this Buu can win. Interesting to see Beerus as the villain of sorts though seeing how the guy isn't actually evil but neutral like King Kai said.

5677453 Theres a reason Beerus just got a crap ton of souls from Yemma. Remember how Buu gains power?

Nicely done. I like where this is going

5677472 Yeah, eating them and absorbing their powers. also useful for protecting others if GT was any indicating during Baby's attack.

i kind of miss that they are Villains at first. Hmmmm i guess i can read another chapter, but i miss something the other displaced story have, i guess i like it that they have to start being friends with them, but befor they to, they are clasified as a Villain.

I don´t know, a bit weird for what i am used to read if i read a displaced story, but that doesn´t means it can´t be good.

Is buu going to in the next chapter going to use his head thing to turn things to candy?

“I’ll tell you a little secret Discord, you want me dead, then you better destroy every single one of my atoms. You leave even one and I’ll just come right back.”

Never tell the other what your Kryptonite is... :facehoof:

It hardly matters, there are billions of atoms in a mouse's body let alone something like buu. It would take a massive amout of power to destroy ALL of them. Goku could only do it with the spirit bomb, which was being fed by every living thing within an unknowable distance.

ohh dear one of the top two world destroyers, able to rip holes in reality by yelling.... yeah this brings back memory of the death battle a little while ago. ( will put an edit once I read the story... but ... equestrian is doomed as far as I'm concerned.... seriously anamorphic, regenerative, planet destroying being capable of reducing a foe to a piece of candy and can shout a hole in reality by getting angry and screaming... I don't see this ending well in the least.)

well guess as long as he doesn't get angry the planets not going to get cracked but I still don't see him being active good in the long run

5715804 I don't see why not, Buu's good all the way.

5715922 ... look up deathbattle majin buu and tell me his history wouldn't make you nervous regardless of who's in control

Pretty good, could work on the action scenes and maybe make some parts or chapters, depending on what you want, to sort of flesh out his friendship with the Princesses.

5770018 I'm not exactly sure what your saying here.

5770098 What I was trying to say is that the fight scene with Discord seemed a little too short... I know Buu is technically a demi God but there was still a decrease in his powers for a bit when he first awakened in the show after about a thousand years. With the friendship I'd just like to see parts of a chapter, that could start with like Twilight asking him questions, or chapters that are clearly marked as backstory chapters that shows the beginning of his friendship with them because there had to be atleast some point where they feared, and probably wanted to lock up, Buu because of what he could do.

Interesting. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.


5715922 ...
Look up Epic Death Battles: Kirby VS Buu

Beerus eh? This should be good.

Is it wrong that I want a story about the robot cuttlefish? Anyway, this story looks good. Especially because it involves my second favorite dragon ball Z villain! Definitely hyped for the next chapter.

Been seeing a LOT of crossovers with Majin Buu yet no new chapters here. Makes me sad:fluttercry:

This is fun to read needs more chapters but still good

This has the potential to be really REALLY funny.
Don't disappoint :trollestia:

I shall now summarize the story so far in exactly twenty-four words:

"And then, just when it seemed that things couldn't get worse for the ponies of Equestria, things got worse for the ponies of Equestria."


6004957 you sure he looks more ssj3 than1:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:

Oh dear god Raditz is here. Buu! Use Chocolate Beam!..... then eat him :pinkiecrazy:

Holy shit I totally forgot about this story:pinkiegasp:, good to see it's still alive:pinkiehappy:

6005046 Wat?!?! No don't do that, there's no gain only lose it's the same as eating Yamcha (it's disappointing).

Oh sh*t. We're in trouble.

Comment posted by Lycanthromancer deleted Sep 7th, 2015

6005171 I don't know what this Yamcha is.... but it sounds just like Raditz.

Man, you are cranking these out now. A new story, two chapters for it, and a new chapter for this. Nicely done.

Well, we're Raditz is fucked. It's Raditz.

6004957 It just shows that shagohad12 Raditz is stronger than Vegeta's Raditz.


Smells like... Raditz...

Well, its just a Raditz, I grow them in my back yard. Your Raditz is not worth seven of my Raditzes... Did I spell that right?

Raditz......*saning**ping~*huh..Raiden why is your sword in the wall...

That was fun, may I have another? Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Lol the raditz puns

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: MORE!!!I AM LOVING THIS :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

The mane six seem a little off. Are we sure they were restored because Twilight seems to not be listening to what her Princess Celestia said.

Oh their minds broke buu they must have been made of something weak like paper mâché or Raditz

I am very curious as to what you have in plan to have Buu reach Berrus/Bills level of power. There is allot of room for creativity with how Buu will evolve under some conditions.

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