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Autum Breeze

a home-grown australian who embraced being a member of the fandom 2 days before joining. Willingly delved into the fandom whole-heartedly and has never looked back


Mike Johns, or Autum Breeze, as he was known online, was your average MLP fanfic writer, in essence, your regular brony, even had all but two of the episodes of MLP season 4 (episode 4 and episode 13). That was his life. Normal and good.

That was, however, until Discord needed him for something and took him to Equestria without asking. Now, without a way home, can Autum learn to accept her new life as Scootaloo?

rated teen for safety

gore for things scootaloo will see in a vision of a possible future

Sex tag for sexual references later on

cover art from here. I do not take credit for the image.

Featured on 23/5/2014

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 148 )

You spelt 'Autumn' wrong.

yeah, but i couldn't change my name, since someone else has autumn breeze as their user name so i stuck with autum breeze. it's a typo and i run with it.

What can I say? This story isn't bad at all.

However, I feel in need to point out the fact that Scootaloo begin Cadence's mother... makes little sense.

Assuming that Cadence didn't divorce and married again later on with Shining Armour, this would mean that Cadence had a sexual relationship with somepony before the marriage with Shining Armour, thus making Scootaloo either an unwanted child (it doesn't seem the case here however) or a out-of-marriage one that she has been leaving in Ponyville for keep her chances to make a successfull political marriage.

Or Cadence is supposed to be like Theodora in this fic? :twistnerd:

4434081 well *spoiler warning here* cadance's first husband, Scoots father died in an accident.

4434081 by the way, who the heck is Theodora?:rainbowhuh:


Theodora was Justinian I's wife. Rumors say that, before marry Justinian, she was a dancer and a wench.

Justinian met her in a brothel, found her charming and intelligent, and turned down his first marriage proposal for marry the dancer.

I like it so far. Let's see what comes with the next chapter. Will he/she tell the others what Discord did? How will they react?

I hope you will still write on the other stories as well. I personally like Wings, a Horn and Hooves

i :heart: it, its amazing. . . . . . . .. . poor discord

4434145 i'm sorry, you lost me after

Theodora was Justinian I's wife

who's Justinian?

4434152 yes. my other stories will still be done. i haven't given up on them

I'll keep my eye on this. Good job!

I'm not really one to complain about this, but why do all of your fics involve diapers in some way? I mean they make sense with how the story is set up (which is more then I can say for some), however, I am starting to suspect some sort of conspiracy.

Not too bad, but not really my thing. :twilightsmile:

4434526 the diaper thing, or the human put in scootaloo's body thing? Cos if the former, it's will only be there for a short time

It is maybe a bit weird that you bring yourself in the story as Scootaloo, but it is a ,,good" weird:pinkiehappy:
-Hhmmm i thought you want to be suddenly Scootaloo, but at the beginning it sounds a bit like Scootaloo is Scootaloo, a few seconds later i see that your ,,memories mix with Scootaloos.^^
I think i had prefer if your memories be the main memories and Scootaloo´s memories would add your brain from time to time. (But it seems ok like this^^)

well i like it if Orphans like Scootaloo would be adopet but Cadance as a mother seems like a nice idea.

Now i finished the chapter and want to say that i like it, but i would like it if they would know that Scootaloo isn´t herself.
Maybe you could just let them known that her feelings or just memories are still in him/her but he/you are now Scootaloo:raritywink:

Don´t mind me i just want to give a few of my ideas if i start to like a fanfic very much. :twilightblush:

Mom gives me an apologetic smile. “Sorry, honey. You wouldn’t wake up, so we couldn’t get you to use the bathroom, so the doctors put diapers on you so you wouldn’t wet the bed.”
Referencing your own fic, eh?

Seems to much like flutttershy, flutterguy. But this could out if, I believe, that you switch between the family and Equestria. And Scootaloo beating down those two bullies. That's just my belief.:pinkiehappy:


THe "Human in Scoot's body" I guess, considered the user in question.


I guess that History isn't your strong suit.

Justinian was the Byzantine Empereor that tried to reunite the Roman Empire after the fall of Ravenna in 476 D.C.

you're regular brony.


Hmmm. I don't like that you made Scoots Cadences daughter. Doesn't seem right. I would have just made a pair of OC parents.

Eh. Your fic though. And I like it anyway.


I think your the only one who new about that history....


Justinian I, unknown?

I find that unlikely.

4434615 Human in Scootaloo. I like the diaper content silly, I do enjoy padded ponies after all :heart:

4436114 I learned about Justinian in my first year of highschool, that was like 10 years a go now and I still remember a fair bit about him. Hell my name is even derived from him. (My irl name is Justin.)

Did not expect to like this. Color me pleasantly surprised.

Now Scootaloo has an Australian accent. Somebody has to notice.

4437459 for the record, despite being Australian, because of all the American TV i watched when i was a little kid, I've somehow got a half-Australian half-American accent.

I really like the story but i would prefer it if she accept to love the main Char himself and not just her daughter wich doesn´t exist anymore like herself.

The last part of the mane six all death was maybe a bit to much but i have nothing against it.

Well at east i hope she/he tells them at least the true, that he is a at the same time not her real daughter, i understand now that he is her daughter and not her daughter too. I just would not like it if he would be replaced with scootaloo completly, i just want them to know that he/she/you are Autuum and Scootaloo at the same time.

Maybe you planned it allready but i just think if they don´t get to know it then i don´t see the real point of scootaloo being not Scootaloo from the beginning.

PS: I really like the story, because of that i want to try to explain what i mean here:twilightblush:

“Congratulations, Your Highness. You’re with foal.”

Me hulk speak.

...Sorry I couldn't resist.

Wow, the suicide chain was... intense.

holy shit just reading a small part of the middle made me cry so hard

but i have a feeling he'll be back down the road.

gods that chain reaction.

4439754 wait, so you're Australian and you have an American-like accent too?

My Little Dashie (though there it had been a day in Equestria equals a year on Earth, it still had the same principles).

Yes, finally. A reference to this fanfic on this site.

Good job on separating this story from Fluttershy Flutterguy.

4443001 No, I'm dutch. I grew-up playing video games and watching let's plays. They're [voice actors and let's players] usually American.

This is starting to look interesting. It's a more unique take on taking over someone else's life as it is in a somewhat good way. I kinda dislike the ones where some other being completely replaces the current holder of the body since that way is practically murder.

what bull shit just tell truth. the lie well get no far as life. you ''say a lie is easy to take'' all can get in pit where no care what you say. truth can be hard take but it the right thing to do. all you are doing is living on bridge that can only hold for so long as keep lie. once you stop you know can reach it end.

4448636 she is going to tell the truth. what, you think i'd make her life for her whole life?

Well played sir, you gave the alternate bad ending before continuing on with the story and made him have a darn good reason to keep living.

Here's a mustache and a like. :moustache:

4449482 what don't you mean she/he and. how much older are you in scootaloo body?

4451230 he and scootaloo's minds are one and he/she's the same age scootaloo was when she fainted, 9

4451230 i meant to say life, her whole life. Scoots will tell them the truth in the next chapter, she was just too overcome by her dual emotions to do so at the end of the last chapter

4451627 how old was he before become scootaloo

So... much... death... :raritycry: :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: :applecry:

I must say, the scene where you let them all die is REALLY cruel.
Was there no other way for Luna to show Scootaloo what her actions are doing to others?

But, this scene aside, I like your story and wgive it a Favorite.

4456363 well, think about how rarity ended up in Season 4 in the vision Luna showed Sweetie Belle. she ended up going insane. this was just a bit darker, because luna couldn't show Scootaloo happy things to convince her, since all the happy memories were just making her feel her life was fake more and cement her decision to kill herself.

4434075 'Autum breese' 4 lols :trollestia:

I can't go on any further.... But you gave me inspiration for a gmod video I'll be making!

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