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This story is a sequel to A Sparkle's Little Dusk

Ever since Dusk Shine came to Twilight's life, things have been good for everypony. Especially now that Twilight has become Equestria's newest princess. Dusk is having a good relationship with Sweetie Belle, Twilight is dating Flash Sentry, and things have been going good for all of Equestria. Twilight has been having a whole lot of new responsibilities as a princess. But things take a whole different turn when new adventures start coming in. This is going to be a whole new adventure for everypony. Starting with Equestria Girls.

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First.... I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Nice! Eager to see where this will go

I would like to address something that I feel Dusk would have picked up on.

Twilight's requirement for ascension was that she made a new magic.
Now, to disregard the comics, because Dusk is likely unaware of how Cadance ascended, it would mean that, as far as he's aware, only Unicorns have the opportunity to become alicorns, and from what we know of the final episode, Twilight will likely outlive her friends by millenia (with some debatability for Fluttershy, given how close she is to Discord) because of it.

How can Twilight qualify for alicorn ascension, but not Rainbow Dash, who has performed a feat of speed that was believed to be nothing more than a myth?

Major time skip
I’ll be waiting for more

If you learned anything, Cadance wasn't born a unicorn. She was a pegasus.

personally i would have love to see dusk as an alicorn since alicorns are pretty much immortal and twilight will end up outliving dusk

oh wow O.O glad you do have an idea for that

Can't wait for the next chapter and see reaction of dusk when he become human again

Nice work,this is going to be interesting indeed

Nice stories, Can’t wait for more!

The only thing I didn’t like is how you skipped twilights accent to a alicorn

Can't wait for the next chapter to read

Agreed to dusk would become alicorn to continue live to his mother

Oh goodness, please don't let anything bad happen to Dusk.

I wouldn't be too concerned.
Sunset said get him when he's alone, but he's smarter than that... and them.
There's a good chance they'll try to get him when he SEEMS to be alone.
Also, the other students might not stand up to Sunset, but I doubt they'd let Snips and Snails go.

I have a question.
Dusk was rapidly aged to about the same as the CMC and the rest of their class, which includes Snips and Snails.
Why is it unusual for him to be there if they're attending?

sunset gonna regret hurting a hair on dusk when twilight finds out.

Maybe Dusk should keep an eye on Snips and Snails and make sure neither of them do anything to Twilight or take pictures of her so Sunset won't have anything against Twilight, also will there be a EQG Dusk when you get to the third movie story?

You thinking of Dusk being Sci-Twi's little brother instead of her son?

I theory that once sunset hear about dusk past she might change her mind or she understand the feelings


Guess that could work, though isn't the Friendship Games set during the whole time travel/different timelines with Starlight Glimmer, maybe Dusk could tumble through the portal to the EQG world and temporary stuck there until Princess Twilight gets back.

I never understood why Twilight never ponied up. She should have been magicked up to the nines being an alicorn. Also her and the Mane 6 alternates only needed to hold hands to Pwn her butt with rainbow power.

I think it's cute twilight as dusk's mother :twilightsmile:

It’s similar enough to Human Daughter, but both kids are different enough characters.

Whoops not locking the door seems careless for Sunset

well one thing is clear as you see a tear on Twilight's face because of sentry as in rainbow rock the grim reaper will come to your house and that grim reaper is me

Nice work! I love how you made Sunset honorable/standards about Dusk

Great story so far. I can't wait to see how the forgiveness part is going to happen. And will Dusk be sunset's first friend? If so, he should give her a flower and a hug and said that if there's one thing he learned, no matter how many mistakes they made, everyone deserves a little kindness.

I think 1 would be a good option, as Nyx's an alicorn 2, plus in a way can relate to Duskk. You know, also being child of Twilight and such

3. I don't know who the option twos are, BUT MORE IS BETTER.

number 3 for me please. i want dusk to have a little sister and pinkie have kids of her own.

TRI-PIES or both Nyx and the Tri-pies. Mostly the Tri-pies

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