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Well, hello there! The name's Floyd, Pink Floyd. You know, like the band? Anyway, I used to be just a guy named Floyd but now I'm stuck inside of Pinkie Pie. How you ask? Discord. It's always that jerk's fault. Anyway, better get on with this before I go on a tangent. So, I'm a film student, trapped in Pinkie's body. You all got that? Good. Now why don't you pull up a chair and listen to how my life got flipped-turned upside down. I promise, you're gonna like it!

Inspired by Fluttershy, Flutterguy, A Dash Of Humanity and is edited by m2pt5. Sex tag is just for innuendo, no actual clop. Made popular list on 3/29/15. Featured 9/29/2015

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I liked this story before I even read it just from the description alone! :rainbowlaugh: And now, after reading the story, I don't regret it at all, this is pretty good so far!

I like this so much more for the fact I laughed so hard on the 1st chapter, and he doesn't have the panic/freak out trope upon waking up.

And the fact that it's interesting.

I love this story. Oh my god pinkamena :pinkiecrazy:

Me generaly likes the "Human turned pony"-Genre^^ i will watch this story and read it after there are enough chapters out. Looking forward to it

i hope Discord doesn't do that pregnancy thing that happens a lot into that Fluttershy Fluttersguy story... mmm, probably not, he is already scared, if he messed up with the new Pinkie Pie then he will be screwed.

I had the biggest grin on my face once Floyd went Pinkamena, that was hilarious! :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, what horrible parents to name their child Pink Floyd.

Yeah...scootaloo's dad was horrible.


Not her parents, they just made that name up.

Don't worry, nothing like that is going to happen in this story, I promise. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! i do not want Pinkie pie being pregnant with Pinkie Pie!

5801174 Pinkception. In two senses of the word.


Not to mention a pregnant Pinkie Pie would make Discord run out to hide in another universe.

5801326 Silly Discord, you can't hide. You brought it on yourself~ :pinkiecrazy:

So Fluttershy is now pregnant with herself and being called Scootaloo? Wheres the real Scootaloo?

5801494 your close. In the main story, Fluttershy is pregnant with the old fluttershy and scootaloo.


How did Scootaloo end up in Fluttershy? :rainbowhuh:

Penis; it gonna be gud.
Brain: fuck you.

Still waiting.

yeah... I remember that story about Scootaloo and Fluttershy... that was... weird...

Oi! You edited the part about Flutters and Scoots!

Check out the linked blog post. It's no longer sticking to the original story's canon, merely taking the inspiration from it. (Despite the date on that post, it is not, in fact, a joke.)

Great chapter. Will Floyd see Luna in his dreams?

As interresting and unique the letter was, it was too small for me to read and my phone wouldn't zoom in

*Twilight had written to her before about Pinkie’s fragile mental state but she never thought the mare would have such a serious breakdown. *

So they are just ignoring that Fluttershy also used to be a human guy or you edited that part of the story out?


Ah you edited that part out, no pregnant Flutters, yay!

Depending on the resolution of your phone's screen, turning it sideways might release the mobile layout and let you zoom, or at the very least let you see the image wider.

that bodes ill for us all,” Celestia said, passing the scroll to Luna before standing up. “I shall sleep on this, good night sister."
"Sister? What do you HOLY SHIT A TALKING HORSE"
"Sister are you... alright?"
"...oh no."

5825022 Uh, what is that? Some type of spin off?


Yes it's my personal spinoff of this story. It's 5 lines long and entirely contained in a quoted section within a comment, with no intention to continue or elaborate more. Almost as if I was just boredly speculating on what was the most ridiculous thing that could possibly happen.

5834575 So is your glorious user name :rainbowlaugh:

it would be hilarious if his new body ends being a white pegasus mare with blonde mane and tail.

5835244 my oc is a white Pegasus colt with a yellow mane and tail.
Thanks for ruining my vision :ajbemused:


You have never ever heard of a pony named Surprise, have you?

The story so far is progressing way too quickly and feels like it's in a rush to have the whole introduction thing over and done with already, but otherwise it's not bad, I suppose. Try to maybe give things a little more time to develop naturally, rather than going through it as if on fast-forward, because it's giving me the feeling you're a bit bored by your own setup and want to get to the "good part" already.

5851454 I'm not spending a lot of time with the rest of the mane 6 because their not main characters in this story.

That's actually a good explanation for why it feels that way: you introduce them despite having no reason for it at all, since they won't feature a lot, and put the minimum amount of screentime and detail into their interaction as if you needed to quickly get some obligatory "meet the elements" part of the story out of the way. It gives the impression of a rather perfunctory half-effort.

Instead, you shouldn't have bothered using them at that point all, unless you're planning on any future plot point that needs them to be in it right then and there to make sense later. A more fully realized introductory chapter that focuses only on who or what is actually important would have worked better, I think.

I actually don't feel like this is too fast paced. Call me crazy, but everything's progressing pretty logically.

5857494 Thank you. It'll make a lot more sense once I get to who's supposed to be the main cast besides Floyd.

We’re like twins now!’

its pinkie and pinkamena! :pinkiecrazy:

"Uh... I dunno... nope, not me, me." Pink Floyd said looking himself in the mirror, picking how he would like to look like. He had gone from looking like Pinkie pie, to look like Pinkie Pie with flat mane and tail, to a white pegasus and blonde version of Pinkie Pie to... back to look like Pinkie Pie.

"Uh... Princess Luna spell or not... I think I prefer looking like a mare... is less awkward." Floyd waved his hoof again, this time looking at a unicorn version of Pinkie Pie, he was quite sure there was a toy of it, and even had a name.

Unicorn? Why not? The unicorn Pinkie Pie mane and tail flattened, the cutie mark disappeared.

"No, I don't want Twilight bugging me about mastering magic." The pony in the mirror lost her horn, then won wings. This again?

"Ummm, then it would be Rainbow Dash bugging me." The pony lost the wings. Maybe he could vary the colours? The mare in the mirror mane and tail got light red, but the coat stayed the same, after all, he was Pink Floyd, wasn't he?

Now the cutie mark, that wasn’t something he could really chose, what was his talent anyway, to scare ponies? Being creepy? Filmmaker?

"Ah well, this will do for now at least." Floyd now looked like a flat maned, red maned version of Pinkie Pie.

He then turned and looked at Pinkie Pie, who was playing in the pool of plastic balls, like a filly.

"I am done Pinkie, so um... what do you wanna do? If your turn now."

"Oh, I know, I can teach you about baking!"

"Pinkie... uh... okay." Pinkie Pie saw pastries as a way to make ponies smile, and she had waited for him to get done with his make up. Fair was fair.

5874044 Heh, that was pretty enjoyable but I already have Floyd's future look planned out.


That's why is an omake and not a true part of the story.

5874140 Oh I know, it was still pretty entertaining though,


I seem to be doing a lot of these omakes instead of writing for my own stories -_-

I'm loving the story, it's extremely amusing. You write Pinkie extremely well :D

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