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An omnivore for anime, cartoon, western, and eastern movies and a sci-fi and fantasy geek.

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1849467 Don't mention it mate.

Thanks dude, I'll read them right away!

1849453 Well, welcome back to hell, I mean FiMFiction.
In your absence Doctor Whooves 3, 4, and 5 have been released, with 6 on the way.
I have just added to you're summer reading list, but, don't worry, it'll probably only take you about an hour and a half to read them.

Thank you and sorry for the (incredibly) late reply, I have just awaken from my slumber (being a 9th-grader made me wanna focus on studying for the national tests so I stopped reading fimfic) and this is my return after all! :)

You've commented on my first two Doctor Whooves stories before, so I figured I would tell you that the third one is out and available to read.

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