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Isaac Archer used to be human. Used to, being the key word. After encountering a strange flower, Isaac finds himself reborn as the newest member of the royal family, an alicorn prince by the name of Dusk Star. With an OCD mother, and a too cool for school dad, Dusk finds himself having a rather interesting second life.

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I read a few similar Stories like that. Let's see where this is going.

So far, i'ts a good start.

Pleas continu this fic

4516606 As it happens, we're working on chapter 3 now.

Really? I though Twilight will be more clueless I mean with something as 'he is smarter than what he looks like' I would though she will think with some pride saying that its must be from her genetics.

Oh well at least she doesn't hate him or anything for all purpose he just embrace his new life and they accept him for who he is…he hasn't being lying or pretending he is just going with the flow, oh well it will interest on how things develop.

One thing is for sure…Luna will babysit the hell out of him each time she had the chance

Hmmmm... I'm not sure if this is too rational of Twilight. I expected her response to be more motivated by maternal instincts (pride at his apparent intelligence, protectiveness around Discord, that kind of thing.). Let's see.

4549069 She's more or less talking about Discord's conversations with Dusk over Duck's "intelligence"

So…the crystal empire had their on Martygrad? What happen when Dust reach 16? did he can throw the necklaces?

4568100 It was the crystal fair and at this point in the story Dusk is still under 1. As for him throwing candy, I imagine it was very poorly.

Last time you mention he was starting magic and its has being mounts ever since, so…I imagine he is really good now and having a royal guard as a dad could mean he has a good aim

Please get this chapter edited soon, all the mistakes are hard to ignore.

I agree with Lightingace, Dusk should be pretty good at telekinesis at his age (Mother, is Alicorn of Magic. Even if he can't pick up anything heavier then a pound or throw it further then, lets say 10ft, that should be enough to toss candy (that should weigh at most 1/2lb) to other ponies).

... sorry about that, this story is too interesting for me to allow a mistake like that to happen.

4568331 We never actually stated in the chapter how he threw the candy, just that he did.

I try to move, though my limbs still won't listen to me.

Equines can walk one hour after they're born

4579041 We kinda had to wing it since it's not really shown well in the show. We probably should have gone with that but we figured we'd do our own thing.

See even Discord knows better then to break a pinkie pie promise.:twilightsmile:

Hey I had a question they say he already meet Pound and Pundking can they communicated with Dusk too because they all talk baby?

Ah. Birth chapter. Usualy such chapters are poorly executed.

Without warning, the walls around me started to move and I found myself being pushed out.

For some reason I started to cry, swallowing a gulp of air.

pair of purple eyes


looked like they belong to someone strong but also caring and kind

Oh rly? Did he read Flash`s portfolio?

I hear her start to sing a strange lullaby and I start to feel very tired.

Ofcourse, after pushing several kg of mass out of her body, female will start to sing... yea. Are you Dysney?

nurse Redheart

Oh God, poor Redheart, every delitant think that using known background pony is good for the story... Redheart was used as nurse, surgeon, doctor, pediator. Try to apply some skill and create your own OC, k?

“That is not my name!”

Yessssh. Make him suffer, amuse me.

It was laughable, thx.

“Go on Dusk, drink up.”

Yeah, suck her dry, boy. :rainbowlaugh:

s deep shade of purple, while my hair, or is it mane, was blue with purple streaks in it

Wrong coloration. 3 cold colors.

“Let’s start with the story of Nightmare Moon.”

First ingection of political propaganda for newborn. Author, are you a sadist?

“They found the elements of harmony and saved Princess Luna.”

Mb, teared her apart and branwashed? Add some novelty.

“We were just about to leave for Canterlot when you two showed up.” Mom replied.

Yeah, another report, show the product to your master. Show her another pawn.

Cute story in general.

Would anyone read a spin off of a human becoming Discord's foal?


Like same concept a human dies and ends up as Fluttershy and Discord child as well?
I like the idea it could be Dusk best friend and Dusk could help him cop with the new world

4585103 We might just add them to this fic and not make a new one.

I like it, yeah I like it very much by the way why you keep saying We instead of I, are you like trying to talk like Luna, you know with renascent accent and all that or is actually 2 working on this project?

4585132 I have Zubric as my Co-author

4585828 :pinkiehappy: Thank you for the complement.

Well looks like Luna is having her doughs as well, question does Dusk already know how to talk?

4593805 He;s talked before, in the foalsitting chapter with Discord. At this point he can speak simple words and small, simple sentences.

Well he can talk broke words and not full sentences, for what I see that its why he use short words what I mean is that if his speech pater had improve and it has very impress for a 1 year colt, perhaps his mind is speeding his growth

4593841 I'd imagine that ponies develop more quickly then human infants.

Probably, and hey, do you think he could communicated with Pound and Pumpkin? I mean they are more of less the same age right?

Luna's guessing a bit of the truth. All she needs to do is enter his dream at the right time.

Comment posted by Tulip deleted Jun 26th, 2014

adding the planned main character into this story

The story has no main character?

4602062 No we're going to add the main character from the spin off story into this one as a side character.

no more humies pls

4602068 No more are going to get in besides this character. I don't want or plan on any more than those two.


4602165 I don't feel that i've self inserted. At least that's not what I intended

“And you must be Twilly's new foal such a cutie you are.” she cooed, lifting me out of the carrier, fawning over me.

Fawning! good one! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

“I’m telling you Fluttershy, he’s not a normal foal.” Discord said, looking at her.

i suppose that of any of them, Discord would notice

“ He’s been afraid for some time that you would leave me'' I think it shude stand ''he's been afraid some time that you whude leave him''

Well…the cat is out of the hat apparently boy is that going to be an weird conversation tomorrow

Mom, Dad…I'm a reincarnation

“Twilight!” Aunt Cadence shouted, taking my attention away from her heart. I blink watching as my mom and aunt start do this little song and dance thing. I giggled at their finale, they end with a butt shake.

you mean...

“Ho Ho Ho!” A familiar voice called out, followed by some bells jingling. The door suddenly burst open and in came Luna, dressed up in a Santa costume, beard and everything.
I can’t help but giggle at her costume, a grin on my face.
“I heard that this is little colt is going to have his first Hearths Warming eve!” Luna Clause said, deeping her voice a bit.

Luna Claus! Priceless! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh this will interest, and now that the cat is out of the hat I wonder if they will keep it a secret or they will share it with the world

that was short. TOO short in my opinion.

4612344 We tried to make it longer but we just couldn't come up with anything else.

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