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There are many worlds out there, each different from our and the same applies to them as well. But they all share the same sky, the same destiny. Though this is a tale of a young man with a different loft of life until he is mysterious thrown into another world... one like his but at the same time vastly different.

In this new land, Christopher Cornelius Corona, explores a world filled of wonder and delight with magic at every turn that is inhabitable by ponies, but not just normal ponies! A world filled with technicolor anthropomorphic ponies. And what new adventure is without friends? Upon his arrival in this strange new world he is greeted and befriended by the most magical set of friends, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the lovable Pinkie Pie who quickly take him in and become his closest friends at the start.

Though underneath all the magic and wonders of friendship, there is always something lurking in the shadows. Who brought him to this world of Equestria? Why him? And along the way as he becomes a citizen of this new world perhaps more than friendship will bloom between him and his friends? Perhaps... true love? And what's this... YOU'RE ALLOWED MORE THAN ONE SPOUSE IF YOU CHOOSE TO? A Harem, a Herd? Oh dear... life has turned upside for the young lad with plenty of ecchiness as well. How will he survive the beautiful bountiful vixens that are all around him as well as the mysterious of this world... and maybe his world as well?

- Human x Anthro Pony Harem Story

Author's Notes: Just a few details I like to share with you all, first and foremost:

- There will be no swearing or cussing in the story (though mild swearing I might allowed)
- There will be NO alcohol in the story though playful references and jabs will be in place, like with the doughnut scene with Spike in the Season 1 finale
- There will be some Japanese Otaku Ecchiness involved, but nothing too crazy
- No Same Sex Pairing, everyone is Straight in this story so don't expect any romance between the same sex at all. No offense to fans of it or people who are into that sort of thing, but I've seen it done to death so many times and in a lot of romance stores here on Fimfiction I've grown a little tired of it
- NO HEAT CYCLE like a good portion of other Anthro Pony stories I've read, though unless there's demand of it I might make a spin-off one-shot of it
- Like with no heat cycle there is no Clop (or Lemon) in this story, though if people are interested I might do a side-story that focuses on it but no promises
- All the characters, dialogue, and violence will be closely matched the same as the show so don't expect blood or gore at all in this story (maybe a few scrapping, but that's it)

That is all and I hope you enjoy this new tale of mine!

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I'm glad you like it so far! Keeping it PG to PG-13 rated for the story though I originally planned to post this story once I got the first four chapters done. But I know what they are and I should be able to quickly put them together.

I hope you come back for more!

So far I liked how you opened up the story.:twilightsmile:

You sure have a lot of restrictions in this story:unsuresweetie:

This story seems interesting. I can't wait for the next chapters.

Perhaps so given what I've written, but I've seen it so many times in the fics I've read I've gotten a little tired seeing the same thing over and over again. Though just because I'm "limited" myself with these rules doesn't mean it deters the main focus of my story and it gives me fun and creative ways to implore the gestures into friendly banter and references... like for example I'm using an Ice Cream Float as placement for Alcohol where the OC gets a sugar rush making him woozy and dizzy, like he was drunk from alcohol, instead of using the real thing as a funny replacement.

Well I hope you enjoy the story when I post the rest of the chapters in the future.

This was a pretty good chapter if i say so my self.

Have a up vote. :derpytongue2:

I just finished watching the entire game of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright (It's out in Europe now) and Layton's habit of making everything into a puzzle made me think of making Chris' situation into a puzzle to rearrange his schedule to help the girls so he could please everyone, accompanied by the game's puzzle solving theme:

After reading many stories that have conflicting schedules like this. It makes me wonder about the other ponies friends, surely they have other people to help them out with, they can't be the only friends and acquaintances they have with each other. Anyway, that's a very nice opening and I'm curious to how this will turn out, you have my attention.

Hmm... I have a feeling that they want more than those favors they asked him... Gentleman prepare the **x Lube, cause things will get sweet n' sour (lemon/clop aka [1 D***, 6 Pu***, 12 Boobiez]) XD LoL... Heheheh...you're not laughing -_-

I have some of the next chapter done, but real life issues keep on raising. It's driving me nuts when I'm everyone's gopher. I'm trying, I'm really trying to get it done. :fluttercry:

I'll post it when I can.

I know I am late to responding to something, but I got to say this, the Soda Float thing makes no sense. It has been proven that sugar does not mame one hyper, dizzy/nauseous, or make one "crash". It would make more sense for the character to get dizzy because he ate too much. The symptoms displayed when being to full are very real, and so is a food coma.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to the continuation of this story, and if you ever gwt that far I vote for you doing doing that side story with the cut out love scenes.

The Soda Float is made to be exaggerated, not to be taken seriously, and for comical relief. It doesn't have to completely make sense, it's a fictional story!

Well I've been busy with a lot of real life stuff (I friggin' hate how one of my bosses, who plans the schedule, put 9 hours for me to work on Sunday... in the morning... ugh... I'm so tired at the end of the day I don't feel like anything but sleep) and other personal things. I'm a little disoriented right now but I'm get back to wrapping up the chapters.

And about you vote... I'll consider a side-story with the love scenes. ^_^

Might not have to make sense, but still has to be within the boundaries of the suspense of disbelief. Besides, a food coma would be funnier.

Hope things get easier for you. With that take all of the time that you will need to write.


when you think you can update the next chapter???

4719911 I love this story for many reasons.

My name is used in this story AKA Chris, (Seriously this is my name! XD).

You do a harem story with Anthros, and this prolouge is hilarious.

greatest start I ever seen good job :pinkiehappy:

Oh really? Good to know! ^_^
Not a whole lot of protagonists in stories called "Chris" and good ones at that too. Well my real name is Chris too and I like to see more stories, MLP or otherwise, to have good protagonists called "Chris" in them though my MC and my own personality are different.

Anyway I love Harem stories myself and seeing some Anthro stories, not so well-written ones, I wanted to try my hand at it myself and I hope I do a good job! This is going to be one BIG harem! ^_^

Anyway I'm almost done with the next chapter, just a few more finishing touches to it and hopefully it will be done this weekend. Been VERY busy lately.

here we go. this is probably gonna be a funny chapter and a "what is this I don't even" chapter that I love.

good work is all that I am trying to say :).

Sorry it took so long! Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think of it? I kinda rushed it at the end, it's late at night and I'm super tired but I did my best.

Nice start to a great looking story!:pinkiehappy:

It's nice to see an update of this story. Really liked his introduction to the girls, particularly PP and Shy given his flustered reactions to both of them. Still, I'm surprised that PP is bigger than Celestia. Also, I liked the hybrid genetics. I hope to see more chapters soon.

Can you please provide a link to a picture that shows how the ponies look in this story?

Little tip: You don't need to describe the main six twice. It can either be your description or from Coronas point of view not both.

I will draw their looks when I can, though it might be while until you see a cover art and their looks.

I just found this. So, I'm a bit late but I love it already.

I am like ze fat man. I must ave MOAR!
Pls, zat was very gud, but take your time. I shall be in ze corner waiting.

i understand what you mean also if what you say is ture that will mean the dazzling never be in Parallel World, so i think you got it and make sure you don't sick again

lolz oh pinkie pie awesome work

I might have the Dazzling appear in the story, but their story alternate a bit to fit this world's story.

And thanks! ^_^

No Same Sex Pairing, everyone is Straight in this story so don't expect any romance between the same sex at all. No offense to fans of it or people who are into that sort of thing, but I've seen it done to death so many times and in a lot of romance stores here on Fimfiction I've grown a little tired of it

This statement alone earned you my downvote. If you want my long-winded rant explaining why, just let me know.

when you think you can update the next?


Not sure really. I'll be busy playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse once it comes out and I'm working off getting the latest gear for my main character in FFXIV as well, but I'm mostly close to it.

I already have the core concept of the chapter already, plus I forgot Spike's introduction in the last chapter so I'll correct in the beginning of the next one. Also I will be revealing how "Cutie Marks" are shown which I have yet to see an Anthro MLP fanfic do this before.

I will try to get the next update out as soon as possible. Please enjoy what I have for the story so far as you won't be seeing any update until possible April as I'm working two jobs at the moment which also takes up a lot of my time too.

What kind of harem are we going for in anime terms? Are we talking Rosario + Vampire Harem or we going Negima Massive Harem?

Well considering the mass amount of characters in the series I would say "Negima Massive Harem", despite not really reading or looking into that series much, and after episode 100 of the MLP series I'm going to add in some bits from it but I will still largely keep what I had in mind when I first timed this.

Also sorry for not updating when I should, but I've been playing FFXIV and I'm busy preparing myself for when Heavensward comes out. I will update my story when I can.

Also I looked at who's getting in and I'll say at least 30 are in which is a hefty number and going to be tricky to get it. Still debating with myself to see if I should include that much or tone it down or go with more of them.

6091109 You should do a characters at a time first before deciding to short them. Like after the first group of harem after getting a handle on them then you make that decision. Thank you for answering the question. Also could you make sure where in story clear enough for an average reader such as myself can follow what going on.

You already said it already after Twilight became an alicorn princess, so can you make sure where get or understand why the mane six or the other in the harem wants him so much. Like why did each of them fall for your character that would both be in character and some OOC moment but ease up on it to see that progress to where we at or going in the story. All harem story in most part show why each characters fell the way they feel to the main lover character.

6091109 What I mean is what influence does he have to have the mares love him, what inspiring action cause the mare to see your character as a lover or a friendship that blossom into a relationship.

Other in human harem either have a scent or stamina, or simple act of kindness and similarity toward the characters that gets them to lover the character.

It also help you pace around both canon, background and possible villainesses characters into the harem also confrontation before they're a compromise between characters.


You're welcome! XD
Though what do you mean to have the "story clear enough for an average reader to follow"? Was it too overly complicated? :/
Granted I wanted to write a well-written story with good details and better management of spelling and grammar, though I do admit I have some problems and mistakes with it. Not to mention some run-on sentences.

And just to clarify this story takes place in Season 4 with some changes.


And regarding adding them into the harem... well I'm not going to make them sudden fall in love with the main character at first glance. I want to write them as friends first and they bond over time and acts like playing jokes on one another, helping another one, chatting and goofing off, and sometimes arguing where the girls slowly begin to fall for their strange new friend and it might be just the simple and kind acts he does or his hobbies that got their interest in him first but they learn he's dependable and someone that can rely on and well... you'll have to read to see it.

For some villain character it takes a while longer and some "reforming" and such to win them over to their side, begrudging first, and then see the main characters as something more than to kill boredom by passing the time with.

I hope this satisfy you until then. I will be sure to plan accordingly and see what happens when we get there.


Well considering the mass amount of characters in the series I would say "Negima Massive Harem", despite not really reading or looking into that series much

Some parts you might know. A 10 year old foreign teacher Negi Springfield in a classroom full of high school girls and he happened to be a wizard.

prepare for funanimation dub opening.

Contact scene sky driving eng sub.

Not that I wanna rush. Just want to know. Everything cool with this story or should we expect a new chapter every year? I don't honestly think I came off as a douche but if it did so very sorry. Just curios and want to read more dude.

his face turns from pink to blue then purple

so far as I know, the only color our skin can turn is blue. :rainbowderp:

This is a pretty good story to read with a lot of romantic and comedy drama. I wonder how many other anthro ponies will be having a liking to Chris anyway? Probably Derpy, Spitfire, Lightning Dush, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Lyra, Bonbon, Roseluck, Coco, or maybe Starlight Glimmer, but I don't know if she'll be in those chapters, just my thinking. So uh keep up the good work in putting in more chapters of more action, romance, comedy, adventure, and some other memorable moments! :moustache:

There's going to be a lot of them! You got most of them right off the bat and I'll be changing their stories a bit (as there's no Magic Mirror to a Parallel World) so writing in Sunset and the Dazzlings' stories in are going to be tricky.

Currently I was going to update before New Year's, but I got sick and was away on vacation so I couldn't work on Chapter 3 even though I got the general idea on how that chapter will play and now I'm stuck working for the next 4 months. Hopefully I can gain a little bit of free time to write Chapter 3... it's long overdue.

Well I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, thank you for the comment and I hope you'll stick around for the future chapters. :twilightsmile:

When is the next chapter coming out? :rainbowhuh:

6909925 I'm really hoping that more chapters are arriving. :fluttershysad:

You won't have to wait long. Tax Season is almost over and then my free time will be cleared up and I can go back to writing as much as I can. ^_^

Sorry for the delay! Just a little longer please.

Just to let you know I have some of Chapter 3 written already! If you want and others are fine with it too, I can post a preview of Chapter 3 on my profile page as a Blog to let everyone know it's on the way!

Would you like to have a preview of CH3 up to maul over before the full chapter is released? The preview is only going to be a small part of it.

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