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In the world of Equestria there lives creatures like ponies and other magical creatures, filled with adventures with Twilight and her friends. Until one day a strange creature from another world falls into the world of Equestria, a creature called a human! The young boy who has never learned about friendship might finally get the chance! A HiE fanfic, OCx?/Light Harem.

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I wrote those chapters are separate dates and posted them on FanFiction.net first. The first two chapters were originally one split into two and the third and fourth ones were a few months apart. I'll be working on chapter 5 right away!

It seems you want my attention.
It's yours.
Now what?

My enjoyment was the subtle implication of the comment.
I suppose my dry sense of humor doesn't really convert well to text, I apologize.

No, I got your subtle message of you liking it. Just wanted to reply to your last sentence... guess I shouldn't have looked a gift horse in the mouth? :derpytongue2:

I will give this a read later.
Wonder if the rating will go up.
So the character has mulptiple love interest at the same time? Like it Xenophillia? That is what a heram is. I ask because the last time I seen a author say light heram he meant tha his character will just be friends with multiole people, which was just incorect usage of the wording he chose.

Hmm... a Harem is a group of characters (usually of the opposite gender of the main character, and mostly a guy with a LOT of girls liking him scenario) falling in love with one character and want to be with that person. So in a sense it's basically one guy with a lot of girlfriends at the same time or a lot girls competing for him. Look up wikipedia for a more solid and better explanation about it.

For this story, when I mean "light" Harem I mean it's not a HEAVY influence Harem story and it's basically the girls liking him as a friend first until they gradually fall in love with him and in the end he chooses one of them to be his girlfriend/wife. Like I said it's more of a "fluff" vibe to it then heavy romance. Kinda hard to explain it seems. ^_^;

If that is the case then I wouldn't call this a heram. It sounds like that they will just compete for his affection until he chooses. Like you said, a heram is when a character has multiple love interest at the same time, that isn't cheeting. I suppose you could get away with it if you have him date each of his love interest at least once before he chooses. Though i still wouldn't call it a heram.
Eh. To each his own.

Well there is a Harem Ending planned where he gets them all without any of them fighting over him or feel like they're "cheated". Like I said it was tricky to explain and I don't think I did a good job conveying it.


The ever (in)famous Tenchi Solution, of course. . .

Eh. I can't say.
I can think of a way that ending could happen. The one tha he chooses compromises with the others in agreeing to share, and they convince him to go along with it.

You'll just have to wait and see! :D
It's going to be a long while before I get there. There's going to be over 60 chapters in this story...

I really hope you don't plan on going through each episode... That would take a looooonnng:ajsleepy: time and isn't very entertaining since we've all seen it before at least a dozen times. There are also episodes I didn't like and prefer never aired:pinkiegasp:(shocker i know). I prefer custom stories and chapters.:twilightsmile: Even if it goes very differently than what happened in the show it's unique and something new to read.:pinkiehappy: I am OK with a harem just so you know.:yay:

I love this story. Everypony is really in character. I will give you five Spikes! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

1936853 I'm kind of hoping it's relatively similar to each episode though with a twist, so you would only know it was similar if you tried to compare them.

Haha! I loved the conversation with celestia and chris

1939069 I guess that'd be fine but each has gotta have a different ending. Cause knowing the endings makes reading them fairly dull.

1940154 I agree with you on that, though sometimes knowing the end doesn't ruin it, think of Final Destination, you know most of them are going to die, but you watch it to see how...

Very good story and Chris should of said that some humans have walked on the moon! That would have made twilight confused and amazed! :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if the soup really was that good [It could be, or perhaps its like that when you don't eat for a few Days even aslice of plain bread will taste Delcious

Heck there is a Chinese Legend like this

A King lost in a war and escaped [He was so hungry since he had not eaten for 2 days [And came across a small village and an old lady offered him some plain looking food and some salted fish [She called it the Dragon's Pearl Soup

Later when he got back to the Castle he kept dreaming about the soup

Later he had the same lady cook the same dish, he tasted it and it was awful tasting

Old Lady: I served you what I eat every day Plain Rice Porriage with Salted Fish

Eh how is Chris stubborn? He didn't ask over and over, the same thing…is anyone was stubborn was Twilight and her ways of teaching…I mean, test? 20 books? Overreacting in learning history? Sorry but I don't see the why…granted I will be curious about the history, but the polite will be allow me to read at my own pace…not bombarding me with books and returning me to school.

Well, at least he accepted and I hope it will only will last a couple of weeks, I mean, so he can spend time with the rest, just suggesting that give him a little more freedom, the way you put, almost make Twilight like his mother, but well is your story and I bet you have everything plan for this

P.S: Please, let lose the whole study thing with Twilight, I know is to keep her in character, but what everybody in this story miss is that Twilight is more of a guide and a lider, not a teacher, there is a difference (A lider guide and suggest when they ask them for help, a teacher, well teach) You understand what I mean? Thanks for listen to me and at least consider mi suggestion

yea i like HiE as well but i like some story better if u can look at my favs go and read some.

Awesome chapter! I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This story is very good and can you get the next chapter out ASAP please! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

I'm glad you like this story and I just started on CH5! Though I don't plan to release UNTIL chapter 6 is also done... along with finishing the cover art for my story. It's just missing the "symbol" for this story which is going to be underneath the "Courage of Corona" text, and my human character Chris in MLP: FiM style, and finally one more character.

But I shall have the next chapter done post-haste! :twilightsmile:

Ah, I'd thought this seemed awful familiar.

And yeah, might want to find ways to avoid copying the guy scene for scene. I've read that story and this one seemed very familiar to it. Too much so at times.

I know, but SHONENJUMPBOY gave me permission to go with the scenes but I plan to make original scenes from here on not. Apologizes... didn't mean to do that. ^_^;

How far are you with the chapters?


Just 4 chapters so far... working on the 5th one right now.

This story will be at LEAST 60 chapters long, but it's going to be more than that.

I'm working on it, been kinda busy for a while and my house recently lost power and internet due to the weather (darn Pegasi), and I won't post Chapter 5 until Chapter 6 is done too. I'm planning on updating the story with two new chapters... going to take a bit more time I ensure you.

Sorry for the wait my friends. :twilightsheepish:

Its ok, oh and if its possible can you lay low the bar with Twilight teaching, the last chapter make me feel like Twilight had a chain and boll chain to the poor guy. I mean, I completely agree with you about the learning and Twilight is the best candidate, but 24 hours and 7 books in one day? That is not exactly funny, is a little more cruel, but hey, she is learning about friendship, and is yet to learn to don't exaggerated with things. Bottom line, please make the study don't be strict and so long, I would like him to go out, to play, not to get force to study every minute, that is not fun (not in my opinion at least) that is in words of Rainbow Dash "lame"

Maybe you can put a chapter where that happen and thinks relax a little with the study, him just finished after a couple of days, or better yet he just can take it anymore and just run away, and after some adventure (possible in the ever free) everything get solve.
Oh and explore the idea you present to us about he wanting to be a knight, I'm sure Celestia will love to have a friend that see the mare first and then the crown

P.S: Did that bird in the first chapter will make an appearance latter? I would like if it turns out that bird will become his new pet

Funny thing that, in the beginning of Chapter 5 Twilight address that little "teaching" issues and pulls back on it, stating that she indeed was going a little overboard... being that she's never really teach before and loves to study a bit... and has talked with Chris, off-screen, to have him study at his own pace but will quiz him every two weeks to make sure he is studying and that he's got a good knowledge about Equestria. He's new to the world and she doesn't want him to get lost in it or confused about certain customs that her world might have that his world doesn't and is looking out for him.

Well the "knight" was more of a joke towards Celestia to pal around with, though I might entertain such an idea in the future. Chris will treat her like royalty when the situation calls it, but to him Celestia is his friend first, princess second.

And I'm a bit surprised you picked up on that "little bird" bit in the first chapter, and yes that little baby bird will might a reappear again soon... but no, the baby bird wasn't planned on being Chris' pet in the future, I already had that one planned out which is something you don't usually see people have as a pet but see sometimes in the night. The baby bird is a Blue Jay bird to be precised, unless I stated something else otherwise, but he will be Chris' friend instead of pet and might have the bird appear more often in the future.

And Chris' pet will be a Raccoon called "Mask"... who shares Chris' artistic nature and paints with him. Funny thing is, Chris is trying to come up with some new drawing ideas and the raccoon pops up and starts doodling on his canvas and eventually the two bonded and in an unexpected way becomes Chris' pet in the future... and I plan to have more of the characters' pets have some cameo appearances in the chapters now.

Man listen to me... I'm spoiling a bit of my story already. ^_^;

PS: By the way I have the name of the sequel to My Little Pony: Courage of Corona ready and the plot all set too, though I might have to make a few changes with Season 3's finale events, and the name of the sequel is called My Little Pony: Shadows of Corona and will be a little bit more darker than the first story and the actually show for various reasons but is also a short sequel about the same length as Season 3 which the sequel takes place.

And I have ideas dancing in my head about a third story, making my "Corona" series a trilogy, because I saw a character from the My Little Pony universe that would be the PERFECT villain to appear in it... but until I get to that point with the sequel I'll have to jot it down as a "maybe" but like to consider making it.

I'm glad you're enjoying my story and have been patient enough to wait for the next set of chapters and I'll do my best to get them done... though I might be a little busy for the next two days as I plan to draw some Valentine's Day pictures... including a Chris and Twilight "Valentine's Day" picture (please note this just for fun and I plan to do a pairing with all of the Mare 6 with the Valentine's Day special but only Twilight will be available at that point... hopefully) though Chris will appear in Pony form.

While you wait, here's a drawing I made to show what Chris' Pony form would look like if he were transformed into a Pony:

Please note that it's a work-in-process (WIP) and it's a simply sketch so he's incomplete at the moment. I plan to color him in, in Paint Tool Sai.
Hope you enjoy the drawing! I promise I'll have the chapters out ASAP! :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry I can wait and for the pairing don't putting in a relationship with one of the girls, just yet, I like what you do that one chapter they said that he has something with one mare the next he has something with another, is entertaining, and perhaps you can make at some point a chapter where Chris gets in trouble because the press thinks he has something with one of the princess and they just don't leave him alone.

Oh and without spoilers, did Chris will find a job of his own in the near future?

Of course, the Valentine's Day picture is just for fun! No pairings or relationships yet in the story, just a few subtle hints here and there in the Season 1 story arc, and the Season 2 story arc will more have more romance nods to it. And the chapter you were referring to... the second chapter where Pinkie Pie mentions how Chris is like the "ultimate best friend ever" seeing as he has a lot in common with the Mare 6 in the hospital? Or were you referring to another chapter and scene?

And Chris getting in trouble with the media/press because of his friendship where he is friends with Princess Celestia, but the press misinterpreting their friendship and think there's more to it than meets the eye? Truth be told I have no plans to do something like, but I might make sure characters remark on his closeness to Princess Celestia in a teasing way though I'll give the press idea some thoughts.

And Chris does have a job... he does various odd jobs for most ponies in Ponyville. Basically he helps out at Applejack's home, helps out with Rarity with fashion designs (with drawing designs and some ideas), and helps other ponies out. So that's basically what he will do for "jobs"... a freelance worker who does anything to show his adaptable.

Anything else? Oh and I'm surprised you didn't comment on the drawing I posted in my last reply... what do you think of it, even though it's incomplete?

Its a good picture, and what you mean with the scene of Pinkie and the hospital, I didn't get it. I only mention that in the chapter he meet Celestia Spike and other tease him, and then when he is with Rarity there were some hints too, that kind of thing you make in general, that is interesting to see and new compare of what usually happen with humans in Equestria.

Oh and did he will get some alone time with some of the main six from chapter to chapter, like in the ep where Rarity is ponynap the Diamonds take him too thinking he is one of them and then just putting him helping Rarity.
Or when AJ and Dash where betting to see how is best he enter the race too and end 3 place or something like that

Did that could happen?

First off, a few grammar mistakes that tripped me up a bit but I get the message.

You didn't really mention which chapter and I was thinking the scene at the hospital with Pinkie Pie's comment when Chris has shy side like Fluttershy, an energetic side like Pinkie Pie, knowledge of different cultures which flows well with Twilight's personality, has a cool side like Rainbow Dash when he thinks something is awesome, is a bit honest like Applejack, and seems to be fashionable because of his clothes which Rarity likes. That's what I was thinking.

But it was the Celestia scene you mentioned... I just did that scene with the "Legend of Zelda" reference to be funny and to use that reference since it would've been good since some guys like playing knights or heroes to save the princess or damsel and wanted to convey a little bit of that side of Chris as deep down he longs to be with someone... which I'll hint later. And what hints with Rarity? You mean hints about a Chris x Rarity or a Chris x Celestia one? I really did that scene to show off Rarity's personality more and I wanted Chris to spend some time with each of the Mare 6... honestly I really did think or did something to alluded to any subtle romantic hints. I guess that's what caught me off guard with your question. ^_^

And my story with my human character is interesting and new compare to other HiE stories? How so? Is it because I'm taking the romance slow and steady instead of going right into it? Or something else?

I plan to have Chris spend some time with the Mare 6 within the episode-based chapters, like in the next chapter he is buddy up with Pinkie Pie for a bit, but Chris will spend some time with certain Background Ponies in original chapters to bond with and get a little more backside stories to them. And for the Diamond Dog episode one... sort of. I'm not sure if I want Chris to jump down into the hole and tell Spike to go get Twilight and the rest to help or go with Spike and then he gets lost from the group after going into underground. Chris bonds with Spike and Rarity in that one, but it's going to be a challenge to write up original parts to the stories to blend the bonding parts together but I look forward to it!

And you'll have to look forward to what I have planned out in my story... don't want to spoil too much of my story.

I might do original chapters in the Season 2 story arc with Chris spends a little more time with the Mare 6 and have more romance hints between Chris and one of the Mare 6.

PS: I'm glad you like the Pony version of Chris... the cutie mark I have planned for him in that form is a Yin & Yang symbol with 6 Sun Waves around it, like Celestia's, but 3 are white and the other 3 are black to mimic the Yin & Yang theme. His cutie mark represents "Adaptability" as the mark is based on a "solar eclipse" where the sun and moon are aligned together to make the corona from the sun visible and to show that by day or night Chris will help anyone or anypony out and can do about anything (the flares around the symbol represent that with the Yin & Yang symbol meaning the day and night thing and acceptance of any and all things no matter how light or dark they are to show his kindness and bravery to face the unknown).

Well I better get back to work!

Nice and I was taking the hint with Rarity, with the drawing and all but you confirm me that that was only a friendship bonding, and the Diamond dog I was not referring him jumping, I was referring that one diamond dog kidnap him too, why? Couple of options came to my mind, one of those is that they mistake him for a very deform Diamond Dog with amnesia. About what you are doing different with other HiE stories is like you said, you are taking your time and have fun with giving us clues that he can go with any pony, so far I have never seeing another HiE doing that, usually in the longest the stay without a relationship is 5 or 6 chapters at most.

And nice choose for the cutie mark and his special talent. Rarity will definitely will need just that after the gala, don't said anything about it, I just eager for see how things resolve in that chapter and where did he will meet Luna

Oh, I see... it was with Rarity. Got'cha.

Oh, that's an interesting insight about the Diamond Dog, but he doesn't exactly look close to a Diamond Dog at all since he's part of the Primate family so I might add that little bit when they first see him discussing what he is until they take a whiff of him to get a better insight on him. But, no, I don't plan to have Chris get kidnapped by the Diamond Dog but he does do a stealth sort of mission to find Rarity and avoids using violence as he's a pacifist and dislike hurting others even though he's taken Tae Kwon Do.

Yeah, I'm glad you like the route I'm going with my HiE story with the romance. I prefer if the romance is built upon not immediately, I can understand a love at first sight being a crush and one-side crush or unrequited love, but I want the group and Chris to bond and get to know each other first before anything like romantic feelings surfacing and there's some sweet bits that the girls appreciate Chris for doing for them which would later lead to them realizing how much he means to him... though we'll get to that later in the future. You won't see any romance until 30 chapters of the story has past, but they will be some subtle hints here and there.

Not only that, there's also even more subtle hints to the main antagonist to this story and it won't be until the Season 2 arc and the end where the antagonist makes more "on set" approach to their plans and troubles they cause which also ties in nicely to the sequel story I have planned out.

Glad you like the cutie mark idea and special talent, which he is a Jack-Of-All-Trades as he's a master of none and does almost everything.

And the Gala part, I have something special in mind with Chris and Rarity in the end that shows he's really sweet side and his oblivious side... he likes romance stories and notices it between others but he's oblivious to those who are interest in him and doesn't see it himself (but he's also in self-denial where he believes there's no one out there for him).

And I plan to have Chris chat with other Background Ponies like Doctor Hooves (aka Time Tuner), Bon Bon, Lyra, and others like them though not much. Actually I plan to have Bon Bon and Lyra talk with Chris in Chapter 5, Doctor Hooves and Vinyl Scratch in Chapter 6, with Lyra being excited to meet Chris with my own view on the "human" meme associate with Lyra. Another thing to note Bon Bon and Lyra will be portrayed as best friends with a sisterly relationship and don't swing that way... for goodness' sake people read into things WAY too much and distort the message there. I always saw them as really close and good friends, like in real life, so I don't understand that pairing some fans go with. Not to be mean or disrespect fans who like that idea and want to go with it, it's there choice, but I've seen that too much in various fanfics I don't see a just regular friendship between them.

And about Luna... she'll appear in the Season 1 story arc in an original chapter that focuses on Chris and her, though I might make her appear earlier in the Princess Celestia original character central chapter where the two meet each other for the first time but Princess Luna is wary of him and later Princess Celestia suggests Luna to spend time with him to get to know him better though she's a bit reluctant as royals don't usually spend time with regular attendants and is a little fearful about him learning of her past. I want to have them struggle with their friendship at the start as Luna appears intimidating to him at first and is put off by her distant and somewhat cold demeanor but overtime in the chapter they learn they have things in common and slowly warm up to each other and when Chris learns about Luna's past... well I'll leave it to the actual chapter but it's a heartwarming chapter for two lonely souls finding a place where they belong.

And Luna won't just immediately fall in love with him or show signs of romantic interest until later on in the Season 2 story arc as they bond so more. I planning out building up the friendship to romance bit overtime so it's more natural and better explanation and reasoning to them having the feelings of love. Or... and I'll hint at Shining Armor and Princess Cadance in the Season 1 story arc, but Cadance won't interact with Chris until Season 2 story arc which has been a challenge because of the Season 2 finale part.

And for the third and final story arc, which is an original story arc, will be... a sad and trialing part of Chris' life in Equestria and you'll be shock what you learn in that part where everything is finally put together with the various hints and puzzles I've hinted throughout the entire story leading up to this moment.

I get shivers just thinking about the ending of the story and I look forward to writing it! ^_^

Do you have any news for your faithfull readers about your current stories whereabouts.

Aw... sorry about that lack of update on my tale. It's a busy month for me and it's Tax Season where I help out with the family business with filing out taxes and putting in the information so I don't have a lot of time on my hands AND I have my job as well at night and I tend to sleep through the morning.

Also another reason why I haven't updated is about I wanted to finish up on the Cover Art AND I was waiting for the Season 3 finale so I could look at my story and see what to do with the ending and such for the Character Specific Endings and in the meantime I've come up with some new ideas I wanted to add into the story that in certain chapters there will be new scenes where my Protagonist will hang out with the Background Ponies a bit more so it seems more natural of their bonding adventures.

And I plan to add new endings than I originally had in store and I wanted my "Corona" series into a Trilogy so this is Book 1 which covers Season 1 and 2, where Book 2 covers the comic book events between Season 2 and 3 and the story covers Season 3 with original story elements, and the final Book which is an entirely new adventure which I don't think I'll work on Season 4 unless it comes out during the time of my creation of the third story.

I got big plans for this and Chapter 5 will include a few interesting reference and I'm going to add in a Bon Bon and Lyra scene! I cannot wait and I hope you enjoy the way I present them in my story!

Look forward to it!

"It's nice to meet ya! Oh?" Granny Smith said as she narrowed her eyes and got closer to inspect Chris, causing him to step back a little going "Um…" as he wasn't comfortable with the sudden intrusion of his personal space, "Ya look familiar? Have we met before? Are ya that pony from before?"

I sense some foreshadowing...:trixieshiftright:

Did the next chapter will come up soon?

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I've not been having any writing muse recently and I haven't gotten a chance to work on the next chapter as much as I wanted!

I will continue it and I'm glad to see support for this story, but these are complicated at home but I will do my best and try to deliver but I want it to be the best it can be with the quality of the chapter and story.

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