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Sometimes I wonder why I write. Then I look back at my stories and remember: I have a story to tell. And a LOT of mistakes to correct.


There is only the Pit for him. For those like him. Their home, their prison... their tomb. It's all they know and all they remember. Until the soldiers of the sun came. Everything they knew would have come to an end. But as the sun set, just three of them were taken away.

One is unlike anything they've seen. He knows little of the world, but he knows of the torment and agony his captors caused. He's ready to kill. He's ready for blood.

But is he ready to leave it all behind? To learn what kindness and generosity are? What it means to be free? Can he adapt to the peace he's never had? Or is he a monster like the rest of them?

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So are these anthro ponies? Just asking because you keep writing them having arms.

looks good so far

"Times have changed, Luna," the elder alicorn sighed, unsure of what to say about her General's behavior. "It isn't normal to see either of us leading military raids or assaults. We should return to the castle. Iron Clad will have this done by night."

Again I wouldn't really let that stop myself from leading an army if I should really want it.

I admit sometimes I read a bit faster to reach a certain point if it feels like a prologue, but at one point I was never sure if I actually noticed when the Human did something, and either there were many words I haven't exactly known, but well it looked like I needed to be a bit more focused to understand what exactly happened sometimes.

Not sure what to say till now, while I rushed the reading a bit, I guess I hoped to already get to know the Human a bit more.

7303451 yeah the lack of anthro tag confused me too


My mistake! Yes, this is anthro XD

seems interesting wana see hat happens next

i love it it feels like its at a good pace it draws me in and makes me want more but i want to know what happens next

Loving this so far

Okay, this story is interesting, I hope the next chapter comes soon,

This is really good, I nearly hate to go to work right now, mostly because I'm a bit to affraid of making mistakes, but oh well it's weekend soon, and till now no one really said something, even if I sometimes thinkt they don't like it if someone is asking to much.

Well thank you for the new chapter, at least I had a good read this morning.

This is by far the best story written with gore element mix together perfectly.

Celestia and Luna right now

I feel really bad for nex. spending who knows how long in a shity orphanage... harassed and ostracized because of what he is treated like less than dirt. And then to be kidnapped and forced into a death run to survive and spend fifteen years in hell. No wonder he hates Pony so much. I'm really digging the story keep up the good work.

Nex X Celestia please

Next chapter asap. Nice chapter by the way.

Nex X Celestia pls!!!! :heart::heart:

Enjoying it so far, keep up the great work!

really good so far enjoying it greatly

It was strange to see her sister reduced to such a state. Even if their duties as princesses were stressful, nothing seemed to come close to what they were dealing with. Luna exhaled as the last of her steaming tea was swallowed, and she gently placed the cup back on its saucer.

It loos like Luna has the asshole role this time, at least a little bit.

yes why not, I actually could like that too, Nex X Celestia, it wouldn't be the first time I had seen something like that, it is a bit the same as with Tarzan, she just needs to help him, and in the future he could be actually well act more than her special somepony.

I wouldn't even see a problem if he would still need to act a bit like a child, he hasn't learned much anyway I guess.

Well while I always think one of them is acting like an idiot if one of the sisters is trying to say what the other can do and what not, I like how Celestia is acting. The only thing I guess that was stupid, is that they probably could have gotten an answer sooner if they would have taken one of the other too down to him.

Well it is a really nice story and I think it could be one of my favourites if the next chapter is good too, I even would have read it sooner, but I don't want to force myself to read everything as soon as it got updated, because sometimes it is just to much and I want to enjoy reading it.

You get my upvote now, the fave next time.

Hmmmmmm a gladiator named Nex that doesn't talk much and has a whole lot of problems with pony kind, this should be interesting to see how well it'll turn out when Twilight and her friends will met the big human guy.

Leave Spike... So mean Celestia.

S..so damn sad... :fluttershysad:

The feels man, neerly burst my heart. :fluttercry:

i have a horrible feeling that pikie party , if she plan 1 will mess up everyting

I love the story and the swift updates

I like where this is going

I like it, not sure how fast I want the action to show up again, but right now I think I would like a few chapters with them helping him.
I mean sometimes there is one fight after another without giving the characters a break.

Nex time, on Dragonball Z...

this is over too soon, I love it to see him acting like everything is new, learning the things he should already know. I think now I fave the story.

I'm probably thinking that Applejack and Rainbow Dash is gong to be taking back later on or so of what they said to Nex if they were in his shoes on what's it like being tortured and nobody or nopony to rescue them.

I love this story it's my favourite :-)

This is a great story! Nex we are rooting for you!

I love the story already can't wait for next chap

Nex your in trouble

No... you weak... like white unicorn... no scared of weak... easy kill.

sleep well twilight :trollestia:

Wowie... This is getting interesting

Pretty interesting so far, I'm glad there are a few more chapters already out ^_^ definitely going to be reading this through to the end. Great job with the prologue.

well, this will be a hell of a rehabilitation.

This is an absolutely fantastic story! :pinkiehappy:

7322521 I agree. Sweet dreams!
You'd think she would have at LEAST taken precautions with Nex. Then again, he IS a super enhanced killing machine with an immunity/counter ability with magic... Sweet dreams Twilight!!!

Loving this story, bit cheesy though with him going to Ponyville.

Congrats on getting on to the front page

Here we are, ladies and gents! It's gonna be a less action for now, but we'll make it worth the wait for ya'll. Hope you guys are sticking with me, and as always, remember to like, fav, comment, and have an awesome day or night! Peaces!

to be honest, even if I know there is going to be action, I'm kind of gad that it isn't swarmed with it.

Congrats on getting featured, this story deserves it. :twilightsmile:

shite, that bodes ill.

Great chapter, I like the pacing so far, especially seeing as how the next few chapters will slow down a bit (or at least I expect them too, as implied) I really looking forward to see more of what you've got in store. This story has quickly been building into one of my favorites. :twilightsmile:

Looks like Twilight is going to be teaching Nex on alphabets and learning how to write and read. I wonder if Nex will be writing something embarrassing or just a joke in a letter or book when he's making progress on learning more words.

phantom of the opra much?

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