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Follow the adventures of an socially awkward adult human trapped in a little colt body, as he is force to relive his childhood; face the horrors of Equestria and all it abnormal gender roles; and fight an army of darkness??? Wait what?! Only time will time if our little 'hero' and his group of friends has what it takes to save Equestria and everyone in it.

First Ark: Star Circuit Falls
"Hello, my name is… Runt, Weirdo, Freak, Monster, Psycho, Unwanted Child, Weakling… to be honest I have been called so many things, it no wonder that I forgot… I forgot my name and every name I ever knew. But that is not what this story is about… this is about how I got lost, found a new name, and was forced to be something I felt I wasn’t. It all started in November, about a week before Thanksgiving."

Second Ark: Winter Break

(Humans only during flashbacks.)

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I think I would be socially awkward if I was in a child body poor lad.

It's a nice start. :twilightsmile:
I shall wait a chapter or two before I decide on a like or dislike.

I don't know what but something about this story just seems... Right. And it's awesome. So yeah, moar.

Wow, he actually sang the cup song. :yay:

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Noticed some grammar errors In here, do you need an editor?

4483460 Sure now it does... Muahahahaha!

I at first I thought I wasn't going to like this, but I then decide to finish reading the first page than only reading like two or three paragraph. And it turns out that I like this. :pinkiehappy: Good job for keeping interested in this. :pinkiesmile:

pleas continue this story :3

4744813 yay i bucking love u hehehe

4744813 LIAR! :flutterrage:

That was 4 months ago!

5174226 :fluttercry: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry... :raritycry:

Princess Luna is eating ponies! :pinkiegasp:
WE ARE ALL DOOOOOOOMED!!!! :raritycry:

5177619 Well now I have my fix of ponies so its okay now. :pinkiecrazy:

and now evrey thing explodes and guilda walks away not looking at the explosion *the end*

5177619 Unless you're into vore...:unsuresweetie: oh don't look at me like that sweetie belle, you where thinking it. :facehoof: Ohai twi!

Man, this chapter was heavy for Star. Anyhow, love the story.

what's he worried about? it's not like when hes older he'll be mobbed by a hoard of mares, right? Where's a snickers or twix candy when you need then?

5177619 Tis a lie! His backside is whole and ungobbled!


bro this story is pretty damn good!

P.S. U need more free time to finish this story xD I love the plot! the drama and the secrets :D

P.S.S. 5 pieces eh? cant wait for them to be revealed :D

Finally read this from my 'later list' and I was very pleased. Eager for future updates!

btw, have a star and thumb thingie

I'm can't wait to see the next chapter you did a great job

20 years later he is going to get a job as a police officer and be robot poncop. Im calling it.

Ba da ba ba baaaa im lov`in it. The story that is.

Some cute home-life for star. :yay:
Then an end that will make waiting for more so much harder. :raritydespair:


Yeah, I like this story a lot so far. (As I'm one of those tech geek guyz lol)
I wish my body could get turned into a cybernetically enhanced pony :(

Even without an editor it's still great, and I love the idea for cybernetics

Somebody stole the 'next' button. Who did it:twilightangry2:

“STAR CIRCUIT!” The green pegasus yelled as she kicked the door open. She quickly galloped to the copper coated colt and as she neared the colt Pinkie Pie cut Heart Strings off. Apple Jack ran in followed by Rarity to find Apple Bloom and Spike slowly waking up.

“And what are you thinking about doing to my charge?” Pinkie Pie asked as she gently pushed Star Circuit back.

The green coated pegasus pulled out her badge, “Dr. Heart Strings from the Department of Foals and Herds, from Canterlot.”

Pinkie then pulled out her badge, “Pinkamena Diana Pie from D.F.H. Ponyville branch.” Pinkie replied. The two stared down at each other while Star Circuit looked around confused.

Wow. mlpforums.com/uploads/post_images/sig-3973388.mlfw2669-Smiling_Twist.jpg

Twilight gave a toothy smile, “Sqee! He like science… when he was at the library we were discussing dark matter.”
“Great, we have an egghead in the family now.” Silver commented from the other side of the room. Which in turned earned her three glares… one from her aunt Twilight, and the others from her two mothers.

The memories flooded Star’s head which caused him to blush furiously, which in turned caused his new younger sister to come in closer to visually inspect her brother full face blush.
“So an egghead and a Princess snoot bumper, gotta admit, not bad for a ground pounder.” Silver said with a grin, which earn her a wing slap on the muzzle from Golden Ring.
“Don’t tease your brother.” Golden Ring said in a stern and gentle voice.
“Pfft, whatever. If you need me, I’ll be outside hanging out with Sparkler and Rising.” Silver Streak replied heading out the door.


sorry ma'am. :ajsleepy:

IT'S ALIVE see if you can read my comment copy and paste it to read


Loose consciousness

Edit: Just saw your, "Sorry everbody" thing
I guess I'll have to wait :C

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