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This story is a sequel to Swords, Sorcery and Shenanigans

When I was only a little girl, my father told me a story about a pair of brothers that fought alongside their friends to protect another world like ours. One was known as The Rune Slayer and the other was known as The Infinity Sword. During a long and excruciating battle against a monster called "The Diabolic Esper", The Rune Slayer sacrificed himself to protect his brother and give him a fighting chance.

Of course, I was only four years old when I was told this. But the story remained locked in my brain as I got older. Those two brothers were my childhood heroes and inspired me to imagine and believe.

My name is Faith Nocte and I'm twelve years old. One night, at the end of November, I wished for a way to find something that could help make my father happy again just in time for christmas. But, as it turns out, what I'm looking for is in a world I once thought was fictional. While I'm there, I discover something that I never knew about my family. Many things I never knew about my family.

Credits to everything shown. I do not own MLP or Elsword.
MLP belongs to Hasbro
Elsword belongs to KOG games
Character Tags to be updated over the course of the story. (Notice: There will be aged up characters and Rule 63 characters as well. You've been warned.)

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9/20/2015: Featured!?! Oh my god, you guys are awesome!!
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Yay first on to comment XD, can't wait to see how her adventure in Equestria turns out.

Yay~ Sequel is out~! God I'm late to the party...

so i finally got the guns installed on the Montana class when from out of nowhere it turns out that some moron in a submarine decided to use us for target practice and forgot to disarm their torpedoes and now we are back in port and i am again having nothing to do when all of a sudden i see a new story i will now read this and edit this post with my opinion i will be back in a moment

having caught up now i can say that there is a vested interest in seeing how faith will develop here and...........................oh frak it its really good i find myself again vested in the characters and the form each chapter has is still well paced barring the whole sunbutt wants a hug thing.

So, this story is now open for crossovers? Blood Cleaver, anyone?

Crossovers? Yesh. Surprises, maybe. However, as the writer who is about to collab with him? In all honesty?

:facehoof: You sneaky son of a.....Well played ser.

sorry i'm late but holy crap read 2 in 5 minuets give or take.......then find out that the best sequel ever has ended for now so TO BE CONTINUED! thank you for continuing the story.:moustache: stay awesome:rainbowdetermined2:

5872434 You know what I will ask of you, don't you?

5872435 Yeah, but right now, I have plans for the next few chapters

5872436 That's fine. Tell me when there's a spot open.

I am NOT a thing!! My name is Nicko Nocte! YOU WILL FEAR MY LASER FACE

YES I'M DONE READING YES! *Dies from happiness*

5875015 Lol xD. You can thank Gilgamesh for that!

5875060 That was the reference I was first thinking of.

5875069 DINGDINGDING!!! You get a prize *Pinkie hug*

5875073 *Accepts hug like a boss* Never doubt my nose when I see a RVB reference.

5875079 Did u notice the ref in chapter 2?

5875081 Yeah. I liked it but I forgot to comment since I had to get off right when I wanted to comment. Then I lost track of where it was.

5875089 My brother and I got the first ten seasons on DVD in one huge collection and season 11. Trying to find season 12 while I prepare for season 13

XD still a funny as hell story can't wait to see more

5875182 lol xD. Glad you like it. Oh and reply to my PM. I want to talk to you

Hope to have another crossover with you next time

Wonderful. I am so outside the circles and am almost completely unable to get any references... But it's always fun to read them and the comment section helps out a lot.

5875199 lol hellsing abridged reference

Thst was an amazing chapter. Keep up the great work!:heart::heart:

Now, in a matter of importance, some of my stories like Follow the Wind and Tales of the Wanderers are going to be on hiatus.

Agh. What a shame, I quite like Second Storm.

5912319 That isn't on Hiatus. I just need time

And lo your niece is introduced to the Asura pray for your life and avoid bringing up the burning crusader turned crimson avenger

5932308 Faith is still in the castle. Nicko is the one that encountered Jade
5932218 I'm going to assume that you like it... Like always

Erron Black......ERRON BLACK

Well I can say that now I am half expecting a kung jin Rena to show up at some point.

other than that really good set up and i look forward to seeing what she means by seeing Amy and Rainbow

6013172 Remember Applebloom? She's a Wind Sneaker

Is nightmare moon for another displaced story? If so, which one?

6076010 Look at the link in the authors note

damn now this gonna get good

Oh this is gonna be good. I mean how else do you get a lazy dragon out of his stupor? By pissing it the hell off and making it crave beating you into the dirt just to prove he's wrong......OH I can't -wait- for the next chapter. May this battle royale commence asap!

God I love this series. Especially all the hellsing abridged references.

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